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  1. High-Resolution Screenshots?
  2. Stupid things that the characters in the anime have done.
  3. ash idea
  4. max question [this may be old so dont tell me]
  5. Related to Ash's Pokemons
  6. Happiness is hard to come by...
  7. Cartoon Network DP BD marathon 2/16
  8. DP Battle Dimension Release Dates (rumoured releases) Thread
  9. pokemon and one piece
  10. Animals in pokemon?
  11. Will Piplup ever evolve?
  12. the gsc characters
  13. WB to re-release first three Pokémon movies
  14. The "New Old" Team Rocket. Is it permanent?
  15. who e;lse hates Pipulp?
  16. when dawn leaves
  17. Pokemon Movie 3 on 4Kids TV
  18. Pokemon: The first movie
  19. Who made the music to Team Rockets motto?
  20. What is Giovanni REALLY looking for?
  21. ITT Pokemon is just one big coma dream...; Your childhood. **** it
  22. Movie 12
  23. Battle Frontier Arc in the Anime??
  24. Pokemon 10th Anniversary of Kids' WB! Premiere - Saturday, February 13, 1999
  25. *sigh* cartoon network and credits dont get along...
  26. Pokemon Movie:Giratina and the Sky Warrior--My Opinion
  27. best battle
  28. Pokemon in the UK!
  29. Dubble Trouble
  30. Pokemon episodes online. Where can I find them?
  31. Is Paul a hypocrite?
  32. Fantina- A Cheater?
  33. Pokemon copies other anime
  34. Indigo Speculation
  35. Crash wake (water gym leader)
  36. Moves that rarely saw any use in the anime
  37. Region 1 Battle Dimension DVDs Out 6/23
  38. Pokemon Theme Songs?
  39. About what episode should ashes chimcar evolve?
  40. Where does Brock keep his stuff
  41. Professor Ivy & Brock
  42. who wants to fight?????
  43. i have strong pokemon that would not lose
  44. Brock and Reji have met before!?
  45. Question to pokemon fans
  46. Team rocket break up shiny metagross??!
  47. Hunter J - a Hypothosis
  48. Is Brock useless now?
  49. Next Evolutions/Captures
  50. Pokemon Full Openings
  51. What if Team Dim Sun can appear in the Animé?
  52. Without Brock or Traci
  53. do you think ash needs to catch that hippotas
  54. So much for " gotta catch em" all!!"
  55. never comes on
  56. Ash's Pokemon Reflecting Attributes of Himself
  57. Pokémon DVD
  58. Favorite Episode
  59. Ash's Monferno!!
  60. Kyogre in "Girtania and the Sky Warrior"
  61. The status of Poison Pokemon in the anime
  62. Pokemon Movies on Nintendo DS (in Japan)
  63. Your favorite Pokemon moments
  64. Need Spoink Clips/Sound Bites
  65. does ash like anyone?
  66. Charmander confusion. :S
  67. Ash is a hypocrite
  68. Want to meet the faces behind the Pokemon anime voices?
  69. I just saw the electric Solider Porygon Episode.....
  70. Interesting anime plot ideas-what do you think?
  71. Legendary's and Ash
  72. Latest Dub Movie Question
  73. Episode where Jesse has her down?
  74. Ash's Voice in Season 1
  75. animemegapolis
  76. New Pokemon for Ash,Brock and Dawn
  77. Pikachu Level 45 In First Season?!
  78. Pokemon movies in theatres?
  79. Pokemon Battle Dimension near END?!
  80. What can I expect?
  81. Why did Charazard Leave.
  82. Are Pokemon VCD's Bootleg?
  83. Hunter J hasn't epeared in the jap episodes lately!
  84. Whats the name of the next Pokemon game?
  85. Why Ash got Pikachu(evolved from Pichu) at the start?
  86. dragons
  87. dragons
  88. Why didn't Ash...?
  89. Hunter J hasn't appeared in the jap episodes lately!
  90. !Video!/!DVD!/?Blu-Ray? TV Series RANT!
  91. Natures of pokemon in Anime...
  92. We can't let go of the pastLOL sadface.
  93. does anyone know where I can find some episodes?
  94. Refrences to the old shows.
  95. Favourite pokemon songs?
  96. Why the negativities around Misty and her fans?
  97. Sinnoh Pokérap
  98. Game's Representation In The Anime
  99. New Series.
  100. (SPOILER)Posible Reason why Paul is mean to Ash!?
  101. I can't believe this...
  102. Stories We'd Like to See In The Anime
  103. Max riding a Buizel???
  104. Ash's Party
  105. Could they have improved the battle recorder?
  106. Pikachu the Movie Song Best (...yeah) 1998-2008
  107. In the anime, can released Pokemon be captured?
  108. Ash and Hippopotas
  109. Ash chimchar
  110. IV and V! (not really a generation V question)
  111. Anthony - P1 Primeape trainer
  112. Jessies Mother and Giovannis Mother?
  113. Episode with Togepi/Togetic
  114. Pokemon Anime in the UK to overtake the US!
  115. Season 11 Heading to DVD
  116. Pokemon USA and UK will merge together!?
  117. 4kids vs Pusa vs original
  118. Pokemon music disappearing from iTunes store?
  119. Brock's Happiny
  120. Pokemon Music Scores
  121. Gen II- the comeback??
  122. No Tangela
  123. Wanna know the REAL reason Bulbasaur never evolved?
  124. do you find it ? what ?
