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  1. How old are the characters?
  2. Uber Attacks
  3. What If
  4. 4 moves only in anime??
  5. Where Can I See The..
  6. May?
  7. Which Pokémon would you want Ash to get back again.
  8. pikachus ability
  9. Pokemon Season 9 Question
  10. Pokemon Season 9 Question
  11. has anyone noticed?
  12. would there still be uncut episodes if the porygon episode was never created?
  13. Dark Gym
  14. Light Type
  15. Complete Pokemon Dub Cast List (Includes ep-by-ep credits)
  16. Bad Rumour
  17. is there is a continuation for...
  18. Lucario and The Mystery of Mew
  19. Voice change?
  20. Should have caught
  21. pokemon teams
  22. Wouldn't It Make Sense?
  23. The D/P anime opening
  24. G/S bal?
  25. What happened to our champion?
  26. Help with What Episode this is.
  27. Is anyone tired of the music used in the background?
  28. Anime ques
  29. TV Schedule: October-November (TV-Tokyo, Cartoon Network, Boomerang)
  30. The G/S ball???
  31. Pokémon Animé
  32. Mastermind Of The Mirage Pokemon...
  33. what new gags do you want to see?
  34. When will the DP Music be out?
  35. A torn team member
  36. pokemon in Canada?
  37. English yell
  38. Orange Island Reruns...where have you gone??
  39. Purpose of the Elite Four?
  40. Ashley!!!!!
  41. Murkrow in anime
  42. Pokémon Chronicles (the first 4 episodes)
  43. ash ho-oh bragging?
  44. how did lugia had a babie
  45. New characters
  46. Why Cophishs Shoots Bubblebeam From It's Claws!
  47. may is
  48. corny, corny very corny
  49. If you were an character in the animé...
  50. Just a question
  51. How do you become a Gym Leader.
  52. new pokemon in old places?
  53. why do people think pokemon's repetitive?
  54. Pokemon: The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon!
  55. new eevee group?
  56. This is What i Figure
  57. what pokemon did the anime make look bad?
  58. Movie 2 Promo Book?
  59. Worst episode title...
  60. Ghost Poke's
  61. Ralt's head
  62. Pokemon Fire Red and leaf green special
  63. Should Team Rocket steal one Pokemon succesfully?
  64. hocus pokemon
  65. Chaotic Contrevoursey!
  66. Ash's Muk and Kingler
  67. ranger special
  68. Not gonna be used?
  69. Not gonna be used?
  70. Not gonna be used?
  71. About Theme Songs
  72. for everyone who watched the mirage special today
  74. Advertisement?
  75. what is the best team rocket sceam and most sucsesful????????
  76. Team Rocket Already got a Rare Pokemon
  77. 4kids Anti-japanese Culture Dictatorship voice your opinion!!
  78. Pokemon Levels
  79. Anime Ponyta
  80. Other Kanto trainers
  81. your favourite pokemon season
  82. your favourite pokemon season
  83. jigglypuff
  84. Max; A lost cause?
  85. OKay another question
  86. The new voices
  87. Anyone know where I can get this DVD?
  88. Pokemon Advanced Challenge Boxset
  89. When did you think they would evolve?
  90. Team membrrs
  91. If you had any Ideas for some improvement in the anime
  92. Anime gym leaders
  93. Anime gym leaders
  94. Hmm
  95. Pokemon Gold and Silver...
  96. Pokemon 10th Anniversary DVD
  97. Does anybody know when the pokemon ranger movie is coming to U.S.
  98. Pokemon Anime Getting Worse?
  99. OMG, May's in Johto!
  100. Ash doesn't grow up
  101. I was thinking...
  102. What is going to happan to the pokemon voices?
  103. Mystery about Pokeballs
  104. misty dreamin pikachu a girl?
  105. over using old pokemon
  106. Are pokemon trainers stupid?
  107. Jessie - Who will she catch in Sinnou??!!
  108. what was the name of the magician girl in pokemon movie 6?
  109. do you think there will be some special episodes about May, MAx, Harley, Drew, etc
  110. dont you think the new voices are getting better with each episode
  111. What do you think Ash and ect team gonna be
  112. wasnt the drowzee that bush and cassidy had on season 2 one of the strongest you seen
  113. did ash always have a tan?
  114. when is Ash getting a haircut?
  115. whos the hottest mom in pokemon? is it ash, brock, or may's mom?
  116. what will be hikaris name in english?
  117. The GS ball?
  118. drews voice
  119. Brock and Felina Ivy
  120. how come people are saying that my threads are stupid?
  121. if the Master Ball is a huge deal, then how come it was only used once?
  122. Toonami UK underrated?
  123. is there a roach pokemon?
  124. did PUSA used the original japanese intro for the mirage special?
  125. was dragonite considered the 3rd strongest pokemon behind mewtwo and mew when
  126. if munchlax and perap were from shinou, then how come ashs pokedex was able to
  127. ok fine, i wont make another thread for the rest of the year since im not liked.
