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  1. What Do You Look For in a Role Play?
  2. Super Smash Bros- The Search for the Gem [Discussion thread here]
  3. Dungeons & Dragons
  4. Pokemon Adventures: Unova Dreams(Discussion)
  5. SSB The Search for the Gem Discussion
  6. Character Development
  7. Persona: OP
  8. Weapons: The Gathering Dark (Discussion Thread)
  9. To PVP or Not to PVP
  10. Reusing Characters
  11. Adventures in Niyon [Discussion Thread]
  12. What's your favorite and least favorite things about RPing?
  13. Character Death
  14. Stuck at home with SBURB 2 [DT]
  15. "Method" RPGing
  16. Powers Discussion Thread
  17. Pokemon rp!
  18. Project Legends V2 Discussion Thread
  19. Poke-Hunger Games RPG [PG-15] Discussion Thread
  20. RPing a character that has the opposite gender of yourself.
  21. Pokemon Trainer Journey RPG's
  22. Looking For: Pokémon [OnexOne] Role Play
  23. Red, Gold, Ruby and Pearl? Pokewhat? (Discussion)
  24. Would you play a prehistoric Pokémon RP?
  25. A Pokemon 1X1 Roleplay?
  26. Echo of Time (Discussion)
  27. Pokemon: The Ultimates (Discussion Thread)
  28. Pokémon – The Omega Plate (Pg-15) Discussion
  29. New Pokemon RPG Ideas
  30. Broken Sun RP Discussion and Background
  31. Space Disscusion Thread
  32. [DS] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin
  33. Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (discussion)
  34. The Rocket Rebellion (Rated PG-13) - Discussion Thread
  35. Planeswalkers (Discussion Thread)
  36. Do you prefer running an RPG, or just being in one?
  37. Persona- BOSS
  38. Explorers of the Unknown RP Disscussion Thread
  39. Things you don't want to see ever again in the RPG Forum
  40. Digimon Hunters: Rise of Chaosmon OCC Thread
  41. The Element of PvP
  42. .pocket//TRAINER [R-15] Discussion Thread
  43. B★RS - IS (Discussion Thread)
  44. Digimon: Y2KV (Discussion thread)
  45. Crimson Moon: Valiant Tales (Discussion)
  46. Looking for someone to RP with!
  47. Pokemon: Unova Chronicles Discussion Thread
  48. Divine Discussion (version 2)
  49. PMD: AS (Discussion)
  50. Digimon: The New Order (PG-15) - Discussion Thread
  51. Digimon: The Tributes - Discussion Thread
  52. PMD RPG: The Shining Game (Discussion)
  53. [DS] Team Elite - "Because Money Talks!" Discussion
  54. Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (PG)- Discussion Thread
  55. Looking for a RP to joi/wanting to post a RP idea to see who's interested? Come here!
  56. Persona: Fallen Paradise (Discussion Thread)
  57. Rp concept makers meet interested RPers! Come here!
  58. Enlightenment Evolution Chronicles Vol I Discussion Thread
  59. Armored Core - Discussion (PG-13)
  60. PMD: The Forbidden Chapters (Discussion Thread)
  61. Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (Discussion Thread)
  62. [Help Needed] A Co-Owner
  63. Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems [Discussion Thread, Rated PG-13]
  64. Teen Titans: Future Imperfect Discussion and Information Archive
  65. Pokémon 2012: Überload [Discussion Thread]
  66. [CIO] Discussion Thread
  67. The Archetype: Chronicles of Vashtanol
  68. Team Freewill [Discussion Thread]
  69. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey Into the Frontier [Discussion Thread]
  70. Re: TETB Discussion
  71. [DS] Realix Academy [DS]
  72. Roads to Madness: A Survival/Psychological Horror Game Discussion Topic
  73. Zombie RP brainstorming Thread
  74. [Discussion Thread] Islands of Origin
  75. Escape From PokeTopia: Disscussion Thread
  76. S P I R I T [Discussion Thread]
  77. Persona: Death's Requiem [DQ Thread]
  78. d20 Pokemon RPG
  79. Pokemon Mage Discussion Thread
  80. Digimon Chronicles: The Battle for Parallel Worlds! Discussion Topic
  81. Tale of Heroes - Part 1: Reign of Diaz[DISCUSSION]
  82. Cross x S[i]N (DT)
  83. The Shadow Journal - Discussion Tread
  84. [R] One Piece: Age of Dreams! Discussion Thread
  85. QUISTA: The Guardian's Mantra (Discussion)
  86. Digimon Reconnect: DSA (discussion thread)
  87. [PG-16] Brave New World: Return of the Magi Discussion Thread
  88. Honor [Discussion Thread]
  89. Pokemon: Return of Darkness (Discussion)
  90. Castlevania CoD Discussion
  91. The Darkness That Bonds (RP Discussion)
  92. Devil Survivor: TML (Discussion Thread)
  93. Autumn Nights (Discussion thread)
  94. My Little Pony: The New Elements (Discussion Thread) [PG-13]
  95. The Grimm Life (PG-13) Discussion Thread
  96. Pokemon like tabletop rpg
  97. "George's House" | A Pokémon Only RP | Discussion
  98. Shadow Necrosis Discussion
  99. World building idea / Pokemon + Skinwalkers + earlier historical period
  100. ☆ A Tale of Heroes (M)[DISCUSSION]
