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  1. War: The Guardians vs Dracaena
  2. War: Inzazni vs Hell's Aquarium
  3. War: Inzazni vs The Guardians
  4. Guild Wars Section Rules (UPDATED 12/01/2014)
  5. War: Hormels Food Corporation vs The Airborne Aces
  6. War:Surreal Demise vs. Pseudo Legends
  7. War: Team Advent vs Surreal Demise
  8. War: Iron Warriors vs Pseudo Legends
  9. Dracaena vs. The Pseudo Legends
  10. Legacy vs. Airbourne Aces
  11. Team Walrus vs. Le Chateau
  12. War: Iron Warrior's vs. Dracaena
  13. Team Walrus vs. The Legacy
  14. War: Team Advent vs. Sleeping Forest
  15. War: Team N00bs vs Airbourne Aces
  16. War: Team N00bs vs The Legacy
  17. War: Catalyst vs. Tribal Savages
  18. War: Team Rocket vs Dracaena
  19. War: Beasts of the Night vs The Legacy
  20. War: Dracaena vs. Beasts of the Night
  21. War: Team Rocket vs Team Oasis
  22. War: Dracaena vs. Pure Hotness
  23. War: ♥ Team Katy Perry is Pretty Fine ♥ vs Operation Obliviate
  24. War: Beasts of the Night vs Tribal Savages
  25. War: Dracaena vs. Time To Rise
  26. War: Bully's Playground vs. Heroes of Myth
  27. Time to Rise vs. The Royal Beasts
  28. War: Bully's Playground vs. First Impact
  29. War: Beasts of the Night vs Operation Obliviate
  30. War: Bully's Playground vs. Dracaena
  31. Team SeaSoul × The Darkness Within Clan
  32. War: Utter Madness vs Black Ice Clan
  33. War: First Impact VS. Team SeaSoul
  34. War: Dragon Soldiers vs. Utter Madness
  35. War: Operation Obliviate Vs. The Airbourne Aces Clan
  36. War: Red Light vs The Pokémon Imperium
  37. War: Team SeaSoul VS Ascension
  38. War: The Pokemon Imperium VS Beasts of the Night
  39. War: Creamery Command Vs. The Triumvirate
  40. War: Sky Reaper VS Burning Earth
  41. War: The Triumvirate Vs. Toxic Tacticians
  42. War: Creamery Command Vs. Burning Earth
  43. War:Black Ice Vs. The Triumvirate
  44. War: Creamery Command Vs. The Battling Academy
  45. War: The Triumvirate V.s Beasts of The Night
  46. War:Black Dragons Vs. Team Seasoul
  47. War: Gilde Von Vier ~vs~ The Fire Warriors
  48. War: Triumvirate Vs. Glide Von Vier
  49. War: Sky Reaperz Vs. The Survivalist Clan
  50. Gilde Von Vier ~vs~ The Dragons of Legend Clan
  51. War: Creamery Command Vs. Hidden Legends
  52. War: Team SeaSoul VS The Triumvirate
  53. The Fire Warriors Vs. Team Enchanted Garden
  54. War: Creamery Command Vs. The Ascension
  55. War: The Defiance -vs- Glide Von Vier
  56. Dragon's of Legend VS. Shadow's Arena [V3]
  57. War: The Azure Tower vs. Dragons of Legends
  58. War: Fluorescent Skies vs. Team Champ
  59. Eternal Diversity Vs. Clan Darkwoods
  60. Poke Eruption vs PseudoShadow
  61. ~~War: Gilde Von Vier --vs-- Dracaena~~
  62. Fire Warriors vs Tyrants of the Weather
  63. War: Fluorescent Skies vs. Team SeaSoul
  64. War: Creamery Command Vs Team Enchanted Garden
  65. Tyrants Of The Weather VS Burning Earth
  66. War: PseudoShadow VS. Team Champ
  67. Dragons of Legend vs Clan DarkWoods
  68. Tyrants Of The Weather Vs Eternal Diversity
  69. Eternal Diversity *VS.* Sheer Force
  70. Fluorescent Skies VS TheDefiance
  71. Pseudoshadow vs Team Kasai
  72. War: Creamery Command Vs. The Survivalist Clan
  73. ~War: Gilde Von Vier -vs- Dragons of Legend~
  74. ~ War: The Battling Academy vs Dragons of Legend ~
  75. Wigglytuff's Guild Vs. Burning Earth
  76. Pseudo Shadow vs The Azure Tower
  77. The Triumvirate vs Team Kasai
  78. War: Regions of Sin vs. Sheer Force!!!
  79. War: Fluorescent Skies Vs. Black Ice Clan
  80. War: Creamery Command Vs. Pseudoshadow
  81. Clan Darkwoods VS. The Survivalist Clan
  82. War: Gilde Von Vier vs. The Regions of Sin
  83. The Sleeping Dragons VS. Sheer Force!!!
  84. War: Creamery Command Vs. The Dragons of Legend Clan
  85. ~War: Gilde Von Vier -vs- Eternal Diversity~
