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  1. Trade Shop Rules
  2. Vane's Trading/Breeding Emporium
  3. Flamebrass's Ranch♂♀
  4. Aorus' trade (kindof a newbie)
  5. 5ive Trade shop (add me, Lets be friends ^_^)
  6. Rexasaurus' Roadside Trading Stand
  7. TarTar's
  8. Neeby's Breeding Station (poetictomboy)
  9. Trade/Breeding Store.
  10. Rachiedash's stuff! Can't think of a better name, sadly...
  11. Darkrulerjoe's Trade List
  12. Blackwing's Trade Shop
  13. Beach's Shiny Shop!
  14. Griffin's Gallant Shop
  15. nuoh's shop
  16. Rachelle's Nature Trading Boutique
  17. Dibut's Trade Shop
  18. Nalhutta's 6th Gen Trade Shop
  19. Belloni's endless Pokemon Center
  20. Breeding Shop of Legend's
  21. ScotteyF1's Trading Shop
  22. DrakeTech Pokemon Exchange Service (DPES)
  23. Bug Master Trades
  24. Stabpoke's Trades 'n Things
  25. X/Y Trades by BananaLizard
  26. Gira's pokemporium all your pokemon needs and wants
  27. Pokedex Depot! the Lumiose City location.
  28. MG's Trade Market
  29. Sethlesser's Breeding Shop
  30. Mack Busk's makeshift tradeshop
  31. Cwertles breeding shop
  32. Tipton's Poke Breeding
  33. Zold's X&Y Breeding Grounds
  34. Happymat's Trading and Breeding Center
  35. ShinyVulpix's Breeding and Catching 'Store'
  36. Blaze's trade shop
  37. The Shiny Pokedex Shop!
  38. Tarro's Trade Corner Reborn
  39. Blaze88d00d trade shop
  40. BmanP1's trade shop (lots of HA's)
  41. Agony's X\Y | ORAS Super Store
  42. Bott52's Trade Shop (More HAs)
  43. BJT's Trade Shop Galore!
  44. TJ's Trading Spot
  45. Kadill's Olde Trade Shope :)
  46. Kangaskhan Store
  47. Saints' Shiny Grounds
  48. Ashcuz's Pokeshop Extravaganza
  49. Wolph's Breeding Corner
  50. ~Azume's X/Y Shop~
  51. International Trading House
  52. BluePingu's Breeding and Trading Board
  53. BloomShaymin Trade Shop
  54. Want to know why your trade shop isn't approved? READ THIS THREAD
  55. Y tradethread of the mouse lady
  56. Chireru=Tyler's Trade Post X/Y Edition
  57. The Skyforge Trade Shop
  58. Whoami40's EV training shop
  59. *Trading Hidden Ability Pokemon*
  60. MonstaMan Tradeshop
  61. Ju-da-su's Trading Post (JP)
  62. Elena's IV Bred + Hidden Ability Trade Shop!
  63. Ixeilon's IV incubation !
  64. aTheos' Breeding and Foreign Trade Shop!
