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  1. what pokemon did the anime make look bad?
  2. They could have saved time on animation
  3. did they play a new episode of pokemon in japan this week
  4. Pikachu's Winter Vacation
  5. anime questions
  6. background characters
  7. Gyms inside and out
  8. Who Ash should've used in league losses
  9. Pokemon not shown in anime
  10. FAQ anwsered by Maddiejoan
  11. Theme Songs
  12. Can I ask you guys a Question
  13. Just letting everyone know....
  14. Ash & May
  15. Give this a thought
  16. Where did pokemon go?(YTV, Canada)
  17. question about "Tajiran"
  18. Pokemon: Why Doesn't It Ever End
  19. STARTING TONIGHT -- CN premieres two episodes of Chronicles each week
  20. where to find original versions of pokemon movies 1-3
  21. The old Revelation Lugia trailer...
  22. May's Ribbons
  23. How do you think the gender differences in the games will effect the show?
  24. Question about Pikachu
  25. Will Ash ever catch a legend?
  26. Should Fuishigi na Dungeon/Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon have a Chronicle?
  27. pokemon ranger movie hidden clue
  28. Voice actors for Hoenn Gym Leaders
  29. Cartoon Network Aquire Rights to Season 9. 52 Episodes to air this fall
  30. banned pokemon episodes.........
  31. Pokeshippers?
  32. Hello everyone
  33. What chronicle episode is going to be on Toonami tonight?
  34. The one who kissed Ash?
  35. Four Moves?
  36. Moves that look good on the show/manga, but suck in the games
  37. Team Rocket!!
  38. They should make an movie on the elite four being evil
  39. Pokemon Owned By the TR Organization
  40. Is Skarmory the new Fearow/Spearow?
  41. The Great Pika Debate - Male or Female?
  42. I was really thinking (possible series after D/P ?)
  43. Question about Ritchie
  44. Crystal Charmeleon
  45. ashs dad?
  46. New Pokemon Movie?
  47. I just watched the Japanese intros.
  48. Is Lucario movie
  49. Pokemon no longer on kidsWB
  50. What if all the main characters pokemon evolved!
  51. New Team Rocket Motto speculation thread *May contain traces of Spoilers*
  52. that brock episode...
  53. Save?
  54. Pokemon: Battle Frontier in Canada?
  55. Is it true?
  56. Jessie and Sneasel
  57. A New Grass-Type?
  58. Battle Frontier - Miguzi or Toonami?
  59. Was Igglybuff ever in the anime?
  60. Porygon 2?
  61. Pokemon Advanced Box Set
  62. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-Preview, Question.
  63. So is there anywhere online that I can watch or download the episodes to watch?
  64. OLD EPISODES of Pokemon to air on Boomerang
  65. Most Pointless Episode
  66. Unfair Anime Battling Rules?
  67. the banned episodes
  68. ok... this is weird
  69. Best and Worst Pokemon Dub by 4Kids
  70. I just realized what the 4Kids dub reminds me of!
  71. who think may will get a chamander
  72. Anyone?
  73. World Map
  74. The Orange League?
  75. Brock and girls!
  76. Mini-movies with the films?
  77. Aipom's ears
  78. Noo I can't belive this is happening
  79. Chronicles
  80. "Pokemon Symphonic Medley" arranged?
  81. Does this mean they wont edit out alot of the good stuff
  82. Goof In Pokemon The Move 2000!
  83. "Does XXX appear in the anime?" - solution
  84. Anime Expo 2006 Report: From Anaheim, California
  85. OMG why is www.mightybody.com buying us?
  86. Drew's Hometown--Spoilers
  87. Does anyone besides me really not care?
  88. pixels over request
  89. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew-What theme song for the Battle Scene?
  90. Ash's dance move
  91. Legend of Thunder VA question
  92. Heart Swap in Pokemon 9
  93. will ash squrital come back to him
  94. wierd...
  95. Sucune??
  96. Question
  97. Pokemon That Need more Attention
  98. Do you think...
  99. Pokemon: Complete First & Second Seasons
  100. tha twerp
  101. possibility
  102. New DP boxart!
  103. Brock's flirting problem
  104. Hipocrites
  105. Rally, by new member Rob
  106. The GS Ball. Worst plot waste ever?
  107. who's hotter?
  108. Ash and who?
  109. Did 4Kids Dislike Brock?
  110. Repetitive Gags that make me sick
  111. Did the dub(Both 4kids & PUSA) version make Pokemon anime look stupid
  112. Milotic Episode?
  113. For the Canadians
  114. If they made....
  115. Rob, one last time
  116. A pokemon anime possibility?
  117. my opinion
  118. I had a thought
  119. Do you think that JigglyPuff will ever return
  120. Cutest Pokemon In the Anime
  121. Who voiced Ai/Amber?
  122. Will Max EVER Get a Pokemon(He Owns)?
  123. Lorelei/ Prima episode?
  124. TV Tokyo Streams?
  125. Episodes Drew aired on
  126. An Idea for Team Rocket
  127. San Diego Comic-Con - new voice actors will be there
  128. Where?
  129. Ash's Pokemon Levels
  130. Ash's Pikachu...
  131. Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Special Episode!!!
