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  1. Funny stories
  2. Have you ever pulled off the Mew Glitch?
  3. Anyone else?
  4. i wonder why Grenn version didnt released in English???
  5. Lucky Egg Help
  6. S/G or HG/SS
  7. my battary for pokemon crystal ran out [HELP]
  8. Zapdos vs Raikou vs Tyranitar
  9. Your opinion on the music: better or worse than HG and SS?
  10. Heracross
  11. GameFreak really messed up Mewtwo and Mew's sprite colors.
  12. I need a first gen expert!
  13. About Catching Dratini
  14. Decide
  15. Favorite Glitch
  16. Pokemon Crystal Internal Battery Question + N64
  17. which is better, contest of pokemon
  18. can your starter pokemon be shiny in silver?
  19. can you get shiny starters in silver?
  20. Yellow Version vs. Red and Blue
  21. trading between different languages
  22. The Exp share glitch.
  23. Black/White now?!
  24. Help in getting to the grassy area in Ruins of Alph..?
  25. i gots a question
  26. why doesnt the DV calculator work for my espeon?
  27. ???? does anyone know a good DV calculator cause i cant find ANY
  28. I need some help with Pokemon Crystal
  29. suggestions on replacing pokemon in my pack?
  30. Yellow
  31. What If...
  32. What Was Your Favorite Pokemon From G/S/C
  33. Japanese GameShark Codes?
  34. Pokemon crystal back up
  35. I need a little help on Gold
  36. Battle tower hax
  37. If you were Whitney...
  38. Help
  39. The worst and the best old pokemon 2nd gen rumors
  40. Chain-breeding question!
  41. Who should I teach EQ to?
  42. R.I.P. Raticate...
  43. Red, Yellow, Blue: The Rise Of Pokemon
  44. Creepy Black
  45. Noobie question
  46. Can you duplicate items in yellow?
  47. How can you get Alakazam to learn kinesis in RBY?
  48. Best G/S/C Gym Leader?
  49. Need help.
  50. Eeveelution!
  51. Any Crystal Additions/Changes you dislike?
  52. Gengar Moveset: Shadow Ball is Physical?! [Pokemon Silver Version]
  53. How did you make it past the first gym in yellow?
  54. Something I've noticed
  55. The Phantom Organ
  56. Is it me or...
  57. what is ur three pick for the old man glitch?
  58. Is anyone still link battling in G/S/C?
  59. Most useful move introduced in Gen 2?
  60. A
  61. Battle Tower!
  62. A dude or a chick?
  63. Anyone find RBY's limitations almost endearing?
  64. So what's the deal with the Lavender Town music?
  65. pokemon yellow ev
  66. Your rival
  67. Only 100 Mews?
  68. WTF Mewtwo battle
  69. 10 years of Gold and Silver
  70. The Safari Zone
  71. What happens to special when trading from RBY?
  72. glitches inside the mew glitch
  73. Happy memories?
  74. Egg-Cellent!
  75. Japanese version gameshark codes
  76. My cousin don't like Pikachu.
  77. Creepy Credits Pokemon?
  78. Red/Blue/Green/Yellow "Hit me with your best shot" challenge
  79. Question about mewtwo
  80. Same Old Song ♫
  81. pokemon yellow team
  82. favorite pokemon in yellow
  83. Hidden power question
  84. My Team?
  85. Is this genuine: Pikachu's "Pika" Cry (Yellow)
  86. Suggestons for Pokemon Red team
  87. Someone help!
  88. I feel bad for the Rival in this game.
  89. Celebi Trick help, please?
  90. Pokémon Creepypastas
  91. Pokemon Online
  92. Red or Yellow?
  93. Trade
  94. Monotype Challenge help
  95. Gotta ask this...
  96. Is there even anything to do after the E4?
  97. R/B/Y capture algorithm
  98. Pokemon Yellow resetting the data/glitching sprites when it likes?
  99. Battle Tower... how?
  100. Favorite Kanto Gym Leader
  101. 1st Gen Tourney/Get-together?
  102. Favorite water move poll
  103. The Strangest Pokémon Sprite, that looks stranger than it does today.
  104. Which Game should I get G/S/C or R/B/Y?
  105. Fire move poll
  106. Best Ice Type Move : Poll
  107. What was... was favourite Gym?
  108. My Silver Version clock has a mind of its own!!
  109. gold/silver/crystal transfer?
  110. Pokemon Yellow Remake
  111. VBA playthrough
  112. Missingno.
  113. Held Item
  114. Monotype choosing help
  115. Leaf Stone Problem; Need Serious Help
  116. Celebi glitch?
  117. Have you been to Glitch City?
  118. BUSTING the pokemon green lavender town music myth
  119. Lavender Town Myths/Rumors?
  120. Elite 4 heart gold/soul silver
  121. Color or Black and White?
  122. Does a japanese Pokemon Green work on an english super game boy?
  123. Something funny!!!!
  124. Crystal Let's Play
  125. Max my stats up
  126. First generation nostalgia
  127. ever tune the radio channel in the ruins?
