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  1. Ash and Bayleef love?
  2. When did you stop watching?
  3. pokemon movie questions
  4. Are you surprised how quickly each saga goes by when you look back years later?
  5. About the pikachu in black and white..
  6. Errors in the anime
  7. Is Piplup's dub voice really enough to make the majority of dub watchers hate him?
  8. Has anyone noticed that May is the only girl not to keep a Pokemon out of its ball?
  9. Has the anime made you like a certain Pokemon when yo uused to not like it?
  10. Moves in the Anime That Don't Look How You Imagined
  11. What would you like to see in the next season of Pokemon?
  12. When do Episodes get subbed?
  13. Unova league what pokemon should be used?
  14. Things that never made it to the anime!!
  15. Do You Think we'll get any Future Generation Pokemon debut earlier?
  16. ash's team, wtf?
  17. How exactly do the logistics of pokemon contests work out?
  18. Animé Voices...
  19. Why do you think Gary's role in the anime was so short-lived?
  20. Need a suggestion..
  21. Pokemon Ash has Never Fought Against
  22. Characters that would've been good companions with Ash
  23. Why are they're no more Pokémon CDs in America?
  24. Axew/Scraggy - Are these two really that much different?
  25. If the dub change didn't happen, do you think the show would have had higher ratings?
  26. Battle Combinations
  27. How will it feel when Ash finnaly meets Giovanni
  28. Running gags in the anime that went on for far too long
  29. ash dad
  30. Contests? Awesome or abysmal?
  31. What Do You Think Of Tobias?
  32. What did each saga do best in your opinion?
  33. Cutey Honey reference in Ghost of Maiden's Peak?
  34. Characters that you thought were going to be important,but wound up not being?
  35. Why does Ash's Pikachu refuse to evolve (Read OP)
  36. So why didn't they make a 15th anniversary Pokemon special?
  37. Why Ash keep dex'ing Pokemon he already dex'd?
  38. How many ways are there to watch the anime legally?
  39. How is it possible for Tobias to have a Darkrai and Brandon to have the Leg. Golems?
  40. Dawn's Mamoswine the most disrespected main character powerhouse?
  41. Should disobedient Pokemon be disqualified from official battles?
  42. spoiler
  43. Original Pokemon Seris in the UK on CITV?!
  44. Is Oshawott the most popluar starter in the anime since Charizard?
  45. What are some of your favorite moments from the Pokemon anime?
  46. Thank you, Captain Obvious
  47. Ash's Personality
  48. Do you think there is anything in BW and BW2 that could have been improved?
  49. Ash water starters
  50. How come the anime dosen't it's own Video Game?
  51. Does the BW saga have the least filler out every series?
  52. Disturbing Moments in the Pokémon anime
  53. Should Ash (along with May and Dawn) have actually learnt about being Trainers?
  54. Random question.
  55. Pikachu vs Mewtwo and Ash vs Giovanni
  56. Do you think the animation will return to normal next series?
  57. Ash's Pokemon: What would you name them?
  58. Ash vs Tobias re-match
  59. What would you change?
  60. Questionably Gym Leaders
  61. Pronounication of Ferroseed.
  62. Is there a point why Ash's pokemon take so long to evolve?
  63. The Orange League Filler Saga Was Always Meant To Be?
  64. Is Trip actually based on Cheren?
  65. Why doesn't Cartoon Network really air pokemon promos?
  66. What if some of the main heroes' unwillingly disobedient Pokémon betray them?
  67. Does anyone else find the dialogue to be... bland?
  68. New to watching the anime and have a couple questions!
  69. Black and White ***some spoilers for the end of the Sinnoh league***
  70. Theories on how Ash's Pikachu has much more power than a regular Pikachu
  71. Could Ash be the pokeworld's version of Jesus?
  72. Ash refuses to become a retired Pokémon Trainer?
  73. What is your favourite anime opening theme?
  74. Which Sinnoh episodes should I watch?
  75. Things In The Anime You Wished Would Happen
  76. about Challenge mode
  77. team rocket,for better or worse
  78. I Wanna Get Into The Anime
