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  1. Sinnoh results?
  2. Were They Originally Going To Do Johto Straight After Kanto?
  3. What Specific Filler Episodes Would've Eliminated From The Johto Saga...
  4. Why???!!!!!!???? ~ Por Que!?!?!?! (spanish BTW)
  5. The Houndour from Pichu Brothers Specials
  6. Pokemon this days Lacks Humour and More
  7. Pikachu: Worth Stealing anymore?
  8. Steven
  9. Pokemon that serebii missed in the anime
  10. Extrasensory In the anime??
  11. When ash is done with sinnoh, what will happen?
  12. A question
  13. Giratina and the Sky Warrior now in the Guiness World Record Books!
  14. Meoth team rockets downfall
  15. ~~predictions for characters pokemon~~
  16. If ash kept larvitar
  17. Newly discovered?
  18. The third movie pikachu city skit in the 11th movie?
  19. Pokemon Contest
  20. Does Giovanni even want Pikachu?
  21. Hoenn
  22. Whats the greatest thing about the Pokemon Series so far?
  23. Where to watch Pokemon episodes?
  24. Whats To Become of Ash!!!???
  25. Whats your favourite character in the entire Pokemon series?
  26. Whats your favourite character in the entire Pokemon series?
  27. I'm confused about something
  28. why are fruit names so taboo?
  29. Where can I??
  30. No new pokemon
  31. What is your take on how Water Pokemon have been Handled in the Anime?
  32. Part of Darkrai and Shaymin Movies on Japanese Pokemon Yahoo Page at/until 7/21?
  33. Cipher in the anime
  34. Yet they are still here....
  35. piplup needs to evolve!
  36. Pokemon's energy
  37. What Level is Ash's Pikachu Anway?
  38. Looking for a song from the Kanto saga
  39. name of the 5th generation region
  40. Misty :/
  41. Favorite Movie
  42. Pokemon Chronicles - Should there be more or non?
  43. Anime gone wrong?
  44. Will Contests Revert Back To "Normal" In The Johto Battle Frontier?
  45. The writers don't care about the older audiences
  46. Which starter will evolve to the final stage??
  47. Pokemon Year 1/2
  48. Misty "Became" A Gym Leader?
  49. Romance in the pokemon series/movies?
  50. How/Do You think Johto would have been different if Tracey stayed?
  51. Why pikachu??
  52. Whatever happened to Brock's goal?
  53. A Live Action Pokemon Movie?
  54. Special Beam Cannon (Hyper Beam) usage
  55. What do you think JJ&M did before Ash became a Trainer
  56. Will Brock Ever Leave Ash?
  57. Purchasing pokemon anime dvds
  58. Pokemon Movies Gone Real ^_^
  59. HO-Oh
  60. Pokémon Animé Discussion Rules & FAQs - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!
  61. Times we did what we saw
  62. Piplup: the new pokemon mascot???
  63. A couple Of Questions Related To The Anime
  64. Matches You Would Like to See
  65. Pokemon Episodes?
  66. Team Rocket is old...
  67. Black Pokemon Trainers
  68. Ash Ketchum Is A Retard
  69. 19 Episodes behind from Japan
  70. Pokemon Arceus towards Time/space
  71. Pokemon League: an super-easy place to qualify for?
  72. Has Ash matured?
  73. ~Will Paul Ever Change Like Gary??~
  74. Team Rocket, should they just blast off for good?
  75. Comedy Stylings of the Pokemon Anime
  76. Shouldn't Brock had known Reggie already?
  77. What is the real reason that Piplup is out of it's pokeball?
  78. Movie 12 dub title revealed!
  79. Ways that Team Rocket can improve...
  80. Return of the GS Ball?
  81. Hearing verbally the names of
  82. Familiar english voice actors to voice in the show
  83. is it just meor a team rocket getting more annoying
  84. brandon looks like paul
  85. How many contests are there?
  86. isnt pauls team great
  87. does pikachu still know thunder
  88. There are two Articuno in the pokemon world?
  89. The lost tower
  90. Regions United?
  91. Do you think that Ash's Primeape will return
  92. to the boys...
  93. Dawn or May?
  94. Do you think the series has became to cliche?
  95. Ash using advanced tech in the series and movies.
  96. can everyone PLEASE stop throwing the "filler" label on episodes that clearly aren't?
  97. Does anyone want to see Brock's cooking challenged?
  98. Brock And Professors Ivy
  99. HG SS Anime?
  100. What happened to the GS ball?
  101. Teaser shown at the end of 12th Movie.
  102. Will Brocks Croagunk Defeat TG's Toxicroak?
  103. What will be the end of the anime?
  104. Funny pokemon names =)
  105. Is brock really a pokemon breeder?
  106. Ash's best league Pokemon.
  107. Anime Pokemon contest rules?
  108. What Episode is This From?
  109. Do you think the writers consider the Orange Islands Irrelevant?
  110. do you think ash will ever see his dad
  111. Gym Rematches
  112. My thoughts of evolution in Pokemon
  113. If ash was early to Prof. Oak..
  114. Ash and Legends
  115. why DO they call her DEE-DEE?
