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  1. Anime jokes and gags repeated on different characters.
  2. Do you like how the gym leaders of Unova were portrayed in the anime?
  3. Unaired Earthquake Episodes?
  4. Is Ash Ketchum a Gary-Stu character?
  5. How will the XY anime be done in the USA without being here when games are
  6. What if Smogon made the Pokemon anime?
  7. Would it be ok for Ash/and or future characters to catch others Pokemon?
  8. How is your opinion of the league? "Dub edition
  9. what would you consider to be the rarest/hardest to find DVD boxset of the anime?
  10. Pokemon iOS app?
  11. [Spoiler] Team Rocket vs Team Plasma, an arc ? movie ? And Meteonite ?
  12. New/Updated Opening for Episode N? *Dub Edition*
  13. Unova had the best rivalries
  14. will we see allt he rivals from unova again?
  15. Pokemon Ratings
  16. Wait a minute, its possible to carry more than 6 pokemon at once!
  17. X and Y Anime Discussion
  18. Why didn't TR use weapons to threaten Ash for Pikachu?
  19. Your thoughts about the Unova saga? SPOILERS
  20. Rate for Watching the Anime
  21. Genre Savviness on the show
  22. VAs Celebrity worldwide
  23. Type Tournaments - POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  24. Were Cassidy and Buffy written off?
  25. Question about Ash meeting Reshiram and Zekrom...?
  26. Why did "Make A Wish" retain some of the JPN lyrics?
  27. Understanding Team Rocket
  28. I just heard that
  29. Do you wanted that TR didn't appear sometimes in AG/DP?
  30. How Meloetta become rescued from being under the control of Giovanni
  31. .
  32. Animals in pokemon
  33. Why do you watch the anime?
  34. Where is the Team Rocket HQ in the Pokémon anime located now?
  35. Moves and Strategies So Far Unseen in the Anime
  36. Original Mewtwo Strikes Back Trailer
  37. CITV Listing for Pokemon BW Adventures in Unova Sunday 19th May
  38. Who do you see Ash with romantically?
  39. Losing in the Anime
  40. What did that new ending song mean?
  41. Did Pikachu actually get weaker after being attacked by Zekrom??
  42. How come Pikachu can beat a Latios, but a few days later lose to a snivy??? COMMENT!
  43. Best sites to watch Pokemon Tv Show
  44. "So...Who's Next to Evolve?"
  45. Do you think Cynthia was kidding when she said that? COMMENT
  46. Bill is in Team Rocket :O
  47. Pokemon tournament! Who do you think will win it?
  48. what if pikachu was stolen by a poacher for a good 100 + episodes?
  49. Ash's old Pokémon returning.
  50. Ash's 6th gen team predictions
  51. future theories
  52. Your Favorite Reigon in the Anime
  53. Original ending for Ash Ketchum
  54. Ash's W/L Ratio
  55. Pokémon anime episodes transcription
  56. If Orre was featured?
  57. Why even mention the Champion League if it will never happen?
  58. Rice balls name change in dub
  59. Who is she?
  60. An end to the Ash and Pikachu era.
  61. Direction of the Anime
  62. Why did Volcarona get such a sucky Anime debut?
  63. My conclusion of the BW series
  64. So I haven't watched the anime since season 1 ended. Is the story just repeating?
  65. The anime as a whole
  66. Who is Ash's Father?
  67. My theory on why Ash is still 10
  68. New Moves: A sign of development or a sign of desperation
  69. Thoughts on Pokemon Live!
  70. charzard done primape to go...
  71. Pros and Cons of the BW dub
  72. Personality shifts after evolution=plausible?
  73. Would it be cool seeing other talking Pokemon?
  74. Thoughts on Ash's Infernape
  75. About Ash's Gible
  76. Why must Team Rocket exist and how do you all keep watching?
  77. How to watch recent Pokemon episodes?
  78. My own aging theory.
  79. Eric Stuart in "Teenage Pokemon"
  80. Will Pokemon TCPI Finally Treat Pokemon with the Respect it Deserves from Season 17
  81. Characters and their heights
  82. When will the other Unova Elite Four Members appear in the anime?
  83. Ever noticed that the Hoenn Elite Four never appear in the anime?
  84. Jessie's dad
  85. Was the Birth of Mewtwo really removed by 4kids?
  86. Will death ever be touched?
  87. The Elite Four's existence in the anime
  88. Truth Behind Pokemon (Found on my old Comp)
  89. Pokemon in Australia
  90. Team Rocket Write-Off
  91. Pokemon will ash ever win the league in kalo
  92. Is Ash crossdressing really that popular in Japan?
  93. Gender confirmation of Ash's and Dawns Pokémon
  94. *SPOILERS* May contain innapropriate content for some users "Reshiram's description".
