Hello, SPPfers!

This forum is set up differently than all other forums on SPPf. Be sure to read this entire post before making a thread.


The most important thing about this forum is that when you create a thread, only you and the staff can see it. No other registered users can see the threads you create and the posts within them. This means you can ask the staff anything you want without having to worry about other users seeing; it acts similar to a Private Message sent to the entire staff. However, be sure to be respectful. All other SPPf rules apply here, and if you spam or flame someone, you will be punished accordingly.

This is also for forum matters, not website or chat matters. For website matters, contact Serebii directly, and for chat matters contact a chat op.

Also, please note that if your question is about a specific thread/section or is directed at a specific moderator, it is probably best to send a private message rather than use this forum. You can PM multiple people at once, so you can generally PM all of the mods of a specific forum at once if you wish.

Another important difference this forum has among others is that users who are not logged in may post. This is so that users who are banned and have questions may post here.

If you are posting while not logged-in, you will not be able to see the thread after it is created. After you submit the thread, the forum will prompt you to log in and you will not see it created. This is okay; the staff can still see it. However, you must provide your forum username and an email address when using this forum as a guest if you wish for the staff to respond to your question(s). For safety purposes, please use the same IP address that your account normally used to post and the same email address that is linked to your SPPf account. That way we can verify that it actually is you posting.

Anyone who spams this forum or otherwise breaks SPPf rules while not logged-in will be IP banned, and then you will not be able to access this forum or anything else here.