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  1. What happened to Team Rocket?
  2. Ash should be a god trainer by now.
  3. Animals in original pokemon
  4. What are your takes on the movies so far?
  5. Paul and his pokemon
  6. A Max comeback anyone?
  7. Why does ash...
  8. Was the DP trio the most cohesive since the OS?
  9. Red and Ash
  10. Is Snivy evolving a good or bad thing?
  11. Pokemon Movies 11 & 12 to air on CITV
  12. Favorite funny moments from the tv show.
  13. Strange and Funny Fictional Theories
  14. A Theory on Ash/Pokemon
  15. The Pros and Cons of 4kids
  16. About N...
  17. WTF is with ash's age???
  18. Pokemon Movie 7 UK DVD Release FINALLY!
  19. Ash's Relationship with his Traveling Companions
  20. Ash's Past Teams and Evolutions
  21. the case with silver
  22. If our hero(es) were to win a tournament, how should it be handled?
  23. Will Trip have the skills that Paul had by the end of the saga?
  24. Why does Advanced Generation get no love?
  25. Did Maddie Blaustein have a sex change?
  26. Character Development?
  27. How do you feel about the way they debuted Togekiss in the anime?
  28. How did you feel about the way Dawn's Piplup was handled as a mascot?
  29. A theory on Pikachu
  30. Ash's "Dad"
  31. Team Plasma in the dub
  32. Ash's greatest rival?
  33. Has the "bring back Misty" comments gone too far?
  34. How do most water-Pokemon fair at battles, when they aren't inside water?
  35. What is the back-story of the Porygon Tree
  36. How do you feel the Hoenn saga played out?
  37. Do you think the writers should stop the pattern of Ash rebooting his team?
  38. BW who's that pokemon!? too predictable?
  39. Were some moments in the DP series inspired by Dragonball-Z?
  40. What if?
  41. Why...?
  42. Did Jasmine's appearance in DP actually make anyone nostalgic?
  43. Should Ash and Cynthia had a battle before he went off into the Unova region?
  44. Piplup's Whirlpool Attack remembles Krillin's Destro-Disk.
  45. Is D/P the better Saga?
  46. Do Lugia and Kyorgre fight in D/P?
  47. Black and White using Advanced format
  48. Theory on Ash
  49. Why did the three legendary dogs change?
  50. Advanced or DP contests?
  51. Who would win? Gary, Paul, or Trip?
  52. ypur favorite funny pokemon moments
  53. Why didn't Ash's mom wake him up?
  54. What did you liked about hoenn
  55. Why do so many people dislike Casey?
  56. What kind of Pokemon is THIS?!?
  57. One filler saga to end all filler sagas
  58. How many times has Team Rocket blasted off?
  59. Unova Nando
  60. Who do you think should return in B&W? Dawn, May, Misty, or Brock?
  61. Things I would like to see in future episodes
  62. Dreamworld in anime
  63. Are you guys tired of the starters getting more focus than others?
  64. PokéRap (KidsWB Version)
  65. Could May and Dawn become Top Coordinators?