  95. Did the banning of team rocket vs team plasma ruin BW?
  96. pokemon will ash be a noob in xy anime or back to his dp self
  97. Why Do People Bash On New Pokemon?
  98. The Ash Ketchum Theory
  99. Can someone help me find subbed i've been searching for hours!
  100. About Tepig in the anime
  101. Why do you think Gary has such few appearances in the anime?
  102. What if
  103. Misty's hair
  104. Pokémon BW: Adventures In Unova Beyond - theme opening and thoughts
  105. what do you think ash iris and cilan anre gonna do in kanto?
  106. What pokemon would everyone like to see ash evolve and capture out of all gens?!?!
  107. Team Rocket's Pokemon
  108. Iris (and Georgia) appreciation thread
  109. So what was up with Team Rocket's motto?
  110. Lack of ethnic Japanese characters
  111. What do you expect from Ash,partners, and overall anime for the Kalos Saga?
  112. If Team Rocket is an abject failure, so is Ash & co.
  113. Team Flare
  114. What are your hopes for or what you would want to see in the Pokemon XY Anime?
  115. Ash Ketchum Meme Episode Question
  116. Question about soundtrack
  117. What do you recommend? Subbed or dubbed?
  118. virgil is coming back?
  119. How long will it go on?
  120. Looking for "Mewtwo Strikes back"
  121. New Spinoff Anime - Pokémon Origins
  122. Wouldn't Sevii Islands have worked better?
  123. Anyone else find Max to be the worst?
  124. Charizard could have just escaped
  125. Why is Meowth not more valuable than Pikachu?
  126. Paul's Ursaring
  127. How do you feel about the beginning of each new generation?
  128. How come Iris always lose?
  129. Does this prove who Ash will travel with in Kalos?!
  130. Axew has to be the best Pokemon companion I've ever seen.
  131. something ash said
  132. Your Favorite Pokemon Anime Character?
  133. And they officially broke the genderless rule
  134. New Pokemon Anime?
  135. 15 Years of Pokemon (In North America)
  136. Electabuzz.
  137. Mega Blaziken
  138. A Question Regarding the Pokemon Anime...
  139. Ash Not Aging
  140. Ai AKA Amber 's Appearence from Birth Of Mewtwo
  141. BW: Adventures in Unova & Beyond Intro
  142. Do you like Michelle Knotz because of her doing Ash Snivy?
  143. Poke Theory 0.1 : Real heatran owner and appearance
  144. Ash and co. attends teaching lesson
  145. So, what happens to coordinators when they run into a region that has no contests?
  146. Pokemon Theory 0.2: How meowth can speak?
  147. Pokmeon theory 0.3 : Is Ditto a... failed Mew?
  148. Pokemon Theory 0.4 : Cubone, baby Kangaskhan, and "M'
  149. spoiler
  150. Pokemon Theory 0.5 : Nobody cares about humans....
  151. How do you define a powerhouse in the anime?
  152. a 6 region team to win kalos league?
  153. Thoughts on a hypothetical Female Rival
  154. You definition of when Pokemon "Went Down". / The truth of Ash's age
  155. Android app to change contact photos to Pokemon
  156. Pokemon Origins for US Viewers?
  157. If TMs and other game stuff were adapted into the Anime...
  158. Let's hope this stops.
  159. Just watched Pokemon: The Origins
  160. *SPOILERS* What Pokemon will Ash catch in Kalos region?