  128. What is the best way to beat misty if you choose charmander?
  129. Listening to the radio...
  130. Your team that beat the game...
  131. The Bug-Catching Contest
  132. Pokemon Crystal Walkthrough
  133. Moon Stone in Pokemon Mansion...
  134. Pokemon Crystal Battle Tower Discussion
  135. Screw on back of Cart
  136. All 3 starters?
  137. Fake yellow and internal battery?
  138. Fake Red?
  139. Moveset decision
  140. Lavender town syndrome, come follow me, and lostsilver
  141. The eerie truth of MISSINGNO.! The Kangaskhan Story!
  142. Games Pokemon XD and Coloseum
  143. How many hours did you play before you beat pokeleague?
  144. Swinub
  145. Pysduck and Golduck
  146. Internal Battery Torture
  147. Hardest gym leader in johto
  148. Moves between versions
  149. Lavender Town exaggeration?
  150. Did you try catching the dead marowak?
  151. Two Exp Shares in Crystal?
  152. New Kanto Game
  153. Isn't Pikachu...weak?
  154. I think i'm stuck in the game can you help?
  155. Favorite Pokemon in first generation?
  156. Favorite moments in G/S/C?
  157. Bellossom's HP
  158. You cant tell shinys in gen 1
  159. Catching Rarest Pokemon in the Safari Zone
  160. Effort Value System
  161. Suggestions for my team?
  162. lavender town
  163. Couple newbie questions
  164. 1st Generation online simulator
  165. Favourite Gym Leader
  166. Favourite Gym Leader
  167. Can't rebattle trainers in Crystal
  168. When Did You Discover Mew?
  169. Stat boosters and Evolution
  170. Pokemon Yellow ''Starters"
  171. Grinding locations?
  172. Gary's dead raticate
  173. Did you use the sudowoodo that was in route 26?
  174. The mew glitch
  175. Why did so many people have trouble with whitney's milktank back in pokemon silver?
  176. Current G/S/C Team
  177. Do you get these pins when you Pre ordered the game?
  178. red/blue/yellow/(green?) for 3DS Virtual Console
  179. Codes for Pokemon Green
  180. Ho-oh or Lugia?
  181. How did you react when you caught them all and received that deploma?
  182. Were RBY really programmed in Assembly?
  183. Pokemon Stats
  184. Something odd...
  185. Hardest Kanto Gym Leader
  186. What Keeps you playing G/S/C?
  187. Underleveled game
  188. what levels
  189. Limited color
  190. what pokemon should be in my team?
  191. 2 more 2 go
  192. Is there a Latios???
  193. It's a pokerus
  194. Better sprites in R/B than Yellow
  195. How did that work?
  196. Gameboy, Mobile or PC
  197. Best time to use Synthesis.
  198. help with charmander??????
  199. help me with my charmander?!?!?!?
  200. Pokemon Red Is Better Then Pokemon Blue:The Facts
  201. Favorite moment in G/S/C?
  202. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Review
  203. What is the best team that you make in Red/Blue/Yellow?
  204. Trade Over Pokemon From Gold
  205. Your mother shops too much
  206. Trading with GBA link cables
  207. Pokemon R/B/Y should still have tournaments.
  208. EV training in crystal
  209. Who did you choose?
  210. Magmar...............
  211. Why did nintendo Choose Colors?
  212. Crystal Elite 4 Help
  213. Any tangible chance of shiny mew?
  214. My blue version got corrupted :(
  215. Virtual Console anyone?
  216. Obtaining a Male Sudowoodo?
  217. Pokemon Yellow on Apple Store
  218. Lavender Town mysteries
  219. Question on Battery
  220. Where Am I Gonna Get Pokemon Red?
  221. Am I the only one who feels Red and Blue are better than Yellow?
  222. Is it possible to extract saves from mobile emulator?
  223. The old sprites were more mature to me
  224. The Pokémon Creepypasta Thread!
  225. Worried about the internal battery running dry, ways to save my poke's?
  226. EV Training
  227. Pokémon Yellow Adventure/Let's Play
  228. Need some suggestions for my Pokemon Blue Team/
  229. Has anyone ever asked Nintendo..
  230. which pair is better in a team?
  231. What pokemon did you start with?
  232. Sign of imminent battery failure?
  233. Trading between Japanese and American red results?
  234. Primate or Jolteon?
  235. should Red/Blue/Yellow be played more
  236. Tauros or Miltank
  237. Pokemon Green + Mew
  238. How long did it take for you to complete your first run of the game?
  239. Johto Elite Four Poll!
  240. Crystal normal Monotype team help
  241. What starter pokemon did you get?
  242. Pokemon Live Stream Marathon 5/4/12
  243. Red,blue or yellow and why?
  244. internal time clock question
  245. Did you ever make a good mistake?
  246. which pokemon have you breeded?
  247. pokemon red team help
  248. What's the lowest level pkmn possible to beat Red with?
  249. Is my Gameboy infected with a virus?
  250. Is Exp. All worth it?