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  1. Pokémon Anime TV show finale?
  2. Kecleon
  3. All of Pokémon Ever Stolen from Prof. Oak's Lab by Team Rocket?
  4. endig Advanced
  5. Can Dig be dodged?
  6. Quistion Concerning Subway Bosses: Minor Differences
  7. Pokemon Movie 14 US Release Details
  8. Pokemon in Ireland
  9. Ash in a Coma Theory
  10. Why do you think most of Ash's friends come from Gyms?
  11. What if Blue/Green had been the main female protagonist instead of Misty?
  12. scare my sister..on her birthday .you agree with me ?
  13. The best way to own Pokemon on DVD?
  14. First Pokemon BW Series DVD Announced, thoughts?
  15. Was the Black and White theme song a test?
  16. Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum Interview)
  17. "A Kiss Under The Mistletoe in Pokemon?"
  18. Brock and Dawn?
  19. Do you want to see Brock back?
  20. What if Unova ends before 100 episodes?
  21. Levels in the Anime?
  22. What pokemon do you want ash to catch
  23. does ash's new pokemon stays with Prof. Oak?
  24. What are good Contest Pokemon (Anime Contests Only)
  25. Voice Actors in Black and White
  26. Universal Pictures to Release Arceus & the Jewel of Life for the UK in November
  27. Why do some people don't take the anime seriously?
  28. The ANA flights short in this year......
  29. Does anybody miss having a contest subplot?
  30. Anime Plot Holes
  31. Height & Weight
  32. Shoes/Boots
  33. Is it Possible We'll See Mewtwo Again?
  34. Is Ash winning a league the only important thing in the anime?
  35. Could Iris have worked as Ash's rival?
  36. Was the original intent of Johto to make a second Kanto?
  37. Do you want the Anime to end?
  38. Team rocket vs team plasma; why is it an unscheduled episode?
  39. similarities between the 5 series of pokemon anime
  40. Does sarah natochenny protray Ash correctly?
  41. pikachu shown as really weak? :(
  42. Mature Pokemon storylines?
  43. Was Agent Pierce arrested?
  44. Ash's birthday.......!?
  45. CITV to air Lucario and Manaphy Movies next week!
  46. Will ash challenge the elite four in unova?
  47. The Banned Pokémon Anime Finale?
  48. Is Ash really a child of aura?
  49. best wishes is a reboot?
  50. Will dawn keep her promise and visit ash in unova?
  51. What is your favourite anime series?
  52. Arnt ash's rivals starting to all have the same personality?
  53. What will happen after Ash wins a regional championship?
  54. Takeshi Shudo's blogs [no shipping debates]
  55. Do you like the old pikachu or new pikachu?
  56. Pokemon movies 8-12 airing on citv
  57. What does os stand for?
  58. diamond and pearl production art + it is for sale!
  59. No kissing, no hugging?
  60. Is Bel really a rival?
  61. New UK Movie releases
  62. Whatever happen to J's Clients?
  63. Out of all of Ash's Pokemon, 'who was you glad didn't/ who should have evolved?
  64. Why is the BW trio hated?
  65. The Future of the Anime?
  66. Wil the anime end when ash becomes champion?
  67. Ash vs. Paul - One Year On
  68. How do you think the anime would have ended had it only been a year and a half run?
  69. Does pokemon BW have the potential to be the best series yet?
  70. Do you think the anime team are overexagerating Cilan?
  71. Did the earthquake screw the plot of BW up?
  72. Labels for anime characters?
  73. Anime Errors
  74. The Best battle ever?
  75. Do you think TPIC or any international INC should release uncut JP episodes of PKMN?
  76. Pokemon of ash's you never want to evolve?
  77. tradeing shiney pokemon
  78. What do you consider to be the better filler episodes and why?
  79. Why does everyone dismiss Ash's pity badges?
  80. CITV: Pokemon Black and White
  81. Iris's original Hairstyle
  82. Ashachu
  83. Ash's Glalie, the red devil?
  84. tornadus vs thundurus vs landorus- what will this episode be like?
