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  19. Creeptastic
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  29. Hopefully, this team will work!
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  34. RMT (tested on PO but not gonna start breeding until i get what to change)
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  47. My white team. (Well, that sounded rasist..)
  48. I'm trying out Sun in the BS, and I need a third team member..
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  65. Ain't No Rest for the Wicked {RMT}
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  95. This is my Team:
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  97. First true competitive team
  98. Rate Team
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  100. need help with my black team im a newb
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  102. Oh no! There's a fierce storm coming!
  103. Please Rate!
  104. Sunny Super Double Subway
  105. Searing Sun Doubles Subway Team
  106. Sandstorm Planned Battle Haxway
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  108. HELP: Super Doubles Subway - Rain & Pain
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  111. SS Rain Dance Team. (New to this)
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  122. and i keep hitting repeat-peat-peat [IGRMT]
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  128. Aiming for 35 straight wins!
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  131. i like turtles
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  134. Need a 6th Pokemon
  135. Online triple team
  136. My online team! Please rate!
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  139. Battle Subway Super Doubles, Sandstorm Team, Steak 73 and counting
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  146. If Not Now, When? <A Musical RMT>
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  149. Subway Singles: whaddya think?
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  151. IGRMT Rating Workshop
  152. Hailstone Harbingers
  153. Baton Pass Super Singles
  154. Pokemon White Team!
  155. Rate my pokemon online team
  156. Rate my pokemon black team plz?
  157. My Team
  158. My Team
  159. My Team.
  160. my rain dance team
  161. My future team.
  162. I've got that fire [mono#3]
  163. White version RMT!
  164. Kings don't need Castles
  165. 49+ streak in super singles
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  168. Shocking! [mono #4]
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  180. Lady Venus! Plz rate and help.
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  183. My team
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  191. additional team members
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  198. He's Back {~>Subway RMT<~}
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  201. ROFLMAO's in-gamers C8
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  210. Extraordinary normal. [mono #5]
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  214. InGame RMT.
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  224. Battle Subway
  225. In game team - Sandstorm
  226. This is BS.
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  231. First attempt at an actual team
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  235. My Everything Team
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  245. Your favourite 5th gen pokemon
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