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  1. Orange Islands and Battle Frontier Coming To DVD
  2. Pokémon Dub All-Inclusive Cast List
  3. Which episodes?
  4. What CN thinks pikachu is
  5. New DP Opening?
  6. New Pokemon Dub Company is GoldStar Productions
  7. Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai DVD release date
  8. May?
  9. Darkrai membership card...
  10. Team Rocket get a Pikachu
  11. Plot Holes in the Anime
  12. plates in the anime
  13. darkrai theory
  14. Missing episode in Indigo League Box Sets?
  15. dawn??
  16. So I've been out of the pokémon scene for a while
  17. Croagunk
  18. The title for the next 'season' and when will it start?
  19. Sinnoh gym leaders, elite 4, champion and rivals.
  20. The Official Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai PUSA Dub Thread
  21. Pokemon Series Boxsets, Which Do Your Own?
  22. The 'New Rival' for Ash Thread
  23. Starters
  24. Is the show better than th book or is the game number 1
  25. animal patterns
  26. I think something may be wrong here?
  27. Mondo
  28. Cresselia... making anime debut soon?
  29. Clefairy
  30. When will "Mystery Dungeon - Time and Drakness Exposition" air?
  31. Pokémon Animé Too Childish?
  32. Fire with Fire ?
  33. Dawn's episode length in comparison to other characters
  34. how come?
  35. If you could rewrite the Porygon episode
  36. Jessie and Ribbons
  37. The Last Episode ever.....
  38. Pokemon Anime TMs
  39. The Episode You're Waiting For
  40. Upcoming Episode 542: Pikachu! Raichu! The Road to Evolution!
  41. Did Blastoise gain more popularity when it was shown that its the starter of Gary?
  42. Pokemon DP English Opening and DP Games are related
  43. is oaking a pokemon the anime equilvalent of the daycare?
  44. What if Ash's starter was a Poliwhirl?
  45. Think Ash will ever wear his "Classic" outfit again?
  46. Buizel using Aura Sphere?
  47. Who's really running the Pewter City Gym?
  48. Will Team-Rocket get NEW outfits next season?
  49. Where is Yanma and Mareep
  50. Funniest Moment In Pokemon Hystory
  51. What if the Anime Contests Followed the Games More Closely?
  52. where do you watch the pokemon anime that is sub
  53. gold and silver with may
  54. A hint to the 5th Generation of Pokemon!?
  55. Movie Timeline (Placed in anime).
  56. Channel?
  57. Pokemon Anime Explained (Comatose Ash Theory)
  58. Did Misty ever battle Brock in the show?
  59. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 Special to air on Cartoon Network, April 21st
  60. Anime should use manga characters
  61. "Pikachu! Raichu! Road to Evolution!"
  62. If Misty caught Jigglypuff...
  63. A Pokemon League Revolution
  64. Farewell, Dustox ?!!
  65. /a/'s take on Pokemon. WARNING: WALL OF TEXT
  66. How will the Pokemon characters be remembered after the show ends?
  67. Ash's future Pokemon
  68. D/P Subs
  69. Ash's Sinnoh league team
  70. Why don't you think the Porygon line appears anymore?
  71. Theories about time after Shinnoh
  72. Crticism on the show
  73. The Return of Jessiebelle?
  74. Wanted to know..
  75. ok do u thk dawn's goin to win in the next contest
  76. The Main Diffrence Between Anime & Games
  77. Ash's all time best lineup
  78. Swinub
  79. What is your favorite episode(s) of Pokemon?
  80. Saddest Pokemon moments (anime/movies)
  81. Whoe else thinks it's about time ash got his......back?
  82. Do you know a Pokemon who had no anime appearances yet?
  83. If Pokemon Mystery Dugeon 2 became a series...
  84. Annoying?
  85. Did you know a Pokemon who had no appearances yet?(4th gen edition)
  86. What will happen if Ash's Pikachu evolved?
  87. Odd question, but...
  88. Trainer schools in the Anime
  89. How strong would Ash be?
  90. Why does Team Rocket call Ash and co. as the "twerps"?
  91. anime music
  92. which 1?
  93. Evolution how
  94. May and drew meant 2 be
  95. Would you give up Butterfree? *Spoilers*
  96. cool pokemon tournamentish animeish website
  97. how would kanto/johto sagas have turned out if..
