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  1. Team Rocket Pokemon
  2. Gary's Cheerleaders
  3. what would may do if max picked her up off the ground
  4. quick question
  5. Movie 8 Release Date
  6. Question
  7. When pokemon will stop...
  8. team magma and aqua question
  9. first episode question.
  10. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn...countries??
  11. australian news on pokemon?
  12. advance generation - future teams
  13. advance generation - future teams
  14. Ash + May
  15. Don't you hate
  16. Dubbed or Subbed?
  17. Muk...never to be used again?
  18. Ash's dad
  19. Misty/Jessie's mallet
  20. Kanto DVDs
  21. Favourite pokemon opening theme song
  22. Misty or May?
  23. Do you think Pokemon Chronicles will be on air after Pokemon Battle Advanced
  24. Ash And Misty Kissed? :O
  25. How many times does may get picked up?
  26. pokemon on early next saturday on kidswb
  27. who is that strange guy?
  28. Mistake by Serebii
  29. Question
  30. Season sets in Australia
  31. Best Catch in the Anime!
  32. Ash is stupid?
  33. Pokémon IS going to be Recasted...-_-;
  34. is it time for gary to make a comeback
  35. Which episode ?
  36. Poke'mon Sunday
  37. I miss Misty
  38. orre in the anime
  39. Hey, uh... Know what I noticed...?
  40. how do you post pictures
  41. Pokémon Advanced Battle in Germany?
  42. Orange championship who won?
  43. pokemon box sets do they have original openings and endings
  44. Ash gets turned into a pikachu
  45. when do the pokemon USA episodes begin
  46. Episode Ideas
  47. Would Morrison Have Won
  48. Torkoal's Win/Loss Record
  49. Wobbuffet's Personality?
  50. I wonder what Ash's Pikachu's was like as a Pichu
  51. Ash's Cyndaquil should have evolved
  52. Chimecho question
  53. Why did Brock's Geodude.....
  54. Changes to Team Rocket
  55. Just had a thought...
  56. If you create a Pokemon spin-off series
  57. Pokemon shown on anime before offical release
  58. Best Pokemon battle ever
  59. did ash ever fight richie again after the indigo league
  60. Charizard returns
  61. Pikachu Question
  62. whatever happened to ashes snorlax
  63. I was thinking
  64. what do you think ashs team should be
  65. All about may
  66. Pokemon League Tournaments
  67. ash should have got mudkip
  68. ash shoul have feraligatr
  69. what characters snould get put in it
  70. Ash's Snorunt de-evolved?
  71. The 151 Most Memorable Pokemon Episodes
  72. Jap pokemon theme song
  73. Moves Which Weren't in the Anime
  74. Chronicles Coming to USA
  75. A clip of Pokemon backwards
  76. Who's dubbing the 8th movie?
  77. If Pokemon USA is a big hit with the dubbing...
  78. What character should NOT get put in?
  79. what character would you bring into it and what pokemon would you give them
  80. Your Views on the Anime
  81. Open Your Eyes
  82. Pokebeach Spreading False News?
  83. Pokemon that have not been Seen in the anime
  84. japanes pokemon songs cool)()()
  85. Jessie and James are absolutely hopeless!
  86. Where is the GS ball
  87. Who was the rival in the anime with /Jimmy marina?
  88. why does ash still have snorunt?
  89. Don't hate me for asking this
  90. Wynaut/Wobbuffet: Good Contest PKMN, or Dumb Idea
  91. Pokémon air times in Australia
  92. Have they shown the anniversary episode yet?
  93. about the gym leaders
  94. Chronicles DVD
  95. What Pokemon should Ash catch next?
  96. Why are we arguing over May and Misty?
  97. Anime Music Composers
  98. Character groupings you'd like to see
  99. Kids' WB weekday afternoon line-up drop
  100. pokemon and trainers look a like
  101. Moves never used in the Anime
  102. GS Ball
  103. pokemon understanding human language....
