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  1. Gen VI RMT Rules & Guidelines Thread (READ EVERYTHING BEFORE POSTING)
  2. Single Rates - READ THE FIRST POST
  3. 6th Gen Rmt (Peaked #4 on PO with 1598 points)
  4. Does this look alright?
  5. The Rotating Mawile
  6. I Can See Clearly Now (The Rain has Gone!)
  7. Please Rate My LC Team!
  8. Speed of Darkness (Pokebank OU balanced offense featuring Houndoom)
  9. [OU]Help with my current 6th Gen Team
  10. Buried Alive (A Mono-Ground OU Team)
  11. Serebii CCAT: Generation 6 Edition
  12. First competitive team
  13. Ambipom's Return: Destination Kalos
  14. This is Halloween (TyraniGeist Core)
  15. The Six Signs of Courage (OU RMT)
  16. Emperor Core
  17. Rate my OU team - sitting at 1700 rating
  18. Get Outta My Way! (OU)
  19. Need advise and rating on my Mega Mawile team!
  20. OU Pre-Bank Gods Are Among Us
  21. Meditation amd(LC RMT)
  22. Imperial (A Pokebank OU Team)
  23. Feeling Hyper? ( Hyper Offense RMT)
  24. StockLax Doubles
  25. VGC 2014 Team
  26. Team Embrace The Bulky Offence
  27. OU Pre-Bank Balanced Team
  28. OU Team
  29. Trick Room team (Singles)
  30. Mega-Kanga Team RMT
  31. Please rate my team
  32. Mega Aggron Stall
  33. Pokebank OU: "Dat Diggersby Tho?"
  34. My Shitty Pokebank Team
  35. Pokebank OU: Kyurem-B Based Team
  36. #RuffleHustle
  37. Sunny Side Up: A Season 2 Special/VGC Team
  38. Fairy Pass
  39. OU "Rag-Tag" team
  40. Team Building Help Thread
  41. Rate my first team
  42. Help with balancing?
  43. Intimidate voltturn
  44. VGC 14 Rain will reign again
  45. So Great and Powerful (Peaked #5 PS at 2017 as SkrelpSweg)
  46. Zy Guardians
  47. Double o M- A 2014 VGC Team
  48. My Unusually Successful Mono-Electric Team (Pokebank OU)
  49. Balancing a Prebank OU Team
  50. My new team
  51. Looking for some help with my team
  52. Pokebank OU: Mega Luke Edition
  53. Gen 6 Squad
  54. My Main Team Pre-Pokebank OU
  55. Fast Assault
  56. (abyssmal) Trick Room Team (Double, Triple)
  57. VGC Style Trick Room Team!
  58. The 'Saur Core
  59. First Competitive OU Team
  60. Smug Mix - Pre Pokébank Ubers (Peaked #12)
  61. RMT -First competitve team since 4th gen
  62. My 6th Gen OU Team!
  63. Singles/OU Team
  64. Different style sort of
  65. 1st Competitive Team Since Pearl, for Gen 6 OU Environment
  66. 6th Gen RMT please!
