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  7. elemental war: war of the nations disscussion thread
  8. I need help with a Pocket Hearts II!
  9. Return of Team Rocket disscusion
  10. Rpg Winter Ball
  11. possible Dragonball RPG?
  12. Metamorphic Battles Discussion
  13. FMA: Rebellion dicussion thread
  14. Sonic Adventure 3 End of Humanity Disscuissoin
  15. The Time Land Forgot; Discussion thread
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  18. Need to know if this is OK.
  19. The Army of Death discussion thread
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  21. New RPG Advice Thread - Your Help Needed
  22. Rise of Team Dark Discussion
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  25. Water world 2.0 discussion thread
  26. I have an idea for a Pokemon trainer academy-type rp.
  27. Just another Zelda Idea
  28. Essence of the Elementals Discussion
  29. Unseen War: Lingering ~offical discussion thread~
  30. L.C.S.R.C. RPG (Please review the idea.)
  31. Metal Sonic's Revenge Discussion Topic
  32. PHT Virus Outbreak:C.o.t.D. Discussion
  33. pure fantasy (in the making please help.)
  34. The RPG Pokemon League Discussion Thread
  35. I need help with a new comedy/adventure Rp!
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  38. Help with plot, please.
  39. Spyro Rp Idea
  40. Stand and Fight Discussion
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  42. Rejected: Ashes of a Dying Evil (Discussion Thread)
  43. Rise of Atlantis: The Island Nation
  44. Discussion Thread for Chimera: Bid for Freedom
  45. I'm desperate for help with a Pocket Hearts II Remake!
  46. Meeting of Abyss Discussion Thread
  47. Needin' RPG help.
  48. Yugioh: Rise of the Kettou Seven Star Assassins discussion thread
  49. Yep, an idea.
  50. Spyro: Wrath of Skull Discussion
  51. Bo-Bo-Bo Rpg (Help me out.)
  52. L.C.S.R.C. RPG (Discussion Thread)
  53. FFVII RPG idea, really need help.
  54. Animon, the begaining
  55. In need of inspiration...
  56. Outbreak: A Nintendo/Realitly RPG discussion thread
  57. Pokemon can talk?! Discussion Thread.
  58. Soul Calibur Rpg.
  59. tips on yu yu hakusho rpg
  60. Tales of Memoria Information & Discussion
  61. + Zodiac: The Race For Time + [Discussion Thread]
  62. Super Smash Bros. Discussion
  63. KH: Hearltess Siege-Discussion
  64. Anyone wanna know about a cool pokemon rpg?
  65. Chronicles of the Shadow Pokemon Calamity Discussion Thread
  66. Pokemon: Elemental island Journies
  67. yu yu hakusho rpg (mixed with .hack only for like twin blade)
  68. Need help with improving sign-up!
  69. Ultimate destruction(improved)
  70. X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity Information and Discussion
  71. Best Pokemon Rpg Around!
  72. ~Wind of Change~ *Disscussion/Information*
  73. Golden Sun: The Rising Star
  74. Cafe Rules - READ NOW
  75. Pokemon Double Battle League Discussion
  76. Your Guardian Shadow Discussion Thread
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  78. *Grabs cup of cofee* RPG idea's?
