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  1. Pokemon Battle Revolution video
  2. Attacking twice in a turn, wtf
  3. Online Features Discussion Thread
  4. Video of Pokémon Battle Revolution in action!
  5. Do you think there will be 4th generation pokemon?
  6. Uses of Wii Connect24?
  7. OK let me get this straight
  8. Bigger Pokemon placement
  9. Pokemon Collo and XD
  10. Please answer thiz question
  11. Main pokemon
  12. Post you RPG ideas here!
  13. HMs in use
  14. Choosing your Path: Good or Evil
  15. When will it come out?
  16. do you think deoxys will be a shadow.
  17. pokemon revolution preview
  18. D/P features in Battle Revolution?
  19. can a mod please close the extras?
  20. Gender Differenses
  21. DS used for transferring/using Pokemon in PBR or a transfer pak controller extension?
  22. Do you think 4th gen Pokemon will be tradable to the 3rd gen?
  23. 3d Image of Diamond Legendary?
  24. register now and be a mod!
  25. pbr game type
  26. Last Pokemon Game???
  27. using d/p through pbr wireless
  28. zugaidosu
  29. rentals???
  30. i need help with dungeon blue
  31. Two New Pics Of Pokemon Battle Revolution, Developer Confirmed!
  32. Blood? o_O
  33. Pokemon Topaz
  34. To battle online do you need the wii or just ds wireless broadband and dp?
  35. pokemon opal
  36. If you hate the developer do not bother buying this game
  37. Pokemon Battle Revolution info...
  38. if you can choose starters
  39. will PBR come out in Canada?
  40. Anyone else notice.....
  41. New PBR Screens!
  42. Wii sweepstakes
  43. graphic improvmints!
  44. Battle
  45. UK release date?
  46. Waiting for BR-101 Ways to get kicked outta Walmart
  47. Wii or Why
  48. Voice Over Confirmed
  49. I told ya so!
  50. Battle Revolution stuff
  51. Battle Revolution stuff
  52. Battle Revolution stuff
  53. Boxart for PBR found!
  54. Here's Another New Video Showing DS To Wii Connectivity! But I Have Horrific News...
  55. Wii
  56. Wii
  57. jhgjghjhgjhgjhgjhjghjhgjgjghjghjhgj
  58. Another new video!!! With a guest appearance by an old friend!
  59. Real new vid!
  60. New On-Line Battle Video!
  61. New Battle Revolution Videos (again)
  62. IGN - PBR (Videos too)
  63. A new PBR video found
  64. wii friends
  65. Story mode
  66. omg plz help me poop
  67. This game SUCK!
  68. Is Wii region Free?
  69. Any known video of Aruseus?
  70. Cheat!
  71. Any Jibacoil and Megayanma videos?
  72. Mime Jr. Video...?
  73. moukazaru video?
  74. The New PBR Pokedex
  75. PBR official realease date
  76. The Surfing Pikachu
  77. PBR Release Date Bumped Up
  78. Question
  79. How do you get ELectivire/Magmotar?
  80. I'm Sad....T.T
  81. Gold and silver cards...
  82. Disconnect and die!
  83. I found a shiny pokemon in-game
  84. Bad Egg?
  85. what are the other 2 special pokemon?
  86. What is so special about the flying pikachu?
  87. Ideas for getting Electivire/Magmortar
  88. Friend Pass Exchange: What does it mean to you?
  89. electrivire and magmortar ivs
  90. ur starter
  91. They gave Sableye/Spiritomb a weakness!!!
  92. The Secret for Unlocking Electivire and Magmortar
  93. japanese pokemonbattle revolution
  94. freind code exchange
  95. magmorter and formal suits??
  96. How do you get...
  97. post your pbr team here with your trainer name!