  101. Gijinka Project Reborn Discussion Thread
  102. Good Writing Application [Help]
  103. Cordoned Discussion
  104. My Little Pony: Elements of Assimilation Discussion and Information Archive
  105. The Darkness That Bonds Discussion Thread!
  106. Baptism By Fire Discussion
  107. Digimon: Paradise Lost [Discussion and OOC]
  108. After Halcyon Days Discussion
  109. Derelict Discussion
  110. Gauntlet of the Greek God Guardians Discussion Thread
  111. Castle of the Vampire King (Rated R) Discussion
  112. From Ashes Rise Discussion Thread
  113. Justice League: Martial Law (A DC Comics RP, Rated M) Discussion Thread
  114. The Elementalists Discussion Thread
  115. A Tale of Heroes (M)[Discussion]
  116. Cardcaptor RPG Creation & Discussion Thread
  117. The RPG Café Rules
  118. The kinds of RP features you enjoy the most
  119. RPs you wish would get a reboot
  120. RPing Pet Peeves
  121. Persona: Drifting into Darkness Discussion
  122. The Shadow Club (Discussion Thread)
  123. Character Interviews
  124. The War Within [Discussion]
  125. Reusing Characters
  126. The Gijinka Project - Discussion Thread
  127. Morph Legends 3.0 (Discussion)
  128. Teen Titans Undercover: Jailbreak (PG-13) D
  129. Pokemon Conquest - Hero of Ransei (Discussion thread)
  130. The Answer and Ask Thread!
  131. After Halcyon Days II: Stirring Ashes Discussion Thread!
  132. Kanto Skies [Discussion]
  133. What got you into RPing (and why you stay!)
  134. Pokémon: Dangerous Fusion - Discussion Thread
  135. Pokéventure Fun Park Discussion
  136. Digimon: Civil War - the *Reboot* (Dicussion)
  137. Children of Legend Redux (Discussion)
  138. 2015 RPG Ball discussion thread!
  139. (Rated 15+) Digimon X: Conspiracy Discussion Thread
  140. Honor [Discussion]
  141. Kindred [DT] (PG-13)
  142. Discussion of Control Freaks Contest Royal - TT RPG (Rated PG-13)
  143. Shadow Necrosis: Ripe With Decay [Discussion]
  144. Kalos Chronicles Discussion Thread
  145. Digimon: Unholy Crusade - the *Reboot* (Discussion)
  146. Digimon: The Mystery of E.V.E (Discussion)
  147. Night of the Golden Witch (Info and Discussion)
  148. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP (Discussion and ideas.)
  149. Desolate Land Diaries: The Discussion Thread of the Dangerous Dune Rats
  150. Discussion of Titans: Red War - TT RPG (Rated R)
  151. Digimon: The Seven Seals (Discussion Thread)
  152. Mythos: The Return of Magic Discussion Thread
  153. Halcyon Academy (Discussion)
  154. Legend's Guardians [Discussion Thread]
  155. Health and injury systems.
  156. The Legendary Awakening [Discussion Thread]
  157. Broken Fairy Tale Discussion (Rated R)
  158. Do you reuse old characters or start fresh?
  159. What do you look for in SUs?
  160. Fire Emblem: Ascension Discussion Thread (Rated PG-16)
  161. Devil Survivor: The Manhattan Lockdown V2.0 (DT)
  162. Dunes [Discussion]
  163. Mechanics/Combat Rules: Yes or No?
  164. Madame Belladonna’s Discussion Thread for Maliciously Gifted RPers (PG-13)
  165. Johto Adventures - A Pokemon Trainer RP. (Discussion Thread)
  166. How to Improve RP Activity, a Salon
  167. 1942: A Hogwarts RP [Discussion Thread]
  168. Summer School Paradise (Discussion Thread)
  169. How do you create your characters?
  170. When did you start RPing?
  171. Favorite RP Settings
  172. (U)topia [DT]
  173. Kingsworn | A Dark Fantasy Roleplay (The Discussion)
  174. Pokemon Tabletop United
  175. Fire Emblem: Asunder [Discussion] [PG-16]