  128. what was the name of the attack of venusaur that he used against combusken
  129. whos the person that ticks you off the most in this site?
  130. Duplica
  131. ? Help Please ?
  132. in what episode was it that ashs phanpy evolved?
  133. so what excatly is a pokemon breeder?
  134. dont you think team aqua/magma were handled really poorly in the anime?
  135. Ashes butterfree.
  136. wasnt the episode "claydoll, big and tall" one of the funniest ever?
  137. Pokemon That Suit Ash
  138. Pokemon That Don't Suit Ash
  139. Most annoying pokemon char?
  140. anyone notice james and may are nice to each other?
  141. Do you consider Pokemon 1 series?
  142. Any News of a new Soundtrack?
  143. jus curious abt characters
  144. pkm prof.
  145. who is team galaxy. are they more dangerous then magma/aqua
  146. is muchlax the preevolve form of snorlax?
  147. if some of the 4th gen.look bad in the games but what about the anime
  148. Pokemon Fights
  149. Can I get one thing straight?
  150. The Johto Journeys
  151. Miscellaneous errors and issues
  152. UNIFORSHIPPING, wouldnt that be awsome?
  153. did it seem like PUSA was using less of the "origonal BGM" in the last two episodes t
  154. Jame's mime jr or chimecho
  155. hi its dechouden, and i just want to say that this will be my last thread
  156. US Get Season 1 on DVD Nov. 21
  157. should a pokemon have subtitles when it talks?
  158. Should officer jenny skirt be shorter? i mean hikari is, why not her?
  159. Question about future DVD's
  160. I miss Misty!
  161. Lucario Attack
  162. Should they explain things in the anime?
  163. Ash's Dad
  164. Harley's More Feminity in Season 9
  165. I'm watching the PUSA dub on CN right now...
  166. Question about the 2nd movie.
  167. Will they EVER release uncut Pokemon?
  168. Areas not in game/Pokemon in Routes not in game
  169. James, villian or victim?
  170. Pikachu
  171. [Closed due to Spoilers]
  172. wonder what pokemon would be like if it wasn't dubbed by 4kids
  173. Best & worst episodes of the pokemon series
  174. Can someone find me a picture?
  175. If max had a pokemon for real....
  176. broks a discrase to his gym
  177. Favorite Pokemon in "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew"?
  178. Episode with baby Lugia, In a rush
  179. Portrayal of Pokemon in the anime
  180. ash and turtles
  181. Eleven Weeks?
  182. Wow look at this
  183. Episodes online??
  184. Looking for direct translations (scripts would be nice) for the D/P episodes.
  185. Weird Dreams?
  186. GS Ball
  187. whos getting the first season of pokemon on dvd?
  188. Pokeball vs Capture styler
  189. Pokemon name pronounciations
  190. Its KARAOKE FRIDAY. Sing your favorite pokemon song!!!
  191. so who is pikachus father?
  192. Ash future DP team
  193. Australia getting Battle Frontier episodes?
  194. It it it it it it it it.....
  195. so when is pokemon movie 9 going to be release in the US?
  196. so where does brock get the table when it is lunchtime?
  197. 10th movie
  198. Did Pokemon go Downhill?
  199. Good D/P M & F names
  200. Elite 4 in the anime
  201. Aerodactyl=/=Mewtwo?!
  202. Ash's Team
  203. Pokemon contests
  204. rasphodly in drew
  205. ignored pokemon
  206. Season One DVD Review Thread
  207. does anyone know a place
  208. does anyone know a place
  209. Team Rocket's Dream.
  210. Team Rocket's Dream.
  211. Movie Easter Eggs
  212. Does Ash...?
  213. WAKAWAKA now subs Pokémon
  214. Legal Online Viewing
  215. Legal Online Viewing
  216. Possible attack
  217. why do people complain about the anime?
  218. why do people call pokemon stupid?
  219. Pokemon D/P Fansubbed!
  220. banned tentacruel episode??
  221. Correct Predictions About the Dub
  222. why are some legendary pokemon excluded from movies?
  223. New Region & Saga!
  224. Male and Female Favorites
  225. what would anime be if pokemon wasn't created?
  226. weird things about teams
  227. Battle Frontier in the UK
  228. holy cow!
  229. Pokemon Season 9 midseason grades
  230. If you were a Anime Character....
  231. origin of mewtwo....
  232. Ash's pokemon
  233. ATTENTION: Should we continue with the Anime Spoilers forum? Everyone please vote!
  234. What is this guys English name?
  235. Johto=/=Battle Frontier?
  236. I was thinking...
  237. ever notice?
  238. Redgreen
  239. Pokemon DP music singles is out....or isn't it?
  240. Psychic Rants
  241. What's you favorite Pokémon?
  242. Move set
  243. pokemon vs digimon
  244. Weirdness,
  245. Ash's Pidgeot
  246. Download PokemonDP subbed!!
  247. Espeon (Zap Cannon)?
  248. What Channel Is The New Saga On ???
  249. Saori's Dub Name
  250. That thing in one of the openings...