  161. So will America get all the episodes that Japan has before October 19?
  162. When will the first 2 kalos episodes we available in english?
  163. If Ash traveled alone?
  164. Pokemon XY Theory
  165. What is the best way to watch the Pokemon Anime?
  166. Ash's team this generation:
  167. What is wrong with Mewtwo
  168. can we please revisit this trailer
  169. Ash's New Pokemon for Kalos
  170. The dub messes openings.
  171. Dawn Versus May
  172. Pokemon Anime Death Battles
  173. Have they ever stated why people have to wait to own their own pokemon?
  174. What Pokemon will Ash and co. catch in Kalos?
  175. Do you think Tracey Sketchit will return?
  176. Does anyone else hear a new pitch of James?
  177. Is the made up language really necessary?
  178. Pokemon the series XY Cartoon Network Preview rating???
  179. If the main characters Pokemon had human voices...
  180. Brock's role being interchangeable with Tracey, Cilan or Clemont
  181. General thought on Legendary Pokemon in the anime
  182. Romance in this Generation
  183. new tork city and castelia city??
  184. Headscratching moments
  185. Ash vs Red: who wins???
  186. Pokemon types explained in Anime
  187. Pokémon BW anime Soundtrack,where can I find it?
  188. widening the dub gap
  189. Should there be more Pokémon Origins on other Pokémon Main Games?
  190. I miss Pokemon Contests..
  191. Recently rewatched season 1
  192. Ash should have a rematch with Ritchie!
  193. If Ash traveled with ALL his friends from the entire series? (Total of 10 companions)
  194. What is a pokemon breeder?
  195. Does the anime need new villains?
  196. Infinity Forums!
  197. What if the Games were more like the Anime?
  198. League Rivals: The good and bad
  199. Who do you feel will come back?
  200. I hate the anime. I think it's cheesy and plotless.
  201. Pokemon XY English Opening
  202. Does Anyone Here Own A Canadian Copy Of Jirachi Wish Maker?
  203. Where can I watch the anime?
  204. Should Michael Bay direct the next Pokemon movie?
  205. If there was a Pokémon Chronicles 2...
  206. Arceus in the Anime.
  207. Deliah has a new voice?
  208. Is Ash now filling the role of Brock/Cilan in the anime?
  209. Why did Ash lose interest in females?
  210. Who is the most cutest? Misty, May, Dawn, or Serena?
  211. Who was the better rival for Ash? Gary or Paul?
  212. Why does Origin Red have Fire Red model?
  213. who will we see that ash knows/ past used pokemon in pokemon x and y
  214. how many pokemon will ash catch this region/ how early will they show gen 7 pokemon
  215. how will ash get noticed to be earned to have mega stones etc
  216. They should make a Pokčmon Colosseum anime\special
  217. Was the Misty/May friendship bad writing?
  218. Pokemon Reburst Anime Adaptation
  219. Different Trainers For Each Region
  220. Anime Discussion Awards 2013! *voting ends January 24th, read the OP before voting*
  221. My thoughts on this whole Serena situation.
  222. What Will become of Ash?
  223. Ash's final team for each region?
  224. Disturbed Pokémon Theme Song
  225. Does Ash know it's a TV series too?
  226. don't the gym leaders know eachother?
  227. Was the Mewtwo/Amber scene made after first movie or deleted scene?
  228. What if Ash's Bulbasaur turns into a Venasaur, Squirtle into a Blastoise
  229. Has Pokémon lost it's emotiveness?
  230. Team Rocket
  231. Is the dub trying to make XY separate from the main anime?
  232. If Ash only had male companions
  233. If Pokémon had a different region per year again
  234. who ya think will be on ash team for x andy
  235. XY Anime storyline
  236. Is there really character development in Pokémon?
  237. What do you think ash's team will be in kalos?
  238. Do you think Ash will visit all the cafes and hotels in kalos?
  239. Ash needs pseudo-legendaries on his team
  240. Transport in Pokémon world
  241. Ash should have a rematch with Cameron!
  242. Will Cilan and Iris need personality changes for XY?
  243. Ash's Father
  244. Anime/Movie Questions.
  245. Pokemon UK cinema release?
  246. Pokémon in Canada
  247. Pokémon anime character design discussion
  248. Where to start?!
  249. Floating Timeline
  250. Pokemon Narrator