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  1. Dark Pokemon Movies
  2. Which pokemon movies were not needed or pointless?
  3. Ash's Pikachu shouldn't be in Isshu
  4. Least favorite of Ash's Pokemon
  5. Post-"Original Series" Seasons Worth Watching?
  6. Cancelled?
  7. How should the series end?
  8. Twerp Height
  9. Ash Vs Takuto
  10. Do pokemon makes you go all emotional?
  11. Pokemon DP Galactic Battles: UK TV Alert!
  12. Pokemon anime, The Most Misjudged Anime?
  13. Pokemon starts at 8 am
  14. Pokemon Movie 12 DVD AT ALL?
  15. Ash's Legendary pokemon
  16. If Brock had all his Pokemon together at one time, he would have an awesome team
  17. Do you think Hunter J was the best villain in Pokemon?
  18. Character accomplishments
  19. Movie 13 Dub
  20. The Ultimate Challenge Song lyrics
  21. Breaking News: original Pokemon writer "Takeshi Shudo" in hospital
  22. Pokemon Anime
  23. When Was the First Time Max Met Ash' Charizard?
  24. new episodes of pokemon galactic battles stops
  25. Did you guys hear about Takeshi Shudō the original pokemon anime writer
  26. What do you think it's gonna happen first
  27. Pokemon Marathon (Ranger episodes)
  28. Takeshi Shudo Creator of the Pokemon Anime Series Passes away at the age of 61
  29. Man Arrested for Posting 6 Pokémon Images Before Games Shipped
  30. How Pokémon Could've Ended...
  31. Why is it so hard to find Subbed Pokemon Episodes!?
  32. Pokemon Best Wishes DUB
  33. Top 5 Changes in Newest Pokemon Anime
  34. Brand new Pokemon Ranger and the guardian signs pokemon episode
  35. aGES ASH
  36. Galactic Battle Box Set being released after all!
  37. Why do you think its not taboo for trainers to own legendaries anymore?
  38. Ash vs. Shooti
  39. Pokemon season 1
  40. the ishuu team is lame.
  41. New Pokemon Region and Starters Announce *english*
  42. Should The Anime have Disability References?
  43. How Pokemon DP 191 Ending should be in english
  44. Why do Ash and his friends never recognize Team Rocket in their disguises?
  45. victini & the black hero
  46. A better anniversary Special this 2011
  47. Name That Pichu Bros. Short! (anime sketches/genga/douga identification required)
  48. who thinks misty is pretty ??
  49. what pokemon does misty have??
  50. How Many Pokemon DVDs do you have?
  51. BW Team Rocket Discussion
  52. Online Promo:Apple iPhone 4G 32 GB$230,HTC Desire$210
  53. How was Thunder Armor explained in the Japanese raw?
  54. Ash in a Triple Battle
  55. Pokemon DP Sinnoh League Victors on CITV!
  56. I haven't watched the anime for awhile
  57. Items in the anime?
  58. Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Best 1997 - 2010 Vol. 2
  59. Traci's voice?
  60. Bring Pokemon Films Back to UK Cinemas!
  61. Concerning "power levels"...
  62. Why dont Ashs pokemon evolve
  63. Voive your opinions over the Pokemon Orchestra
  64. Does AnyOne Think They Should Have A Mini Story Arc Of PokeMon
  65. Japanese Singles
  66. Zoroark: Master of Illusions
  67. Best place to buy seasons?
  68. I have a question!
  69. How to Catch Up?
  70. episodes that actually bring character development
  71. Should One Of Our Heroes (before Iris and Dent) Have Won A Tournament By Now?
  72. Will Ash's Pikachu ever evolve?
  73. pokemon made for tv movie
  74. The Golden Pokeball
  75. Where can I watch the new pokemon episodes?
  76. best wishes rocks!
  77. Anyone here despise the Dub BGM?
  78. Ash's Early Kanto Voice
  79. Ashs age?
  80. Jessie and James are so funny
  81. Best Wishes Dub Preview Today??
  82. Ash's old pokemon
  83. Pokemon best wishes in other states earlier the usual
  84. Why is Ash still 10?
  85. why do people praise kanto more then OI
  86. Will you cry when it ends?
  87. Funniest Faces in pokemon anime.
  88. How come Ash doesnt catch more Pokemon?
  89. Why do you still watch?
  90. Porygon's last stand
  91. Pokemon DP Finale
  92. A mv13 question ( ppl who have watched this )
  93. Who is ment for Ash?
  94. I find this very strange
  95. If Ash wants to be a pokemon master, why won't they let him.
  96. Time slot change again
  97. Should teen singers sing the theme songs?
  98. US BW airdate - 12/2/10
  99. Favorite Team Rocket Heist
  100. Does Ash v Paul in 3 eps.....
  101. Why do the writers handicap Gym Leaders?
  102. How will Tobias fare against Cynthia?
  103. The Flame in Charmander's Tail
  104. What gender is Ash's Pikachu?
  105. how come the writers...
  106. Should Silver have made more anime appearances?
  107. Pokemon CN Ratings Thread
  108. Fridge Brilliance
  109. Where was team rocket in rise of darkrai?
  110. 3ds titles announced new gen?
  111. Pokémon: XY Series Dub Title Thread
  112. Pkmn DP?
  113. Will Dento's Pansage evolve?
  114. Pokemon Blck and White Preview
  115. Animation: The Laziness and the Progression over the Years
  116. Am i the only one?
  117. Is this song about Team Rocket
  118. Did anyone else think Dawn's Mamoswine was never used to its full potential?
  119. do you guys know the name of this song?
