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  15. What old features do you want to stay in HGSS?
  16. Impossible Evolutions? (Mt. Coronet, Moss Rock, et cetera)
  17. Do you think they'll remove any landmarks?
  18. PokeGear Speculation Thread
  19. Breeding to Change the Appearance of HGSS' Egg Pokemon?
  20. What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?
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  23. Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?
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  26. Masuda considers adding action to the games
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  30. What Pokemon Will you have follow you?
  31. New Areas'/Buildings' in Johto/Kanto Speculation x)
  32. ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?
  33. Movepool Changes YOU want to see in HG/SS
  34. Ingenious ways to use the PokéWalker 0.o
  35. The role of Kanto in Heart Gold/Soul Silver
  36. What you do NOT want in HGSS - Redux
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  39. Are you going to Import HG/SS / Which Version Are You Getting?
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  45. Are you playing as the Male or Female character?
  46. Don't I know you from somewhere?
  47. What do you want to see in Serebii's Coverage after Release?
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  67. Day-Care Level Up Moves.
  68. What the hell happened to Route 23?
  69. How to Get Good at Voltorb Flip
  70. Trade or battle?
  71. HG SS Credits
  72. The Cities of Johto
  73. The first Pokemon you caught on Hg/Ss?
  74. Is it just me.......
  75. Wait, is that Leaf?
  76. How many pokemon are you away from completing the pokedex?
  77. HG/SS Scramble Challange
  78. Dear Joey,
  79. Interesting Conversations about Pokemon
  80. Which did you catch with the Master Ball in SS/HG??
  81. Soul Silver/Heart Gold Daily Trainers
  82. Do you use the Red Gyarados?
  83. Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?
  84. What level were your Pokemon at against Red?
  85. Pokeathlon: Discussion and Records
  86. RNGing in Heart Gold and Souls Silver
  87. Who plays this for Nostalgia?
  88. Pokemon walking
  89. Favorite Johto Pokemon and why?
  90. Did you use the Sudowoodo on Route 36?
  91. Pokewalker's Future?
  92. WiFi Events
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  95. Favorite Bird in Johto/Kanto
  96. Do you prefer pokemon gold or silver to their remakes?
  97. Favorite Spot to Train?
  98. Toughest Gym Leader
  99. What Level Were Your Pokemon When You Faced Elite Four First Time?
  100. Heart Gold VS. Soul Silver
  101. GB Sounds glitch!
  102. 2 Years
  103. Wi-fi plaza glitch!
  104. Voltorb Flip
  105. Gen 1 and Gen 3 Starters
  106. Pokeathlon Discussion
  107. What Pokemon did you trade for Jasmine's Steelix?
  108. Favorite Gym Leader From HGSS?
  109. certaian Gen 2 pokemon that you never evolve??
  110. Anyone else glad they included the GB sounds?
  111. Any body still playing these games?
  112. Union Room Trainer Type?
  113. Pokemon Soul Silver/ Heart Gold?
  114. What would've happened to the Pokémon Mansion in Pokémon GSC & HGSS Versions?
  115. Favourite and Least Favourite Event in Pokeathlon
  116. Error in Serebii's Item Dex Pertaining to HGSS
  117. missed event
  118. Did anybody feel like HG/SS was more immersive than previous/newer titles?
  119. Is Getting HG/SS Recommended before going to B/W 2?
  120. Leaf should have been at Mt. Silver.
  121. Which Pokemon do you like following you in HG/SS?
  122. Official HG/SS Competitive Thread
  123. Favorite Johto Gym Leader
  124. The Pokéwalker!
  125. Favorite HG/SS E4 member
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