  65. Hotchmun's Specialty IV Breeding Shop
  66. Prismatic Ponies
  67. The GOTT Trade Shop
  68. TheFirehawks Trade Shop :D
  69. That1Chick's Hidden Ability Trade Shop (100+ Pokemon)
  70. The Dream World Swap Stop
  71. zT3CHNO REMiX's Trade Shop
  72. Drakath's Chaotic Shop
  73. THE SHINY HUNTER - TRADE SHOP - Shiny and perfect IV's.
  74. JB's Gen VI Tenacious Depot (Shinies, IV Breeding, and more)
  75. Sama's Hidden Ability and 4/5 IV with Pokerus Shop (JP/EN)
  76. Zalf's pokemon Bazaar/Trading Post
  77. PKMN Legend Anthony's Trade Emporium
  78. Pokefan25's Trading Thread
  79. Crystal King's Trade Shope
  80. Dark Arms- A Practical IV Shop
  81. The HarKen Pokemon and Service Shop
  82. Cristian's Great Trade Shop!
  83. OXIII Trade and Services Shop
  84. Evreaia's Pokémon breeding factory
  85. Epiphany808's IV bred Trade shop
  86. 4IV pokes for trade
  87. Artnerd's Friend Safari Capture Service & IVs
  88. kjessie44's shop
  89. ScarletSnow's Trades ~
  90. Toxicated's Fantastic Trade Shop and EV breeding centre
  91. Drakoflash1's Variety Store
  92. Brendan25's Trading &Training Services
  93. Too-Weak's Nursery [Gen 6]
  94. Jimmys Trade Shop (GER)
  95. Pokefree's Big Pokemon Trading House
  96. ARTPOP by Kreayshawn
  97. pokefree's Trading Shop
  98. Wilson's English IV Breeding Bazaar + CNY Giveaway + 4/5IV Foreign Pokemon InStock!!
  99. Kelde0's Version Exclusive Shop
  100. Scarey's awesome Trade Shop!
  101. Mokyun's Breeding and Trading Depot
  102. Rohans Trade Shop
  103. Turner's Hatchery
  104. Aurora's Dex Exchange
  105. Triumphant Breeding
  106. Sheragim's Supertastic Supershop (IV breeding, Items, Training services and more!)
  107. Darkri2050's Trade Shop of Fun
  108. ICaV's Pokebrothel for competitive Playa's
  109. Slyph's 6th Generation Breeding Shop
  110. Silentshadowxp's Trading Shop
  111. Charizard & FairyWitch's BANKBALL/BREEDING/SHINY SHOP
  112. Starter Shop
  113. MoonShadow's Backalley Trade Shop
  114. Black Sheep Shop
  115. phokingbeast's phokingshop
  116. Mario's house of shiny/non shiny pokemon! [6IV Ditto + BP Items]
  117. The Magical Trading Shop of Wonder and Amazement
  118. Ash's Trading and Breeding Shop
  119. Mkn's trade shop! EVENTS, ITEMS, IV BREEDING AND MORE!
  120. Kay's Trade Shop
  121. MTAMMO's Small Trade Shop
  122. Zozo's Friendly Friend Safari Farm
  123. Varanus's XY Breeding, Shiny, and Event Trade Shop
  124. Yen's Legendary/Shiny Collection Shop
  125. Spilim's shop
  126. The Dragon Chamber
  127. Le Centre français des Échanges de Pokémon (FRA)
  128. Pokemon X Master Girl and Bush Clown's Shinys, Legends and more Trade Shop!
  129. Arekkusu's Breeding Shop
  130. Chad the rest trade shop
  131. Sir Gengar's Breeding and Trading Shop
  132. Nassir's IV Shop
  133. MokKish's Coffee Shop for Breeders
  134. Gaarth's Breeding Oasis and Trade Shop
  135. SilentReaper and Fairywitches Shiny/Event/Pokebank Transfer RNGS
  136. Best Pokemons Store[IV bred, items, shinnies, legandries]
  137. Micah's PokeMart
  138. ~/-\~ Twizted25ID's Breeding Center ~/-\~
  139. Ichna's Trade Shop
  140. Starters Galore (And Others)
  141. Shinyclaunchers shiny stop
  142. Shiny and Legendary Pokemon Trade Center
  143. The Foreign Trading Shop
  144. Ubernerd37/Harlyquin IV Breeding Shop
  145. Pax Utopia Trading Shop (4 all your breeding/events/item needs!)
  146. LudaChris78 - SHINY 6th Gen Trade Shop!
  147. Arteefact's Hidden Ability Shop
  148. Meganium Madness' Fantastic Shop
  149. Sid's Igloo Shop!
  150. MXD's "Adopt a Pokemon" Trade Shop
  151. The Future Breed Machine...And Beyond
  152. The Temp Tent Shop
  153. Nayzira's IV bred trading tread (featuring hidden abilities, egg moves, rare balls^^)
  154. Bleu's Trade shop.
  155. HiramsShop! Legends, Shinies, Breeding!
  156. FennekinBlazes's Non-Shiny and Shiny Trade Shop
