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  1. Should I give Dratini TM15 (Hyper Beam)?
  2. freezing pokemon red
  3. Favorite Gen II Pokemon?
  4. Which one should I get?
  5. Pokemon Yellow On Super Nintendo (Modification)
  6. Lavender town theme
  7. Best Psychic in Silver?
  8. Replacing Battery in Pokemon Silver
  9. Good moveset for Skarmory
  10. Trading Help
  11. Should I teach Lugia Psychic?
  12. Pokemon Blue colour Problems
  13. Hypno Vs Alakazam: Your Opinion?
  14. G/S/C Rules, FAQ and Help Thread
  15. Creepypasta rescearch
  16. Creepypasta rescearch: Creepy Black
  17. Pokémon G/S/C Shiny Challenge
  18. What do you play the originals on?
  19. Pokemon Yellow Let's Play
  20. Team-Building Help Needed
  21. Which GEN1 to play first!?!
  22. Trading with Pokemon Stadium
  23. how to identify a japanese Red 1.0 game?
  24. Move failed mechanic?
  25. Crystal Team Suggestions
  26. When is it over..
  27. Wild Growlithe in Blue Version (JP)
  28. Is it possible to max out a stat in gen ll?
  29. Hardest legendary to catch in 2nd gen?
  30. i'm trying to capture 151 pokemon, shuld I replace the batteries?
  31. Charizard + Fly, outside of battle in Red?
  32. Pokemon Gold/Silver discoveries
  33. Wait what?!
  34. Does Gen I Have Internal Battery Problems Like Gen II?
  35. Did you ever trade/battle in Gen I?
  36. Do you think Gen 2 would've been better if they included more access in Kanto?
  37. Team Help
  38. Which do you like best Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green?
  39. Missingno Experiences
  40. Question about finding roaming pokemon?
  41. Problem with rival rematch in Crystal
  42. Beta Pocket Monsters Blue (Aka Red & Blue) Sprites
  43. best team you have when beaten the elite 4
  44. Who was your Lvl 100 Dream Team
  45. Came upon a Gold cart by chance, is it worth playing?
  46. Your Battle Tower Team?
  47. Best version?
  48. Favorite Music in G/S/C
  49. How many times have you beaten the Elite Four?
  50. What do you play the originals on (besides emulators)?
  51. how to power up Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?
  52. Gen1 Pokemon that actually look good.
  53. What Was your Best Pokemon
  54. Question about Cubone in Pkmn Crystal.
  55. should i nuzlocke yellow or red/blue?
  56. Arcanine and stat improving
  57. Choose My Team
  58. Is soft resetting for shinies in Gen II even possible?
  59. pokerus?
  60. Lavender Town
  61. Rate My Team
  62. This old question once again...
  63. Wild Spearow Knows Fly?
  64. Your Memories First Time Playing Gen 1 :)
  65. (YELLOW) Rival's Eevee
  66. This is my new pokemon red let's play Please look
  67. Evolving Pokemon like Scyther...
  68. My Pokemon Blue Team
  69. My Pokemon Crystal Clock Wont Advance- Even though I replaced the battery?
  70. Need A New Team Based Off Meganium
  71. Am I the only one that gets mad that...
  72. Game Clock Stopped
  73. Joey Challenge
  74. Absence of Leaf/Green
  75. a comon problem to all old fashion lovers like we are
  76. slightly changed i have to verify between silver and soulsilver
  77. game won't save, 'new game'
  78. hey guys what's up? what about a little competition?
  79. hey folks! What about a little competition u pokemon freaks! :D
  80. Catch Chansey I keep missing.
  81. Crobat
  82. Favorite Egg to hatch??
  83. Unown Dex Not in Alphabetical
  84. Legendary dogs question
  85. difference?
  86. Lavender Town's Orginal Theme - What happened to me...
  87. MisingNo ruined my game
  88. Pokemon Yellow Masochist Run
  89. G/S/C Emulators
  90. Wild Dragonite/Tyranitar/Alakazam/Houndoom etc. Appeared!
  91. Green from Red
  92. What has happend to the Pokémon Mansion?
  93. Favourite and least favourite pokemon of the 1st Gen?!
  94. Stat Experience Question
  95. Replaying... what do you think of...
  96. baton pass eevee
  97. Which do you prefer?
  98. Shiny Question
  99. Who still has an original working battery?
  100. Celebi / GS ball
  101. Is Crystal version worth buying???
  102. Pokemon crystal team help
  103. Grass Type TM's before fighting Misty?
  104. Craziest battle pokemon Red has seen in years!
  105. Is there any way to tell a Pokemon's exact DVs?
  106. Game Corner
  107. Hidden Power
  108. Need Help
  109. 2 Crystals
  110. What do I do after beating Red? (pokemon silver)
  111. Pokémon G/S/C Breeding, and why egg moves are helpful.
  112. Yellow Version Opinion?
  113. The legendary birds!
  114. the Trainer Method glitch.
