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  1. What season did you like more? Kanto, Orange league, Johto, or Hoenn?
  2. most deliscious pokemon
  3. Cutest/Hottest girl in Pokemon Anime
  4. What's your favourite episode?
  5. Do you think Jynx is a racist Pokemon?
  6. Who's sexier? Misty or May?
  7. Underused pokemon
  8. Did u like ash'es new clothes?
  9. The Cutest/Hottest Boy in the Pokemon Anime
  10. who has better openings? US/UK or Japan?
  11. Who's your favorite frontier leader?
  12. Favorite one out of all three legendary trios
  13. Jesse & James or Butch & Cassidy?
  14. Character Theme Songs, anyone? XD
  15. Do you want jigglypuff to return?
  16. What Other Pokemon Do You Think Misty May Catch?
  17. Cutest/Hottest GUY in the anime
  18. EGG'D *spoilers*
  19. When Pokemon Ends
  20. Do you think Pokemon should finish?
  21. if ash got older, who do you think he would end up with?
  22. What Pokemon would you like to see Ash use together in a double battle?
  23. I Dont Know!
  24. What will the Ranger's English name be? (spoilers ahoy)
  25. Ash vs. Rival?
  26. Ash Or Gary
  27. pro oak or Misty
  28. Does anyone else think that they aren't even trying any more with the openings?
  29. Who'd you like a main character to sound like in the dub?
  30. Who'd you like a main character to sound like in the dub?
  31. gym leader melee
  32. Better Chef
  33. Lithium Chef
  34. Do you think Misty should have her hair longer
  35. Squirtle *SPOILER*
  36. Totodiles fame
  37. Alternative voice actors you would love to see on the Pokemon dub
  38. like ya no
  39. Is Ash older?
  40. Adventures Anime
  41. Should Jessie have won the dolls instead?
  42. Will Jessie ever win contests?
  43. AM I the only one who would like to see Meowth evolve???
  44. Favorite recurring rival character?
  45. Is the effort put into each pokemon episode getting less?
  46. Weird poll: How much do you think May and Misty weigh?
  47. who's hotter, drew or ash?
  48. Jenny or Joy?
  49. if you dubbed Pokemon's music
  50. Gyms or Contests?
  51. Best pokemon Theme song?
  52. Grovyle Evolve?
  53. Corphish Evolve?
  54. Combusken Evolve?
  55. Who has the best Breasts ?
  56. Eevee *SPOILERS*
  57. E4 Members
  58. Who do you Want to leave the Main Cast Most?
  59. If you could make one episode, what would it be like?
  60. Sexiest Character
  61. May hair down or hair normal
  62. What If Ash and May
  63. Best Villain?
  64. Which movie was your favorite?
  65. Ash's Future wife
  66. Who's your favorite male admin from Team Magma or Team Aqua?
  67. Which Gym Leader Should join or rejoin the group
  68. Who's your favorite female admin from Team Magma or Team Aqua?
  69. Should They Make Another Movie for Latios?
  70. Members who remind you of Characters
  71. The first episode you ever watched
  72. BF Saga(spoilers)
  73. whose the best main girl chracter
  74. Is Harley evil?
  75. Darkest character.
  76. Killer Apps?
  77. What Do You Think Happened to Misty's Parent's?
  78. Eneko vs. Zenigame *spoilers*
  79. Which Pokemon deserve more screentime? (May contain spoilers)
  80. Characters that lost their luster
  81. Which powerhouse do you prefer? *spoilers*
  82. Favorite Ash Pokemon in Hoenn *spoilers*
  83. Episode(s) airing when you first came to SPPf?
  84. Which was the worst season of Pokemon?
  85. Misty Vs. May. MY Views
  86. Your Favorite Contest(assuming you like contests)
  87. Like some pokes because of anime?
  88. What do you think character dub names shall be?
  89. What should Ash do with his team after the battle frontier?
  90. Better Comic Relief- psyduck or Wobbuffet?
  91. Nurse or Officer
  92. How many times
  93. Favriote Charecter?
  94. Which Pokemon Would You Like A Charecter Catch?
  95. Ashes Most Rubbish Pokemon
  96. Favriote Team Rocket Member?
  97. What will May's [SPOILER] Evolve into.....
  98. which pokemon you want ash to fight
  99. Which Pokemon Eats the Most
  100. Who would you more prefer to Ash? (SPOILERS)
  101. Blissey or Chansey for Joy?
  102. Favourite 'Tank' Glalie or Charizard?
  103. Which league was your favorite?
  104. Which pokedex voice is better?
  105. what is the most cheesey episode of pokemon
  106. Which Oaked Pokémon shoul Ash bring back next?
  107. Is Charmander shafted?
  108. Who weighs more? May or Misty.
  109. Squirtle vs. Squirtle (Spoiler Warning)
  110. Who is sexier, Skitty or gyrados?
  111. favourite contest
  112. If Ash and co. gets old and series continue with other characters, will you watch it?
  113. Do You Want Ash and co. To Age?
  114. Which is your favorite english opening?
  115. Should May......(spoilers)
  116. Who would receive the glory in Ash's battle against Bradon? (SPOILERS)
  117. Morrison and Tyson
  118. What was your favorite Gym Battle and Contest in the Hoenn Region?
  119. Brock's Shafted Pokemon: Who should come back?
  120. In D/P should Ash....
  121. Funniest Character
  122. The Character's Name!
  123. Should Brandon get Legendaries?
  124. Favourite Battle Frontier Brain?
  125. Which pokemon character would you go out with?
  126. Favorite legendary
  127. Pokemon Ash Should Have Caught: BF
  128. What would you be?
  129. should the pokerap come back?
