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  1. Who were those characters...?
  2. Character Bios that needs to be added
  3. It's a dog's life
  4. The plot surrounding Ho-Oh
  5. About Cynthia...
  6. Trade Machines
  7. TR Digsuies and Aliases
  8. subbed pokemon episodes
  9. This is bugging me....
  10. Possible Promo Pics?
  11. Galactic Battles in May for UK
  12. Most annoying character
  13. Evil Pokemon?
  14. pokemon season 1 theme song
  15. How should they end the TR plot? When?
  16. Dawn will probably go to the new reigon with Ash
  17. What's with the mystery meat
  18. Opinions about the "Gouge-your-eyes" fests
  19. Why do you think Kanto was the only region to have two adventures?
  20. Do you think Ash will get his Pokemon back?
  21. Ash's top 6 Pokemon
  22. Trainer Quality
  23. Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors
  24. Hypothetically...
  25. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors (Season 13) Dub Titles
  26. Chimecho's Heal Bell Appearances...
  27. A look at the Dutch dub
  28. The Johto Saga Severely Underrated!
  29. Is it possible to have more than 6 Pokemon at a time?
  30. Rebuilding Towns
  31. The Anime Company have lost it
  32. The End of Ash?
  33. Black and White girl
  34. Will Ash's Gliscor be forgotten?
  35. A time skip? Just a theory.
  36. Johto Journeys Re-release.
  37. How was DP Galactic Battles?
  38. Something the should have Ash done in the Battle Fronteir season
  39. Anyone NOT like the new pokeball animation?
  40. DP Movie Marathon airing June 5th
  41. Rival you Hate Most!
  42. Contest Ribbon design question
  43. Which are the most beautiful and cutest pokemon in the anime??
  44. funny pokemon moments
  45. Ursula/Urara, coming by final week June/first week July, discuss/debate!
  46. Why isn't Mewtwo Returns not an official pokemon movie?
  47. When did Mamoswine start listening to Dawn?
  48. What if Ash was Nando
  49. Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon Movies Lately....
  50. Put Ash's Pokemon into Tiers
  51. Adaption
  52. Brock's Happiny
  53. Ash's pikachu
  54. Would the Pokemon Anime survive without Ash?
  55. Pokemon DP Sinnoh League Victors Opening
  56. Pokemon dubs around the world
  57. Character Discussions - Opinions Please!
  58. Question about Team Rocket
  59. Anyone else thing US time is bogus?
  60. Pokemon: Lucario & the Mystery of Mew To Air June 18th In Australia
  61. What if Pokemon was more than a half-hour show?
  62. Japanese DVDs.. where to start, also - Prices question?
  63. Pokemon OP/ED set to different Music
  64. old pokemon movies are better than new ones.....
  65. Why do the Writers make Pokémon who "won't evolve?" or just don't evolve
  66. Ash and Dawn's Exemplary Friendship thread
  67. Best Pokemon movie in your opinion?
  68. A funny Pokemon Cosplay series I found
  69. The Official Minor Character/CotD Discussion Thread
  70. Do you think the Kanto Elite Four would do good against trainers like Paul?
  71. Could Pokemon Work As A Live-Action Movie?
  72. Ash's Pokemon in Numerical Levels
  73. Animé inspired game team choices
  74. Is Salon Maiden Anabel an X-Man?
  75. Is this a good cartoon for a pokemon theme song?
  76. Will Ash ever get a water power-house?
  77. how would you feel if ash left the anime after sinnoh?
  78. brock?
  79. What do you think is wrong with "New" Pokemon
  80. a little question about battle frontier
  81. Does anyone notice how short-lived most of the characters in Pokemon are?
  82. Paul maybe in a little trouble? lol
  83. Anime openings
  84. The Better Dub
  85. Boxset releases??
  86. Hidden message in Ash's and Paul's rivalry
  87. The WORST Mistake in Pokemon Anime
  88. 14th Season name revealed.