  115. Playing Gen 1 again ;)
  116. Gen I/II trading with GBA SP question
  117. Which Gen 2 Game Did You Play?
  118. Need a new save battery for Gold
  119. Could Crystal Be Remade?
  120. Good Gold/Silver guide
  121. Question about "Special"
  122. Supossably these were the teams for the Elite four.
  123. General leveling question
  124. Problem
  125. Hhhheeeellllpppp
  126. Hitmonlee or Snorlax
  127. Best pokemon in gold
  128. Remake of Pokemon Crystal in order?
  129. What was your team that defeated PKMN Trainer Red?
  130. Catching this damn tauros..
  131. Red/Blue vs. Yellow
  132. Which version did you get?
  133. Venonat Help Please?
  134. The Crystal Battle Tower
  135. Generation I Team Icons
  136. Pokemon Yellow Japanese Intro glitch?
  137. Pokemon Red Label
  138. Any sad stories of losing a save file?
  139. What level should my team be by the Cerulean Gym?
  140. A little help
  141. Best Early Team in Pokemon Red?
  142. Add Gen 1-2 Avatars!
  143. Doe the G/S/C GBA SP battery recharge method work for gen 1 games?
  144. Happiest moment in R/B/Y?
  145. How to play the oldies once again? (No emus)
  146. Which is the Best Gen 1 Game?
  147. Would anyone in Cincinnati, ohio wanna go to a public place and trade pokemon?
  148. Pokemon Green Sprites
  149. pokemon fire red trading?
  150. Problems with the First Gen
  151. stat exp
  152. what battery for save
  153. Playing Red?Blue with only 6 Pokemon.
  154. Red, Blue and Yellow.......Never Green?
  155. Scyther question thats bugging me
  156. Favorite Johto City?
  157. Pokemon Green the default version of the game out of the original Red/Green versions
  158. How would the meta game be if moves pokemon learned in newer games......
  159. If moves learned in later gens were learned in this gen...
  160. Do Mew Distribution Devices still exist anywhere?
  161. Default Cubone related to Kangaskhan
  162. So I've been doing a Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke..
  163. What is your favorite Generation II Pokemon?
  164. What's your favorite Generation I Pokemon?
  165. Worst Memories from GSC
  166. Are there still people willing to trade in red? for evolve?
  167. How do you Play the Older Generations?
  168. Favorite G/S/C BGM
  169. Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon?
  170. The Ruins of Alph
  171. Favorite G/S/C Legendary
  172. Problem with friendship checker in Goldenrod City
  173. Day & Night
  174. The New R/B/Y Rules, FAQ and Help Thread
  175. Favorite R/B/Y Gym Leader
  176. Favorite G/S/C Gym Leader
  177. Yellow Players: What Did Your Rival’s Eevee Evolve Into?
  178. The Odd Egg
  179. 1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread
  180. The 1st & 2nd Generation Games Rules, FAQ and Help Thread
  181. G/S/C Rival *POLL*
  182. Hardest Trainers in RBY/GSC
  183. Pokémon: Crystal Team Ideas
  184. Pokémon Crystal's mascot
  185. Favorite RBY Town/City
  186. Mechanics preventing trade from Gen 2 to Gen 3
  187. Red, Blue and Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console - Discussion
  188. Favorite Music from R/B/Y
  189. Favorite GSC BGM
  190. What do you play these games on?
  191. Which Will You Start With?
  192. Pokemon 1st gen for 3DS
  193. Pokemon Gold and Sliver remake on virtual 3DS????
  194. Does 2 generation Pokemon have abilities?
  195. Gen 1 Type Coverage Team Build
  196. Gen II Netbattle Teams!
  197. GSC’s Bug-Catching Contest
  198. Poll: Favourite Generation I Pokemon
  199. Favorite Johto Pokémon
  200. Should RBYG had redistribution events?
  201. 1st Generation Fanfiction / Comics
  202. The Faults of GenII
  203. Back in the day...
  204. Gold, Silver and Crystal on 3DS Virtual Console
  205. Ruins of Alph
  206. My Staryu Evolved Without a Waterstone in Pokémon Red!?
  207. Favorite Gen 2 Gym Leader?
  208. Favorite Gen 1 Gym Leader?
  209. Favorite R/B/Y location?
  210. Favorite R/B/Y BGM?
  211. Favorite Kanto E4 member?
  212. Favorite Johto E4 member?
  213. Day and Night
  214. Togepi Gender Probability? ;175;
  215. Pokémon red/blue/yellow DS all Pokémon stats are the same!
  216. Virtual Console Transfer Discussion
  217. Johto was the worst region ever
  218. Glitch City
  219. Gold, Silver and Crystal on 3DS VC - Discussion
  220. What do you have to say about these observations about the game (1st generation)?
  221. Bug-Catching Contest
  222. Favorite Kanto Town/City
  223. Favorite Kanto Pokemon
  224. Apricorns
  225. The decision to make Koga an E4 in gen 2
  226. Help with trading!!
  227. Poll: The Legendary Beasts
  228. GSC--Best People to Keep on Phone List