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  1. R.J. - Legacy of a Master
  2. Pokemon, Asylum of the Damned Style!
  3. The Forest Newbie
  4. One of Many
  5. Hoenn League: A Brendan and May Adventure
  6. Adventures in Poke-sitting!
  7. The Adventures of Yoshi rated PG-13
  8. My Fan Fic: Danger from the earth and skies!
  9. The Skull of the Cubone
  10. L.O.A: Protectors of Peace
  11. Irony (one-shot)
  12. When Dreams Fade
  13. Pokemon_Impact
  14. The Prophet Of Nautre And She Who Is Without Equal
  15. "Pokémon the Movie 8.5" (my first non-Intensity fanfic)
  16. Final Battle Saga! (PG-13)
  17. James's Moneymaking Scheme (One-shot Comedy Fic)
  18. PKMN X-treme
  19. ~Pokémon Master (one-shot, rewrite)~
  20. Sunset Beach (yet another one of my rewritten one-shots that nobody will notice ¬¬)
  21. PKMN Origins: The Johto Saga
  22. ~¤Life of a Legend: Mewtwo¤~
  23. ~¤Life of a Legend: Mew¤~
  24. Worlds Away
  25. The Trials of the Pendant! (The First Fanfic series I ever made.)
  26. Double Blast Off (Big E’s 2nd Team Rocket comedy one-shot fic)
  27. Hidden Rage: Part 1 of the Morph Chronicles
  28. Destined Flames
  29. ~¤Life of a Legend: Lugia¤~
  30. ~¤Life of a Legend: Ho-Oh¤~
  31. ~¤Jirachi's Dream¤~
  32. ~¤Eyes of Ho-Oh: Final Trials¤~
  33. Pokemon_Impact: Series 2
  34. ~Wings~(One-shot)
  35. That Pesky Pichu (Comedy One-shot)
  36. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 1 (Rated TV-14)
  37. PKMN Origins: Return of the Beasts (Sequel, PG)
  38. ~Inevitable~(one-shot)
  39. Blessed Liquid (Oneshot - R)
  40. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 2 (Rated TV-14)
  41. A Life's Worth (Oneshot - R)
  42. Final Fantasy: X to 7
  43. Ancient People
  44. ~Remnants~(one-shot)
  45. Pokemon The Movie: Ho-oh and The Sacred Flame
  46. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 3 (Rated TV-14)
  47. Pokemon Angels (Vol.1, revised)
  48. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 4 (Rated TV-14)
  49. Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates (PG-13)
  50. Within One's Reach (Oneshot - R)
  51. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 5 (Rated TV-14)
  52. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 6 (Rated TV-14)
  53. REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 7 (Rated TV-14) (FINAL SEASON)
  54. "Pokémon: Intensity" HoSo Specials - As close to Season 8 as I'm getting
  55. Bonds- poems
  56. Jolteon [this oneshot has a crappy name](warning: blood and gore)
  57. Honor Among Thieves (PG-13)
  58. Only Fools and More Fools (Another TR Comedy One-shot)
  59. Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1.5)
  60. Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2)
  61. Decision
  62. The One (one-shot, VERY DIFFERENT)
  63. A Tribute to Ross Ferguson's "Journey of Champion: in Kanto" With Intro by Mister F
  64. Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2.5)
  65. The Life of a Hero, Pokemon Master
  66. The Chaos Emerald Frontier
  67. Pokemon Angels (Vol. 3)
  68. Umbreona (PG13)
  69. The untalented Team Rocket (Another TR Comedy One-shot) Rated U
  70. Brother My Brother
  71. Learning to Heal the Hurt - Book I: Fire Red
  72. Shadow Beauty [ONE-SHOT]
  73. PokeTalk!! The Pokemon based Talk show
  74. The Pokemon Rebellion
  75. Frozen (One-shot...yep, I did one...)
  76. Pokemon Angels (Vol. 4)
  77. Battlefield Tamamushi: The Ultimate Tournament *Revised* (rated PG-13)
  78. Soulless: The story of a Game Corner pokemon
  79. ~Different~(one-shot)
  80. "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 8 (I'm back, baby!)