  104. if you were an anime pokemon coordinator
  105. Should May change to Emerald clothes?
  106. Question?
  107. Corphish
  108. grand festival if Hakura wins
  109. 4th Genaration for Jessie
  110. Looking at getting into the Animé...
  111. Ash
  112. New Pokemon Episodes Coming To Sky One Soon!
  113. Missing Characters
  114. Pokemon on Cartoon Network
  115. Anywhere I Can See LEGEND OF THUNDER??
  116. New Special, New Dub!
  117. Pokemon on DVD...
  118. There is NO FREAKING WAY Haruka-san is 10. Proof inside.
  119. Gym Badges from other cities not in the game?
  120. CD Drama Question
  121. Is it just me...
  122. question
  123. Pokemon intro Video
  124. Why don't they.....?
  125. Ash's Rivals?
  126. How many Years?
  127. Pokemon Short Movie!!!!
  128. Ash & May
  129. Have you seen every pokemon episode?
  130. Anyone Know
  131. Pokémon gone from Fall KidsWB LineUp on "The CW"
  132. What kind of pokemon do you think Ash will have for his next Journey?
  133. New Pokemon series in Australia
  134. Who do you think will be the next main character to leave the group and y?
  135. Jigglypuff as Ash's Pokemon
  136. Trainer question
  137. Blast To The Past!!
  138. Where Will The Anime Show? ( dub version)
  139. Look what I found
  140. How....?
  141. May and Max are going to appear in the special
  142. Contests?
  143. Will one of the main characters Pokemon ever die?
  144. Did Ash Ever
  145. New Dub Voice Discussion!
  146. 10th Anniversary Special
  147. Mirage Pokemon dub voices: WTFzorz
  148. Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon in Canada
  149. Letter/E-mail Sharing Thread
  150. help save the new voises!
  151. Honorifics
  152. What????????????????
  153. Is pokémon being moved?
  154. ideas for NewBrock.
  155. wishlist for how Pokemon USA can improve the dub (OTHER THAN VOICES)
  156. The new voices
  157. Save the Dub!We haven't lost this war yet.
  158. Who cares about the voices!
  159. Movie Posters
  160. International dubs
  161. The new voices...
  162. Ask Maddie Blaustein - Q&A with Meowth
  163. Veronica Taylor, or a fraud?
  164. Mirage Pokemon Special(Spoilers)
  165. the next pokemon theme
  166. unused moves
  167. Questions about voice actors
  168. Your Favorite Trainer in the Anime
  169. uncut pokemon?
  170. PokéRap
  171. When can I catch them?
  172. A question for the fans
  173. Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon - Pokemon.com Article
  174. Pokemon in the real world?
  175. Dani or Marina?
  176. Old Movie Trailer? Adult Misty!
  177. Gotta Catch Ya Later!
  178. [Feb 2007] Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon in Japan
  179. Pokemon joins CN's Miguzi block on May 15th
  180. Advanced Battle episodes in the UK
  181. Why hasn't Ash.....?
  182. Starting monday at 5:00 PM, Miguzi airs Pokemon Advanced Challenge
  183. Look at this
  184. I have a question *SPoilers consist about 1 episode in JPN)
  185. Legion of Ash Haters
  186. Tough Pokemon That Got The Shaft
  187. I just found out
  188. Idea
  189. Who else hates Tracy?
  190. Channel you watched Pokemon on
  191. Imposter Oak in anime
  192. Did I Miss Something?
  193. Pokemon Chronicles Premieres in the USA on June 3
  194. My Name is tru
  195. Pokemon on CN
  196. The new D/P girl?
  197. Time between different Contests
  198. Veronica Taylor emailed me and....
  199. Pokemon "Touch" series anime
  200. Question
  201. Question about Ritchie (Spoiler maybe)
  202. When the 8th movie coming?
  203. Misty's Psyduck
  204. hey
  205. Could anyone help me to find a Picture?
  206. Yuriko in Hoenn League
  207. which episode
  208. Brock Vulpix
  209. Jessie's hair color
  210. Garys Cheerleaders
  211. what new pokemon do you think a trainer should get?
  212. What is the real voice of Duplica?
  213. May and her bike
  214. where is charizard?
  215. lucario and the mystery of mew release date (in australia anyway)
  216. What is wrong with this Pic
  217. Um ok wtf my other topic got closed for some stupid reason
  218. What happened to Ash's dream
  219. What's bad about the anime?
  220. Concerning the Pokemon Anime Openings
  221. Strange
  222. Movie Trailers
  223. Who hates Jessie?
  224. new ep at the battle pyrawid
  225. mistakes in the anime...
  226. did the hoenn league championship pass?
  227. Can you guys fill me in!
  228. Now That Another Group is Dubbing the Animé...
  229. edited anime
  230. Japanese Pokémon theme
  231. Help with the anime
  232. What if Pikachu learned to talk?
  233. What is GOOD about the Anime?
  234. Advanced Battle openings
  235. What will Max Choose?
  236. How Many Times?
  237. I'm confused
  238. US Gets the Season One DVD Boxed Set on November 21st
  239. pokemon is getting desprate
  240. Chances of a new Evee evo?
  241. the main group
  242. Pokemon in Canada
  243. magically teleporting balls
  244. About Max (possible spoiler)
  245. Hinata the Pokemon Ranger
  246. Pokemon Ranger
  247. Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew
  248. watcha guys think of Toonami playin the Chronicles?
  249. Pokemon Documentary?
  250. Question