  86. Team Kasai vs The Regions Of Sin
  87. War: Gilde Von Vier VS The Triumvirate
  88. Darkness of the Light vs Regions of Sin
  89. ~Gilde Von Vier =vs= The Battling Academy~
  90. War: Creamery Command Vs. Sleeping Dragons
  91. The Regions of Sin vs. Bug Batallion
  92. War: Creamery Command Vs. Black Ice Clan
  93. ~ War: The Battling Academy vs Regions of Sin ~
  94. ~~Team AMERICA!~~ vs Eternal Diversity Revelations
  95. War: Creamery Command Vs. Team Kasai
  96. ~~GVV vs Team Enchanted Garden~~
  97. War: Creamery Command Vs Team America
  98. Team Enchanted Garden Vs. The Ascension
  99. War: Bug Battalion Vs Sheer Force Resurgence
  100. War: Creamery Command Vs. Team SeaSoul
  101. War: Bug Battalion Vs The Battling Academy
  102. Eternal Diversity Revelations vs. Sheer Force Resurgence
  103. War: The Eevee Elite vs The Survivalist Clan
  104. War: Bug Battalion Vs Primus et Ultimus
  105. War: Sacred Dojo vs. The Sahara Oasis
  106. ~ War: The Battling Academy vs Sheer Force Resurgence ~
  107. War: Creamery Command Vs. Primus et Ultimus
  108. Burning Earth Vs. Dracaena
  109. War: The Eevee Elite vs. The Elemental Trinity
  110. Sacred Dojo vs. The Elemental Trinity
  111. War: Creamery Command Vs. The Ascension
  112. Chaos Theory Vs. Sheer Force Resurgent
  113. Primus et Ultimus Vs. The Rise of the Beasts
  114. The Elemental Trinity Vs. Sheer Force Resurgence
  115. Sacred Dojo vs. Sheer Force Resurgence
  116. Team Enchanted Garden Vs. Dracaena
  117. The Moonlight Heroes --VS-- Chaos Theory
  118. The Elemental Trinity vs. Dracaena
  119. Team Enchanted Gardens vs. The Eevee Elite
  120. Primus et Ultimus --VS-- The Elemental Trinity
  121. The Hoenn Triangle Vs. The Cod Squad
  122. Primus et Ultimus Vs. Dracaena
  123. War: Primus et Ultimus VS The Hoenn Triangle
  124. Team Enchanted Garden vs The Elemental Trinity
  125. War~ Mythical Magesties VS. The Moonlight Heroes
  126. War: Rise of the Beasts vs. Team SeaSoul
  127. Black Ice Clan vs. Team Enchanted Garden
  128. Team Nightmare v. Laughing Man's Society For Scrupulous Individuals
  129. Aerial Elements vs Primus et Ultimus
  130. The Pimp Purple Pokemonz Clan Vs Team Enchanted Gardens
  131. War: Chaos Theory VS. Operation Obliviate
  132. War: Primus et Ultimus vs. Mythical Magesties
  133. Aerial Elements vs. The Ancient Ruins
  134. Shadows Arena VS Primus Et Ultima
  135. The Pimp Purple Pokemonz Clan Vs Mythical Magesties
  136. GVV vs Ancient Ruins
  137. GVV vs PeU
  138. War: The Moonlight Heroes vs. Operation Obliviate
  139. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Mythical Majesties
  140. Team Enchanted Gardens vs. Team Sea Soul
  141. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Destructive Dragons
  142. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Team Nightmare
  143. War: Primus et Ultimus vs. Operation Obliviate
  144. Dracaena vs. The Pimp Purple Pokemonz Clan
  145. Shadows Arena vs. The Eevee Elites
  146. The Gentlemans Club =vs= The Ascension
  147. Destructive dragons vs mythical majesties
  148. Mythical Magesties vs. Destructive Dragons
  149. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Dracaena
  150. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Gilde Von Vier
  151. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Primus Et Ultimus
  152. The Gentlemans Club =vs= The Eevee Elites
  153. Aerial Elements vs The Phantom Legacy
  154. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Shadows Arena
  155. Dracaena Vs. The Eevee Elite
  156. Primus Et Ultimus Vs The Phantom Legacy
  157. Elemental Storm vs Project Retribution
  158. The Gentlemans Club =vs= Team Enchanted Gardens
  159. Primus et Ultimus vs Magnet Risers
  160. Crackling Fire vs. Project Retribution
  161. War: Dracaena vs Magnet Risers