  85. Pokemon Anime Teams
  86. Has Ash gotten any stronger since the original series?
  87. Native Pokemon
  88. What do you like about the sinnoh saga?
  89. Who is your favourite anime character?
  90. No BW episodes aired today on CITV in the UK, anybody know why?
  91. Why did it take awhile before reoccuring characters became League Opponents?
  92. Eighth Gym Leader?
  93. Could Ash Use?
  94. Pokemon vs Doraemon
  95. Do you have any episode ideas?
  96. Ghost stories in the Animé
  97. Dexter
  98. What if there had actually been a new male companion every generation?
  99. If you were a pokemon trainer...
  100. Which one next?
  101. The Anime Discussion Awards! (VOTE NOW!!)
  102. Pokémon, the adult anime on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim?
  103. Ash Ketchum and the main goal of Pokemon
  104. So when do you think Movie 14 will air in the UK?
  105. Why are some fans so stubborn?
  106. How have your anime viewing habits changed (if at all) over Pokemon's extensive run?
  107. do you think Veronica Taylor will ever return as Ash
  108. What do you think of Ash and Trip's Rivalry so far?
  109. WHAT.... There are OTHER countries.
  110. What did you think of the Johto saga
  111. Dan Green's Wife Passed Away from Childbirth
  112. A Pokemon Christmas Carol
  113. What if the anime ends by being a work of fiction?
  114. TR's BW Pokemon
  115. Who here still...
  116. What Made The Sinnoh Saga Stronger Than The Hoenn Saga?
  117. Ash's Reserves
  118. What if ash decided to evolve pikachu
  119. Ash's Charizard- Perhaps the Greatest Pokemon in the anime
  120. If Kanto was written now...
  121. Was making Dawn a co star the worst move the writers have done?
  122. Is anyone excited for Pokemon Black Victini and Reshiram
  123. Ash's Age
  124. Would you have liked to see the other main characters battle Elite 4 members?
  125. Is Ash's Scraggy Misty's Togepi done right?
  126. Ash in Unova
  127. Psychic pokemon in the anime
  128. Ash's unova pokemon
  129. Do you want Brock to return?
  130. Why i prefer Brock to Cilan
  131. Egg pokemon- who should be next?
  132. TP Brock
  133. Pokemon movies being shown over Xmas in UK.
  134. Will Axew ever evolve?
  135. No Cartoon Network
  136. Team Rocket in Pokemon Black film
  137. How has ash changed from Kanto to Unova?
  138. Ash's Team Predictions
  139. Black and White in UK
  140. Pokemon Movie 14 on DVD April 3 2012
  141. Pokemon Black & White CN Timeslot Change! it begins "again"
  142. Do you think Ash keeps in contact with his older friends?
  143. So who agrees that Ash is a total jerk when it comes to the way he treats his Pokés?
  144. Is it just me or is B&W THE BEST MOST AWESOME SEASON IN 'BOUT TIME??!?
  145. What was the point of Primeape?
  146. "Hi, I'm a Pokémon Connoisseur."
