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  1. Time Change
  2. TR JJ & M in the movies
  3. Dr Yung. Help!
  4. Team Rocket,Use to dig holes ,why not now
  5. mesprit is a female lake trio
  6. Happiny's Ungodly Strength; How does she have it? I have an explanation... I hope...
  7. Team Rocket and Ash
  8. Why doesn't Ash age for crying out loud?!
  9. New Pokemon for Ash's team line up?
  10. Raikou:the legend of thunder
  11. Arceus and the Jewel of Life...thoughts?
  12. Delia Ketchum
  13. League Rivals
  14. Is Pikachu getting any stronger?
  15. New theory - Did Charizard fear Ash?
  16. pokemon hunger
  17. Kanto Anime Road Map
  18. Should any of the main cast nick-name their Pokemon?
  19. Does anyone else feel a bit odd about the flashbacks?
  20. What's the 13 movie gonna be about?
  21. Arceus in the 12th Movie
  22. Hoenn Elite Four and Johto Elite Four
  23. Which episode was this from?
  24. Should Cassidy Enter Contests?
  25. questions about the story with ash and his crew
  26. the all new SINGLE ANIME questions thread
  27. what pokemon do you want to return to the anime
  28. Anyone else miss the movies being released in theater?
  29. Why do so many people fail to understand this?
  30. Interview with Chris "Breeze" Barczynski
  31. Do you think they would ever release the Japanese version in the US?
  32. naruto vs bleach
  33. The Sinnoh League! Remind me who is actually in it again?
  34. Would Pokemon do a Naruto/Ben 10
  35. Pokemon DP Galatic Battles -When will it be shown in the UK?
  36. Ash's voice
  37. will grotle evolve
  38. how come.....
  39. If Pokemon was in 2006
  40. Looking to order some Pokemon DVD's. :]
  41. So, Whats Next?
  42. Why IS Team Rocket Still Together?
  43. I've got a few questions about 3 songs in the Anime.
  44. Should Pikachu Decide To Evolve
  45. why are...
  46. Will we see more of Cynthia's Pokemon?
  47. does dawn like gary
  48. is pikachu yellower
  49. Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure and Sparkling Search
  50. why is ash and his friends so dumb
  51. Guys with Glasses
  52. Please Help find what episode this is from!!!!!
  53. did you like gary
  54. Ash's next Pokemon
  55. Wil the anime ever get beter?
  56. Johto Journies/Champions DVD Box Sets to Coincide with HG/SS?
  57. A little something ive noticed about the theme songs.
  58. Imagine
  59. Brock's social life
  60. The most violent thing a pokemon has done in thye anime
  61. i need nice big pics form there epsidoe pslese
  62. Is Dawn getting better to be a skillful coordinator
  63. How old is ash?
  64. pokemon tv season 1-12
  65. Do u think Palmer and Volkner could be related?
  66. Cartoon Network uploaded the first two seasons
  67. Celebi Again!
  68. Gliscor's Characteristics
  69. Latias had offspring?
  70. Air Times in Japan
  71. Dawn??
  72. Will there be another pokemon Series?
  73. beta movie trailers
  74. this is a bit stupid but.....
  75. Are you annoyed by Gligar's voice?
  76. Pokemon time skip
  77. Longest Periods of Neglect?
  78. My God!
  79. Pokemon getting more mature
  80. Misty being the new girl companion?
  81. Kotones English Name spectulation
  82. Food for thought
  83. The Battle Zone!
  84. A Letter to the Producers: How the Anime Can Be Improved
  85. help
  86. Galatic battles airing daily now on January 4
  87. Will Brock get a rival for pokemon breeding?
  88. Release of Galactic Battles on dvd
  89. Has the animation improved or become cheaper?
  90. What exactly "is" a Pokemon Master?
  91. Ash is older than we all think.
  92. Pokemon 2000 prophecy
  93. Mistys Starter?
  94. Game characters you want to see
  95. tired of cartoon network 3:2 ratio
  96. Next season
  97. Where do you watch pokemon episodes?
  98. Ash's Pidgeot
  99. Movie Character in anime?
  100. I'm Gary Oak!
  101. Pokemon The Movie 2000-playing soon on a network affiliate near you.
  102. If Ash will charge Pikachu with a lot of electricity in the league?
  103. Where does all the meat come from?
  104. Dawn's Piplup...
  105. Characters you'll miss after the end of the D/P saga
  106. Will Ash win the sinnoh league?
  107. Ash as a frontier brain
  108. Starting your pokemon journey !!!!
  109. Did they ever explain where abilities came from?
  110. how many people will miss dawn if she leaves the group after sinnoh/BF?
  111. New poke'mon?
  112. Where's Starmie?
  113. Porygon Family
  114. pikachus exploration club
  115. Galactic Battles airing during the afternoon
  116. Which Pokemon Would You Have If You Were In The Anime?
  117. Possible Upcoming Filler Arc: Predictions?
  118. Brock prediction
  119. Will Ash ever age?
  120. Orange ya glad it's over?
  121. Did Brock freight what show hes on?
  122. i was told to ask this here.Need help finding this:
  123. subtitles?