  79. Kage Island: Discussion
  80. Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos Discussion Thread
  81. Digimon: X-Warrior Revolution Discussion Thread.
  82. SeeDs Discussion
  83. Digimon Adventure: Generation Discussion Thread
  84. The Legend of the Isle of Doom: Stranded (Disscusion)
  85. ~Hiding the Legendaries~ ~Disscussion~
  86. The Castle In The Sky RPG Cafe Thread
  87. Xiaolin Showdown/Sonic RPG: Chaotic Struggle Discussion Thread
  88. ATTN: RPG enthusiats
  89. Tease.
  90. The Form We Take ~*Grab a cup of coffee and lets talk!*~
  91. Digimon: Viral Assault of the Mirror Crests *Discussion*
  92. Digimon: Messenger RPG
  93. Discussion Topic for Chimera bid for freedom
  94. The Elite Team of Hero's~ Talk, Posts help and much more!~
  95. Pokemon trios of destruction discussion
  96. Island of Lost Souls *Discussion*
  97. Living Dreams: Discussion Thread
  98. Attack of the Legends ~talk and help topic~
  99. Code Lyoko: New generation discussion
  100. Pokemon Wind Riders Help-Ideas, tips, whatever help needed
  101. ~KH: The New Generation: Help and stuff~
  102. Attack of the Legends~Talk and help~
  103. Grove’s Lab: Pokémon Belrie Help
  104. IDEA: Pokemon: The Magical Guardians
  105. Pokemon: The Magical Guardians discussion
  106. Final Fantasy -Origins of Neo Babylon- /Discussion/
  107. Team Rocket Covert Ops.-Questions ideas any thing relavent
  108. Sins of our Fathers - Discussion
  109. Reality Television RPGs
  110. Hiding the Legendaries: help and stuff
  111. ~The Hybrid/Scientist War~help and such
  112. Possible requirement for a new game.
  113. RPG IDEAS - Share your thoughts here
  114. RPG School for Beginners
  115. Private RPG Discussion
  116. Kingdom Hearts: A Heart in Darkness Information and Discussion
  117. FFVII: Rebirth Of Armageddon, The Discussion Thread
  118. Furaba-New Generation Discussion
  119. Eragon RPG
  120. I Need Help (Down with the Dynasty)
  121. Return of Abyssion *punch and chips are provided*
  122. Yu-gi-oh: Dawn of the seven revivals discusion thread
  123. Tears of Jewels Additional Info/Discussion Thread
  124. Pokemon Superheroes! OOC = Out Of Character!
  125. Harry Potter RPG--Voldemort's Earliest Schemes [PG]
  126. Kingdom Nicktoons RPG Discussion
  127. Pokemon: Belrie pokemon league
  128. Suggestions for God Complex
  129. X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity Information and Discussion
  130. The First People - Pokemon Warriors~Discussion
  131. Down with the Dynasty Discussion
  132. RPG Forum Feedback & Suggestions
  133. Pokemon End Game RPG cAFE
  134. PKMN 3000 Discussion/Inquiry/Info
  135. Pokemon: The land of Phobena
  136. Kanto Adventures .:The Information You Need:..:also discuss it here:.
  137. Yugioh! Shining Aybss gateway! RPG
  138. Revenge of the Wolves, discuss it here
  139. Pokemon World Circuit RPG cafe
  140. The stars of Cerulean city-talkie!
  141. Harry Potter: Voldemort's Earliest Schemes (Discussion)
  142. Pokemo Universe RPG cafe
  143. Pokemon Universe RPG cafe
  144. Team Aero help thread.
  145. Feral Forest: The Discussion Thread
  146. Digimon: X-Warrior Revolution
  147. OMG It's BILLY BOB and his cousin JAKE JOB :All people posting shortly read please:
  148. Super Smash Bros.: Dawn of Shadow Snake help.
  149. Official discussion of Zatch Bell: Take over of a Millenium
  150. Rise of Team Dark Discussion(V 2.0)
  151. Nautomaton's Reign: a Xiaolin Showdown/Sonic RP Disscussion thread
  152. Recorses
  153. Teen Titans NHC discussion thread
  154. Silent tears: Red sky in Johto (t3h discussion thread)
  155. Spirits of Titan: Discussion and Idea Thread
  156. A normal rpg
  157. Hoenn's cry, a discussion.
  158. Sky High Gx...lets talk.
  159. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ~Discussion~
  160. Star Wars:Pokemon Adventures~Discussion
  161. Deepening Darkness: The Disscussion Thread
  162. Jassy and Jiggly: Let's discuss
  163. The Runaway Café (Neutral Zone)
  164. Need an Idea
  165. Digimon: Elemental Crisis discussion
  166. The Curse of the Guardians-Help and Such
  167. The Hard Solrock Café (Liaison in Larousse)
  168. Xaiolin Showdown: Next Generation Dragons Help Thread
  169. Naruto - A new generation
  170. new pokemon adventure chose your character for this adventure
  171. Essence of the Elementals Café
  172. Naruto: A New Generation. Let's talk.
  173. The Information for the Awaken Gods
  174. Return of Abyssion V.2 Cafe (Juice and Cookies provided this time ^^)
  175. Assassins :: All Souls [Discussion]
  176. Surviving High School Discussion
  177. Fullmetal Alchemist ۞ Earthshine ۞ Ad Infinitum (Discussion thread)
  178. Discussion thread for CAVD School of Magic
  179. ledgend alliance discussion thread.
