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  1. Ash's Balls
  2. Does this make anyone else angry?
  3. Has anyone seen a shiny pokemon?
  4. Whats Ash gonna do when the anime gets to the Area Island?
  5. What's so good about Croagunk?
  6. What's so good about Croagunk?
  7. Great Balls and Ultra Balls
  8. What is wrong with ash & co.?
  9. Team Rocket's GRAVE Mistake.
  10. Pokémon looked up in the Pokédex per Movie?
  11. does no-one know if the films fit i with the series?
  12. Idea for "Filler" Season
  13. After Sinnoh?
  14. What are your thoughts on paul
  15. woah hold on
  16. Jessie's new poke?! maybe
  17. what ever happened to "I'm going to be a Pokemon master"?
  18. Wasted ole Jessie...
  19. Japanese Pokémon Movie DVD questions
  20. Pokemon Ranger Dub Dispute
  21. James and Chimecho
  22. Lugia's song
  23. Paul or Drew?
  24. Pokemon Live action-ever wonder?
  25. Pokemon Live action-ever wonder?
  26. Butterfree?
  27. Ash's pokemon return?
  28. Pokemon Sizes
  29. Is it time for Jessie to get a gag pokemon?
  30. How about Live Action
  31. Better Girl
  32. Drapion in the anime...Mutiny in the Bounty
  33. Attacks that look better in the show than game
  34. Will Ash ever realise Misty likes him?
  35. Moves You Wanna See?
  36. Dawn Fanservice!
  37. Hikari Dawn Differences
  38. Why doesn't Ash's family/friends come to watch Ash's important matches anymore?
  39. Brock
  40. Episode #38 - A.I. Warrior Porygon
  41. Pokemon anime fans are gonna get mad
  42. Bye Bye Butterfree
  43. Ash and Misty
  44. Dawn's Piplup will ever evolve???
  45. Why??
  46. Diamond and Pearl Vocies
  47. Worst Cartoons Ever
  48. Season 9 dvds
  49. another shiny
  50. pictures question
  51. Hara Hara Riree
  52. how do you think they should end the anime?
  53. who else would love to see J return?
  54. New new eps of D/P for a while...
  55. What's Ash's problem
  56. If you could guest-star in ONE episode..
  57. Ash's Team
  58. Attacks that your waiting for in the show
  59. Ash's pokemon
  60. Team Rocket
  61. If you were in charge of the anime (may contain spoilers)
  62. Most funniest parts!
  63. New voices
  64. AshDoesn’t fear Team Rocket Anymore.
  65. WTF: Boss Fantasies
  66. EU D/P anime
  67. Snape Dies, Lol.
  68. The gymleaders (anime only - this is the anime forum :/)
  69. how many pokemon do you think ash will catch is the sinnoh region
  70. When would Main charaters pokemon Evolve?
  71. Have you guys noticed this?
  72. High Quality Scans
  73. Brock love wrong girls...
  74. When am I supposed to watch...
  75. Jessie and James = Stupid
  76. Pidgeot
  77. most to least favorite season
  78. Pokemon Episodes?
  79. Backwards speak ?
  80. Ash and co's matched up pokemon
  81. Pokemon movie 10
  82. Things that BUG you about the show
  83. Quick question about the Mexican dub...
  84. Plot Twist
  85. What do you think of Ritchie?
  86. Pokemon Levels
  87. ~*~Australian Viewers!!!~*~
  88. Lyrics for Season 9 theme .::Full Version::.
  89. Age differences
  90. Dawn
  91. If PUSA Had Dubbed From the Beginning?
  92. Nintendo Power tape
  93. Just wondering...
  94. The Future of Ashes Team...
  95. Jiiiigaleeeepufff
  96. Whatever Happened to The G/S Ball?
  97. Pokemon Chronicles - Dubbed Version Sucks
  98. Everyone could learn a lot from the BButton League.
  99. Dub's name for Guy from Ruby/Sapphire?
  100. whats ashs strongest starter
  101. Say "Aye, if you think Team Rocket is one of the main reasons you watch the anime
  102. The old dub voices
  103. This so called "Pokemon Master"
  104. Diamond & Peril reruns allready?
  105. Pikachu could have scared Charizard
  106. Ash's (Satoshi's) Age at the beginning of Pokemon?
  107. Will Jessie Ever Win A Contest?
  108. Favorite pokemon theme songs
  109. Will Team Galactic be in the anime?
  110. Nihon to English Differences
  111. What you imagine a move looks like in anime
  112. Could this be real?
  113. May's Eevee
  114. Pikachu's Level of Skill
  115. is pokemon,really the worst show ever?
