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  1. what gym had you frustrated
  2. The D/P Scramble Challenge
  3. What is the most annoying thing in D/P
  4. What is your Poketch's color?
  5. What pokemon teams you used for D/P league
  6. How Many Stars Does Your Trainer Card Have?
  7. How far do you go when training a team (IVs EVs Natures)
  8. What pokéball do you throw most often in D/P?
  9. What is the most ribbons you have on a pokemon?
  10. The best thing that happened to you on D/P
  11. The Nicknaming Thread
  12. What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?
  13. Which Poketch app do you use the most?
  14. how many times have you traded?
  15. How Many Eggs Have You Hatched?
  16. The one that got away...
  17. The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)
  18. Best Evolution Method
  19. Official Biggest Chains with PokeRadar Thread
  20. The "What I got from GTS" Thread (part 2)
  21. Game play time
  22. Aboveground Secret Base Locations in Sinnoh
  23. Are you more adept at single or double battles?
  24. It's digging time!
  25. Do you have any regrets on D/P?
  26. What Do you do on Pokemon D/P (offline) when you get bored?
  27. what did you name your characters in D/P?
  28. Shortest time to complete Pokemon Diamond/Pearl?
  29. D/P monotype challenge
  30. The team that got you the farthest at the battle tower.
  31. How long did it take you to level your pokes up to lvl 100?
  32. ~The Official D/P Battle Tower Ranking Hall~
  33. How Many Times Have You Entered The Hall of Fame?
  34. Do Your Friends Play Pokemon Competitively?
  35. What is your best Double Battle strategy?
  36. Whats your favourite place to level
  37. My D/P/Pt Games Forum Information and Rules
  38. Double, single, or multi battles in the battle tower?
  39. The Luck Hax Thread
  40. Where do you hatch your eggs?
  41. what do you like about spear pillar
  42. making new life to an old game
  43. Rival Name?
  44. So I haven't played D/P since a few months after I got it...
  45. What do you breed?
  46. What game do you choose for online battles most often?
  47. old rod
  48. your best battle
  49. House in Canalave City
  50. Your most powerful 4th gen pokemon?
  51. Best Poffin you ever made?
  52. Worst/Best Poffin you ever made?
  53. What's your "score"
  54. What is your Shaymins nature and stats? (If you got one from the event already)
  55. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the Physical/Special split?
  56. Mix Records
  57. Making Groups
  58. Making the game harder - Ingame challenges
  59. Ever got traded a Pokémon with a bogus name?
  60. What's your fav pokemon?
  61. What was the hardest Elite 4 to defeat?
  62. Form over Function?
  63. Favorite swarm shinies!
  64. Having to re-start
  65. Arceus plate Factors
  66. The most Ridiculous Battle tower battle.
  67. What's the highest stat increase you ever had?
  68. The trainer type you chose to be for the union room!
  69. Should I restart my game and play it fairly?
  70. Wierd rumors you heard...
  71. my hacked egg from pokemon ranger 1
  72. Who is your team's 'flyer'?
  73. Organization?
  74. What's the worst thing you've ever done on D/P?
  75. What do you do with your EVENT pokemon?
  76. The GTS wi-fi and site
  77. Essentials in your bag!
  78. Where do you find the best place to level up your pokemon in d/p?
  79. [WIYPN] - What is Your Player Name?
  80. your worst luck ever
  81. Should I play Diamond/Pearl first or just play Platinum without playing D/P?
  82. How do you train your team when you start a new game?
  83. WTF times
  84. Final tasks in DP
  85. Projekt Shiny Eggz
  86. What was your first shiny?
  87. i have some good trade offers
  88. the ability trace and castform
  89. Anyone want to Battle???
  90. Now that you have platinum will you trade in diamond/pearl?
  91. Which type prevails in your teams?
  92. How do you train your dragonair?
  93. Dressing up - Do you do it?
  94. Worse Case Scenarios
  95. Fastest Run-through
  96. Lookin for a battle!
  97. What is the most uncommon item you've recieved with Pickup?
  98. Rival vs Palmer
  99. ~The Official SPPF Platinum Battle Frontier Ranking Hall~
  100. how long did it take you to catch em all?
  101. Luckiest Day
  102. Breeders
  103. If you were a Gym leader...
  104. Best Battle Tower-team
  105. favorate starter
  106. Pokemon you're most Proud of?
  107. DPPt Glitches
  108. Do YOU have Pokerus?
  109. D/p/pt Roman Gods/Heros Team
  110. Where do you keep your completed pokedex?
  111. How many of you would attach a berry on their pokemon?
  112. Gotta Catch Em All
  113. How many pokemons do you have on your dex?
  114. Platinum Solo Run?
  115. IV testing
  116. What Was You're First Impression of D/P
  117. Have you caught the 28 Unown Forms yet?
  118. Doesn't suck when you realize the Pokemon you love stink?
  119. the top 6 most hated pokemon
  120. Which one was the hardest to catch?
  121. The Daycare Center
  122. Your favorite Diamond and Pearl legendary
  123. Weird Budew
  124. best music in sinnoh
  125. GTS Taunts Me...
  126. Shiny Fossils ?
  127. Does anyone focus on one type only?
  128. did u find it easy or hard to capture Palkia/Dialga/Giratina
  129. Hydro pump or surf?
  130. Platinum vs Diamond
  131. Gts
  132. Why You Like Pokemon Diamond More Than Pearl
  133. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Monotype Challenge!
