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  1. Has May changed a lot from the beggining of AG to when she returned in DP?
  2. Viz versus Magna Pacific
  3. Are the anime writers starting to aim pokemon at younger audiences?
  4. Most overrated and underrated seasons
  5. Trip's dislike of Kanto
  6. What color are Gary's eyes?
  7. How much time has passed in the Anime
  8. In Defense of Tobias
  9. simulation type pokemon game?
  10. Pokemon Black/White 2 - Anime Status?
  11. Number of Pokemon Viewers
  12. How will the writers conclude Giovanni's story?
  13. Should Nando have won the Grand Festival?
  14. What Sounds Best?
  15. Pokemon- where does it rank with other cartoons?
  16. Are game locations a bad thing?
  17. Wilblack kyurem and White kyurem be introduced in the anime?
  18. If the Pokemon Anime took the Power Rangers/Super Sentai route each gen since Day 1?
  19. Do you think Zoe was slightly too strong/perfect?
  20. Pokemon trips gym badges
  21. Would Pokemon stand a chance in 2012?
  22. Ash's Corphish and Brock's Croagunk
  23. Rocket Vs Plasma: What if it was properly shown on TV
  24. Pokemon and Business
  25. Pokemon Conspiracy Theory
  26. Pokemon ages?
  27. Why does everyone hate Champion Alder?
  28. Does anyone know Where I can Download Pokemon RAW or softsub?
  29. Anyone dislike this about the Anime?
  30. Is Trip really Ash's "main" rival this saga? (Contains minor spoilers)
  31. Need help with find Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky episodes x.x
  32. Were The Writers Afraid of Making Misty's Togepi a Battler?
  33. Pokémon catches that should have been
  34. Favorite Theme Song???
  35. Black & White is definitely a reboot in my opinion
  36. I miss brock and older team rocket
  37. Original BGM or Dub music
  38. two facebook game with pokemon theme
  39. Why do you think the writers made Max join Ash in AG?
  40. How disappointed would you be if the Pokemon Anime ended?
  41. What flaws did AG have?
  42. What track played in this episode?
  43. When Introductions to the Rest are Made...
  44. spoiler picture
  45. Pokémon Tower not actually a cemetery in the anime!
  46. Would you guys like Brock back?
  47. How many Unova rivals does Ash really have?
  48. The "problems" with Trip
  49. Pokemon Movie Crew Jacket for Sale (VERY RARE!!)
  50. Misty's Goodbye Song-who else cries when they hear it?
  51. 'Rival Destinies' UK
  52. The five Pokemon TRio left at headquarters
  53. Why are you still watching Pokemon?
  54. How much different would Pokemon be if they ended it after season 1
  55. Get out of there, stupid!
  56. Touching Episodes between Human/Pokemon
  57. Edits due to EP038
  58. Your positive thoughts on the anime.
  59. What is that supposed to be!?!?
  60. Pokemon in different languages.
  61. Why does everyone hate ash??!!
  62. How much has the Pokemon Anime developed since episode 1?
  63. do you think bw was pointless?
