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  1. Rivals' New Looks
  2. Brendan
  3. PUSA vs. 4Kids
  4. To Be Continued?! (On M.D)
  5. Pokemon Season One DVD Boxart!
  6. Pallet Town Rivals
  7. some wierd misconseptions
  8. What do you think of the new voice actors?
  9. So...how long has Team Rocket been following Ash now?
  10. Ash's new pokemon
  11. OOOO Exciting!
  12. Extra shiny!!
  13. Lol at my dumb friend.
  14. The Logistics of the Grand Festival...
  15. Stupid
  16. Hikari
  17. Just saw the lucario and the mystery of mew movie!
  18. When do new eps start
  19. question about mystery dungeon series
  20. question about mystery dungeon series
  21. Chip Off the Old Brock Clip.
  22. Pokemon match??
  23. Ash gets the Grass Type... AGAIN?!!
  24. New voices
  25. Primeape
  26. Kangaskan in MD Special
  27. episodes on pokemon box set
  28. How good are the pokemon intros?
  29. Hyouta is join Ash and Hikari?
  30. May Deliciously Captures Munchlax or Berry, Berry, Interesting
  31. Pokémon show with speaking pokémon?
  32. Episode?
  33. They just sort of dropped some things from the anime didnt they?
  34. Orre
  35. Pusa to rush to show pokemon season 10
  36. Shiny Kecleon!
  37. I have a question about Shiny Pokémon
  38. evolving pokemon
  39. who was the hardest gym leader ash vsed
  40. What makes Max think he can control Brock?
  41. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  42. Ash:? Gary:?
  43. The G/S ball....
  44. It's not that bad Cheer up
  45. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  46. Hikari's ambition.
  47. Man of man! How diff Pokemon anime is...
  48. Pokemon World Map
  49. Pokemon MD Special Airs September 28th in Australia
  50. Footage from "Johto League Champions" dub opening
  51. TV Shedule: September-October (TV-Tokyo, CN, Kids' WB!, Boomerang)
  52. How come they stopped airing new episodes on Kids wb
  53. Team Rocket...BORING!
  54. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  55. Where were each of the Battle Facilities in the anime?
  56. Save Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!
  57. Ash's Perfect Team.
  58. Pokemon Contests in Kanto
  59. Here's a 10 Second Sneak Peek of the 10th Pokémon Movie!
  60. Complete Seasons on DVD?
  61. Searching for Mezase Pokemon Master the updated ver.
  62. earn easy money
  63. May's Pokemon
  64. Pokemon:Lucario And The Mystrey Of Mew comes out tommorow.
  65. Who...Or What...is That??
  66. Well...this is it.
  67. Are you made fun of?
  68. garys pokemon
  69. "mentally challenged" pikachu?
  70. D/P Anime Theme
  71. Anyone else tired of iron tail?
  72. cartoon network episodes
  73. Spin-off series?
  74. Question about the Lucario DVD
  75. ash & shinou
  76. Pokemon Opening Ideas
  77. Do you think that that girl...
  78. I hate You! Pikachu!
  79. Pokemon Advanced Box Set Vol 2
  80. May's Battle Fronteir pokemon.
  81. Satoshi/Ash the legendary hero! :D
  82. having windows media player problem
  83. Were the anime characters created by Nintendo
  84. Was 4kids the reason that some people think that Pokemon is stupid
  85. Advanced Battle Question
  86. The best ever pokemon animee episode in any country
  87. TT: 8:00am - Pokemon Research #47, "Let's Research Diamond & Pearl!"
  88. Ranger
  89. A Question About Aipom
  90. What the...
  91. Anyone know when......
  92. Johto Starters
  93. ok, this is weird... (V2)
  94. What will become of May?
  95. If the anime had nicknames for pokemon...
  96. Most needed changes
  97. does Ash show pikachu too much love?
  98. Uh...help?
  99. Character-bashing hurts peoples feelings
  100. What´s the deal with Kingler?
  101. Giovanni's Twin Brother... Jeremy?
  102. Really, really sad.
  103. Pokemon Movie 8!!
  104. why does ash hate totodile?
  105. The Return of Ken Gates???
  106. May's spin-off or whatever is coming soon.
  107. Can someone link me to the eph guide were Misty came back?
  108. Team Galaxy Already Seen??
  109. Please help
  110. Ages
  111. English Dubs
  112. Are all Pokémon 4Ever movies widescreen?
  113. Where do you........
  114. Indigo Box Set to Include Japanese Audio?
  115. The Regi's... (possible spoilers)
  116. ash the casanova
  117. 1 of Ash's future Pokemon
  118. What Else will be in Ash's Party???
  119. Where can i find these in the U.S.
  120. When is Pokemon coming to Australia? V2
  121. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  122. New advanced battle in UK
  123. Uhh Dose
  124. ???Mystery Dungeon Again?
