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    ATTN: There is an Anime Polls section

    Do you have an idea for a "Best/Funniest/Strongest/Saddest/Favorite/Top 10/All stars/etc." thread?

    Great, please post it in the Anime Polls subforum! This usually includes other questions you're collecting short opinions on, such as "Who do you want to come back", "Which Pokémon do you want Ash to use again", etc.

    You don't need to include an actual poll at the top of the thread. Just because your question and the possible answers cannot be summarized under classic poll options, doesn't necessarily mean that your thread doesn't belong in Anime Polls.

    If your thread is likely to discuss some anime events that have not happened in the American dub episodes yet, please post it in Polls but include a spoiler warning in the title of the thread (e. g. "[Title] *spoilers*"). It's only when your thread is so spoiler-heavy that people who only follow the dub don't even have enough information to answer your question that the Anime Spoilers section might be more suitable for your thread. In all other cases, Polls is the place to go. If you're not sure, you're welcome and even encouraged to ask.

    Please don't forget about the Polls section, it's getting lonely. You won't be penalized every time you wrongly post a thread outside of Polls even though it would've belonged there, but repeatedly ignoring the subforum's existence or doing it despite you having been here for years doesn't make you look good and we might consider infracting you after a while.


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    READ BEFORE POSTING - Spoilers go in the Spoilers forum!

    Pokémon Animé Discussion is where you discuss what has happened in the dub episodes thus far.

    Animé Spoilers is where you discuss the latest episodes as they air in Japan - meaning everything that has happened so far in the series, not limited to what happens in the dub.

    Can you all differentiate between the two forums now?
    Okay, cool.
    If you still do not understand the difference between the two, PM me - I will definitely get you to understand this somehow.

    Posting spoilers in Pokémon Animé Discussion will get you a three point infraction for disobeying the rules of a specific subforum.

    Post spoilers in the Animé Spoilers forum!