  162. Magnet Risers =Vs= Team Legendary
  163. Team Legendary Vs. Dracaena
  164. Magnet Risers vs The Phantom Legacy
  165. Team America Vs. Magnet Risers
  166. Project Retribution vs The Hoenn Triangle
  167. Team SeaSoul VS Team Nightmare
  168. War FEAR clan VS. Team Sky
  169. Dracaena vs. Team Nightmare
  170. Team America vs Team Nightmare
  171. Team SeaSoul Vs. Project Retribution
  172. The Crystalline Guard vs Magnet Risers
  173. Team Nightmare vs. The Hoenn Triangle
  174. Team Nightmare vs Team Sky
  175. Team SeaSoul vs Omega
  176. ~Perpetual Motion Vs. Sentient Dragons~
  177. Project Retribution vs Omega
  178. Sentient Dragons Vs Pokemon Crime Syndicate
  179. Perpetual Motion Vs. Omega
  180. Project Retribution vs Perpetual Motion
  181. Team SeaSoul vs The Crystalline Guard
  182. Perpetual Motion Vs. Magnet Risers
  183. Team Sky VS. Team Sea Soul
  184. Perpetual Motion vs The Legacy
  185. Omega VS Sentient Dragons
  186. ~~Team AMERICA!~~ vs Team Sky
  187. Project Retribution vs Perpetual Motion.
  188. Team SeaSoul Vs. Magnet Risers
  189. Pokemon Crime Syndicate vs. The Phantom Legacy
  190. Team Sky VS Sentient Dragons
  191. Omega vs Team Sky
  192. Magnet Risers vs Omega
  193. Team America Vs. Crystalline Guard
  194. Sentient Dragons vs Team Legacy
  195. Team America Vs. Magnet Risers
  196. Perpetual Motion Vs. Team Sky
  197. Manifest Destiny vs The Sentient Dragons
  198. 7 Deadly Sins vs The Hoenn Triangle
  199. Team America Vs. Perpetual Motion
  200. Crystalline Guard vs Team Enchanted Garden
  201. Omega VS 7 Deadly Sins
  202. Crystalline Guard vs Sentient Dragons
  203. Crimson Fury vs Team Enchanted Gardens
  204. The Battle Corporation Vs Skies of the Phoenix
  205. Skies of the Phoenix VS. Omega
  206. Chaos Theory VS. Legacy
  207. Chaos Theory Vs. Battle Rhythm
  208. Perpetual Motion vs Team Nightmare
  209. Team Enchanted Gardens vs Team Sky
  210. Battle Rhythm Vs. The Hoenn Triangle
  211. Perpetual Motion VS. Danger Inc.
  212. Elemental Strike vs Pokeguard
  213. Creamery Command V. Legacy
  214. Age of Shoguns vs Team Enchanted Garden
  215. Battle Rhythm Vs. Creamery Command
  216. Creamery Command V. Team Sky
  217. Age of Shoguns V. Creamery Command
  218. Legacy vs Elemental Strike
  219. Creamery Command V. Team Enchanted Garden
  220. Team Nightmare V. Creamery Command
  221. Creamery Command V. Elemental Strike
  222. Assassin's Alliance VS. Team Enchanted Garden
  223. Age of Shoguns vs Elemental Strike
  224. Assassin's Alliance V. Creamery Command
  225. The Battle Corporation Vs. Psychotic Revolution
  226. The Battle Corporation Vs. Team Enchanted Garden
  227. The Battle Corporation Vs. Assassin's Alliance
  228. The Battle Corporation Vs. The Elemental Masters
  229. Assassin's Alliance VS Age of Shoguns
  230. Creamery Command V. The Battle Corporation
  231. The Battle Corporation Vs. Chaos Theory
  232. Team Enchanted Garden vs The Sinjoh Connection
  233. Chaos Theory V. Creamery Command
  234. Chaos Theory vs. Assassins Alliance
  235. Creamery Command V. Danger INC.
  236. The Battle Corporation Vs. Team Enchanted Garden
  237. Team Enchanted Garden vs Assassin Alliance
  238. The Battle Corporation Vs. Assassin's Alliance
  239. The Battle Corporation Vs. Mythic Dawn
  240. The Battle Corporation Vs. The Inferno Faction
  241. Mythic Dawn vs The Sinjoh Connection
  242. The Inferno Faction V. Creamery Command
  243. Creamery Command V. The Hoenn Triangle
  244. Assassin's Alliance V. Creamery Command
  245. Team Enchanted Garden Vs The Inferno Faction
  246. The Sinjoh Connection vs. The Inferno Faction
  247. Creamery Command V. The Sinjoh Connection
  248. The Battle Corporations Vs. The Hoenn Triangle
  249. Team Enchanted Garden vs Survival Island
  250. The Organisation XIII vs Team Enchanted Garden