  120. The end of an era!
  121. Ash's Eight Sinnoh Gym Battles reruns on CN
  122. [thread contains spoilers]
  123. Iris' VA Discussion
  124. Movie 13 prologue CUTTED OUT!?
  125. CN Pokemon Page
  126. What did you all think of the new movie?
  127. So why do you think Contests were axed from the series?
  128. Not sure if people saw this.
  129. Who will voice IRIS?
  130. Illusions of Zoroark times?
  131. Your Highlights of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  132. What time does Black & White premiere tomorrow?
  133. Who's that Pokemon returns?
  134. Black and White English Review
  135. Professor Oaks Secret?
  136. Who's That Pokémon?
  137. Im in the UK
  138. Voices actors in BW?
  139. What The Heck
  140. Where do you think Ash stands?
  141. Any Cameos You Would Like To See?
  142. Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga
  143. What if...
  144. Where can I watch the new pokemon movie?
  145. Ash ketchum, the boy who doesnt age
  146. I have a question...
  147. Ash X Iris? :/
  148. Have these Team Rocket related soudtracks ever been released?
  149. What Happend To The GS Ball
  150. Black & White on CITV
  151. Pokemon Movies - Overdone?
  152. Why does ash act liek a complete newb in the new series
  153. pokemon liers
  154. Your reaction to the way the writers treat the past charathers?
  155. Ash's final unova team?
  156. What's that song called?
  157. Should the anime have more then one season?
  158. Legendary Stock Cries
  159. Oh ash...
  160. Lugia V Ho-oh preview = a lie?
  161. Team Rockets new motto
  162. Just finished the new episode, anyone willing to share their thoughts?
  163. Who would you have involved in Ash and Paul's League Battle
  164. Jessie and James Ash's new friends
  165. Legendary Pokemons and Plot
  166. i dont get it
  167. Searching for Pokemon Music
  168. Favorite Music (Movies and Specials included)
  169. Who actually caught totodile?
  170. Special Episodes
  171. Ash's Pikachu Is ONLY Level Fifty!? O_o
  172. Pokemon Seasons 1-13 DVD
  173. Uknown People keep showing up.
  174. So I guess Kingler will never get its day
  175. What do you think of the attack's animation
  176. how come ash hasnt aged?
  177. Why do you think the writers went for a full clean slate this generation?
  178. If charizard ever returned?
  179. pokemon anime uk
  180. Why Is Pikachu So Weak In The Unova Region?
  181. Strange information
  182. Ash's Personality (Kanto vs. Unova)
  183. Pokemon Movie 13 UK DVD Release
  184. Paul's Epilogue: aka, Getting Away With Murder
  185. If you could suggest 5 things...
  186. Were the pokemon-advanced series good?
  187. Movies Canon?
  188. Contests? Really now..
  189. Brown eyes for Ash?
  190. I'll never look at my name the same way again...
  191. Pikabridged
  192. How experienced is Iris as a trainer compared to other characters?
  193. Most Glorified and Most Disrespected characters in the anime
  194. Anyone else really like Ritchie?
  195. Did the Creator of pokemon die?
  196. draws
  197. Show becoming insulting to fans
  198. Was I the only one?
  199. Team Rocket
  200. Missed Ideas
  201. Pokemon 5th gen is too cursy
  202. Will Brock ever come back?
  203. Ash's Charazard/Pidgiot will they return ?
  204. So about Butterfree...
  205. Unova Team Rocket
  206. the coolest thing ever..
  207. lol..this is a funny and random idea..but it could be EPIC
  208. I'm looking for an Episode
  209. M06 Monster
  210. Pikachu's History
  211. Team Rocket's Pokemon Abilities
  212. About Aquatic Pokemon
  213. Anyone else tired of Iris?
  214. does anyone elsethink that elite 4 drake was over exposed?
  215. Where can I download the Japanese version of the first Pokemon Movie
  216. Where can I find animated sprites for Pokemon Black/White?
  217. Why do you think Dawn & Brock did not get a bigger role in their own movie?
  218. Pokemon in Holland
  219. Poke Movies
  220. SLV: Infernape VS Electivire
  221. I've seen openings with clips of things from the anime that happen in the opening
  222. Pokemon lost its magic?
  223. Ash's Dad
  224. Pokemon movies on Blu-Ray
  225. do you think N will be in the anime?
  226. the Pokemon Anime Map
  227. Past Japanese References
  228. Why do you think the writers decided not to have Dawn and Misty meet?
  229. Which season had the best intro?
  230. Does anyone actually find any of the intro songs motivating?
  231. Do you guys think..
  232. 386 - Do I hear a Ralts - Is probably one of better episodes
  233. Pokemon B+W:N and White are couple?WTF?!
  234. With your own opinions aside...
  235. The Porygon Family Thread
  236. Why do you think Ash battled Dawn far more than any other travel companion?
  237. What if they did do the 1 1/2 Year Run?
  238. Pokemon's Popularity increasing
  239. If ash was like paul
  240. Will Pokemon become a classic?
  241. Pokemon Movie 10 to air on CITV
  242. Pokemon Revived
  243. Should wally make an appearance
  244. Did ash reset himself
  245. Watching
  246. So what the hell did happen between Brock and Professor Ivy?
  247. If Porygon or its family members ever made an appearance on the TV Series
  248. Zoroark Master of Illusions UK DVD Delayed
  249. Movie 14 subtitle: The First Movie
  250. shiny pokemon