  66. What if...Professor Oak had given Pikachu to Gary instead of Ash?
  67. Ash's Sinnoh Performance Overlooked?
  68. Why didn't they introduce any new characters to the show in Johto?
  69. ANA shorts, etc. How can we see them?
  70. If Tracey stayed?
  71. Will N get an Appearance in the Anime?
  72. PARODY Pikachu gets a visit from Ash
  73. Who do you think will evolve to its final evolution? Oshawott? Snivy? Tepig?
  74. What episode...?
  75. Do you only watch the Pokémon Animé because of your childhood?
  76. Guess who's birthday it is?
  77. Next Episode??
  78. may question
  79. Why is Ash catching more Pokémon than ever?
  80. may question v2
  81. Is the "So I heard heard u liek Mudkipz" story real?
  82. What do the writers have against the male protagonists from the main games?
  83. Pokemon Anime UK Update - Zoroark DVD & "Memories are Made of Bliss" on CITV
  84. Any favorite VA's?
  85. Girls like Battles and Boys like Contests
  86. My theory of why Ash is still 10
  87. What Episode is this from?
  89. Do you think that May could beat Norman?
  90. Who would win in a battle? Brock, Tracey, or Cilian.
  91. Evil Teams in the Anime
  92. Japanese and English pokemon voices in bW
  93. Team rockets helper
  94. Thoughts on the 'Team Rocket vs Team Plasma' arc
  95. Can someone help me find out what episode of the anime this clip is from?
  96. The Music of Pokemon
  97. How do you feel about Dawn only traveling with Ash for one region?
  98. The Personality of Ash's Flying Pokemon
  99. Ash's Personality.....
  100. Time skip-filler arc idea
  101. In what episodes of pokemon does Ash go swimming?
  102. What Pokemon OST Is This?
  103. The 'New' Ash
  104. Ridiculous question.
  105. Where can I watch the episode where Ash catches Sewaddle in English?
  106. Character Voices?
  107. How many seasons will B&W have?
  108. The Anime has gone down hill
  109. Things about the show that people remember differently than what actually happened
  110. The Wheezing Effect
  111. Animé soundtracks
  112. Relatable Characters?
  113. The D/P Saga is the best Saga since the Kanto Saga
  114. pokemon in hd
  115. Episode or movie about missingno?
  116. Giovanni's Secretary - More then meets the eye?
  117. Is it safe to assume Ash is one of the top traienrs in his country?
  118. Ash Ketchum- the Celebrity?
  119. Dawn seeing a legendary in her first ep, no longer notable?
  120. All time favourite anime Character?
  121. Dawn's Buneary's voice actress passes away
  122. pokemon episodes download
  123. How Come Muk Was Sent To Oak?
  124. Why must Ash's friends have to "Do Something?"
  125. Would you have prefered Hilda to Iris?
  126. The Future????
  127. An interview with the voice of Professor Oak(4kids)
  128. Special Episodes in B/W you opinion
  129. Death's existence in the anime?
  130. is it just me or....
