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  1. That thing in one of the openings...
  2. Regarding Satoshi s Tauros
  3. New Episodes?
  4. When is Episode #452 airing?
  5. Butterfree
  6. has a CD been released with the BGM and songs of the pokemon anime?
  7. When Is Cartoon Network Giving Pokemon Battle Frontier Reruns?
  8. Whatever Happened to the GS Ball
  9. Why?
  10. I don't understand why...
  11. Pokespecial Manga into anime?
  12. ash becoming pokemon coordinator?
  13. Is Pokemon less Japanese?
  14. 9th Movie due in English in December?
  15. mistakes
  16. What is the name of the series?
  17. One thing I never understood about Pokemon: The First Movie
  18. Shinou movie
  19. Dodgyness
  20. GS ball
  21. Mastermind Redub DVD question
  22. Surprise For Anime Lovers
  23. Yeeaahh...
  24. Why Did Pusa Had To Take Away Mays And Pokemon Spurt Bgm Music?
  25. ok people, make a prediction, is mewtwo going to make another appearance in pokemon?
  26. for how long is Cartton Network giving new episodes of pokemon from monday thru thurs
  27. wasnt the episode "princess vs princess one of the funniest ever?
  28. The Anti-ship thread
  29. Pokemon Cartoon
  30. Why is Jynx considered a steretype?
  31. Brock's Heavy Ball
  32. old or young
  33. Animals in the Pokemon World?
  34. Should the Johto Saga have been 2 seasons
  35. Pokemon Character Pairings
  36. My opinion on Pokemon:BF/new episodes
  37. Bigger Image
  38. Japanese boxsets
  39. as it approches...
  40. Nozomi
  41. Boy did the new voices take their toll...
  42. Brock's Tyranatar?
  43. wobbafet
  44. What would have happend if they replaced May in Orange Island season?
  45. Perappu's american name is coming:what do you think it will be? (SPOILERS)
  46. whatssup meowth
  47. We're about there
  48. Pokemon Battle Fronteir Original Theme Pictures.
  49. what is the deal here
  50. what is the deal here
  51. If You Could Mix and Match...
  52. Quality of Orange Island DVDs
  53. Concerning the movies and DVD release dates.
  54. New Episodes In January?
  55. Brock and Anabel
  56. Isnt pokemon the best thing thats happened to cartoon ntwork ever since....
  57. Charizard De-Volving Temporarily? WTF
  58. Just in case you didnt know...
  59. how old are the charicters?
  60. if you are an Australian please answer this
  61. Max's Pokemon
  62. Episodes left from Batle frontier
  63. which episode was it?
  64. General Pokemon Names Thread
  65. How Hard Contests REALLY Are
  66. ash needs brock
  67. Question on Stairway to Devon
  68. in this thread you can talk about anything in the pokemon series
  69. Pokemon music
  70. Electric TOO strong
  71. Japanese Perception of Pokemon Dub?
  72. The joy mystery
  73. When May grows older, do you think her frontal area will look like Prima(Lorelei)?
  74. Update Charactor Bios?
  75. Who Do You Think Will Die?
  76. Question: HMs in the show?
  77. So whos buying the 9th movie of pokemon coming december 22(japanse)?
  78. i dont live in japan but when is the 9th pokemon movie going to release in us?
  79. Why didn't Ash take Sceptile to Shinou???
  80. subs?
  81. Pokémon Learning League: Your Opinion?
  82. I know I'm late but I finaly saw groudon vs kyogre today...(Spoilers)
  83. I have a question about the instrumental version of Spurt and May's song(I Wont Lose)
  84. Pokémon-Dig?*mon
  85. Music
  86. Can i get some info on pokemon movie 9 music CD
  87. Did gary Get the Marsh badge?
  88. The voice of pikachu
  89. what the japanese producers can now get away with doing since PUSA now dubs the show
  90. Movies and Specials
  91. Porygons in pokemon anime...
  92. how can i watch them?
  93. Ash's Tauros
  94. Ash's Dad
  95. Are Ash, Pikachu, Brock and Misty Republicans or Democrats?
  96. Ash=Pokemon?
  97. Should Veronica Taylor host NBC's "Late Night"?
  98. 9th Movie Release date: April 2nd.
  99. Blue Pokeball!!!
  100. "Temple of the Sea" wallpaper....
  101. PorygonZ official Art
  102. Whats up with PiPi?!
  103. Lucario and the mystery of mew: have you noticed?
  104. New voices
  105. What do you think is Team Rocket's best plan?
  106. oringinal anime
  107. What Are Your Ideas For Pokemon Chronicles?
  108. what level?
  109. which are stronger?
  110. themes in pokemon anime episodes
  111. Another Wallpaper Blowup Needed...
  112. Funniest episodes
  113. Brock's Mother..
  114. Shipping Fic Made Into A Movie
  115. Whats the worst pokemon episode you've seen?
  116. squirtles age
  117. What Pokemon Characters Look Like Other Anime Characters
  118. what legendary?
