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  1. Do we ever find out why....
  2. Team Galactic Commander Trio and their hair!
  3. More old VAs, specifically Ted Lewis, returning?
  4. Pokemon Choice of Ash and Friends
  5. Dub Voices
  6. Dubs are WRONG!
  7. Pokemon are Food?
  8. Interview with Kirsten Price (singer from the anime)
  9. Has the next season already aired in Australia?
  10. We finally get to see the Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Movie!
  11. Giratina Movie trailer
  12. Pokemon Movie 11 trailer shaymin event
  13. What will Misty react to Surskit?
  14. Could it be? Jessie enter the Grand Festival??
  15. Free Online Manga???
  16. Yanma?
  17. Battle Catalog Idea
  18. Link to the Movie 11 website
  19. Besides Volt Tackle...
  20. The "What If?" Thread
  21. Character's last names?
  22. All Character Reunion in One episode or two
  23. best looking charicter in the anime
  24. best looking charicter in the anime
  25. Pokemon Movie 200 question...
  26. johto again?
  27. A question about pokemon d/p...
  28. Crystal Kay - ONE
  29. Rachael Lillis returning.
  30. Pokémon Platinum 2 New Characters/Plot/And Everything Else.
  31. Pokemon DP 84/85
  32. Pokemon in Love <3
  33. Pokemon Master
  34. WHY DO U THINK PAUL IS A JERK (possibel spoiler warning)
  35. Money...huh?
  36. What would you do if...
  37. Pokemon giving no insight
  38. Did Ash's Butterfree ever come back?
  39. Potential Emyln Morinelli (Zoey/Jenny ENG VA) Interview: Question Suggestions?
  40. Does Brock have a magic bag?
  41. Ash's Charizard appearances?
  42. Team Rocket's Dub Dialogue
  43. How old do you think Ash is and what lv is pikachu?
  44. the GS ball
  45. So I was watching the Music Vid for Crushcrushcrush (Paramore)...
  46. pokemon chronicles dvd
  47. Ash's Final Roster
  48. Realism
  49. Save the Porygon! Again!
  50. Save the Porygon! Again!
  51. Back in Battle Fronteir...
  52. Alternative opening - Battle Frontier
  53. Plotholes?
  54. How come all the girls in the Pokemon TV series dress like ****s?
  55. Characters You'd Like To See Again...
  56. New Boxsets Coming in September
  57. Where to watch ALL of the pokemon episodes, and movies.
  58. Ash has a Charmander is episode 65?
  59. Are Pokemon DP's US ratings recovering?
  60. Ash's old voice back?
  61. ash's gliscor and paul's
  62. Questions Have Been Answered.
  63. i just bought the orange islands and i have a question
  64. Mudkip. I need help on this one.
  65. Favourite theme song
  66. Gym Leaders being shown weaker than their meant to be.
  67. Website to watch Sinnoh Saga episodes?
  68. new episodes from johto start tomorrow??? please reply
  69. Where to watch Pokemon episodes on your computer?
  70. Favorite Dub Title
  71. Girl who loved Brock
  72. Is the Poekon League an anual event?Is the Pokemon League an annual event?
  73. live action pokemon movie
  74. Want an Anime-Video Game?
  75. Team Rocket and a starter pokemon
  76. Messed up episodes and scenes
  77. Moves which have been done to death in the anime
  78. Richie should come back
  79. Ash COULD be a great trainer
  80. An idea for a new season
  81. Dub episodes names...
  82. How to find the future of Pokemon!
  83. Why are there 2 Giratinas and 2 Shaymins?
  84. Ash should find himself some REAL opponents.
  85. DP On PS2???
  86. What "stuff" did Brock go to do???
  87. Only 6 Pokeballs?
  88. Did i hear Team Rocket right?
  89. Paul?
  90. All the Pokemon Evos used to fast!???
  91. Was Tracey even important?
  92. Should May stay?
  93. Misty coming back
  94. Future e4
  95. What will Ash capture/receive next?
  96. whats the deal with pikachu's strength?