  180. Digimon, Rise of the Digidestined! Discuss
  181. Pokémon Origins: The Great War (Statistics/Discussion Thread)
  182. Digimon Online: Discussion
  183. Fan-fic Rpg
  184. Digimon Warriors: The Talismans of Defendomon (Discussion Thread)
  185. Which one would be better?
  186. Guardians of the Powers Discussion Thread
  187. Digimon: The New Royal Knights (Discussion)
  188. The experiment-talk and what not
  189. Similar opposites Discussion thread
  190. Legendary Reawakening Help and Discussion Thread
  191. Digimon online V2 discussion
  192. The mecha pokemon help and discussion.
  193. Isles of Twilight Discussion
  194. Changelings ~Discussion, Help and whatnot~
  195. Help Please
  196. how to become a game master
  197. BAI Campus - OOC Thread for Pokemon Battle Academy!
  198. Help for a future RPG wanted
  199. Pokemon: Re-rise of Cipher-discussion
  200. Scarred Discussion/Notes
  201. Yugioh: An Assassin's Requiem Discussion Thread
  202. ~Guardians of Magic Help'n'Such~
  203. Pokemon: An island without humans, discussion
  204. DX:Darkness Exodus
  205. Rise of the Desert, Fall of Elements--- The Cafe
  206. Pokemon: Zone Challenge help and other stuff thread.
  207. Elemental Quest Discussion
  208. I'm considering starting an RPG site
  209. Info on "The good Team Cipher" RPG (God... I hope I'm doing this right...)
  210. Sin Children- Brethren of Demons- Cafe
  211. Pokemon Contest Master Discussion
  212. Mynto Data Files
  213. Pokemon:rebellion Disscussion And Info Thread
  214. .Hack//CHAT
  215. Pokemon Battle island. Discuss
  216. Pokemon: The Transfer. The Discussion//
  217. PMD: End to End {Discussion}
  218. Kanto: Rediscovered. Help, discussion and information thread
  219. Pokemon: VirtuaFighters Discussion Thread
  220. ~Hybrid/Scientist War v.2~ Help'n'Such
  221. Ruin Café
  222. Pokemon The End Discussion
  223. The Second Annual Winter Ball Commences
  224. Midnight - Discussion
  225. The New Holon Sega Discussion
  226. Pokemon Battle Academy: Campus Center
  227. Pokemon Mystery Discussion
  228. Pokemon: The War (Discussion thread)
  229. A Black Dawn Discussion Thread
  230. Forum up for use
  231. Pokemon alone
  232. Digimon: Rise of the Demon Lords Discussion Thread
  233. Songs of a Distant Earth (le OOC thread)
  234. Final Fantasy: Paradise Lost Discussion Thread
  235. Chancey's Circle of Friends (PKMN Mystery Dungeon: The Final Strike)
  236. Pokemon World Championship
  237. The D.E.S.T.I.N.Y Café.
  238. Packs of Old Kanto ~*The Den*~
  239. Overated mon all out legand!Middle of Kanto city.
  240. Need help!
  241. Need help!
  242. PokeWars: Battlefront (Discussion thread)
  243. The legend of dragoon after war(discussion thread)
  244. Desert time Warp Discussion Thread
  245. --- Avatar :: Secret of the Four Nations ++ [OOC Thread]
  246. Pokemon/Digimon War Discussion Thread
  247. Starbolts: The New Starbolts Program: Cafe thread
  248. Something from Nothing {Discussion}
  249. New Pokemon Roleplaying Website- PokeVerander
  250. Naruto: A New Leaf [Discussion]