  67. Seven Lions (OU Stall) 2800+ Peak.
  68. DragMag is not bad (OU)
  69. A Basic Guide to Evs
  70. 6th Gen Offense
  71. A New Power Within
  72. Issues posting your RMT Thread? Read this.
  73. There is no escape: VGC 2014 Perish trap
  74. My Competitive Sixth Generation Battling Team
  75. Ampharos - The Shunned Mega
  76. Nair is Back
  77. Sir Colin the Knight (The Legend of Escavalier)
  78. Rate my first competitive team please :)
  79. Luke/Salamence core. RMT needed!
  80. My Team
  81. 6th Gen OU RMT
  82. Soul Nuke
  83. This is MY Room - VGC / Battle Spot Doubles Trick Room
  84. Trap Star For Hire (Gen 6 Pokebank OU)
  85. Trick Room Team (Doubles)
  86. Rate my OU single battles team
  87. Normal type team: Singles
  88. RMT Archive Nomination Thread
  89. Lost Heroes Challenge
  90. My first competitive team Offensive good stuffs
  91. The Ninja-Hawk-Rugby-Fairy-Scorpion-Slimy Team!
  92. Bulky Offense MegaMaw
  93. Ledian, Braving the filth of OU: Rmt by Crys and Ger
  94. UU Psuedo Drag Mag
  95. Mega Lucario and the Mystery of Standard
  96. VGC team Kingthing's Kingdom
  97. [Creative Team Name]: OU VoltTurn
  98. A team that I am working hard on making better.
  99. The Jaeger Project (VGC Team Report)
  100. Sand Offense - A Wifi Battle Spot Team
  101. Any ideas to improve this UU team?
  102. UU Bulky Offense
  103. RMT please?
  104. Death From Above, a wifi pokebankless team.
  105. 3 Pokemon Wi-fi team; first team ever looking for advise :)
  106. The stall smashers(doesnt beat just stall tho)
  107. All Balls, No Walls (A Gen VI OU RMT)
  108. The Seldom Strikers
  109. STALLZ SMASHERZ HUE (An Ubers RMT Peaked #10 yay)
  110. Volt turn team to improve! need your help!
  111. 6th Generation Battling Team: VoltTurn Bulky Offense Core
  112. OU Pokemon team ready for rating ! :)
  113. Help: Sandstorm Trick Room (Doubles)
  114. This is Fun: A Pokemon XY Inverse Team
  115. Err' Day I'm Volt-Turning.
  116. RMT: Full Trick Room, Partial Sandstorm Doubles Team
  117. Mythau y Gwynt - An OU team
  118. Desinenza
  119. Well-Tested OU Baton Pass Team
  120. Triple Choice (OU)
  121. OU Team
  122. The Next Generation
  123. my first competitive team (OU)
