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    New Signature Policies

    Hi all,

    Please read this thread for information on our recent change to the signature policies. Thanks!


    this is me on sppf most of the time. so don't send me small questions. send them to kreis :)

    Little Miss Stalinist/Secret Al-Qaeda agents (i.e. Ellie) would be a ***** even if she was a conserative republican. What makes her the way she is happens to be the fact that the webmaster of this site let's her behave like this. (Of course, I would never make a liberal a staff member at any forum I'd be in charge of, regardless.)

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    Serebii Wi-Fi Centers for 4th and 5th Generation closing May 20th 2014

    As many may know by now, Nintendo is shutting down WFC services for the Wii and Nintendo DS on May 20th 2014. This means that Wi-Fi trading, battling and any other features tied to using the DS wi-fi features will be rendered unusable.

    In response to this, these forums will be taken down from viewing for regular members, as it’s essentially useless now. You have until May 19th 2014 to resolve any outstanding trades and conduct battles in Generation 4 & 5 games. On May 20th the forums will be taken down from viewing permanently.