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  1. does ash's aipom
  2. Things the characters would never say
  3. Does Anyone Remember Prima?
  4. Charmander's tail
  5. celebi the voice of the forest
  6. People, name me some good Jessie x James moments!
  7. [Thread Closed Due to Spoilers]
  8. About BF...
  9. Ever noticed Ashes competement..?
  10. The anime heroes have competitive pokes!!!
  11. Pokemon Anime Music/Songs
  12. Chimchar... too good for Paul?
  13. Is it just me or...Misty's parents...?
  14. Primape
  15. License and Registration please
  16. Movies correlation to the TV eps?
  17. Mewtwo and Giovanni
  18. Pokemon DP episodes starting at the middle of the episode
  19. Season 3 / Johto Air date (Australia)
  20. Does dodging ruin Anime battles?
  21. [Thread Closed Due to Spoilers]
  22. Hold Items
  23. What if another….
  24. The new contest in shinoh
  25. What Would Happen If...
  26. Banned for guns?
  27. Did Mime Jr. Die?
  28. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Japanese episodes
  29. Picture Request thread
  30. if you dont no already and you have an acont on youtube then
  31. Calling All Pokemon TV Show Experts! Can Anyone Identify These Shows For Me?
  32. Who knows?
  33. Pokemon japanese trailers
  34. James Chimecho...?
  35. Music that you dont hear anymore...
  36. Team Rocket...
  37. When do you think Team Rocket got hit hardest?
  38. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  39. If Ash...
  40. Quote the funniest thing that anyone said in the anime.
  41. Orange league and the jhotos
  42. Whats up with Brock
  43. are the ever gonna come out with battle frontier dvd's
  44. If Lugia *isn't* the "Beast of the Sea"...
  45. DP TV series in the UK
  46. An idea for a filler episode;
  47. If you could create a character for the anime...
  48. Pokemon dvd's
  49. contest rivalry
  50. [Thread Closed Due to Spoilers]
  51. fill the 6th spot
  52. Predict Your Favorite Character's Pkmn Team
  53. So any ideas when Pokemon will air again in Australia?
  54. Will Porygon2 ever appear in the anime?
  55. What do you think about a Pokédex guide?
  56. types in DP
  57. Pokemon in Canada
  58. types in the DP show
  59. Shaymin Movie...
  60. When Ash Meets Riley.
  61. Jesse vs James
  62. Orre region
  63. pokemon episodes that made you...
  64. what will happen(may contain spoilers)
  65. forgetting movies
  66. What DID you like about Johto?
  67. Wing Attack?
  68. Battle Frontier episodes Online
  69. Attack moves you haven't yet seen in the anime.
  70. Ridiculous Anime Moments
  71. For Sale Brand New Play Station 3 at ...$250usd
  72. pokemon champion team up
  73. Who's Top Dog?
  74. They Don't Suit the Show
  75. GS Ball
  76. Dawn likes Paul?
  77. OMG! They Kept it in!!!!
  78. A look at Pikachu's Voice Actor
  79. may and dawn
  80. Pokemon Indigo League - Season 1 Part 2 Talkback
  81. Gardenias hair?
  82. Ash's best possible team?
  83. Your favorite pokemon episode
  84. Who will catch what; upcoming episodes/predictions!
  85. GS Ball - whatever happened to it?
  86. Shiny Pokemon in anime
  87. May in Johto?
  88. Have you ever noticed...
  89. pity badges
  90. Your dub names
  91. Why was misty replaced?
  92. where to download pokemon series?
  93. Help Me
  94. How has the anime influenced the RPGs?
  95. Team Galactic
  96. Ash and Misty Had Seaking's?
  97. a ho-oh movie?
  98. Aipom and Buizel? Do you agree? HEAVY SPOILER
  99. 3 questions that trouble me
  100. quagsire in anime
  101. pokemon wrongly used in anime
  102. Ash's Sinnoh Pokemon
  103. Who would buy uncut/bilingual Pokemon DVD's?
  104. neglected main characters
  105. Favorite pokemon Movie
  106. Pokemon episode scheduled for today gets delayed
  107. Anime Hax
  108. Question about anime on DVD
  109. DP Eps Coming To UK?
  110. Pokemon series 10 [aussie]
  111. Ash and Co. Have Team Rocket to Thank
  112. Dp Episodes in UK
  113. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Series Starts in Australia!!!
  114. Diamond and Pearl in Australia!
  115. Flash Attack
  116. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will start in Latin America on December.