  124. Charizard: The warrior within the flames.
  125. OU Teambuilding Competition Round 2 Team Submission
  126. POCKET SAND!!! (UU Sand Team)
  127. First Trick Room Team!
  128. Trick Room Triples! _\m/
  129. My Walls Are Built of Wishes and Turtle Shells - UU Competitive Team
  130. Boosting pokemon squad
  131. Trick Room Doubles Team Improvements
  132. Bulky OU Baton Pass
  133. OU Stall Team: 1-3-1 Trap V2 (Forecheck Harder)
  134. Just Got Swept By Vanilluxe...Please Help
  135. Control (XY OU)
  136. OU, First RMT
  137. Chiko's Rising (UU)
  138. OU Bulky Offense
  139. Standard OU RMT
  140. The Woman in Black(OU Team featuring Mega-Gardevoir)
  141. Flower Field an OU team
  142. Thanks, Aboma! (Competitive Hail team)
  143. OU LansatPass
  144. The Bro Squad
  145. The Knights of the Round Table
  146. RMT: VGC'14 Doubles Trick Room
  147. Finally! -- Lost Wonder Underdogs [UU]
  148. The Mind Reader Team
  149. Team Ajax (Swoobat in OU)
  150. My First Team (that doesn't totally stink)
  151. first competitive team (OU)-Suggestions appreciated
  152. Hydreigon Battle Spot Singles Team
  153. Watch Me As I Fall - Smogon 6th Gen LC
  154. Lando core got serious now (Gen 6 OU)
  155. Heat Blitz (Competitive RMT)
  156. Coo-coo for Coa Coa Puffs
  157. Trick Room Bros team (Doubles)
  158. OU Team (Each Gen Represented)
  159. (OU) DRAMAtical Pokemon
  160. Is my team balanced?
  161. GEN 6 RMT Help Improve my Team!
  162. Blazing Sun Doubles Team
  163. UU Team: Cotton Candy of Doom!
  164. What Am I Doing Wrong? (Ughh I'm bad at Doubles)
  165. SwagKey & Ditto: BFFS 4 LIFE
  166. New to Rating Battles, trying to increase ranking.
  167. April Friendly Team Ratings?
  168. Diggersby Tho (Doubles)
  169. Competitive VGC Team
  170. The cat on the stage of bulky offense with a pony,a spooky shield,a dragon,a bird and
  171. This team beat Aaron Zheng (VGC RMT PLZ) Pure Power
  172. International Challenge 2014 (Doubles RMT w/110 win streak test run in Battle Maison)
  173. Mega-Kangourex Team: New at the Competitive Scene
  174. Here, take these several metric craptons of pure explosives. Go bananas. (Ubers HO)
  175. GRATATA: Gen 6 OU RMT
  176. Online "OU"/"UU" team for Single Battles
  177. Probability-Defying Perfection (peaked at #1, 1500 points)
  178. Serebii Community Create a Team
  179. Megazard X
  180. The Uber ladder sucks (Featuring Infernape, peaked at #64)
  181. A very dumb, retarded, and "gimmicky“ OU Doubles team.
  182. Wrath of Apollo [VGC 2014 Format]
  183. As calm as drizzle, but strong as a storm
  184. RMT - Offensive OU / BattleSpot Singles
  185. Call Me Crazy
  186. RMT -- All Poison Lineup
  187. In Luck We Trust (XY Ubers)
  188. Balanced OU lineup
  189. A Devious Tactic - Wi-Fi Rotation Battles
  190. UU: Batman and Friends (Showdown)
  191. Waves of Strife, Mono-type team
  192. VGC Nationals team. Any and all advice welcomed.
  193. Resonance
  194. [UU 2v2] Gun Powder Plot
  195. OU beast squad
  196. MURICA!!! Venturing forth into RU
  197. First competitive team - third try
  198. DeoSharp: Or "Oh God Why" The Team
  199. An Offensive Symphony in C#Minor (XY OU)
  200. I should've made this team for VGC
  201. UU Teambuilding Competition
  202. XY OU - A Full Stall team - Peaked 1601 PS
  203. Serebii Team Showcase
  204. A twisty Sand ( VGC oriented team)
  205. NU team. Yes, that's it, no creative title. Look anyway. |BC
  206. League Mono-type Water team
  207. Behind These Walls: UU Edition
  208. Get little or get home [LC Team]
  209. XY OU Beatstick (Page One)
  210. Team.ini
  211. BonzaiBill Team OU
  212. The Teams to End All Teams: A Collaborative RMT by MMS and Saph~
  213. At a Glance - Peaked 13th (1701) on PS! Ladder
  214. Heidrigon Hell! [VGC]
  215. Nuclear Magneton [RU]
  216. competitive OU team
  217. OU Team needs some love :p
  218. Crusade of the Cybonic Pacifist
  219. VGC RMT - Potential Team in Testing Alternatives to Rotom Mow?
  220. FAlRIES (XY OU)
  221. No items, Kalos bred Tournament team
  222. Legendaries Team
  223. No item, no Legendaries, and no Ubers team for competition in OCT.
  224. Ragequit: The Team (OU stall)
  225. RMT: Offensive Webbing OU
  226. Battle Spot hyper offense, peaked at #1
  227. [ORAS/XY OU] The Birdz and The Beez in the Trap
  228. [X Y] RMT Offensive Gens Team
  229. XY OU: Final Stand
  230. My ORAS OU Doubles Team
  231. Team Whale (An XY Sticky Webs RMT)
  232. My First ORAS Team (Singles)
  233. My ORAS OU Team (MegaGross)
  234. My ORAS Uber/OU team
  235. Return of the Loom (XY OU)
  236. ORAS UU team filled with Forgotten Favourites!
  237. RMT: XY OU team needs to be updated for ORAS.
  238. OU Team - Dunsparced
  239. MONO HOENN competitive team
  240. BattleSpot Competitive Team
  241. [OR/AS OU] Sinister Smiles
  242. Kingdra (Setup then Sweep)
  243. My first OU ORAS team
  244. Sailor Guardians (Fairy Monotype)
  245. [ORAS OU] Megakazam Team
  246. Not too early for a VGC team, is it?!
  247. [ORAS OU] Meteor Masher Takes the Stage
  248. My first vgc 15 team. T-ar strikes!
  249. The Gravity of the situation (VGC 2015 Team)
  250. (Insert Provocative Title Here) [ORAS Smogon OU]