  131. Ashes father?
  132. Has Pikachu run it's course?
  133. Porygon2 and Porygon-Z mentioned in the Pokémon anime?
  134. Ash's pokemon at Oak's lab/anime suggestions
  135. Paul vs Evil Ash
  136. LEGO Pokemon: The Video Game
  137. Was thelast DP ep techinially the series final episode?
  138. Do you think Ashs Bayleef should have evolved during Johto?
  139. What Happened?
  140. Your dream episode.
  141. Live action pokemon movie?
  142. Ash's Squirtle, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Corphish, Buizel and Gible to evolve?
  143. Do you think Iris and Cilan will become as close to Ash as older characters?
  144. anime question
  145. Richie and Sammy
  146. Did you like Phanpy in Battle Frontier?
  147. Prospective New Protagonist?
  148. Previous regions.
  149. Ash's current team
  150. What are they saying during the sponsor break?
  151. Pikachu
  152. Skyarrow Bridge
  153. Why do Pokemon say their names when they speak?
  154. Team Rocket Breaks the Fourth Wall!
  155. Why hasn't Ash gotten a Master Ball?
  156. Who is your LEAST favorite character?
  157. Do you like the way the writers are handling Iris?
  158. Flashbacks/Odes to the old
  159. What do you want from Pokemon Black and White?
  160. Do you like how the Dub does BW?
  161. What if Dawn & Piplup stayed in the current anime?
  162. Vic Mignogna to voice an upcoming Pokemon role
  163. Pokemon that don't say their names
  164. Ash being Replaced.
  166. Pokémon anime getting too violent for the kids rating?
  167. What Two (or more) Characters' Chemistry Are You Fond Of?
  168. If our hero(es) were to win a tournament, how should it be handled?
  169. Why Wasn't Togepi Cloned In "Pokemon: The First Movie"?
  170. What would happen if the pokemon anime was real
  171. What "new" pokemon would old friends/rivals have?
  172. Attract in BW
  173. Are we really abusing the term "Mary Sue/Gary Stu" for the Anime characters?
  174. School in the pokemon anime
  175. Were you sad when Dawn left?
  176. The Pros and Cons of 4kids
  177. Could someone please translate this who speaks Japanese?
  178. What happens if any of these Pokémon in the Pokémon anime die of illness?
  179. Misty, May, Dawn, or Iris?
  180. Ash's Best Rival!
  181. What if ALL the characters returned in B/W for one giant battle tourney?
  182. Ever Heard of This Banned Episode???
  183. Why Did Pokemon B & W Reset In The UK?
  184. Was Damion one of the Kanto 4?
  185. Voice actors you wish could work on the show?
  186. Characters you think are related?
  187. Why do we get eps so fast?
  188. Honest opinions of the Pokemon Anime
  189. Where can you buy all the episode box sets?
  190. How Old Are The Characters?
  191. What happen to the.... ?
  192. are you annoyed about ash "dumping" his pokemon after every series
  193. lack of cotd in dawn contests
  194. Why do you think Cilan's personality was changed from the games?
  195. In retrospect, was Dawn the writers attempt at doing a female take on Ash?
  196. ash's oshawott is a wimp
  197. Pokemon's voices, Lol
  198. Assuming Ash may bring back some of his old pokemon later on
  199. Pokemon Ash will NEVER have?
  200. about being a beginner pokemon trainer
  201. How many pokemon has Ash ACTUALLY caught?
  202. Anime Discussion Rules & FAQs [Nov 5, 2011] *READ BEFORE POSTING*
  203. gibble axew comparisons
  204. What was the purpose of...
  205. Do you think we will return to Unova?
  206. How would you feel if a Rocket joined the treawps.
  207. pokemon dvds for sale (mods please move to right forum)
  208. Does anyone remember or like the pokeraps???
  209. Why do you think The creators made Brock leave
  210. Narrator as a charactor?
  211. Are you happy with Ash's Unova team?
  212. If you created your own Pokemon anime...
  213. Ash's tokens from past friends, why didn't Dawn and Brock give him anything?
  214. The Pros and Cons of DP
  215. Pokemon 15th Movie
  216. Pokeballs?
  217. ashs best party
  218. Ash's Glalie as a demon?
  219. Unexpected events in BW
  220. Graphically and Realistically Violent Disappointment in the Pokémon anime
  221. Max - a Future Psychic-type Master?
  222. Would it have been better if Dawn was allowed to get an Empoleon?
  223. who will evolve
  224. Pokemon that looks bad in the anime
  225. @Serebii please read.
  226. Have we ever had a real tomboy on the show?
  227. Ok let's back it up...
  228. Is it possible to work out exactly how many days Ash has been on his journey?
  229. Could TPCi keep the JPN vocal songs (lyricless) in the dub this whole time?
  230. Possibility of more main characters/rivals switching their goals in future?
  231. Have you ever used the pokemon character's cathphrases in real life?
  232. Original Head Writers' planned 3rd Movie and Final Episode
  233. When was the Pokemon franchise ruined for you?
  234. the 4 trainers from Pallet Town
  235. Zekrom from the Anime and the Movie problem?
  236. Which Pokemon Trainer is the Most Hax in Anime?
  237. A possible 6 generation Pokemon reveal??
  238. Do the writers actually listen to the fanbase?
  239. ash would be a master if he kept his pokemon
  240. Do the creators know which pokes will be caught from the beginning?
  241. A little help here please?
  242. Will pikachu evolve?
  243. Do you [perfer the 4Kids cast of the currrent cast?
  244. My opinion on what the anime should be like
  245. Champion League
  246. Gen 5 Starter Evolution -- Pattern
  247. which Pokémon did not do it for you in the anime?
  248. Pokemon Anime Fan's Guide to Non-Fillers
  249. ash and ho-oh
  250. Why do non-English dubs attempt to imitate the English version of the theme song?