  132. Beach Blank-Out Blastoise!
  133. Will the D/P anime get rid of Ash?
  134. No more new Kids WB pokemon episodes?
  135. Meowth?
  136. Ash+Pikachu=Why?
  137. Question regarding the 3rd movie
  138. Miranda
  139. Question about a picture.
  140. What is the name off all the english and Japanese openings os far?
  141. When will May get a Charmander?
  142. What will come up in the Dimand/Pearl Series?
  143. different sprites between D/P
  144. Pokemon Advanced Battle intro
  145. voice actor petition
  146. What is the name of the song...
  147. The Great Eight Fate.
  148. Pokemon Movies
  149. Deus ex?
  150. The Mirage Kingdom arc
  151. Posts of Old Gaurd Truthseeker
  152. Pokemon canceled in japan?
  153. Help With Pokemon DVDs
  154. Who is part of May's contest network?
  155. Pokemon Chronicles?
  156. You think May will get an electric pokemon?
  157. Reigon Size
  158. Sign here if you DON'T LIKE the anime.
  159. Episode Download
  160. Questions
  161. Misty or May?
  162. heh.
  163. Click Here if you like the old dub
  164. Question about Ash's Japanese VA
  165. Pikachu's Jukebox. Yay or Nay?
  166. Question on certain music cues.
  167. Will pikachu ever evolve?
  168. Main Character Pokemon Voices
  169. What Our Voices Look Like.
  170. Movie 8
  171. Do you think Ash will get a Weavile?
  172. Ash's Evelotion
  173. No No No No No No No!!!!!!
  174. No No No No No!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. The real official US Movie 8 boxart?
  176. first news from Comic Con
  177. Will Drew's Roselia evolve?
  178. how old is Ash?
  179. Porygon episode rly causes seisures?
  180. OMG! Pokémon DVDs with Japanese audio!
  181. ATTN: Non-US/Japan viewers.
  182. Shiny Kecleon?
  183. Perrapu Episode!
  184. When will May's combusken evolve?
  185. Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew DVD avalible for pre-order!!!!
  186. Who is excited about the next Pokemon movie?
  187. Any girls interested in pokemon? just curious:D:D
  188. whats your favourite rival?
  189. Jessie's new pokemon
  190. I think it is weird that 4Kids and PUSA are working together on the Movie 8 DVD
  191. Episode Pictures Question...
  192. Gs ball
  193. What's ur Best episode
  194. pikachu??
  195. OMG! Toonami Advances In The Series!
  196. What the hell? (Jynx)
  197. Raikou Legend of Thunder to air tonight on CN!
  198. wich of the new pokemon do you think evry character is gana catch?
  199. background??
  200. Staryu & Starmie - - Mixing Up?!
  201. Attention Canadians, I have a quick question about Pokemon on YTV...
  202. Question for Australian Fans
  203. Diamond/Pearl anime
  204. Who would win in a pokemon battle, Brendan or Ash.
  205. Guess episode!!
  206. Philippines Rejoice! The path to Advanced starts on August 5
  207. Were SAVED Audio INSIDE!
  208. ashs team
  209. Questions about when Ash was a Pikachu
  210. i have a question
  211. no jirachi for us but lucario for the usa!?
  212. I Have A Big Question
  213. why o' why!
  214. excuse my b*tching
  215. Is it just me, or does Ash drown...
  216. If you could trim Johto to make Pokemon Johto Better.
  217. why?
  218. Dragon ritual of Blackthorn
  219. How hard to find are the first three movies/Mewtwo Returns? I have the VHS's already.
  220. I got a question to ask..
  221. Ah, Kojiro...
  222. the best episode of all time
  223. Favorite Season
  224. New Anime Fan Question...
  225. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew DVD
  226. Why won't the writers give Tracey a second chance?
  227. Pokemon Heal Hurt
  228. "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" Wallpaper Request
  229. Can someone tell me were to find "Johto Photo Finish"
  230. Pokemon Anime Voice Acting: Help Me Out.
  231. un-catalouged pokemon?
  232. What are your birthday episodes?
  233. Ash's Ultimate Pokemon team
  234. Brock; The Forgotten?
  235. is ash story over for pokemon
  236. Food for thought
  237. is there an english trailer for the 8th pokemon movie yet
  238. free pokemon eps? anyone...
  239. What will happen after the Battle Frontier?...
  240. Advanced Battle Intro
  241. Since misty got cut out!
  242. Did anyone else think this was weird?
  243. Have I missed something?
  244. Kelly's VA?
  245. What happen to richie evee?
  246. Anyone have a funny clip I'm looking for?
  247. can someone help me out?
  248. Anime
  249. What exactly is a Pokemon Master
  250. The Mysteries of Ho-oh