  98. ubers
  99. Wow. Are you friggin' kidding me?
  100. The Road to the Elect. Magm. Code
  101. Gamestop Tourny
  102. code
  103. Quick Question
  104. Lol this is not fair
  105. Question about new code
  106. Can you recieve Electivire without a national pokedex
  107. Question regarding Electivire and Magmortar
  108. magmortar code
  109. I can't tranfer
  110. Pokemon Battle Revolution Friend Code Exchange
  111. Is it possible to play as the non-cosplay Colosseum Masters with Action Replay?
  112. My Ultimate Team on PBR
  113. funniest faint
  114. So, do you need Diamond and Pearl?
  115. Magmortar/Electivire Question
  116. Finally, the question may yet be answered!
  117. How often do you see ubers?
  118. Someone to replace skuntank
  119. Better not play
  120. different "sprite" magmortar
  121. The Gira-champ Glitch?
  122. DS battle mode can kiss my behind
  123. i know how to get gold and silver battle passes
  124. Some Helping Questions
  125. Interesting move sets for Eeveelution team
  126. Delcatty vs. Giratina
  127. looking for
  128. Concerning Battle Points (BP)
  129. What Will the Next Wii Title Be?
  130. Hacked celebi?
  131. A question about PBR pikachu
  132. Pbr Codes
  133. Tips on making your own gym challenge.
  134. How to not have the other player disconnect:
  135. Compatible?
  136. Electivire and Magmortar (I don't think Pikachu, but maybe) codes
  137. Is My Pokemon Legit Enough For PBR Wi-Fi?
  138. darkrai prb problems
  139. Legendary pkm in Wi-Fi
  140. questions
  141. pbr pokemon teams
  142. PBR Pikachu
  143. can you get exp in PBR?
  144. Pokemon Battle Revolution
  145. Can you deposit pokemon onto battle revolution?
  146. lf pbr battle
  147. Some Questions
  148. found way to get gold and silver pass
  149. Are you sick of people calling this a bad game?
  150. hi everyone
  151. Mysterial cheats?
  152. Check this out: NFE's beat Ubers!
  153. zomfg haxors @sunset colesum
  154. Shiny Pokemon
  155. Battle Me, Friend Codes
  156. What You Think of PBR
  157. Magmortor and Electrive
  158. Darkrai
  159. What Lucario move is best to you?
  160. Electivire And Magmortar
  161. Gamestop deoxys?
  162. pokemon platinum on battle revolution
  163. is PBR worth buying?
  164. Worst battle ever.
  165. Battle revalution rental passess
  166. Ursaring New Threat
  167. Bad Egg Help!!! Please
  168. Milotic-Need Hilp
  169. Trick Room- The Bane of your existence?
  170. Shaymin Sky Forme and Giratina Origin Forme
  171. Has anyone had this happen to them?
  172. 3D Pokemon adventure?!
  173. Bigger is better and I need more pokemons
  174. Legendaries take no skill
  175. Your opinion on PBR
  176. Most powerful team in PBR
  177. Please help.
  178. Can your Pokemon gain exp in this game?
  179. PBR...stuff..
  180. Stargazer problems
  181. Hey guys just have a quick question
  182. Curious
  183. is Pokemon Battle Revolution worth Getting??
  184. helpT:T
  185. Same OT all the time
  186. I was wondering?
  187. Rate my new Battle Revolution team
  188. Help on a team
  189. how do u get groudon costume?
  190. Can't beat luck colleseum!
  191. Just a simple question.
  192. i need a callenge for pokemon battle revo
  193. i need a callenge for pokemon battle revo(new one)
  194. pokemon: the rise of the yellow surfer: pikachu!
  195. Jolteon
  196. can i have a list of pbr items?
  197. Platinum?
  198. Weird Pokemon Happenings On Wifi
  199. level caps
  200. Worth Getting?
  201. colluseum battle...help!
  202. Highest level.
  203. Mysterial's Pokemon Platinum-Used Team
  204. Would this be considered ok?
  205. Battle Revolution Ranks?
  206. Pokemon not working for wi-fi play?
  207. Battle Pass
  208. A question
  209. Is it worth it?
  210. Azure Flute
  211. Shaymin, Rotom, and Giratina
  212. Pokemon Battle Rev. 2
  213. new
  214. faverite team
  215. Let Me Ask?
  216. about the game
  217. PBR Wifi Gym Battles
  218. arceus
  219. The Pokemon Battle Revolution Forums
  220. Favorite Pokemon and Why?
  221. Choice Scarf Garchomp
  222. Little Battle
  223. Unlocking shop items
  224. battle forum
  225. Pokemon Battle Revolution Now. PBR battle right now!!?
  226. Anyone wanna battle?
  227. stndard battle.
  228. Anyone wanna Battle?
  229. Hydration problem.
  230. battle
  231. how do i get
  232. Im New & a Rookie EV Trainer! Battle plz?
  233. Friend passes
  234. PBR Battle?
  235. battle?
  236. New look Gyarados
  237. Origin Forme Giratina on PBR?
  238. rules
  239. looking for a battle
  240. Possible to transfer Jap DS pokemon to Eng Wii game?
  241. My first PBR team...I hope you like it...
  242. pictures of the unlockables clothing
  243. Any news of a coming Pokémon Wii game?
  244. Anyone up for a battle?
  245. Weirdest PBR Battle
  246. Poke Coupons?
  247. Possible problem with togekiss?
  248. Any news if Origin Forme Giratina or Sky Forme Shaymin will be available on PBR?
  249. Seals
  250. The little cup!