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    Major Forum Upgrade Imminent

    Hey all

    I'm just letting you all know that on the weekend of March 24th/25th, starting the Saturday night, we'll be doing some work on the forums. This will be a huge forum upgrade.

    We'll be moving to a new forum system that allows for more dynamic features, notifications etc. The forums will be up to the modern standards that unfortunately this vBulletin system no longer provides.

    Don't worry, everything should transfer over. All your posts, PMs etc. so it should still be good and the forum legacy from 2004 onwards shall remain.

    Coinciding with this, there will be some changes for the forums. We'll be merging a lot of redundancies. Forums that have minimal discussions such as spin-off ones combined into one. Generations combined further together and so forth.

    It's no secret that in the past we've been a bit too strict in how we maintained the forums as well, such as not allowing certain discussion threads to be made until a game had been out for a long while.
    Obviously this was an idiotic thing to do and did degrade a bit of our forum userbase (which already was in a downward trend much with all forums due to other ways to discuss your favourite things through social media), so we're scrapping such mentalities and coming in fresh with a new fresh take on how to moderate the forums. We will strive to be a friendlier place and yes, that means Custom Avatars will finally be allowed (within reason, of course).

    There will be many more changes afoot, with the forums gradually getting added to once it goes live.

    I'll bring you more information here when we progress!

    Until next time, see ya


  2. On early translations you may find

    It has come to our attention that ever since the XY anime started in Japan, someone has been posting highly inaccurate translations of these episodes on the internet within few hours of their airing. These "translations" are a combination of machine translations and pure guesswork, and provide largely incorrect explanations of what is being said in the episodes. We would like to warn posters against these and ask that they do their best to avoid them, instead using the episode review threads to ask Japanese-fluent members for clarification as to what was going on in scenes rather than assume this "translator"'s explanation was accurate.

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    READ BEFORE POSTING - Spoilers go in the Spoilers forum!

    Pokémon Animé Discussion is where you discuss what has happened in the dub episodes thus far.

    Animé Spoilers is where you discuss the latest episodes as they air in Japan - meaning everything that has happened so far in the series, not limited to what happens in the dub.

    Can you all differentiate between the two forums now?
    Okay, cool.
    If you still do not understand the difference between the two, PM me - I will definitely get you to understand this somehow.

    Posting spoilers in Pokémon Animé Discussion will get you a three point infraction for disobeying the rules of a specific subforum.

    Post spoilers in the Animé Spoilers forum!