  81. Untamed Serenity [One-shot]
  82. Feelin’ lucky, punks? (Another TR Comedy One-Shot)
  83. Final Choice(One-shot)
  84. Final Link(One Shot)
  85. The Ebb and Flow of Reason
  86. The Drama of Serebii
  87. My Happy Ending (PG-13, One-Shot)
  88. Pokemon Impact 3 (Rated PG13)
  89. -[The Fairy-Tale Sea]-
  90. Getting Her Back [PG, One-Shot]
  91. The Untitled Poem. (My First Poem.)
  92. Happy Halloween! (One-shot)
  93. The Thanksgiving Dinner War! (Comedy part come later so yeah it's a comedy one shot)
  94. Halloween Casino Night! (Comedy one shot)
  95. Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Another Comedy/Parody One-Shot starring… yes, TR)
  96. The Ash and Pikachu Show! (Season 1)
  97. Darkness Days; a Song
  98. Shadows of Fear
  99. Eternity's Prison
  100. Pokemon: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (NC-17)
  101. Christmas Costume Calamity! (Comedy/Parody One-Shot Christmas Special starring TR)
  102. Contaminated Freedom (Oneshot - R)
  103. Into My Woods ~PG-13~
  104. PokeTalk!: The Catastrophic Christmas Special
  105. The Dog Pit *one-Shot* warning violance
  106. The Forum (humour, one-shot, very short)
  107. The Wynaut Ep Rewrite - One Shot
  108. "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 9
  109. Firelight (PG, May/Drew)
  110. Imprison (Humour, one-shot, extremely short)
  111. Gray
  112. A Pokemon Christmas Story!
  113. The Wonderful Thief of Christmas (Holiday One-shot, Poem)
  114. Transcending Destiny (Pokemon Fantasy One-shot)
  115. Four Weddings, A Funeral, and A Baby (PG-13)
  116. Joltarrow - the Rogue Fighter (oneshot)
  117. The Ash and Pikachu Show! (Season 2)
  118. Comin’ To Getcha! (TR Comedy/Parody One-Shot… with some scary moments)
  119. The Final Dance. One Shot.
  120. The Phantom of the Monostar PG-13 (Parody/LONG One-shot/Story)
  121. The Cheese Wheel - WARNING, insainty inside!
  122. The Ties that Bind (One-Shot)
  123. A Series of Strange Events (PG-13)
  124. My Lost Child \/Oneshot\/
  125. Ascension - Rise of the new Lich King
  126. The Mankey Song (a songfic)
  127. Lucki
  128. The Cabin ((OneShot))
  129. Dear Little Rocking Horse
  130. Pokemon: Revolution Johto
  131. A Pinch of Salt and a Few Splats (TR Comedy One-Shot)
  132. Legends of the Past
  133. A Midsummer Night's Dream (Pokemon Version)
  134. The Ash and Pikachu Show! (Season 3)
  135. Conspiracy (Possibly PG-13)
  136. Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow
  137. "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 10
  138. The Battle for Friendship (PG)
  139. Coincidence or Destiny?
  140. A Scarlet Christmas (Rated R)
  141. Watchers of Raikou (PG-13)
  142. ~+*Time's Sweetest Illusion*+~
  143. ~Escape~ (One-shot)
  144. Loyalty (One-Shot)
  145. ~Artemis~ (One-Shot)
  146. Shadows of Fear: Return of Cipher
  147. Shadow's Claw {One shot}
  148. The Beginning of the War.
  149. The Final Dance - One shot
  150. Photograph (One-Shot Songfic)
  151. Where are all the shinnies? ~*Oneshot*~
  152. Jerry the Feraligatr Hunter (TR Comedy One-Shot)
  153. Lonely Mother ^Prequel to 'My lost child'*^ oneshot
  154. Forced Paradise (PG-13)
  155. Soccer Stupidity (TR Comedy One-Shot)
  156. Hiro's Ghost (one shot by me)
  157. The Forgotten Son
  158. Cries in the Dark (One Shot)
  159. Dividing the Bones (One-Shot)
  160. One shot: Destiny’s Uncertainty
  161. Pallet is mine, and so are you
  162. Why? A short SasuSaku poem
  163. Chance (Short Story)
  164. Happy Bad Day (Comedy One-Shot)
  165. Jump {One-shot} (PG)
  166. - Rarity - (One-Shot) (G)
