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  1. johto remake
  2. Psychic Type too Uber?
  3. Pokemon Green in English?
  4. Shuckle - the key to leveling up?
  5. This is probably answered somewhere else...
  6. The Curious Case Of The UNOWN
  7. which hitmon?
  8. EV in First Gen?
  9. My Pokemon Gold and Crystal died ! :O
  10. Pokemon Silver on the Computer
  11. The best experiment
  12. If your game ISN'T SAVING, Read This!
  13. A question about the internal battery and Transfer Packs
  14. A question...
  15. Effort vaules?
  16. Why is trading broken in my Pokemon Red?
  17. Did you catch Lugia/Ho-Oh when you were 2?
  18. The NEW "Why You Love Johto" Thread!
  19. Please Help Me...
  20. Falkner as a Gym Leader?
  21. Pokemon and Pokemon Stadium on vc. is it possible?
  22. Celedon Game Corner Hideout
  23. I've got a problem with my yellow...
  24. How do you get Smeargle to learn Transfrom in GSC?
  25. Gengar in Pokemon Crystal
  26. Help me, please
  27. Going price for Pokemon Green?
  28. Wierd Link Battle
  29. The Amazing Sex Change!! and other GSC oddities.
  30. Evolution Stones
  31. Bug team
  32. RBY Monotype Challenge
  33. Water Mono Challenge
  34. I like many women, I can not be only one
  35. Motherload of Pokemon G/S ALPHA information!!
  36. I have 2 doubts
  37. One Stubborn EEVEE
  38. How Long Did It Take?
  39. Gold and Silver DSi
  40. All the mistakes in first gen coding
  41. How you would improve/change the Johto Gym Leaders.
  42. Shiny Ditto Rumor
  43. Fishing rod pokemon.
  44. Trading pikachu in pokemon yellowww
  45. what was your first shiny pokemon and where did you get it?
  46. How many hours on your 2nd Generation games?
  47. Confuse Ray Tentacruel?
  48. How to obtain 2nd generation pokemon in diamond,pearl,or platinum
  49. Best Game of Second Generation?
  50. What do you think you want the GSDS box art to be?
  51. Poll: 3 Lengendary Dogs Really 3 Lengendary Cats?
  52. Crystal had dial-up Wi-Fi connecton?
  53. Nidoran M Problem
  54. So, do you think G/S will be re-made?
  55. can someone tell me how to get a thunderstone in pokemon gold
  56. is there an easier way to find picachu in gold version
  57. Trading between Gen. I/II and III/IV
  58. Game Corner Lighter?
  59. pokemon heart gold and soul silver ideas
  60. GS REMAKES!! Heart Gold and Soul Silver!!
  61. EV Training in G/S/C
  62. Have you ever noticed Pikachu
  63. Unlimited TMs
  64. Sould Silver - Heart Gold
  65. Johto Contests?
  66. Your most embarrassing In-Game Problem?
  67. Speaking of HeartGold/SoulSilver...
  68. no female players expected in HeartGold/SoulSilver...
  69. Using the Time Machine...
  70. Who is replaying GSC in honor of the new games?
  71. GSC Rare Candy Real Effects??
  72. Money in Pokémon
  73. G/S/C UU battle, Need Help PLZ!
  74. Rate my lvl 100 BT/Stadium 2 Team
  75. Unknown
  76. Chance Pokemon Stadium 1&2 comes to wii virtual console?
  77. Better Chance at Shinies??
  78. Fire/Electric type Magnemite/Magneton?
  79. What next?
  80. Will my green trade with english R/B?
  81. What batterie does Crystal take?
  82. I was such a stupid child!
  83. Do you think Pokemon R/B/Y are the best game ever?
  84. Blue boy, red girl.
  85. About the internal battery
  86. Old News but funny
  87. Hardest Gym Leader
  88. Stupidest thing you've done in G/S/C?
  89. Problems with trading
  90. Did my Silver game glitch?
  91. Pokemon gold: getting last badge
  92. Pokemon gold: getting last badge
  93. Celebi Egg Trick... Does it work??
  94. your favourite pokemon in your party?
  95. The Elemental Punches in 2nd Gen...
  96. Why does everyone LOVE the 2nd?
  97. Green 1st Gen
  98. Are effort values really calculated in this Gen?
  99. 2 questions(master ball and mew)
  100. Getting a new game.
  101. In crystal
  102. Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest
  103. Who was your Starter?
  104. should i get pokemon crystal/ silver/gold?
  105. What was your reaction on the announcment of the HG/SS?
  106. hey how the **** do you catch this black person
  107. Question about differences.
  108. Worst Pokemon Green sprites
  109. Which Pokémon did you catch first?
  110. Headbutting Trees
  111. is there something wrong with my game's battery
  112. Which is Better? Ho-oh Or Lugia?
  113. I've found it!
  114. Few questions about Crystal
  115. Mewtwo is not being fair !
  116. Where to buy
  117. Item Questions For Crystal
  118. Yellow Pikachu Question
  119. Team Rocket muckt up my GOLD
  120. First Gen vs. Second Gen Battle Royale
  121. Dratini
  122. Strangest thing that happened on G/S/C to you?
  123. DO you think its easier to catch shinys on G/S/C compared to the newer games?
  124. Pokemon Red first timer
  125. What are the chances...
  126. 1st/2nd gen IV calculator?