  116. Pokemon they should've caught/kept
  117. Team Rocket
  118. Ash evovling his pokemon
  119. May,Misty, or Dawn for Ash
  120. Ash and Legendaries.
  121. Your Dream Anime Team
  122. Rocket Dan mottos?
  123. Pokemon eat crap?
  124. Is it just me...
  125. Hunter J
  126. Leo Burnett and 4Kids are the devil?
  127. what was the gs ball
  128. To what lengths would you go...
  129. Ash VS Giovanni
  130. Do you think May will make a appearance in DP?
  131. What lvl is ash's Pickachu
  132. When
  133. Pika Gender
  134. Which opening do you like the most in US and JP
  135. Misty, May, and Dawn.
  136. The real problem with the Pokemon anime.
  137. The Rest of the Ketchum Clan
  138. Does bulbasaur really want to never evolve?
  139. Will Misty ever perform in pokemon contest?
  140. Any episode suggestions?
  141. Japanese Porygon Episode Without Subtitles
  142. Jimmy, Marina, and Paul?
  143. Do Non-Electric TYPE Pokemon contain electricity
  144. Ash's sixth kanto poke
  145. If There Is a GS Remake, How Will it Affect the Anime?
  146. Ash gets an amazing amount of hatred.
  147. Remake Banned
  148. Pokemon SUCKS!!!!!!
  149. When will it return..? [[in America..?]]
  150. The B-Button Leauge
  151. Who got the other starters?
  152. Ash's Pokemon's Genders
  153. Ash's Pokemon's Genders
  154. Ash Pokemon Nature
  155. Obsessed with Misty?
  156. Squirtle and Bulbasaur?
  157. Max Question
  158. Do you think it's 4kids's fault that Pokemon movies don't come in theaters anymore
  159. When will pidgeot return?
  160. How Will Pokemon End?
  161. create your own anime scenes
  162. Do u think ash will see Richie in sinnoh
  163. Wii refrence in Pokemon DP
  164. Pokemon USA keeping some Japanese background music?
  165. Ash is stupid
  166. New episode ideas
  167. Slakoth/Slaking's Truant ability
  168. jigglypuff?
  169. exp. share
  170. Anime Question
  171. The voice actors: where are they now?
  172. Why do people think the main girls have a rivalry?
  173. The UK may never see the light of Destiny Deoxys!
  174. A live action pokemon movie/ show
  175. Ok, where'd pokemon move to this time?
  176. diamond and pearl air date uk
  177. Compared Ages
  178. Black characters?
  179. Togekiss using FOCUS PUNCH in the animé
  180. Fighting to the Death?
  181. are you afraid to watch episode 38?
  182. weavile from nights into dreames!?
  183. Haunting of the Dark Heart
  184. Why do you like the anime?
  185. Ash="street wise kid?" thread
  186. An increase in the incidence of subtitles?
  187. Favourite theme song!!!!
  188. Holiday Hi-Jynx
  189. First episode you saw
  190. Impossible
  191. A Scare To remember From Hoenn
  192. A Scare To remember From Hoenn
  193. If they make 5th generation the new girl
  194. Max back?
  195. Shieldon
  196. Funniest pokemon character
  197. What time?
  198. discolored non shiny pokemon?
  199. Do People Care Where Ash Lives?
  200. The CUTEST lovesick buneary
  201. where dose Drew live in Hoenn
  202. Who's Thrown a Pokéball at Ash?
  203. Togepi's Real Owner?
  204. what is going to happen
  205. Canadian News: Pokemon Ranger! Deoxsy Crisis air date! and more...
  206. Anime to Game.
  207. Animé attack portrayal =/= video game attack portrayal
  208. Future Pokemon Movies!!! 11 - 12!!!!
  209. Pokemon BGM.
  210. Addicted to Poffins?
  211. What if the 5th Gen Girl was...
  212. help!!
  213. N00b comments you are sick of seeing (fun topic)
  214. When will the Shinou episodes be shown in the U.k.
  215. Japanese DVDs
  216. missing pokemon?
  217. whatever happened to jigglypuff?
  218. what have they not changed????
  219. TR Radio Dramas Discussion
  220. Real fish in Anime
  221. Battle Frontier with more of its game elements
  222. GS Ball
  223. Questions about the Pokemon USA dub
  224. Topic about episode preview clips
  225. Pikachu in Diamond and Pearl
  226. Will Pokemon Japanese dvds work on are dvd players?
  227. If you saw an episode where...
  228. I don't watch "Pokemon" anymore!
  229. I hope Paul loses in the Sinnoh League
  230. Is Dratini Dragonair Dragonite rare in the anime?
  231. Lucario and Sonic
  232. Will Ash get a fire-type pokemon in Sinnoh?
  233. Sinnoh team
  234. Which episode?
  235. Do you think Ash and Brock should retire?
  236. Battle Frontier
  237. New Character ideas?
  238. Has Serviper gotten bigger?
  239. Ash vs Goku
  240. I can't remember what episode this was from...
  241. What Annoys You about the New D+P series
  242. What Annoys You about the New D+P series
  243. Character crush?
  244. Porygon Clan haved appeared when?
  245. Season 10's Length
  246. What your Most Memorable Moment In Pokemon
  247. Ash *could* be the very best.
  248. what is with ash
  249. Do you think May is a happy-go lucky girl
  250. When,When,When?