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  1. RBY Monotype Challenge
  2. which games do you have?
  3. The Mew Trick
  4. Pokemon Rumors!
  5. MISSINGNO and GLITCHES - talk about them HERE
  6. Which was your favourite?
  7. Stuff you did when the game first came out
  8. Elite Four
  9. I know Snorlax is the Sleeping Pokemon, but this is just ridiculous!
  10. Buy green
  11. Any one seen THE BETA pokemon games?
  12. A whole new way to play
  13. Has anyone played Green version or the Japanese Blue?
  14. What?
  15. If your playing the original games, where are you now?
  16. No where to be found!
  17. where can you buy it
  18. The Yellow Lv:7 Missingno!
  19. The Celadon Casino
  20. Nostalgic Trainers Hideout!
  21. mimic
  22. What's your favourite town and why?
  23. Who's your favourite gym leader?
  24. What pokemon??
  25. What do you think Green sprites look like?
  26. Order through the game
  27. Undeground Items Guide
  28. Funny Graphics
  29. Green and stadium
  30. cinnibar mansion?
  31. 199 of any item aka duplicating
  32. Box trick
  33. A lot of people I know doesn't use Pickachu in Yellow
  34. The truth, (I am correcting all the lies on Red and Blue)
  35. What type do YOU specialize in on R/B/Y?
  36. Missingno. Stats?
  37. Pokemon Batle Theme
  38. Missingno. Stats?
  39. Which pokemon do you ignore?
  40. weird things that happended...
  41. A question about Lickitung in Red/Blue/Yellow
  42. Kanto, Johto or Hoenn???
  43. Mist Stone Gameshark Code
  44. Yellow Pikachu
  45. What's your best/fav/strongest pokemon from r/b/y?
  46. Anyone know where to get a traded Electrode in-game?
  47. R/B/G/Y GameShark Codes/Action Replay, Code Breaker/ Game Genie etc.
  48. this doesn't make sense
  49. What IS by the water in S.S. Anne?
  50. Who has a Japanese Red?
  51. Favorite Pokemon Of All Time R/B/Y
  52. Is there an easier way to get Chansey and Tauros rather than Safari?
  53. wild starters
  54. Problem with Yellow
  55. Does STAB exist in RBY
  56. Weird couincidences
  57. Card Screen?
  58. what buttons does you press
  59. how do i win against koga?
  60. Crappy R/B/G/Y sprites.....
  61. Does Mew Trick Work On Pkmn Yellow
  62. The Best of Their Types
  63. Trading
  64. A question
  65. RBY FAQ - Temp Topic
  66. Are there EV's in R/B/Y?
  67. glitches?
  68. Favorite Starter
  69. weirdest thing just happened in my game
  70. How To Find Glitch City
  71. Do you think Yellow is good?
  72. Lavender town unidentified ghosts
  73. Cool... but dangerous: Glitches
  74. Wanting to buy Pokemon Green (GB - JAP)
  75. How to catch Mew videos
  76. Old RBY Rules, Help and and FAQ
  77. TMs and HMs In R/B/Y
  78. Which Eeveelution?
  79. The truth about the truck by the S. S. Anne
  80. Just one quick question....
  81. your favorite memoryfrom r/b/y
  82. R/G/B/Y Scramble Challenge (borrowed idea from Optical Flash)
  83. Bulbasaur
  84. Beyond Frustrating - Safari Zone
  85. The scramble Challenge Progress Thread! (scramble made by optical flash)
  86. flying pikachu?
  87. In-game trades...
  88. what made you
  89. The Mew trick?
  90. In pokemon yellow
  91. Does the Mew Trick Work On Yellow?
  92. I need an asnwer please.. fast..
  93. I need an asnwer please.. fast..
  94. Where to get Moon Stones (No Gameshark)
  95. Bulbasaur on yelllow
  96. Favorite 1st gen. game
  97. Favorite Red/Blue Sprite???
  99. Glitches
  100. Pokemon Yellow Team
  101. How to catch Mew without a glitch
  102. Magby/Elekid in red/blue??
  103. Shinies In R/b/y ?!?!?!?
  104. Question!
  105. My Blue version does not show 'continue'
  106. this`ll never happen but.....