  134. Best Victories and Saddest Losses
  135. What Game Do You Like More? Diamond or Pearl?
  136. So I have a question?
  137. What is Your Rivals Name?
  138. 4th Gen Music!
  139. Favorite Type Rivalries
  140. Joke/Underdog Teams. Ideas? *Inspired by PBR thread*
  141. Only Runs
  142. In-Game AI Switching moments
  143. faveroute places in sinnoh.
  144. How can you tell if a pokemon is hacked?
  145. How many EV Pokemon do you have?
  146. Your E4 runthrough
  147. How many hours did it take to make your first Elite Four debut?
  148. Completing the dex in Pearl/Platinum?
  149. What can WE incorporate into the games to add a spice of difference?
  150. Forgotten Pokemon of the 4th gen...
  151. Post your Pokemon and what you named them
  152. New evolutions in D/P
  153. D/P monotype challenge v2.0
  154. Return of the Letter Challenge
  155. Diamond & Pearl Anime Character Challenge Thread
  156. If you could live anywhere in Sinnoh, where would it be?
  157. What Pokemon do you suggest for going up again the Elite Four?
  158. Advice
  159. Getting 493!
  160. Well, I was playing around with pixel artist app, and....
  161. Color of poketech!
  162. Restarting!!
  163. What should I do?
  164. Who do you use for HM Slaves?
  165. Oh No! That One Was Shiny!
  166. Your best deal in GTS
  167. Uxie IVs
  168. Giratina Origin form
  169. your crazy sweeps in dppt
  170. How do you started hardcore training?
  171. Who still has their Old Gateau?
  172. whos ur contest pokemon?
  173. RNG abusing, Hacking or not?
  174. who's in your battling team on Diamond, Pearl, Or platinum?
  175. Do you have many shinys? be honest!
  176. gym teams.
  177. Weather Teams: Are they cheap or just really good?
  178. What did you name your Shaymin?
  179. Who did you give thanks to?
  180. Your most clever/favorite named Pokemon in your team
  181. What is the hardest non-legendry pokemon to find and catch?
  182. Your first shiny caught in D/P/PL
  183. Very First Team?
  184. Your most cherished pokemon!
  185. Masuda Method Hatching
  186. How long did it take you to...
  187. Is this Shaymin good?
  188. Pokemon D/P/Pt monotype attack challenge.
  189. What's a better moveset for Empoleon?
  190. ~What is your team's theme song?~
  191. Questions about Hindering Nature in relation to EV Points.
  192. Oh no!!! ;_;
  193. Genderless Breeding...
  194. The D/P Type Scramble Challenge
  195. Do you give your party HM's or use HM slaves?
  196. Oh GEEZE. You mean to tell me that I...
  197. Great Marsh Pokemon
  198. Had any challenges breeding?
  199. The Elite 4 challenge First run-through
  200. Help creating an offensive team
  201. What's the funniest thing that happpened to you in D/P/Pt
  202. Who did you choose?
  203. Does anyone have an old pokemon emerald that works that there willing to sell me?
  204. Breeding: 2 Pokémon w/ 2 different Egg Moves
  205. Your Craziest GTS trade?
  206. Do you think D/P/Pt are like the new R/B/Y?
  207. On diamond/pearl/platinum, what's your current teams lv. (Don't forget pokemon names)
  208. What is your favorite training spot in platinum?
  209. what level are your pokemon when you first arrive at the elite four?
  210. Pixie's - Which one is you?
  211. Nicknames - What do you name your Pokemon? & Nickname Help!
  212. Pokemon D/P/PL Tournament - Prizes
  213. Highest and Lowest leveled Magikarp you've found in Platinum's Resort Area pond?
  214. What was The first Pokemon you ever caught in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?
  215. nds wifi
  216. How many ribbons do your Pokemon have and what ones?
  217. Who is your teams "surfer"? Do you have more than one?
  218. electivre
  219. hey i am now giving you the power...
  220. Poke Radar Discussion Thread
  221. Ralts Nickname
  222. oh my god
  223. sid number
  224. help me!
  225. Welcome, all dragon-lovers!
  226. Welcome, all dragon-lovers!
  227. What's your game time?
  228. The Cursed Battle Tower
  229. EV Training Question
  230. Whats the best way to hatch shinies?
  231. Need help with finishing my in game team
  232. your worst luck in 4th gen.
  233. What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you when using Metronome?
  234. Pikachu-Colored-Pichu
  235. Trainer Card stars
  236. "EV" Berries and EV Training?
  237. Does anyone here actually use the GTS?
  238. Free Pokemon
  239. Get or Give Pokemon, Friend codes or Info about Your Pokemon
  240. Pokemon League
  241. People...
  242. Smeargle
  243. is this mew hacked?
  244. Wi-fi!
  245. Thoughts on Azure Flute
  246. I have a question...
  247. EV Question.
  248. Help me pick my Platinum soloer!
  249. heracross for a solo?
  250. What is your strategy to capture roaming Pkmn?