  125. Episode Preview music
  126. Why do you think Paul is so mean?
  127. Which of Ash's Pokemon are you?
  128. What happens to the holes?
  129. Pokemon Series over the years
  130. Wobbuffet
  131. Where can I find Pokemon Season DVDs?
  132. New Season One Pusa Dub Box Set????
  133. Unidentified
  134. Pokemon Diamond Pearl: Galactic Battle
  135. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battle Fan Theme Songs
  136. Brock's Happiny
  137. the crystal onyx
  138. How many strings would you have to pull...
  139. Legendary Pokemon in the TV anime: No Longer a Big Deal?
  140. Ash's eternal youth: thread 2...
  141. The Barry Speculation Thread!
  142. Quality worsening?
  143. How about this for a series when Ash is done in Sinnoh.
  144. Eggs?
  145. I just learned that there are Saturday episode recaps on Sunday mornings.
  146. Which Pokemon DVD should I watch first?
  147. Too much Dashing!
  148. Ash w/o all the Starters
  149. I miss Pokemon Chronicles!!!!
  150. getting twiggy with it
  151. Will Ash ever obtain Riolu
  152. Pokemon ghosts.
  153. Galactic Battle Theme
  154. Ash turned into Pikachu a Missed opportunity?
  155. Giovanni
  156. wholesale nike and jordan shoes
  157. Sinnoh Season- More character development?
  158. The relationship between Prof. Oak & Delia
  159. Is it just me or does Ash not have a personality?
  160. Pokemon Anime Sounds
  161. Have they made Brock into a Joke?
  162. Ash is getting old (not really)
  163. What would you like in a third generation remake game/ 5th generation anime
  164. Satoshi's Turn of Hat
  165. wholesale nike and jordan shoes
  166. What if Ash was a Gym Leader?
  167. Why isn't Ho-Oh in a movie yet?
  168. Dedicated fan... help lol
  169. Ash Ketchem's Aura Sensing
  170. Does anyone know where I can find english SUB episodes?
  171. Brandon vs. Ash 6 on 6
  172. What Ashes Team Should Really Be
  173. Will they bring back Ash's old pokemon?
  174. Length of Diamond Pearl Series.
  175. Tired of Ash
  176. Has Ash ever had a crush on a girl in the anime?
  177. would brock for in love with dawn?
  178. Has the pokemon anime lost its touch?
  179. Pokemon:Heart and Soul
  180. New Battle Frontier Theory
  181. What do you think Ash's team will be in Sinnoh?
  182. Favorite/Least Favorite Pokemon Theme Song
  183. ashs gand after diamond and pearl
  184. anyone else bored with the 3 only gang?
  185. Confused with Charizard and Charmander
  186. Confused with Charizard and Charmander
  187. bring back jigglypuff
  188. 2 hour Pokemon marathon at 12 EST.
  189. Is Ash dangerous to every one around him?
  190. What are the best episodes of the Hoenn Region in Pokemon Anime and Sinnoh as well
  191. How many contests are held between Grand Festivals?
  192. Watashi Makenai & Kimi no Soba de Textless?
  193. Pokemon In The UK
  194. Bring back Misty
  195. Pikachu is rubbish?
  196. Missing Animédex Pokémon
  197. Interesting thought about Ho-oh's early appearence
  198. Opening Movie Themes
  199. Over Glorification of some Pokémon
  200. Interview With Erin Bowman-Battle Cry (Stand Up!)
  201. charizard and sceptile vs infernape and torrtera
  202. Heartgold/Soulsilver Season?
  203. Your Favourite Moments in the entire History of Pokemon
  204. Zapdos and the Master Ball
  205. Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimension Box 2
  206. What happened to Nando?
  207. What Pkemon Would You like to see more of in the anime?
  208. Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver Arc?
  209. Interesting idea?
  210. 7 pokemon
  211. can't ash ever win?!?
  212. Pokeman
  213. who's the worse rival???
  214. What if Ash had started off in a different region?
  215. Does anyone else miss follower pokemon?
  216. Clefairy as Ash's starter?
  217. How long do Ash's journey take in real time?
  218. Pikachu Underpowered?
  219. I am worried about the future of the anime
  220. The Animation of Pokemon
  221. What If Ash Never Befriended Or Journied With Brock And Misty?
  222. Meowth?
  223. If Meowth Evolved?
  224. Oh, the Irony.
  225. Where to watch original anime episodes?
  226. If I ran Team Rocket...
  227. Raichu?
  228. English or Japanese voices
  229. Why didnt paul start in his home country?
  230. Should Jessie and James team up with Ash
  231. Ever had one of the theme songs stuck in your head?
  232. Yanmega not sent to Giovanni?
  233. Stamina
  234. Watching Pokemon
  235. Ghost Pokemon Illusions
  236. Can anyone get this music some where?
  237. With the recent G/S game remake, will Ho-oh finally have its movie?
  238. How would Misty react to a Surskit?
  239. Why do you think Lapras was the only released Pokemon Ash saw again?
  240. good animation?
  241. Call me crazy
  242. 6 Pokemon Limit
  243. How would you feel about a Pokemon Academy Spinoff Series?
  244. What happened to Raikou?
  245. When did James get Weepinbell??
  246. Brock!
  247. Are The Pokemon names not seems strange to the Americans?
  248. Sinnoh League Results
  249. witch cds have extended theme songs on them?
  250. Anime Quality - Impressions?