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  1. Regarding RMT Descriptions and Minimodding: READ

    For the RMT Thread Makers: I've noticed that there are a lot of RMTs getting closed simply because of a lack of descriptions. In fact, at the time I'm writing this, 8 of the last 10 locked RMTs have been closed, at least in part, because of no quality descriptions. This is a requirement for RMTs, and it really shouldn't be too much to ask. If you put serious thought into your team, then you should be able to explain the reasoning behind your Pokemon/set choices. Moreover, the reasoning behind your choices can be very important in determining the changes that raters suggest for your team.

    In addition, be sure to post substantial descriptions. One liners like "CB Infernape is my physical attacker and it hits stuff really hard with his STABs" are not acceptable. For more information, see rule #3 of the CRMT Rules Thread. If you have one-liner descriptions or none at all, your thread will be closed.

    For the RMT Raters: In that same vein, I've seen a lot of borderline mini-modding regarding descriptions. Keep in mind that mini-modding is also against the rules. Asking if a person could add descriptions to make rating easier isn't a bad thing, provided the rest of your post is actually helpful, but saying things like "Add descriptions or this will be locked" (especially with no other substance) is mini-modding. Keep in mind also that these kinds of posts are also spam, which is also against the rules. As a result, this can earn you an infraction, so be careful what you post in the RMT threads. If a thread does not comply with the rules, it's usually best to just not respond to it and let a moderator take care of it. That way you don't risk getting in trouble.

    Gamefreak edit:We also don't appreciate posts which are "great team" and not much else. You can literally VM the person that you like their team. If you want to post in this forum, make helpful posts.

    jesusfreak94 Edit: One more thing. Please...and I cannot stress this not rate a team unless you have a decent amount of competitive experience in the metagame that the team is a part of. There are few things more harmful to a beginning player than getting bad advice for their team, and giving bad advice to a good player's team is only going to make you look bad. So please...know what you're talking about before you rate.

    Miror Edit: Please also do not just list a few counters off in your post and call it good. It's just a waste of a post as you are not actually suggesting anything that could help them, so either just don't post at all or actually try to find a viable way to stop the "counter" that you are saying that their team faces.

    Miror Edit #2: Don't bump threads that are more than a week old (unless their yours and you want more rates, in those cases standard forum rules apply).

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    Spam, and why you need to stop.

    I've noticed a lot of spammy, useless posting going on recently. Stop this. If you aren't posting about how good a team is and offering GOOD advice, you shouldn't be posting.

    If you are new to competitive battling DO NOT POST RATES. You will not help the team builder and worse, you may guide a newer player down the wrong path.

    When rating ACTUALLY BE HELPFUL. Saying "Volcarona 6-0s" without posting any advice on how to help does not help anyone.

    Also, stop with the "trollish" joke posts. I'm tired of crap posts that makes these forums even worse.

    If you aren't either posting a team, or a compliment / GOOD rate you shouldn't be posting here. The competitive section has less strict rules where everyone can post but here we should be enforcing post quality.