  124. Battle Zone
  125. will ash? part 1
  126. Ash's strongest Pokemons
  127. Cyndaquil and Totodile not evolving back in Johto...a huge mistake?
  128. Should ash change his battling style???
  129. Will Ash & Co. ever meet a female Pikachu?
  130. if 4kids was still dubbing?
  131. Team Rocket's gone too far!
  132. Want somewhere to exchange FCs?
  133. Is There A Pattern?
  134. Garrymon
  135. Clueless or Forgetful?
  136. Why everytime that Ash.......
  137. Cleanup on Isle 2
  138. Ursula
  139. Casey
  140. Pokemon Baddies
  141. s Pokemon Anime?!?!?
  142. Pokemon TV Series Music
  143. Misty's Psyduck
  144. Will Ash'a dad ever appear?
  145. Why does poor Dawn have to lose so much?
  146. Do you like it that the rivals appear much more frequently?
  147. Theory on Gary's Eevee/Umbreon
  148. Pokemon Galactic Battles coming to a UK T.V near you!
  149. Looking to buy as many episode box sets on DVD as possible. What do you have?
  150. GS Ball
  151. Japanese channel for Pokemon?
  152. Going back to Johto
  153. Barry's team
  154. How many rosters have gyms leaders got?
  155. what do u think the ending pokemon will be for ash, paul, brock and dawn
  156. do you think the "little" legendary Pokémon can beat the larger legendaries?
  157. Pokemon on youtube
  158. Evolve
  159. Marina in the Anime
  160. Team Galactic finale
  161. pokemon questions
  162. Caroline
  163. Norman
  164. Steven Stone
  165. Anime exclusive characters get more attention
  166. The moves & the anime depictions
  167. What do you home for the Gen V anime?
  168. 'It's Evolving!"
  169. Team Magma
  170. Team Aqua
  171. Watch Pokemon Online
  172. Pikachu Shocks Ash?
  173. Bring Gary Back for the....
  174. Fresh star for pokemon
  175. Your anime team!
  176. Question about the Champion status.
  177. The old series T-T?
  178. What Do You Think the 13th Season Will Be Called
  179. Volkner
  180. Flint
  181. Is Team Rocket still actually interested in Ash's Pikachu?
  182. Ash & Pikachu, the Faces of Pokémon Forever?
  183. anyone miss the serious side of TR?
  184. do you think Ash gonna win the sinnou league???
  185. When is Pokémon: Galactic Battles ending???
  186. How can some of the trainers even last like they do?
  187. Why is it Galactic Battles taking so long to air in the UK?
  188. Why is this season of pokemon taking so long!
  189. SHould Pikachu be way more stronger.
  190. The Sevii Islands
  191. What exactly is the Elite Four in the anime?
  192. Ash's father?
  193. What will happen after Sinnoh a filler arc.
  194. when Ash gonna finish journey???
  195. Money!
  196. Pokemon Solar & Lunar (New Season in 2011)
  197. How long till ash gets to the pokemon league!?
  198. Ashs new pokemon???
  199. The Potential
  200. Paul's Big Surprise!
  201. Choose Piplup or Pikachu!!!
  202. Where are you watching the anime?
  203. When will they make a new character
  204. team rocket would be much more successfull if...
  205. Does anyone want Brock to change to his HG/SS look?
  206. Agatha
  207. Galactic Battles in UK?
  208. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl DVDs?
  209. Each trainers signature Pokemon?
  210. Past champions
  211. Mini Pokémon Marathon this Saturday
  212. Galactic Battles in the Netherlands
  213. Breakings of The Fourth Wall
  214. America - Pokemon Johto is on now! Cartoon Network!
  215. What If....
  216. The First Japanese Pokemon Intro you've ever seen
  217. The elusive Ho-oh
  218. Why haven't the Pikachu shorts been dubbed?
  219. Discovery!!
  220. Does Dawn know that Ash has so many pokemon?
  221. should Mewtwo come back?
  222. Why exactly are Team Rocket still in the anime?
  223. Where can i
  224. An alternate perspective on pokemon...
  225. would anyone like to see a more serious anime?
  226. You know, i think mistys Psyduck...
  227. Return of Misty
  228. Something I've noticed about Ash's travels
  229. Future Rival -> more an Enemy?
  230. Is it me or does.....?
  231. Who stopped watching when 4kids got the boot?
  232. Pokemon with Outrageous Accents
  233. Pokemon anime
  234. Happy 13th Anniversary!
  235. Pokemon Anime, non Joke
  236. Bring Misty back.
  237. Does anyone think Cartoon Network Should Air the UK Episodes Again?
  238. Pokemon Galactic Battle in ENGLISH is now up =)
  239. Some REALLY dumb things you have seen them do
  240. Sinnoh League
  241. since Episode 612....
  242. Torterra vs Torterra
  243. Comparison: Pokemon DP verse Yugioh 5Ds
  244. Do Trade Evolutions exist in the Anime?
  245. the first message
  246. Never Thought that would Happen
  247. Oh...this sucks
  248. Boomerang will air the original Pokemon series
  249. Pokemon Black & White in new season in 2011
  250. Do you think the end-of-region Pallet Town eps are being downplayed?