  117. What Countires are Left to Get DP
  118. Brock and the Orange Islands
  119. Roserade attack
  120. Which attack do you want to see in the anime?
  121. Dawn's Hair
  122. If GS had a female character...
  123. Pokemon Personalities
  124. Pokemon learning move
  125. Pokemon learning moves
  126. Pokemon Mystery dungeon 2 help
  127. if there was a coordination in the main cast of kanto and johto
  128. The Most Powerful Gym Leader In The Anime
  129. Misty Valentine Episode?
  130. Too showy?
  131. Ash's Ultimate Team
  132. [Thread Closed Due to Spoilers]
  133. Top 10 pokemon episodes
  134. Darkrai is here
  135. Not again! Where did pokemon move to this time?
  136. When is the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime coming to the UK?
  137. hi everyone..question about japanese episodes
  138. Pokemon Movie 10 Realease on Dec 25th?
  139. Am I the only one tired of these crappy episode titles?
  140. Which Girl Will Be With Ash?
  141. What ever happend to I choose you
  142. Ash's baseball cap
  143. Problems with the anime
  144. My game erased(solved because of the unlazy people who help me)
  145. Pokemon League episodes
  146. Error
  147. Sounds in Pokemon
  148. Ultimate Game
  149. Bl00pers!
  150. The changes
  151. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  152. Things you hate about the Pokemon anime
  153. Nando
  154. Anybody else tired of the 'new girl' repetion?
  155. Do you miss the "Who's that Pokemon" or "Trainers Choice" during the commercials?
  156. The Johto Region Re-Done
  157. Funniest scene in a Pokémon episode
  158. Funniest scene in a Pokémon episode
  159. Pokémon Christmas Special
  160. Uk fans..
  161. Would you choose May or Misty to come back to the show?
  162. What do you think filler is?
  163. What Do You Like about Pokemon?
  164. Mewtwo Returns, movie mistake...
  165. DVD messes up again
  166. your starter and team
  167. may question
  168. Are The Movies Canon?
  169. TAJ: No Longer working on Pokémon?
  170. Pokemon Voice acting in languages other than English
  171. Episode Pictures Question
  172. Staraptor vs. Pidgeot
  173. sinnoh region like kanto?
  174. GS ball
  175. Society in the Pokemon show.
  176. Dawn's skirt edited. NO JOKE!
  177. Jessie's Hair
  178. Together Forever
  179. Anmie relation
  180. Wolf Goddess
  181. Crystal Latios
  182. Heracross
  183. Tom Greenville
  184. Ever Notice This?
  185. The Pokemon Learning Leauge censerod Dawn
  186. You know you watch too much anime when...
  187. When did characters come/leave?
  188. Casey and Macey Maybe Related?
  189. Why cant team rocket win
  190. Jessie's Hoenn Past?
  191. Hottest pokemon chick?
  192. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew on Latin America?
  193. New Episodes layout
  194. Hunter J's "Crimes"
  195. What characters do you like that a lot of other people hate?
  196. So what happened since the Johto Series?
  197. Schedule Alert for Tag Team Storyline
  198. Now What Do You Think of The DP Opening
  199. Ash - Stuck in the twilight zone? I think so.
  200. Pokemon lost it's soul?
  201. Noctowl hate?
  202. 2007 was a big year for Pokemon
  203. Lyrics for Pokemon BF closing theme song
  204. Will we ever see Ash's Father?
  205. Zoey and Nando
  206. Will Ash Ever See Through Team Rocket's Disguises?
  207. why isn't Ash the main character of the games?
  208. End Of Pokemon?!?
  209. The thing I hate About Brock
  210. The thing I hate About Brock
  211. Misty, May, Dawn
  212. Pokemon Chronicles(May's Johto Adventures and Other People)
  213. Preview of the Rise of Darkrai
  214. Johto Journies to DVD Box Set?
  215. Nando and Kenny's pokemon
  216. Pokémon sizes in relation to that of the games: Theory
  217. Gender Theory?!
  218. Nando's song
  219. Pokemon:The Rise of Darkrai
  220. The Pokemon World Master Tournament!
  221. Team Rocket's Weavile
  222. Why is Pokémon so cheap!? (The show.)
  223. Pokemon Anime producers, character designers etc
  224. Do you think the pokemon movies orginal and/or dub are well done?
  225. FanimeCon 08??
  226. If Pokemon was not Bound By the Games.
  227. Has Anyone Else Realized?
  228. Theatrics?
  229. Will digital transition effect the show?
  230. Ash's Voice in The Tag Battle Special
  231. The good points of the Johto season
  232. What Have You Noticed In the Pokemon Saga That You Think No One Else Notices?
  233. Best starters for each region?
  234. Pokemon has ended in Australia...How long do we wait now?
  235. Sequel Series
  236. Sinnoh gym leaders VS Ash speculation!
  237. Where Can I Purchase Poke'mon on DVD or Box Set??
  238. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in the UK!
  239. Question
  240. True Tears
  241. Anime Genre Recommendations: Comedy
  242. the wonderer
  243. Paul
  244. Gym Leaders....
  245. Who finds contest episodes boring?
  246. Pokemon Better on Cartoon Network than Kids WB
  247. What do you like and don't like about Team Rocket?
  248. chronological order?
  249. Anyone knows where to download...
  250. Orange Islands and Battle Frontier Coming To DVD