  89. Lugias attack/Changing attacks.
  90. About The Second Movie...
  91. Pokémon Animé Discussion Rules & FAQs - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!
  94. Charizard's Burning Ambition
  95. Would you have liked it if Ash had won the Kanto league?
  96. Reusing Character Models?
  97. Is pokemon movie 13 gonna be released in a channel or in a movie theater?
  98. What if Johto(g3/g4) had used a different cast?
  99. Occasions when the anime defies the games?
  100. What's your Favourite Movie so far?
  101. Have you ever heard your favorite pokemon in the anime, only to like or dislike it.
  102. Your Move Interpretations
  103. Episode name release dates?
  104. Is Dawn hindering Ash?
  105. How would the early seasons be different if Misty had a quest?
  106. Ash's achievement thus far
  107. Should Pokemon follow In Yu-Gi-Oh's tracks?
  108. Was Noctowl Treated The Worst Out Of All Of The Birds...
  109. Paul reminds me of Silver from games/manga
  110. Which would you rather have? (cheerleaders)
  111. Does anyone here actually like the anime?
  112. pokemon black and white charaacters
  113. My Pokemon adventure ended when Ash change his hat.
  114. Pokemon RP
  115. Where i can find subbed 1s season?
  116. vs James
  117. TV Anime Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Best 1997-2010 coming in September...
  118. Why did Misty not enter many tournaments?
  119. Evil teams
  120. When the heck will Pokemon movie 12 come out on DVD?
  121. COTD's and showcasing pkmn...
  122. Does Misty even know "of" Dawn?
  123. why some people hate dawn hikari so much
  124. Remember Jigglypuff?
  125. If you were TR, what would you do?
  126. Why did Gary give up his goal so easy?
  127. The Power Fluctuations of Ash's Team, Especially his Pikachu
  128. When did Brock stop battling regularly for the first time?
  129. Pokemon: Best Wishes Female character
  130. Shiny Pokemon
  131. An interesting twist for B&W
  132. DP168 being skipped
  133. The New Bring Pokemon's Original Voice Cast Back Club!!
  134. Ash a GIRL TRAPPED in a BOY body!
  135. Pokemon Champion Zoroark online?
  136. darkrai trainer is
  137. Animé exclusive gyms
  138. First Dark Skinned/Black character in Pokemon Media?
  139. Pikachu finishing pauls battle
  140. How is Iris suppose to promote Black and White?
  141. Pokémon DP new ed(full)
  142. Brock is leaving the series!?!?!!?
  143. Keckleon debut Ep
  144. Favorite Cartoon Show
  145. Ash's weakest pokemon
  146. Something I've noticed/Just a thought
  147. Just a name of song on the Pokemon anime OST
  148. Team Rocket
  149. Paul is the good guy
  150. Ash would make a great politician.
  151. Jessie/James, they be stupid people.
  152. Chances of Ash making it to Grand finals in the Suzuran Tournament?
  153. I want the old cast back and info on the new saga
  154. Character Similarities
  155. Why do pokemon evolve whenever in anime?
  156. How would you have Ash win a league?
  157. Anime sucks now
  158. return to kanto???
  159. A Mystery That's Been Bugging Me...
  160. Why does a Pokemon's language consist of it's own name?
  161. What would this animé be without Team Rocket?
  162. Why do the English writers of the Anime use titles based on other titles?
  163. Why Doesn't Ash Catch Legendaries?
  164. Differences in Ash's Animation
  165. i think sinnoh is the most
  166. pokemon with english subs
  167. An idea for the finale of Ash's journey.
  168. What if Misty and Brock never joined Ash? Also...
  169. would ash beat richie now?
  170. What do you guys think of Iris,Dento and the new Ash?
  171. Do you think the Anime needs better humor and dialogue?
  172. Pokemon Marathon next weekend
  173. UK Pokemon Anime - Big Update
  174. Anime Things Being Written Out
  175. What if Ash was able to win a Pokemon League?
  176. Name This Song? :D
  177. Mini-Pokemon Marathon
  178. What gender is Dawn's Togekiss?
  179. music suited for certain situation in pokemon movies
  180. Has anyone ever heard Pokemon fansubs?
  181. What if they made a seperate Anime series for each generation?
  182. Jessie James and Meowth keeping rocket relevant?
  183. So I just Rewatched the first episode...
  184. Which one
  185. Pokemon Chronicles! season 2 will it happen?
  186. Ash could have had
  187. Your Definition of a Filler Episode
  188. Where can i watch Japanese pokemon?
  189. Fun fact: May is almost as old as Misty now
  190. Promoted? Or Demoted?
  191. Think of the worst possible ending to the Isshu Saga.
  192. Why is the Pokémon Animé a Marketing Gimmick?
  193. If Ash wins a regional league,the league should be the Kanto league.
  194. Newly released Anime BGM
  195. Weird design of gym difficulty between regions?
  196. sinnoh league better battle
  197. When was the last time Team Rocket was really relevant to the show?
  198. Do you think the writers regret leaving Dawn?
  199. if ash could capture pokemon of your choice...
  200. Pikachu's Return
  201. Why is Hoenn so much better than any other saga?
  202. Your top 5 favorite Poke'mon and why
  203. Johto Journies/League Champions/Master Quest is underrated.
  204. Why do you think Ash's league rivals usually never appear again?
  205. What if Dawn had the personality of Lina Inverse?
  206. Why wasn't Misty shown to do anything special with her water Pokemon?
  207. Ho-oh in Episode 1
  208. Why the massive 4Kids hate?
  209. Pokémon Live Action Movie?
  210. Ash future pokemon wishlist
  211. The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon in Japanese
  212. The First Movie Was Supposed To Be The Series Finale?
  213. Ash and Girls
  214. Pokemon Anime: Pretty dumb to catch a Gible with a Rod
  215. Why do you think so many of Ash's friends are Gym leaders?
  216. teamrocket
  217. All pokemon fans in australia read!
  218. What do you think about that? (SPOILERS)
  219. What has the Anime accomplished?
  220. Best Wishes Theme!
  221. Why is Team rocket so obsessed with getting Ash's Pikachu?
  222. Has anyone else noticed this?
  223. Best Movie
  224. Ash's New Team
  225. Watch Best wishes.
  226. Episodes texts
  227. What Gym leader do you think was portayed the weakest in the anime?
  228. Ash's Depressing Pokemon Skills
  229. Ash's strongest rival
  230. So, have they ever discussed how using Pokemon is ethical?
  231. Master Quest Dvds?
  232. Isshu on Lucario's Movie!
  233. Pokemon DP episodes subbed u can even watch the whole sinnoh league
  234. Subliminal message?
  235. Does anyone else miss Misty?
  236. Greater Legendaries on the big screen
  237. Question about Jirachi.
  238. Do you feel as if Dawn's co-star status ended after the Wallace Cup?
  239. What Iris' character is based upon?
  240. Have you ever felt that ambipom wasnt a very permanent member of the team?
  241. CW showing Pokemon the first movie
  242. The Ivy and Brock conundrum
  243. Dawn, Misty Or May
  244. Where the heck do the dub names come from!?
  245. It seems like every main character had a connection to a legendery except one
  246. Why the massive filler hate?
  247. Ash Ketchum: Doomed to failure?
  248. Ash vs Cynthia
  249. Will the US ever get Arceus & the Jewel of Life on DVD?
  250. Which gym leader would you say is the strongest?