  127. Why did you choose your starter?
  128. Do you ever catch pesky Pokémon like Rattata or Hoothoot?
  129. gold and silver leaves
  130. Pokemon Yellow
  131. Differences between Gold/Silver and Crystal
  132. What's Your Favorite Music in G/S/C?
  133. Which game should I get?
  134. Internal battery?
  135. getting shinnys
  136. Crystal speedrun
  137. Gold n' Silver Sprite errors.
  138. The Stars of Generation 1?
  139. Mystery Gift. Your thoughts?
  140. Teddiursa when?
  141. Question about Beedrill
  142. Have you ever caught a missingno?
  143. best theoretical GSC party (using gameshark to accomplish)
  144. Question about the game corner in Kanto
  145. Help for E4 team
  146. The truck.
  147. crystal players, your opinion please!
  148. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Japanese script?
  149. Fire stone location?
  150. Was this your favorite game? Why?
  151. What's your favorite Gold/Silver Pokemon?
  152. Pokemon Silver Playthrough
  153. Sun Stone Location
  154. Breeding
  155. Question about EVs
  156. Eevee Breeding
  157. What can beat this mew?
  158. [danzo] Happiness Guide!
  159. Stuck on silver..
  160. What the heck is that glitch where
  161. Waking up snorlax
  162. How the hell
  163. Where do you get
  164. Team suggestion?
  165. Unown's messages
  166. Is There a way to get Umbreon with Curse in Crystal?
  167. My least fav. thing about G/S/C
  168. Pokemon Crystal: Catching Entei and Raikou Crisis!
  169. Pokemon Crystal, Where Do I Buy It?
  170. Hm07(waterfall)
  171. Mahogany Town Market
  172. Pokemon Gold Internal Battery Oddity
  173. What does your name mean?
  174. Best place to hatch this Egg?
  175. Should i pick espeon or scizor for my Crystal Team?
  176. Water stone before the elite four in Gold?
  177. Classic resctiction competion for Heart gold and Silver
  178. Berries and Shuckle
  179. Coolest pokemon from G/S/C?
  180. Memories of 2nd Gen
  181. Need help forming a team
  182. Wierdest R/B/Y glitch
  183. "Teru-Sama" item
  184. Rare candy question, please help!
  185. Who has beaten Red?
  186. shinys
  187. Where can I find remoraid in pokemon gold
  188. favorite training spot in the 2nd gen?
  189. Battle Tower team building
  190. i need help understanding first gen iv's? please!
  191. Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Scramble Challenge.
  192. Why is Snubbull's Species Classification 'Fairy Pokemon'???
  193. Bloody Chansey...
  194. How Can You Get The Surfing Pikachu Mini-Game In Yellow?
  195. Mew Gave Birth to Mewtwo?
  196. What is your favorite song from GSC?
  197. A little info about Red and Blue...
  198. Pokemon Green
  199. embarrassing!!
  200. Pokemon Graphics
  201. (Help) what should my last pkm at my squad at crystal!!!
  202. Jst wondering...
  203. How does pikachu/raichu gain access to surf in r/b/y?
  204. Reflect & Light Screen
  205. Do you have all the 2nd gen games???
  206. EVs and Exp share
  207. Rare Candies?
  208. How many hours logged playing?
  209. How many times did you beat the Elite four?
  210. Training, Stat, and EV questions
  211. Mewtwo Lvl 70 DV's and corresponding stats
  212. A Sense of Emptiness...
  213. Rival battles
  214. Nicknames
  215. Favorite bird
  216. Cyndaquil or Totodile?
  217. What was your favorite Pokemon in Gold/Silver/Crystal?
  218. In your opinion what’s the weakest Pokémon?
  219. What would have been your starter?
  220. Rather have started in Kanto and then gone to Johto
  221. Do you actually give your Poke’s Berry’s to hold?
  222. Who was amped about Baby Pokémon? I know I was!
  223. Togepi… what was up with that thing!
  224. Did you use Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle in Yellow?
  225. Favourite Kanto Gymleader
  226. Dumb question regarding Staryu
  227. Gold or Silver? (Or maybe Crystal?)
  228. Good HM Slave
  229. Problem with Using the Time Capsule
  230. G/S/C Scramble Challenge
  231. RIP my Crystal...
  232. Noob Question
  233. Had this happen to you?
  234. Spiky-Eared Pichu cannot evolve?
  235. What's the worst hack you've ever seen in the 1st gen?
  236. Which one do you still play??
  237. Replacing a battery...
  238. A quick question about trading Pikachu from Yellow
  239. Badge Question
  240. Pokémon Gold/Silver Spaceworld 1997 Demo info
  241. Is there anything I can do?
  242. Phantom Organ... Has anyone else experienced this?
  243. Help with Celebi Glitch/Bad Clone
  244. Fastest Leveling Method
  245. Pokémon Red/Green "Capsule Monsters" information
  246. Before it's too late...
  247. The house in Pallet Town
  248. The real way to get mew in Pokémon Blue/Red
  249. Eevee evolving w/o Stone (Blue)
  250. Pokemon R/B/Y Scramble Challenge