  157. TheBellBoy - - - Kingly Trade Shop
  158. ~*Ohjeezitskim's Trade Shop*~
  159. TheBellBoy - - - Kingly Trade Shop
  160. Totally Legitimate Breeding Post
  161. Ace's Trade Shop
  162. Yogi's Breeding Thread for OU and beyond
  163. Criisz's Shiny Trade ;D
  164. Looking for several legendaries.
  165. goo's Hidden Ability Exchange
  166. DryBones' Event Shop
  167. Ash's Poké Plaza
  168. 6IV Kalos Trading Spot With 6iv Zygarde For Trade
  169. Shao-May's Flea Pokémarket Stand
  170. DaughterofDin's Trading and Service Shop!
  171. Epic Madness Pokemon Shop
  172. Pokeislandguy's Pokeisland
  173. Hyrule Castle Town Breeding Shop
  174. Tenny's Shiny Trade Shop!
  175. Rose's Corner Market
  176. Under the Clouds
  177. TheMega Trade Center
  178. Alexis's XY/ORAS Shop
  179. ~~Amacitare's Hodgepodge Trade Shop~~
  180. Mars714's near flawless and nicknamed Breedshop
  181. AMP's Breeding One Stop Shop!
  182. Lux's Breeding Ranch *pokerus available
  183. ~Prince's Royal Trading Shop~
  184. Bkdevil's IV Trade Shop
  185. ZKush's Shop of HORRORS
  186. Audiomeleksa's Backyard Pokemon
  187. Bonus41's trade thread G6 Shiny/Starters/ and more
  188. Meteor Shop
  189. Delmis' Shiny/Event Shop
  190. Xadvid's Poke Boutique
  191. MOS'S shiny trading shop.
  192. SEdive07's Pokemon Breeding (and other things) Shop!
  193. Truucey's Pokedex Completion Trade Shop!
  194. Pandas Shop Everything
  195. ShachonianX's Feebas and more Store!
  196. Koss Birro's Bits and Pieces Shop
  197. Hugokyremrayquaza's gen 6 event shop.
  198. Titan's Trade Shop
  199. Super Market!
  200. Claw's Trade Thread (Breeding, Shinies, and Cloning)
  201. Looking For Legendarys + Shinys
  202. Pongi's Shiny/Legends XY Shop
  203. blade's trade shop
  204. BX's Shiny and Flawless Battle ready monster shop
  205. Bushido's Warehouse
  206. Scott's Trade Shop for Bankballs and 5IV Pokemon
  207. Jquin's Pokemon Emporium
  208. Nelly's 5 IV and shiny trading grounds
  209. Gen VI: Looking For Rare Ball Pokemon, Offering Same + 5IV/4EM Pokemon
  210. Danny's Xy Trade thread
  211. Pokemon to Trade
  212. blade's event and shiny trade shop
  213. Redezzed's Little Trade Shop of Horrors
  214. The International Pokemon Shop
  215. Bubbles Bubble tastic Bubbling Hidden Ability and IV Breedery NOW FEATURING BUBBLES!
  216. Angel's Fairytale Breeding Shop
  217. dp876's trading thread
  218. [150+KB Shinies] (>o.o)> ~~ Vietflame's 4-6IV Shiny KB Pokemon Shop ~~ <(o.o<)
  219. Babypokes stop shop
  220. Katoka’s Traveling Trade Tent.
  221. Echo's Little Bit of Everything
  222. Britt's Shiny and Event Shop
  223. Shiny Tradeshop/Perfect Dittos
  224. Rautha's Gravity Wave Emporium - Offering a Bit of Everything
  225. Carmichael88's trade shop
  226. Chauvie's IV Breeds
  227. Event Tradeshop
  228. devilmonkey's Breeding Sanctuary
  229. XxMegaGlurakYxXs Event Shop
  230. Flare Café- 'Cause we be Fabulous
  231. Mommys Old Event Shop
  232. 6th Gen Trade Thread
  233. Sierra's Shiny, Hidden Ability, and Breeding Shop
  234. Vladone's Trade Shop
  235. Blasting Toise's Trading and Breeding Corner
  236. ✿' deering`s trade shop ▋open
  237. Aguadiablo's Hell Pit Trade Shop
  238. PieMaster's Shiny and Breeding grounds
  239. Ammy's Pokéshop
  240. Trading legendaries for Outstanding IVs (Darial's Trading Shop)
  241. Rayista´s shop (all pokemon spanish and feed by me)
  242. IgnisRothe's Shop of Gen VI Events (amd more coming soon)
  243. Shy's XY Trade Shop
  244. Unredemption's Trade Shop - IV Bred Pokemon and more!
  245. The Black Sheep Ark
  246. Mike's Legendary Shop
  247. X and Y Rare Berries, Rare Items, 5/4IV Pokemon w/ and w/o Egg Moves Trade Shop.
  248. ~*Pokélevage Fantastique: Pokemon Breeding Services*~
  249. ThePlatypusKing's Trade Shop
  250. Rock's Hidden Ability and Egg Move Shop