  130. Anabel and Lucy's spots in the anime.
  131. Who has a greater chance of evolving?
  132. Pokemon Movie Ideas
  133. If the characters get recasted will you still watch the show?
  134. Do you think the anime 'jumped the shark?'
  135. Worst Pokémon Movie
  136. Best Pokemon Movie
  137. KidsWB's 2 Episodes a Week
  138. Best Pokemon in the Show?
  139. What is the Best Pokemon episode
  140. what is the worst Pokemon episode?
  141. If You Could Choose A Starter Pokemon
  142. How Do You Feel If Misty Joins In Contest?
  143. Do You want May to Battle in a Gym and Ash to try a contest?
  144. Unfair Victories?
  145. Favorite theme song
  146. What is your favorite group in Pokemon, the one for Pocket Monsters or AG?
  147. Favorite Fronteir Brain?
  148. if ash or May had 2v2 for the whole battle
  149. Misty Or Brock
  150. Munchlax or Snorlax?
  151. Who is Ash's father?
  152. Temper, temper
  153. If You Could Choose Ash's Travel Mates
  154. Best Team Rocket Pokemon
  155. Worst Hoenn Cities (Spoilers!!!!)
  156. How tall is May?
  157. What is the Best Season of Pokemon?
  158. is may strong enough to pick up misty?
  159. What is Ash's perfect Team?
  160. Best AG Japanese Ending *Spoilers, naturally*
  161. Favorite Narrator Comments
  162. Do you like the 3D moves they mix with the 2D background?
  163. New Region Idea.
  164. If you were in an anime contest, what would you do?
  165. Favorite Filler Character?
  166. Will you continue to watch the dub next season with new voices?
  167. So now, where will Pokemon wind up now?
  168. The new voices
  169. Evolution solution!
  170. Worst Pokemon Characters
  171. James' pointless cutsey things *spoilers*
  172. What Pokemon do you want May to get back for GF?
  173. how to make a poll
  174. DP character
  175. What Pokemon do you want Drew to have for the GF?
  176. Favorite Artwork
  177. Team Rocket
  178. Pokemon Episodes
  179. Ash's second best pokemon
  180. which one of brock's pokemon do you wan to come back the most
  181. Max's Starter Pokemon??
  182. Dub vs Japanese
  183. the May poll
  184. Best May Pokemon
  185. Favorite Japanese Opening
  186. may's *SPOILER*
  187. Favorite Pokemon CD
  188. Do you compare Max/May to the Orange Islands scenario?
  189. Who's Stronger
  190. Funniest Pokemon Episode
  191. Do you compare Mewtwo & Amber/Ai to Shadow & Maria?
  192. favorite theme song
  193. The Ash Poll
  194. The Gary Poll
  195. Cutest/Hottest Guy in The Anime
  196. The Jessie Poll
  197. The Misty poll
  198. Favorite TR Mecha?
  199. The Brock Poll
  200. Hinata Poll
  201. Gyms versus Contests
  202. Do you think Misty...
  203. The James Poll
  204. The Tracey Poll
  205. Who's The Better Girl Trainer? Poll
  206. Best girl for Brock
  207. Least Favorite Filler Character
  208. The Pikachu Poll
  209. Which is your favourite main Pokemon character(version 2)?
  210. Fav Team Rocket Member
  211. The Harley Poll
  212. The Max poll
  213. Saddest Pokemon Movie you ever seen?
  214. The Extra in Baseball Cap Poll
  215. The Richie poll
  216. Best Misty Pokemon
  217. The Drew poll
  218. The Professor Oak poll
  219. The Samurai Poll
  220. The Meowth Poll
  221. Who's The Better Boy Trainer? Poll
  222. Who do you like more? Vivian or Lilian
  223. The Todd Poll
  224. The Quackenpoker poll
  225. The Delia Poll
  226. The Tyson/Tetsuya poll
  227. The Caroline Poll
  228. The North Poll
  229. Favorite Rival of May's?
  230. Who Will Catch Aipom?
  231. Funniest Pikachu Short you ever seen?
  232. The High Commander Solomon Poll
  233. The Anime Poll Poll
  234. The Barber Poll
  235. Who(Spoiler)
  236. Pikachu beating Dragonite and Metagross, but then loseing to weaker pokemon?
  237. Pikachu really strong?
  238. Pikachu really strong?
  239. Which Ash is your fav.
  240. Who is most likely secretly a gangster?
  241. May's last name
  242. Know the Future or Wait?
  243. Favorite Fillers?
  244. Ash's age
  245. Would the Battle Frontier be better if... (spoilers ahoy)
  246. Favorite Squirtle
  247. Favorite Bulbsaur
  248. Favorite Ash starter?
  249. Which of Ash's Kanto pokemon is the best?
  250. Which AG Character Has the Best Personality?