  79. How to get back into the anime?
  80. Will Pikachu and Pokemon anime be gone forever when Ash becomes a Pokemon Master?
  81. Do you think the anime should mature and lose Ash...?
  82. I need your opinions!
  83. When do you think May will return?
  84. Anything that happened to Professor Oak's Laboratory?
  85. Would the series suffer from going at it with a plot angle?
  86. The lack of electric pokemon on the cast
  87. Is the Pokemon Anime coming to an end ?
  88. Should they bring Porygon in to the anime now?
  89. an easy win for Pikachu and Ash in the Unova League
  90. Could it the same beginning for Pikachu in the next new region in the anime?
  91. Will Ash and Pikachu manage a gym in the anime when he is a Pokemon Master?
  92. Takeshi Shudo's Anime Novelizations.
  93. when the B/W saga of the anime ends which of the female companion will u miss most?
  94. Why is Ash still ten? Discuss here.
  95. Dawn vs may vs misty vs iris
  96. Pink Butterfree
  97. Have you ever cried for Pokčmon anime?
  98. Pikachu and his team, Ash vs Tobias
  99. Characters that get on your nerves.
  100. Next anime?
  101. Will Ash come 2nd in the Unova league or beat it?
  102. Is there any evidence of Team Rocket's story being changed after the postponed eps?
  103. Stock Animation
  104. Other traveling methods (Working Thread Title)
  105. Ash vs. Team Rocket Trio Question
  106. Do you think Ash is going to win the Unova and become a "Pokemon Master"
  107. Why are there no inherently evil pokemon?
  108. US music in the JPN version.
  109. 749 — "Junior Cup Opener! Kairyu vs. Tunbear!!" "Junia Kappu Kaimaku! Kairyū tai Tsun
  110. Why did they stop making Pokemon books in the middle of Johto?
  111. 750 — "Power Battle! Iris vs. Hikari!!" "Pawā Batoru! Airisu tai Hikari!!" (パワーバトル!アイ
  112. this is random, but Cloyster
  113. I know why Pikachu's power resets.
  114. Oh Jenny Oh Joy Which one will they keep?
  115. The Indigo League's Top 10 Fights (List and Vids)
  116. What do you think of Pokemon Best Wishes so far?
  117. What are your thoughts about Generation 6?
  118. Anime that Beat Pokemon
  119. Pokemon eggs?
  120. new pokemon ideas
  121. spoilers
  122. What if the actual Pokemon cries were used?
  123. Could of Ash won the Shinnoh League
  124. Scenes In Movie Teasers That Aren't Shown In The Movie Itself
  125. movie 15 keldo vs the sword of justice
  126. Jamie McGonnigal is getting married.
  127. Would catching 'em all be a better goal for Ash?
  128. Battles you'd like to see
  129. Is it worth watching?
  130. Resurrection of Latios?!
  131. Create a Dub Title
  132. Holiday Hi-Jynx re edited
  133. spoiler
  134. What they need to do for Generation 6
  135. The Treatment Of Ash's Oshawott
  136. Where i can download this pokemon episode?
  137. Why the Pokémon anime is seen as "the shame of the series"?
  138. Thoughts on CoTDs in general
  139. Is it just me who doesn't hate the fillers of Johto?
  140. When will the 15th movie air in the uk?
  141. Can someone like intensely both Pokemon and Digimon in the meantime?
  142. Is Ash's Pikachu male or female?
  143. Why didn't the female trainer (Hilda or Rosa) didn't join Ash in the BW saga?
  144. Why didn't Misty and Iris get a Pokedex?
  145. Double Battle Confusion
  146. CITV to air "The Road to Humilau" and "Unrest at the Nursery!" tommorow (28th Dec)
  147. Where does Pokémon stand as your favorite anime?
  148. Who are the true anime fans?
  149. How will Pikachu reset in the next generation
  150. pokemon anime supposed fact
  151. should ash bring back Charizard back in his team?
  152. Pikachu's attacks
  153. Episodes and new series questions
  154. Why didn't Ash go to the Sinnoh And Johto Battle Frontier?
  155. ash's Father
  156. What OS Had Over Other Sagas
  157. should pokemon have more or less personality???yes or no???
  158. How did Misty's sisters get so incompetent all of a sudden??
  159. If you could change the TRio's role or personality in Best Wishes...
  160. Pokemon BW Rival Destinies AUSTRALIA
  161. whats gonna happen to cilan?