  125. The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon announced for Japan
  126. Talking about downloading episodes
  127. Ash's Dad
  128. again? *might spoil if you don't know the DP pokemon yet*
  129. Please
  130. who dubbed movie 8? 4kids or PUSA
  131. Do you think...
  132. PUSA FIXED IT! (Ekans Mistake)
  133. Is Pokemon Battle Frontier getting so much better?
  134. Misty,May's Personality?
  135. 4 New Dub Titles Announced
  136. Mewtwo's *REAL* origin story.
  137. Team Shinou
  138. How exactly did it happen?
  139. The scuffle of legends
  140. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
  141. Contests
  142. Missing shiny pokemon
  143. Possible DP Link?
  144. Charizard
  145. question
  146. Is it just me or does James seem like a good guy in Battle frontier
  147. pokerap
  148. Ash/Brock's Friendship!
  149. downloads allowed??
  150. Pokemon Season 1.
  151. are you yet used to the new voices?
  152. Does anyone watch pokemon for the pokemon?
  153. May Is Back!!!
  154. D/P movie confirmed
  155. shinjii's pokemon
  156. Anime songs
  157. Can someone please update me?
  158. what is the best episode and what is the worst
  159. Why Ash never GETS a psychic pokemon????
  160. New English CD: Pokemon X - Ten Years of Pokemon.
  161. Makeout
  162. Ash can die now.
  163. Pokemon D/P first episode whole.
  164. Pokemon Song lyrics
  165. Attention: Dubbers and Fans!
  166. The Shinou contest MC?
  167. Dodrio?
  168. Harrisons From Kanto
  169. IF Ash is going to evolve his old Pokémon, which do you hope/think they will be?
  170. Predictions for future episodes
  171. What do you think about James being on team Rocket?
  172. Who voices the pokemon?!
  173. One, or Two?
  174. Ghost Pokemon in the Anime. Too Silly?
  175. Noticed Something Interesting In An Episode
  176. What Episode is this?
  177. Diamond and pearl anime intro and outro
  178. pokemon in the anime which get on your nerves.
  179. Songs at the end or episodes
  180. Your first episode
  181. Ash future pokes
  182. Ashs Pikachu is definately a male
  183. what is the funnyest?
  184. Latios said a naughty word...
  185. Are there any good pictures of Rocket Grunts?
  186. Your pokemon, what would happen in episodes?
  187. What new pokemon do you wish to see in future episodes?
  188. did latias realy got in love with ash
  189. hikaris 3rd pokemon
  190. ash third pokemon
  191. brock second pokemon
  192. pikachu should envolve
  193. jessies shinou pokemon
  194. arneseus
  195. will ash catch ho-oh
  196. voice actors
  197. Pokémon on Toonami Jetstream
  198. something I noticed about the togepi episode
  199. I need to watch all Pokemon episodes!
  200. new clothes
  201. Mystrey Dungeon special in the UK
  202. Not sure if this is appropriate,w/e
  203. is bayleff mad at ash
  204. hikaris pochama
  205. The voices of the Pokemon?
  206. Mystery of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
  207. no!!
  208. Omg!!!
  209. Does Pokemon take place in japan?
  210. Pokemon DVD-only movie ending themes
  211. what is the best movie
  212. deaths/injuries/propertie loss in pokemon
  213. TV series or the games?
  214. New Pokemon on R/S?
  215. ash pokedex
  216. Pokemon Diamon and Pearl episode(Find Pikachu)
  217. Just how accurate are these?
  218. Why no more pitfall's???
  219. Japanese to english Lyrics (you make it)
  220. The WORST Has Happened!
  221. team rocket's motto: new or old?
  222. Major help needed!!! Please look!!!
  223. Favorite pokemon from anime?
  224. Your Favorite Pokemon Episodes
  225. mastermind of mirage pokemon in UK!!!
  226. The Pikachu problem
  227. Here's a fun little question to think about.
  228. Pokemon Jirachi Iwshmaker UK Release
  229. Some random questions about past seasons in Pokemon
  230. Should banned episodes be revived?
  231. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  232. That's a 'should have caught' pokemon
  233. May the copy cat!
  234. Ash's New Voice
  235. Should Ash Come Back For His Pidgeot
  236. Shinji:Ash's first constant rival?
  237. why changed kids wb
  238. I wonder
  239. Question
  240. In Jirachi wshmaker...
  241. Did ash mean Misty?
  242. New Discovery!
  243. Lucario
  244. what are your favorite regions,gymleaders,and pokemon of the anime and why you like t
  245. What Happened to A Little Skitty?
  246. crying episodes
  247. Poor Porygon..
  248. Their voices changed!
  249. mays squirtle
  250. Has anyone noticed...