  147. White-Victini and Zekrom on CN in February
  148. Is Team Rocket a true terroist group now?
  149. About time for some NEW Pokemon Chronicles?
  150. Pokemon Season 15?
  151. Has The Anime Gotten Stale?
  152. A grand idea for the show
  153. What episode did ash say something like this
  154. A massive error in the pokemon dual movies
  155. Ex Member
  156. Iris
  157. Delia Ketchum
  158. Roggenrola
  159. Ash's Pokemon and their phantom movesets
  160. Was Iris created specifically for the anime?
  161. Why was there never a Ho-Oh based movie?
  162. Swimsuits
  163. Pokemon White—Victini and Zekrom to be aired in Canada
  164. jewels
  165. iris character
  166. meowth
  167. Pidgeot and Butterfree's return
  168. Is Pokemon really aimed just for Children?
  169. Anime Questions V2 *READ BEFORE MAKING NEW THREADS*
  170. Official Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition Page!
  171. Pokemon left out?
  172. Episode Dubbing
  173. Cartoon Network's next episode?
  174. Would you have prefered Sinnoh to be shorter so there would be a Johto filler arc?
  175. Gary in Best wishes?
  176. Team rocket in Best Wishes
  177. Question
  178. ***Pokemon DVD Release Thread***
  179. Will we finally see Ash's Dad in Best Wishes
  180. so when N appears in anime
  181. A question
  182. Jessie and james new pokemon
  183. Did the second half of DP drag the series down?
  184. Does Ash have a good veriety of pokemon in BW?
  185. Pokemon ruby remakes in the anime
  186. Which gym leader liked Brock
  187. Old School Pokemon vs. New Pokemon
  188. Ash and women
  189. Should Pokemon pull an Inazuma Eleven Go?
  190. Why was Pokemon Chronicles never released on dvd in the US?
  191. To What Extent Are Evolution and Experience Linked in the Anime?
  192. This Site is so awesome!
  193. good sites for subbed pokemon episodes?
  194. Ash never met team Plasma
  195. New season
  196. Stock Characters
  197. Why do you think Dawn is the only main character not to beat her rival?
  198. What happened to -------------
  199. Has Pokemon Lost it's Emotion?
  200. Will Ash catch a Cirtouga/Carracosta?
  201. Could the movies ever get an animation upgrade?
  202. A question about the anime movies....
  203. Would ash and co hate me for catching legendary pokemon like heatran and latios
  204. The similarity between Paul and the red haired rival in generation 2
  205. Pokemon 15th movie Title
  206. Should the writers have used Touko instead of Trip?
  207. Director's Cut (sorta)
  208. pokemon championship
  209. Ash is evil and makes my head hurts.
  210. Are people still unable to move on from the OS days?
  211. Does anyone still have any hope that team plasma will show up?
  212. So what level is Ash's Pikachu at, as of the most recent episodes?
  213. Porygon deserves it's own storyline!
  214. Who is Ash Ketchum's Girlfriend ?
  215. Why were Leaf and Hilda ignored?
  216. Do you like the way the villains are handled in the anime?
  217. Do you feel that Iris and Cilan have good chemistry together?
  218. Why do people claim BW Ash is a noob?
  219. Attract- Is it used too much in the anime?
  220. Was Dawn's Togekiss really pointless?
  221. Back in kanto.....
  222. Would you like to see more Pokemon Hunters in the future?
  223. Could there every possibly be an episode which doesn't include Pikachu?
  224. Fun idea(READ!!!THE!!!FIRST!!!POST!!!!)
  225. Was Paul and Iris personality inspired by Silver and Sapphire?
  226. How do you think the rest of BW will pan out?
  227. What do you think will hapen with TR at the end of BW?
  228. Did Ash choose the wrong Pokemon against Tobias?
  229. Last minute evolutions
  230. How "Legend of the Pokémon Knight" could've improved
  231. Is there a new Pokemon game coming out this year?
  232. What do you think is the best possible way to end the main characters' stories?
  233. Anime Forum - Rules & Conduct *READ BEFORE POSTING* [Jan 24, 2013]
  234. Rival Destinies
  235. Watch in order?
  236. Do you like the new or old Pokemon episodes better?
  237. Ash's Immortality
  238. massive differences in BW compared to other seasons
  239. Excessive politeness...
  240. Team rock vs Team plasma video
  241. Videos of ash getting pwned
  242. More than 1 legendary
  243. Who is the most epical anime character?
  244. A new way of introducing the next companion(s)
  245. If you designed a character for the anime'...
  246. Rachael Lillis status
  247. Ash Ketchum in trouble for his refusal to quit is Pokémon training for good?
  248. Why do most Gym Leaders not know each other?
  249. Has May changed a lot from the beggining of AG to when she returned in DP?
  250. Viz versus Magna Pacific