  107. How do I get the 3 starters from Red/Blue?
  108. pikachu and surf
  109. Beta findings
  110. TMs and HMs
  111. Favorite R/B/Y Gym Leader
  112. That st.Anne and truck thing.
  113. R/B/Y Recent Happenings Thread
  114. Has anybody ever done a Ash run in Yellow?
  115. The First Team you used to defeat the Elite Four?
  116. best pokemon BRAG HERE! (no Missingno)
  117. Your first GREAT pokemon? Your top 6 pokemon of ALL time.
  118. Yellow Error or Not?
  119. Blaine
  120. Vitamins, what exactly do they do in this generation?
  121. The guy in celadon
  122. No legendarys?
  123. Glitch City
  124. female char
  125. Move deleter
  126. Most useless pokemon of R/B/G/Y
  127. [Yellow]Abra/Kadabra Moves
  128. Hm03
  129. Was Green So Bad?
  130. I just wanted to know..
  131. Internal Batteries Dead Yet?
  132. What are some Nicknames you gave your Pokemon?
  133. pokemon stats growing after lvl 100
  134. japanese blue?
  135. Calling All Trainers !
  136. Missingno. and Kangaskhan
  137. Is it possible?
  138. Eh, PM box full?
  139. i cant catch the bird trio help
  140. Looking to get password
  141. mewto
  142. mew
  143. Pikachu, I choose YOU! wait.. PIKACHU, where are YOU?!
  144. Who do I contact
  145. Where To Get Pokemon Red
  146. The truth by comparison
  147. Aw damn, I think I broke it ;__;
  148. There WAS an idea for a female protagonist.
  149. Pokemon being intimidated by other Pokemon
  150. mind bending question
  151. Green Version?
  152. How Do I Get Mew
  153. mew two's armour
  154. Bulbasaur...
  155. The age-old question......WHAT is Missingno?
  156. green missingno
  157. catching questions
  158. 0wn3d
  159. Where to find...
  160. Which starter?
  161. move
  162. My Yellow
  163. Perfect Starter of Pokemon Red ´n Blue.
  164. Wth, I can't use Fly on my Charizard. 0.o
  165. on my blue?
  166. Help!Im trapped in pokemon yellow!!
  167. Metronome Question
  168. How do u clone in Blue?
  169. Just a thought
  170. Bulbasaur
  171. I need a good team
  172. Machamp/Slowbro´s cry
  173. Beta Versions R/B
  174. The true way on how to get Mew.
  175. abt gettin all three starter
  176. How to use an item using SELECT
  177. post if u want GREEN version to be in US
  178. Just got Blue, so two questions...
  179. Music of Red and Blue?
  180. Who is your favourite starter?
  181. hyper beam
  182. trainer battles
  183. R/B/Y What are you doing? Challenge?
  184. Are the sprites in Green or RBY better?
  185. moon stones
  186. Question
  187. Pokemon Yellow Damaged Battery (may contain spoilers)
  188. Quick Question About Pokemon Green
  189. I can't get to mew.
  190. is this fake?
  191. Massingno
  192. questions
  193. Glitch on my game
  194. EVs in this game?
  195. Secret glitch
  196. Pokegods?
  197. Real cheats !!!!Thay all work !!!!
  198. the sprites
  199. Interesting things in R/B/Y which you may not have noticed
  200. Funny lines trainers and people say in R/B/Y
  201. Pokemon Yellow Missingno.!
  202. Stand on Water
  203. Trees turn into Water
  204. Real Blue?
  205. Transfering missingo
  206. Talk about a deus ex machina!!
  207. Sweet
  208. Rollout in R/B/Y...
  209. Is there anyway to get a pokemon from Yellow to emerald?
  210. Okay, about the whole Mew/Truck thing...
  211. Is this a glitch?
  212. Red and Blue Rumors
  213. Grass and Flying
  214. Yellow Remake
  215. Your Great Catch!
  216. pokemn sprite
  217. pokemon sprite
  218. Pokemon music reference
  219. I am SO excited :)
  220. Abra in Yellow?
  221. Pokemon Yellow
  222. Woah!!
  223. Return of the G/R/B/Y Recent Happenings Thread
  224. First Ever Lv. 100??
  225. Maxing out the stats of you R/B/Y pokemon (1st gen.)
  226. Problem saving - green version
  227. Training Traded Pokemon in R/B/Y (1st gen.)
  228. French yellow
  229. Worst moments?
  230. Okay...
  231. Pokemon mod for Visual Boy Advance
  232. soo...Ice Beam or Blizzard?
  233. uhm about pocket monsters green version
  234. Question
  235. Trading between red and blue
  236. RBY - Pet Peeves?
  237. Invisible PC
  238. Defense Curl or Harden? and Nidorino lv.
  239. yellowraichu
  240. firestone
  241. Do u have this 'bug' or 'glitch' before?
  242. Pikachu's Emotions
  243. Trainer On The Coast Of Cinnabar Island
  244. Man, Freezing was broke back then...
  245. Make Snorlax disappear!
  246. Surfing Pikachu question
  247. Mystery of Missing No.
  248. Best nature for Squirtle
  249. very nubbish question
  250. Random Yellow question...