  97. What was the point of Max?
  98. Mystery Girl
  99. What ever happened to the " Who's that Pokemon?"?
  100. Gary?
  101. future e4
  102. pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea
  103. Crossovers in Pokémon ?
  104. Nintendo fan in the series ?
  105. Multiple Legendaries??
  106. Make your own outline
  107. Ash being dropped from Pokemon...?
  108. Interesting traveling companions
  109. Dawn winning the Grand Festival???
  110. Character Elimination game
  111. placement of first movie
  112. New reruns??
  113. Drake's ultra dragonite
  114. Coming episodes
  115. Will ash court somene in his group???
  116. When will ash gonna be a champion
  117. Will ash battle the elite four in the sinnoh??
  118. Rachel Lillis
  119. Has anyone seen this?
  120. The nurse Jessie wantted to be ..or..could have been?
  121. What do we know about Aura and the Aura Guardians?
  122. Who sings the Pokemon Advanced Challenge Opening
  123. Pokemon anime mistakes
  124. where do you guys watch
  125. What attack did the Golbats use in the Toxicroak episode?
  126. About Ash's badge case...
  127. Inspiration for Butch and Cassidy
  128. Pokemon Without Pokemon
  129. The Official Pokemon Anime Voices Thread
  130. What If 4Kids Still Had Pokemon
  131. What's up with the music in the dub?
  132. Bring back the good oldies
  133. Nicknames for a pokémon if you were in the animé
  134. The Pokeball management system?
  135. Why hasn't Team Rocket given up yet?
  136. Episode site
  137. Team Rocket: What happened?
  138. EVERY pokemon Ash have chaught!
  139. Things Which You Forget About
  140. Rachael Lillis interview
  141. Pokemon DVDs in Australia
  142. So sad about Advanced Battle DVD's
  143. Throw them away.
  144. Pokemon Anime UK
  145. Paul has it too easy...
  146. Links between episodes and life events
  147. Rocket vs rocket?
  148. don't always look at the obvious
  149. Pokémon Rise of Darkrai UK Release
  150. Mistey,May,or Dawn?
  151. Questions needed for answering, thanks
  152. Jessie's hair.
  153. Diamond & Pearl
  154. Indigo League Boxset-Japanese w/English Subtitles?
  155. Lamest Episodes
  156. the battle of the decade
  157. the battle of the decade
  158. What is Brock?
  159. natu and xatu the forgotten pokemon
  160. The Food Problem
  161. Will Ash EVER evolve Pikachu?
  162. how comes pokemon battle dimension hasnt aired in the uk?
  163. No ultra balls?
  164. Should Racheal Lillis be the only original main voice to return to the series?
  165. Veronica Taylor to be returned? Rachael and Maddie did!
  166. Where do you think Mewtwo has been hanging out?
  167. At what time/channel is anime on?
  168. evolution?
  169. Go faster!!!
  170. Which is the best pokemon season?
  171. Pokemon 11th Movie. no. 2 Box office?
  172. Brock's hormones are out of control!
  173. Has Pokemon become Childish?
  174. 10th Anniversary of the dub coming this September
  175. I can't stand Ash.....
  176. The gotta catch em all BS ruined Classic Pokemon
  177. Ash's Win-Loss Record Overall
  178. Official Family Thread V2
  179. Should the rest of the Kanto 4 fully evolve?
  180. Pokémon Animé Discussion Rules & FAQs - Being updated / Still read before posting!
  181. Pokemon and Pedophilia
  182. Oddities about the... Because continuing discussion of closed thread makes me cool!
  183. The Origin of Mewtwo
  184. How do you feel about Jetix Europe now having the rights to air Pokemon?
  185. which pokemon will win in
  186. Best/Worst episodes in Pokehistory
  187. Pokemon Names
  188. Least Favorite episode?
  189. Pokemon.com is down..
  190. Ash and Team Rocket
  191. Ash's Team
  192. Which ne pokemon do you think james should have?
  193. Pokemon-seasons and Europe=enemies??!
  194. Maddie Blaustein FAQ
  195. Why was The Wave-Guiding Riolu skipped?
  196. Who is the best companion for Ash?
  197. Why do people think Ash is so stupid?
  198. Labor Day Pokemonathon!
  199. The wackiest anime theory ever
  200. List of Spooky Episodes
  201. Gary
  202. Is Ash a Liar??
  203. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon II Special - US Premiere
  204. Is the Pokémon Animé starting to get cliché?
  205. Unnessecary?
  206. Jessie chooses an odd outfit
  207. Pokemon Battle Dimension UK Date - Moved to Jetix
  208. The Weirdest Anime Idea EVER!
  209. Will ash ever enter the Elite 4?
  210. What happened to Mime Jr?
  211. Regarding Pikachu getting weaker with every episode.
  212. your Pokemon series
  213. Does Ash actually want his Pokemon?
  214. DeeDee
  215. My thoughts about the end of Sinnoh
  216. Pokemon Battle Dimentions in the UK.
  217. Favourite Anime Characters!
  218. Pokerap- Houenn and Sinnoh?
  219. Spoof a Pokémon song!
  220. Does Scyther hate its evolved form?
  221. Tool Evolution in the anime
  222. Subbed episodes
  223. Wow! Today is the 10th Aniversary of when Pokémon first aired in America!
  224. 'The Rise Of Darkrai' and Pokemon Series (UK DVD release)
  225. Fresh & Innovative PokeIdeas
  226. Music from the movies.
  227. English Dub 10th Anniversary
  228. may question
  229. Ash the Pokemon Master!?
  230. absorb, mega drain, giga drain?
  231. GS Ball - Original Intentions
  232. Soundtrack for the show giving me problems..?
  233. Question
  234. Who's the besy female lead?
  235. Favorite Theme?
  236. do you think brock should be replaced?
  237. A dubbing isssue
  238. A dubbing isssue
  239. List of all pointless Pokemon Episodes, which aren't worth watching?
  240. who is that???
  241. Couldn't Jetix have learnt from Cartoon Networks mistakes?
  242. The Lost New Years special
  243. The Lost New Years special
  244. The Deal With Slowpoke & Shellder
  245. cutist pika-moments and how they are related to you
  246. Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai to get Uk Screening
  247. What is the point of Phione?
  248. D/P Opening?
  249. What is it?
  250. Johto Badges and BF Symbols