  167. What the Heck?! (a crossover featuring Naruto and Xiaolin Showdown)
  168. The Insanity (OneShot/BLOODY!)
  169. Possession - Oneshot
  170. Sprites of Ice and Flame
  171. Arasthe - One Shot
  172. In Lieu of Perfection [T]
  173. Another Day in Paradise (One-Shot Songfic)
  174. Aloha! Pokémon
  175. The snow falls gently [short story] (PG)
  176. Psychotic Desire (Poem)
  177. Brian Powell’s Christmas Carol (Chaptered comedy fic)
  178. Scyther's Story (Death is not to be feared), NaNoWriMo 2006
  179. End of the Pokemon World Series/ Book One: Jirachi And The Ritual
  180. Home
  181. Benevolence {One-Shot}
  182. Sandstorm One-Shot
  183. Not for Long (One-Shot)
  184. Deprivation
  185. Simplicity (Comedy/Drama)
  186. Perish Song - One Shot
  187. There's no place like home
  188. ~ Keeping My Sanity: Mirrorscape ~
  189. Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth
  190. The Powers of Land, Sea, and Sky
  191. ~ The Taming of the Northern Wind ~
  192. End of The Pokemon World Series, Book Two: Raikou's Fury
  193. ~ Heart of the Magma ~
  194. Ashes of Johto (Sacred Fire #1) [PG-13]
  195. Why Can’t the World Stop? (One-Shot)
  196. Hoenn Insane: The Version of R/S/E You Didn't See
  197. Hearts: Such fickle things (One-Shot) Cert: PG13
  198. Meowth: Love Impossible! (Comedy One-Shot)
  199. Nightmare (one-shot, Quest for the Legends spin-off)
  200. Starting Anew (a Myths and Legends One-Shot)
  201. Red Temper! Red Curry! Red Nose Day! (Red Nose Day/Comic Relief Special)
  202. Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain
  203. Pokemon Revolution: Advent Phoenix (Rated T)
  204. No One Knows But You
  205. The Sevii Islands Saga
  206. May Interuppted [Rated R for adult themes]
  207. The Janitor (Comedy/Parody One-Shot)
  208. Morphic (R, possibly offensive to some)
  209. Pokémon Origins Vol. III: The War of Armageddon [PG-13]
  210. Pouncer (One-Shot)
  211. The Powers of Time and Space
  212. Stir of The Thunderstorm [PG-13]
  213. The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum
  214. Surrender (One-Shot)
  215. Blazing Dreams: The Journey To Be The Best
  216. The Rising Storm.
  217. If I Could Take It Back (One-Shot)
  218. Pokemon Crusade
  219. The Pretty Short Stories Of Bill Fireman (Comedy/Parody One-Shot)
  220. +Ash's Tears+ [PG-13]
  221. Blazing Dreams: Legends Of Sinnoh
  222. Nothing, Everything [PG-13]
  223. Trials2: War of Legends
  224. Aftershock
  225. If You Ever Care (One-Shot)
  226. Live Together, Die Together (Short Story)
  227. Never Forgotten (One-Shot)
  228. Reawakened
  229. My Sinnoh Fan-Fic
  230. Shades of Gray: A Kingdom Hearts Fic
  231. The Best Way To Get Things... (Comedy One-Shot)
  232. The Fall of a Leader (NaNoWriMo 2007)
  233. Fulfilment (one-shot)
  234. Presents Inheritance (Comedy/Parody One-Shot Special Christmas Special)
  235. Looking Back (one-shot)
  236. Blazing Dreams: The Phantom Overlord (One-Shot)
  237. The Five Stalkers: Attack of the Drones
  238. ~ Another Ordinary Day ~
  239. Taming Evil
  240. The Last Night (one-shot)
  241. Pokémon Academy: The Arrival of A Coordinator!
  242. Eggs-ellent Stories, Rubbish Title (Comedy/Parody One-Shot Easter Special)
  243. Letting Go (one-shot)
  244. Final Fantasy: Tales of the Crystals (Book 1: Darkness Crystal Before Dawn)
  245. A Fool [one-shot]
  246. Mewtwo in Subspace Emissary (A Brawl One-Shot)
  247. Four Island High [One-shot]
  248. Stars
  249. Broken (one-shot)
  250. [One-Shot]MaNS: Rising Mettle!