  116. The Ash Ketchum Theory
  117. Paul vs Hunter J
  118. Bill
  119. Dawn of the pokemon era?
  120. Why does Pikachu kill Bikes?
  121. Returning character
  122. What are things you want to see?
  123. Ash's Johto team, did they essentially become pointless captures?
  124. Jirachi Wishmaker
  125. Contests
  126. Movie 11: Well I liked it!
  127. dvd season lists
  128. Movie 12 English Title Confirmed - Arceus and the Jewel of Life
  129. Why do you think Misty was never given a Water Starter?
  130. Ash needs to teach his pokemon some stonger attacks
  131. What should I do?
  132. Pokemon The Abridged Series: Updates/Discussion Thread
  133. Pokemon Episode Movie Timeline thing
  134. Are Team Rocket...?
  135. wholesale nike and jordan shoes
  136. Team Rocket Jesse and James quotes/soundclips (request)
  137. The Problem With Constantly Making The Girls Of Each Generation Coordinators!
  138. Honestly What Are The Differences Between Contest Battles & Regular Battles?
  139. Did you laugh?
  140. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn
  141. Master Ball
  142. So I nearly cried when Dawn gave up Ambipom.
  143. Pokemon Anime OST music..
  144. Have We Been Neglected - UK
  145. ‘Arceus and the Jewel of Life’ in 2009 for America?!
  146. Brock a breeder?
  147. something i noticed in mewtwo special
  148. 4kids really is the devil
  149. Will Lucas Appear in the Anime?
  150. fillers
  151. Dawns Buneary Evolving
  152. The Series Project: Pokemon, the Movies
  153. Pokemon Galactic Battles UK - Not Set for Release Yet
  154. Hyper beam in Anime
  155. Random anime stuff
  156. What do you think ash's future team might be?
  157. Have they really cleared the Badge System in the anime?
  158. Why do you think the writers increased the screentime for female characters?
  159. “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Beyond Time and Space” premieres on Friday
  160. James and Gym Battles?
  161. What Episode Would You Show A Veteran Fan To Get Them Back Into The Show?
  162. KeyHole TV
  163. Do you think we might have already met Paul's pokemon in the past?
  164. what party pokemon would you give to ash and other main characters?
  165. Character Discussions Rules - Please Read!
  166. Barry
  167. Paul
  168. Zoey
  169. Kenny
  170. Hunter J
  171. Gary
  172. Roark
  173. Gardenia
  174. Maylene
  175. Crasher Wake
  176. Fantina
  177. Byron
  178. Candice
  179. Professor Rowan
  180. Johanna
  181. Aaron
  182. Lucian
  183. Cynthia
  184. Wallace
  185. Palmer
  186. Reggie
  187. Saturn
  188. Mars
  189. Jupiter
  190. Charon
  191. Looker
  192. Cyrus
  193. Missing shiny Pokemon in Anime?
  194. Which episode did this screenshot come from?
  195. Do you don't mind that Pikachu will be missed ONLY for one episode?
  196. Cheryl
  197. Mira
  198. Riley
  199. Help me with a translation, please!
  200. Japanese Pokemon movie showing question
  201. Nando
  202. Angie
  203. Conway
  204. Should Pokemon have a Spin-Off?
  205. Khoury
  206. Lyra
  207. Pokemon Movie 13
  208. Don't you think Ash's Pokemon is weak?
  209. Good To Bad
  210. What do you think was Ash's weakest battle VS a gym leader (Only from Johto)
  211. Why do you think that the writers made Ash's Pokemon so weak?
  212. Johto Battle Frontier Speculation (READ FIRST POST!!!)
  213. crogunk vs toxicroak
  214. Will Pokemon Chronicles return?
  215. Butch
  216. Cassidy
  217. Giovanni
  218. Pokemon hg/ss movie
  219. Kanto Gym Leaders
  220. Orange Islands Gym Leaders
  221. Johto Gym Leaders
  222. Hoenn Gym Leaders
  223. Kanto Frontier Brains
  224. Pokemon Galactic Battles ''Pillars of Friendship!'' I have it in ENGLISH Must watch!
  225. pokemon that need love
  226. Team Rocket - Can they please have ONE episode off?
  227. Can/should any of Ash's pokemon learn the elemetal hyperbeams
  228. Interesting observation: Misty hasn't had an appearance in 211 episodes
  229. Legendary pokemon
  230. Drew
  231. Scott
  232. Harley
  233. seriousness of JJ & M
  234. new TR admin in anime
  235. Ideal Hero
  236. Professor Oak
  237. Pokémon airing at 7:30 AM?
  238. Ash's Pokemon Solved
  239. Professor Elm
  240. Professor Birch
  241. Arceus movie to show in Australia
  242. What is the point for the 1-Hour Specials?
  243. Latest episode(12th season)
  244. Shouldn't Ash and Brock have girlfriends?
  245. What's Next?
  246. Officer Jenny
  247. Nurse Joy
  248. Flint & Lola
  249. holy...
  250. Time Change