  162. Movie references in the anime
  163. Pokemon X and Y new girl for Anime????
  164. How smart...
  165. Help me with ost Pokemon Battle Frontier :(
  166. Your stance on "pity" badges.
  167. Want to get back into the anime
  168. Ash's (and other characters') Pokemon's Natures
  169. Unconfirmed Rumors about Misty and Dawn?
  170. How famous is Ash
  171. Should iris of not been a main but instead aiming to be champion.
  172. Ash's Squirtle's fate
  173. Pokemon in HD Questions..
  174. Did Cyrus die?
  175. Do you find Ash's earliest English Voice in the Kanto saga a bit...well...
  176. Rival destinies hatred of Dragonite
  177. Pikachu, before he met Ash
  178. Shoe size and height and weight
  179. pokemon wiki
  180. 'Adventures In Unova' Opening
  181. Wallace would've been in Advanced Generation?
  182. Pokemon Best Wishes Anime quite short?
  183. Official I Hate Iris thread
  184. Advanceshipper in need
  185. Will Ash Ketchup EVER catch Legendary pokemon?
  186. Recommend me your favourite pre-BW fillers
  187. The animé's reasoning for why inherently evil Pokémon can't exist?
  188. Pokemon Movies: BD vs DVD
  189. Derailed vs Already Bad Characters: Which is worse?
  190. Why do people bash Ash?
  191. pikavchu and eevee friends, the return of wobuffet?
  192. Pokémon Guitar Medley - All Pokemon Themes Guitar Remix
  193. Casey (Johto)
  194. Your Headcanons on the Pokemon Anime
  195. In each Region how many Legendary are there?
  196. Insert Songs
  197. Why hasn't Snivy changed at all since her debut?
  198. Pokemon italian theme songs
  199. Thoughts on mid battle evolutions
  200. Pokemon X and Y-Anime
  201. Pokemon X and Y-Anime
  202. Pokemon X and Y-Anime
  203. Speed of Gen 6 and its effects on the anime
  204. Pokemon in Canada *Part 2*
  205. Ash's Butterfree
  206. Has Meloetta gotten enough attention?
  207. The "screw this, I'm not watching this anymore" thread.
  208. More Mature Anime?
  209. Do you believe in Ash Ketchum?
  210. Johto Box Set?
  211. Ho-Oh
  212. The Rocket vs Plasma 2 parter may be dubbed in Spanish
  213. episodes using repeat frames
  214. How many different Pokemon have appeared in the anime in total?
  215. What should change in the series?
  216. Pokemon Chronicle Episodes Discussion
  217. Pokemon Chronicle Episodes Discussion
  218. My Ash's age theory
  219. Just got back and i gotta say
  220. Ash's primeape is back
  221. Alternatives to the Eight Badge System
  222. Should Ash use his pokemon from Pr. Oak? If yes, what must be his party pkmn?
  223. Would an OVA be a cool idea?
  224. Thoughts on Battle Clubs
  225. Where can I find "WB Line Breaks"? (Don't know what else to call them).
  226. Jessie, James and Meowth are actually good guy.
  227. a Pokemon Master?
  228. Is Iris' Dragonite always in a bad temper?
  229. Mewtwo in new movie
  230. Your thoughts on *spoiler*
  231. the Elite Four in the anime
  232. Is it sad that I just now realized that the kid in the 4ever movie is Oak?
  233. Has anyone noticed this?
  234. Anime to Movie order?
  235. Team Rocket's old pokemon
  236. New seasons are just bad.
  237. Something looks bad
  238. Could there be other talking Pokemon?
  239. The meaning of "Pokemon Master"
  240. Pokemon in the UK
  241. "To Be Continued..."
  242. Opinions on Arceus and the Jewel of Life?
  243. Ash just isn't cut out to be a high tier pokemon trainer?
  244. My thoughts on Season 5
  245. anime mistakes
  246. Rank the movies based on what you thought of each one.
  247. Do you find yourself cheering for Team Rocket?
  248. Where does BW stand in your favourite anime list?
  249. Question about the 8th Opening (Advanced Battles)
  250. Why did Pokémon/Viz Media stop producing seasons 3-5?