  98. pikachu's nature
  99. Koffing and Ekans
  100. What if Pokemon were dubbed in LA?
  101. What Could the New Dub Opening For season 11 be??
  102. Pokemon diamond and pearl: Battle dimension
  103. Which Released Pokemon Would You Like To See Again?
  104. Did you know the synopsis in "Farewell, Dustox!"?
  105. Save the Porygon!
  106. Marina
  107. Cassidy and Butch
  108. Why do Legendary Pokemon in the Movies Use So Few Moves?
  109. Pocket Monsters Fansubs ^-^
  110. A PMD2 special
  111. Some things I just don't get... SPOILERS (feel free to add)
  112. Animation Of The Pokemon Series Over The Years
  113. New Pokemon Season
  114. Mays contest dress for the Small Camo in DP
  115. Does Anybody Know the Lyrics to the Pokemon Movie 5 Ending theme?
  116. Do you see Nando with a Mew in his harp?
  117. pokemon
  118. Whats with the Zoey hate?
  119. If a Canadian dubbing company had taken Pokémon as opposed to the U.S. ...
  120. UK When do new episodes air?
  121. movie conections
  122. Mask of Ice
  123. may's new outfit
  124. personal character
  126. anybody watch WTFP
  127. Will Ash ever be the so called "Pokemon master"?
  128. Pikachu against the starters
  129. Female Rival!
  130. Pokemon dubbed in Texas
  131. How About A New Pkmn Anime?
  132. Diamond/Pearl - Where to download/watch? ^^
  133. Subbed Pocket Monsters?
  134. Which Pokemon of Ash,May,Dawn,Brock,etc should evolve?
  135. Mewtwo: Still most powerful?
  136. May&Dawn contest
  137. Improving the site...
  138. The Nostalgia Critic Reviews "Pokémon: The First Movie"
  139. Are Ash and TR friends? (read first)
  140. Pokemon??!!
  141. Did the anime ruin Pokemons image?
  142. Vincent and Jackson look at the same person in the anime
  143. New Pokemon For Ash And Dawn/Brock!!!???
  144. WTF Pokemon- A Mockumentary Series about the Pokemon Anime
  145. In case you didn't notice...
  146. Questions that boggle my mind!
  147. Do you like Brok?
  148. Are the Composers Underappreciated?
  149. How does Ash recognize the Pokemon in it's Pokeball?
  150. top 10 Favorite Gym Leaders
  151. Satoshi(ash) last rival?
  152. Does anyone think the anime used to be a lot better?
  153. Glalie leaving?
  154. Gliscor's claws
  155. New Season:Battle Dimension
  156. Name of an old song
  157. BS with Ash
  158. may or dawn
  159. Lul wut?
  160. Missed two episodes, I hate my life (request)
  161. Best Battle In Pokéhistory?
  162. Will Sinnoh ever have its own Pokerap?
  163. Does a Pokeball have an "auto-return" system?
  164. Why Did Pokemon get Axed from ITV and When?
  165. Do we need a New Japanesse Opening/If So When?
  166. The Episodes haven't been showing...
  167. Now lets suppose GameFreak creates a new type of PKMN competition for gen 5...
  168. could you explain something to me?
  169. Anyone Notice...
  170. Brock apparently = Misty!
  171. Max a trainer
  172. How Far Do You think Ash will get into Sinnoh League?
  173. Should CN Do Another Pokemon Movie Marathon?
  174. Things the characters would never say:2nd edition
  175. Pokemon DVDs
  176. Contests in Jouto
  177. Which one of Ash's lineups is your favorite?
  178. Haruka Vs Hikari Who's Going To Win???
  179. Ash' team by the season's end
  180. What are these BGMs?
  181. Is Paul Ressemblence to The Rival In Gold/Silver?
  182. Gligar!?
  183. What kind of Pokemon anime should come out after this animme is over?
  184. Dismay
  185. Poketch
  186. PMD2 animé special
  187. Which Old/New Characters Do You like to make a appearance in Sinnoh Again?
  188. G/S Ball
  189. Team Rocket - New Teams
  190. Free time and Unusual circumstances = Strange Ponderings
  191. Pokemon's Best & Bloopers!
  192. Dawn really a Coordinator?
  193. Question about the voice change
  194. For Sale Brand New Nokia N82 8GB $300USD
  195. PokeStars: Top 5
  196. The Episodes Discussion Forum
  197. So, Dan Green in non-4Kids Pokemon...
  198. Your Best Pokemon Movie?
  199. Buneary+Pikachu=Lopunny
  200. A philosophical question about Pokémon
  201. When will they evolve their pokemon
  202. What would you say...
  203. Dawn's Profile/Piplup
  204. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon episode?
  205. New Filler?
  206. How do they decide?
  207. 4 professors 4 trees?
  208. Ashs Primeape
  209. Is It Better to have A Gym Battle Outside a Gym?
  210. Pokemon Battle Dimensions On Ytv????
  211. Paul's Seven
  212. So how do they get the Pokemon to obey them?
  213. Ash's most powerful team
  214. chimchar
  215. Ash and Aaron link?
  216. what did you think of the ranger in movie 9?
  217. Charizard?
  218. UK - Pokemon switched to CITV?!?
  219. Pokemon Cries
  220. Is 'Paul' really Silver?
  221. Pokemon Movie 10 Dvd Comes with No Pikachu's Exploartion Club???
  222. Origin Connection
  223. Pokemon DVD box sets
  224. Gary Appearances?!
  225. Possible Movie 11 location in the Rise of Darkrai.
  226. Anime Online?
  227. Diamond and Pearl anime Reporter Names?
  228. Season 11 Dub Discussion (No Cast Comparisons)
  229. Ash's Girlfriend?
  230. Ash & Brock & Starters
  231. proof?
  232. Mays team
  233. No Pikachu short in Rise of Darkrai?
  234. No Pikachu short in Rise of Darkrai?
  235. No Pikachu short in Rise of Darkrai?
  236. Awesome! Cherish Ball in Old Pokemon!
  237. Hey!
  238. Pikachu's Ocean Adventure?
  239. ashs teams
  240. Journy To the Unown Airdate ??!!!
  241. Trainer's choce in advanced battle.
  242. So there is a new movie download.
  243. What is the GS ball?
  244. If James had kept Magikarp, what would have happened?
  245. When did Ash get Noctowl
  246. Leaked cup pic - main character catch Shaymin Sky Form?
  247. Johto Team Comeback
  248. the characters fate at the end of the series
  249. Oh no.... *ambipom*
  250. Journey to the Unkown *spoilers*