  64. Should Ash remain in his kiddy persona forever?
  65. The Broken Base that is the Anime Fandom
  66. ghost episdoes
  67. Did you like Jessie being involved in Contests?
  68. Really Ash aka Satoshi?!
  69. Do You Think Snivy Will Abandon/Leave Ash?
  70. New main character?
  71. Is Team Rocket BW's evil team
  72. Chronicles Reboot?
  73. Why do you think most Gym leaders in the show lose to 10 year olds?
  74. Final Teams in Best Wishes!
  75. Is the Pokemon anime even necessary now?
  76. Should the writers redo the 7th to 8th badge gap again?
  77. Professor Oak?
  78. What does everyone think of Dr.Zager?
  79. Ash's Future Pokemon Team
  80. A look back at Battle Frontier 5 years later
  81. Could ash ever travel with two female companions?
  82. So what happened to the GS Ball?
  83. Still no season 3 or 4 box sets
  84. Pokemon: Best Wishes, Revised Edition (Warning: Crack)
  85. What are your expectations of the writers/producers?
  86. What personality changes do you like from the anime? Dislike?
  87. Would you like the return of the music segment?
  88. What development has Iris gone through since the beginning of BW?
  89. Will the Team Plasma ever make their appearances as in the Japanese-aired episodes?
  90. So I kinda wanna get back into the Anime...
  91. Do you think Pokemon is the most popular show ever made?
  92. What kind of hints do you think the DP Special ending provides?
  93. You thought Zoroark was a girl or a boy...?
  94. Did you ever feel the writers favored certain Pokemon over others?
  95. The Speaking Pokemon
  96. Charizard in Kanto
  97. Your own Pokemon gags
  98. Pokemon Battle Frontier on CW4Kids??? is this real??
  99. [spoiler]
  100. Paul: Emotionless drone or a deluxe rival?
  101. Legendary pokemon in the anime
  102. Which pokemon on ash's current team would you like to see fully evolved ?
  103. Describe in one word how you felt when Rogenrolla evolved
  104. Alternate Anime (like the BW2 promo) Petition
  105. Discussion| The new anime/movie
  106. Ash's BW Pokemon Natures
  107. Wait a Minute?! Does Boomerang Finally Have The Rights To Air Season 6?
  108. What happened to Jessie's Wobbuffet.
  109. The first commercial for Pokemon (A Sneak Peak at Pokemon)
  110. Pokemon Episodes on UK DVD Finally
  111. How Ash could've won the Indigo League (believable, that is)
  112. dogasu's backpack
  113. Sinnoh Frontier
  114. Pokémon League Trolls
  115. Why did the writers get rid of Ambipom?
  116. Where would you like Ash to go after the Unova league?
  117. Can someone help?
  118. What happened between Brock and Professor Ivy?
  119. which old character would you want to appear in the pokemon anime again?
  120. Pokemon: Philippines?
  121. How would you feel if America rebooted Pokemon?
  122. If you could have any Movie Director make a Pokemon episode who would it be?
  123. New pokemon ideas !
  124. I think Ash Ketchum's father is the Kanto champion...
  125. If Ash had left a day later?.....
  126. If Snorlax didn't fall asleep before the battle against Drake.....
  127. Battle Paul on the games
  128. How much does a rivalry affect Ash's skills?
  129. What do you think [spoiler]'s return will be like?
  130. Trip always beating ash
  131. History And Origins In The Pokemon Anime
  132. Are they trying to fade Trip out?
  133. Did you care for the Meowth boss fantasies?
  134. Should the TRio become Ash's allies and not return to evil?
  135. Is the pokedex getting old?
  136. How is Ash still ten years old?
  137. Would you have rather have Pokemon BW like other series
  138. Dawn with an Xtranciever?
  139. Ashs Primeape
  140. Pokemon anime (like B2W2 trailer) petition!
  141. Butch and Cassidy in the anime.
  142. How is Pikachu getting really weak at the start of each region.
  143. Does anyone remember what episode this is?
  144. An Orchestra plays the Season 1 Theme Song
  145. Why is the series so hard on Ash?
  146. Team Rocket vs Team Plasma P1 and 2 discussion
  147. Does anyone else think Brock should have been training to be a doctor from the start?
  148. Ash and Pikachu
  149. Parallel Universes Theory?
  150. Future Pokemon Generation? Generation 6 Questions!
  151. Your expectation of the Anime when you first watched it?
  152. Is Ash's pride preventing him from making a name for himself?
  153. Now that we are really into Best Wishes, almost BW2, which region had the best anime?
  154. Will Ash's *spoiler* find his mate, so they can start their family?
  155. Desired Voice Actors and/or Staff for the Show
  156. How would you changed each League?
  157. Pikachu go?
  158. mewtwo strongest
  159. Godzilla Monster of Monsters (NES) - Mars Theme in Pokemon [4kids]?
  160. Pokemon: Lost in Translation?
  161. Ash 's future
  162. Is Ash's Torterra his only Pokemnon that actually got worse after evolving?
  163. spoilers
  164. Team Rocket Borrowed From Marcus Fenix
  165. How come the new Who's that Pokemon sucks?
  166. New Gym Leaders
  167. Lack of Alder
  168. where can i watch Pokemon episodes online?