  119. what pokemon would you have?
  120. Drake's Pink Electabuzz
  121. Box Sets
  122. Future?
  123. which gym episode is the best you have seen???
  124. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  125. beauty and the breede questions
  126. Something wierd I noticed
  127. Pokemon eps
  128. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  129. Pokemon Writers on CRACK
  130. What happened to Max?
  131. Question about Battle Frontier season in North America
  132. The Perfect Episode!
  133. Since PUSA took over the dub
  134. Pokemon "IT"
  135. What pokemon do you hate the most or find most annoying?
  136. Pokemon elite2K reaveals 9th movie logo/release date!
  137. The Chatot episode
  138. 9th movie opening song
  139. Ash's Strongest pokemon.
  140. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  141. OH hell no..
  142. How many of you think Pokemon is the best anime?
  143. The differance in moves.
  144. Japanese talking about American voice change?
  145. yay good news for canadians
  146. Where do the Pokemon movies fit in the storyline?
  147. Who's sick of Ash?
  148. Why is Ash not famous?
  149. Pokémon Season 3 & 4 DVD Release (AUST)
  150. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  151. Movie 9 Dub News
  152. Will Jessie Ever catch a Sinnoh Pokemon? (make predictions here)
  153. Pokemon Chronicles season 2
  154. pokemon movies location
  155. Which movie?
  156. Episodes online?
  157. Quick Question
  158. Shiny that isn't on the list
  159. Movie lengths?
  160. If you could change things about the anime...
  161. to the fans who stopped watching because of the voices
  162. Pronouncing Problems
  163. I found this kind of odd...
  164. Are the movies considered part of the anime?
  165. Shiny Pokemon
  166. What do the Characters really look like?
  167. does pokemon seem to get special dubbing priviliges?
  168. does pokemon seem to get special dubbing priviliges?
  169. Pokemon Season 1 Part 2
  170. Why didn't team rockets wobbufet become the leader of mirage islands wynaut?
  171. Do you know anything about the tenth movie?
  172. Do you find that Ash is dumb?
  173. Battle Frontier in the UK
  174. About Koitsu
  175. Ash's age
  176. New pokemon
  177. Should there be a new pikachu?
  178. Pokemon Anime style
  179. pokemon 1st movie 16x9
  180. Will Team Rocket be there 'till the end?
  181. insane theories
  182. IMPORTANT NEW RULE!!! Everyone please read! (May contain D/P spoilers)
  183. May's Pokemon
  184. a whole episods
  185. Pokemon...the ultimate filler
  186. Brandon and his Regis
  187. Chatot Rap lyrics?
  188. Pokémon Learning League strikes again!
  189. anime tradition
  190. DVD Question
  191. Will we ever see...
  192. D/P subs
  193. [Closed Due to Spoilers]
  194. Kanto in AG style?
  195. ash's trainer card
  196. Pokemon Episodes - - - ->
  197. What's the name of that song....
  198. For Nostalgic Purposes...
  199. The Gs ball
  200. The Gs ball
  201. Italian Pokemon TV Theme
  202. Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea..
  203. Animé Ribbons
  204. Game "realism?"
  205. Gotta Catch'em All Over the World!
  206. US Hoenn saga ending before D/P come out?
  207. I miss Duplica
  208. Sinnoh mentioned...
  209. The new Episode titles.
  210. Most under showcased Pokémon?
  211. Pokemon Chronicles
  212. What happened to Brock?
  213. Pokemon books
  214. why don't the movies air in cinemas?
  215. Pokemon Ranger Release Date and Bonus News!
  216. Anyone get the puns in BF?
  217. battle frontier in Canada?
  218. Movie/Episode Viewing Order
  219. Team Galactic moto
  220. May's wish
  222. Parody
  223. D/P preview?
  224. Pikachu's thundertail
  225. wrong name for attacks
  226. She/he/it?
  227. Animation
  228. Pokemon.com funny letter about the G.S ball
  229. Battle frontier in UK?
  230. Season One DVD box set 2?
  231. whats your favourite pokemon movie
  232. Canada not getting BF
  233. Rate the seasons out of 10.
  234. Favorite episode
  235. what pokemon did the anime make look bad?
  236. Some questions
  237. What do you think?
  238. Random Explosions
  239. Pokemon Predictions
  240. Its about time!
  241. New Movie 9 Info: Those hoping for widescreen/dual languages, BEWARE!!!
  242. Pokemon: Battle Fronteir finally in the UK!
  243. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - The Anime
  244. what the? pokemon got moved?
  245. Sabrina Gym Episode Question
  246. Am I the only one who says
  247. Replacing Ash
  248. When do the movies take place?
  249. Why are pokemon in episodes earlier than they were supposed to be in?
  250. is max gay?