  169. Why do you think the writers made Jessie, James and Meowth became so competent?
  170. Will Team Rocket eventually blast off in BW?
  171. Noriko Sakai Drug Scandel
  172. Has the Anime improved/gotten worse since the original?
  173. Why do Ash's Water-type Pokemon always fail to evolve ?
  174. Pokémon Animé Remake?
  175. No past pokemon in the BW saga?
  176. People need to get over time not passing
  177. Does anyone else find it annoying that all the Pokemon are as strong as eachother?
  178. Confused about the BW anime! please help!
  179. Female characters hardly ever burnt?
  180. how are there non unova pokemon in eastern unova
  181. If you had a battle with Ash...
  182. Pokemon Coordination Episodes
  183. How dare you treat my beloved Steven Stone this way writers!
  184. So, is the regions Professor the only place to get starter Pokemon?
  185. As you got older...
  186. Future Pokémon hints?
  187. What if Tracey stayed?
  188. Black Beautifly
  189. What happened to the GS Ball?
  190. Pokemon Master Quest DVDs
  191. Pokemon there is only ONE of....
  192. Pokemon Sex?
  193. What is the best thing about Pokemon?
  194. Boomerang!!
  195. How should a Pokemon virgin start watching the series?
  196. Is BW lacking the emotional moments of the previous seasons?
  197. The Direction you wish the Series went?
  198. Ash's Pikachu
  199. [spoiler]
  200. If Porygon2 and Porygon-Z were to appear...
  201. Why is the Dub of Pokemon The First Movie viewed so negatively?
  202. In the anime......
  203. Typhlosion
  204. What if they never changed animation style?
  205. How well would Mewtwo fare against Rasharim/Zekrom?
  206. Would it be possible for a female to take the gym challegne and Ash not too?
  207. Pokemon that Ash should have caught
  208. Will Ash's Pikachu learn any more new attacks for stronger challenges ahead?
  209. Is Iris a bad character?
  210. Misty's Song German Single
  211. Do you think Hunter J deserved her own finale?
  212. No Pokémon anime TV show and movies sold at the iTunes store?
  213. The current anime
  214. just a thought
  215. Ash and Pikachu's relationship
  216. This is the main reason IMO Brock stayed on for so long
  217. Openings and Endings
  218. Do you think Butterfree should have left?
  219. What's so special about Ash's Pikachu?
  220. the legend of thunder staring jimmy and his typhloshion
  221. Will Pikachu transform, not evolve, in the anime?
  222. Movie 14 Victini & Zek/Resh Japanese Sub
  223. Is Ash's Charizard Forgotten?
  224. When to watch the Chronicle episodes?
  225. Hey people I have a question about music in the Pokemon Episode Sweet Baby James?
  226. Will Ash lose horribly to Trip in the final?
  227. So does Boomerang own the rights to just the 4Kids era?
  228. Who's your favorite girl companion?
  229. Amusing Mistranslations
  230. what would you do... to make the pokemon anime better then it is now...
  231. What was wrong with Professor Oak? Possible spoilers for the first episode
  232. sould ash catch meloetta?
  233. Why writers like having Ash lose to his rivals so much?
  234. Barry and Paul
  235. Shouldn't more Pokemon be able to talk like humans?
  236. Are the movies considered canon?
  237. Should top trainers in the show use unevolved Pokemon?
  238. Ditch Ash and get some new blood
  239. If we the viewers could understand what the Pokemon say...
  240. 1st Season Pokemons forgotten??
  241. The Magna DVD sets
  242. Few question for Pokemon English dub cast
  243. Is this the true route the writers planned for Black and White?
  244. Ash's Team is Extremely Weak
  245. Getting back into pokemon anime
  246. Do you feel that Iris is an experimental character for the writers?
  247. i would love to see Misty back into action.
  248. Have Jessie, James and Meowth ever been convicted of any crimes?
  249. Opelucid Gym to be reopened?!
  250. Could a movie where ash travels though time to meet himself work?