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  1. The 'Dex Buster (PG)
  2. Avarice (PG-15)
  3. The Vierak Chronicles (Rated G-PG)
  4. MonoCorporation [PG16+]
  5. Blood in the Water (PG-15)
  6. Here comes a legend! (PG)
  7. It Should Not Be (All Ages glitch pokefic)
  8. The Ember Days
  9. Team Draco's Adventures (rated PG-13 for some violence, romance, and mild language)
  10. Could Pokemon exterminate the human race if they invaded our world?
  11. The Origins - Collections of Short Stories
  12. Crystal The User Of The Stones
  13. Laughter (E, Oneshot, mention of parental abuse)
  14. Rising Darkness Book One: Autumn Chapter One:Morning
  15. The Adventures Of Zack, A Trainer (PG)
  16. Phineas and Ferb/ Pokemon Crossover (Rated-G)
  17. Much Dismay about Drama (Two Shot)
  18. Misfits: A Story of Powers Lost and Powers Gained
  19. The Butterfree Effect
  20. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Emerald Temple
  21. Distance; a oneshot.
  22. Mr. Dervish [One-Shot] PG-13
  23. The Resistance (PG-13)
  24. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Team Shadow(Rated PG-13)
  25. The Johto Folkstories: Dark Celebi (Rated PG)
  26. Galactic Race for Giratina
  27. Continuing Story
  28. Poke Saga - Kanto Region
  29. inPOKED
  30. Welcome to Team Rocket! The Story of a Rocket Grunt
  31. PokéFusers, The Saviors of PokÉarth
  32. Sleepless Dreams
  33. The Order of Arceus: The Spears of Power
  34. Meddling with Time.
  35. Chronicles of Unova (PG-15)
  36. Black and White
  37. Paradox - Pokémon fic.
  38. The Legend of Raichu
  39. T e c h n o l o g i c a l l y I m p o s s i b l e
  40. The Big Letter G! (one-shot)
  41. The Power N.U. (PG)
  42. Within My Own Nightmares
  43. i love pokémon (A PG-15 One-shot)
  44. One Step At A Time (PG-13, for mild language)
  45. Pokemon: Rise of the Dragon
  46. Oh, this has got to be the good life [PG-13]
  47. For Whom The Bell Tolls
  48. phoopes' Drabble Corner
  49. monsters. [oneshot]
  50. Island of New Sundai (PG 13)
  51. Playing With Fire (T)
  52. Project Drabbledex
  53. Pokemon Academy: The Darwin Effect
  54. The Renegade Ranger Version 2.0 PG-13
  55. Looking for an Ash/May fic about ash competing against the Elite Four.
  56. Pokémon Channel: The Short and Honest Version
  57. In the Shadow of Ideals [Rated 14A]
  58. The Stowaway
  59. Let me get back to you on that. PG-15
  60. I Am Not A Glitch
  61. [polar nettles] - a drabble collection
  62. The Shadow War Trilogy: The Rebirth of Darkness
  63. Living In Shadows (PG-14)
  64. Pokemon XD fanfic Gale of questions
  65. Pokémon: Johto Journeys [PG/PG13]
  66. The Conspiracy (PG-13)
  67. いぬととり(Inu to tori) Dog and Bird Together
  68. Happiness
  69. my drabble collection
  70. A New Trainers Journey Ch.2
  71. A short Oneshot
  72. The adventures of Joe and Pichu
  73. PMD: Explorers
  74. The Ghost Boy PG 13 (language)
  75. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: my dream world
  76. The Resistance [PG-13]
  77. The Coming War
  78. Ferny's Unova Adventure
  79. Latias and her new friends
  80. The Many Cases of Detective Archimedes Thor
  81. The Tower (PG-15)
  82. The Stinky Skunk Experiment [Rated PG]
  83. Psyched for the Fight
  84. The Chronicles of HellFire the Typhlosion
  85. Xosis presents: Journey of Red (PG-13)
  86. The Hunt for Mew
  87. Their Father's Children
  88. Team Zero: A Pokémon/Zero no Tsukaima Crossover
  89. The War for Unova
  90. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, The Tale of Bliztle
  91. Into the Shadows: A Pokemon fanfic (R)
  92. The Side Splitting Superstar (two-shot)
  93. Switched Realities
  94. Tabula Rasa
  95. Striaton's School for Aspiring Trainers
  96. pokemon dark x adventures
  97. PTC (Pokemon Thrasher Community)
  98. "I Wanna Be The Very Best"
  99. Plans Better Laid [PG-13 (T)]
  100. A Creation Myth (PG)
  101. Pokemon: Darkrai's Nightmare
  102. Quiet Before the Swarm PG
  103. The Career of a Lifetime
  104. Two Sides, One Goal, Revenge (PG-15)
  105. Daveobos:The pokemon master(pg.15)
  106. Green Eyes (One shot)
  107. PMD: Expectations (PG-13)
  108. Deino's Capture
  109. Poké Punch-Out!! (Rated PG)
  110. Perish Song (One-shot PG-13)
  111. The Nuzlocke Challenge (PG-13)
  112. The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11]
  113. Cynthia の Garchomp (14)
  114. Boys vs girls- Pokemon edition! Rated G
  115. The Twisted Child of Johto (PG-15)
  116. Essentials by SomeBritishGuy
  117. Slumber Party [One Shot, PG]
  118. Pokemon Hunter: Grayson's story (PG 15)
  119. Serebii Wars
  120. My Phineas & Ferb crossover
  121. Pokemon: Appocalypse of cyrus
  122. The Unova Journey (PG)
  123. The Deoxys Army
  124. Journey of the Dragon
  125. The Dark and Light Saga (an espeon and umbreon story) rated PG
  126. Forty Songs, Five Regions: A Loremaster's Tale
  127. ~ Bright Sight ~
  128. An Agents Travels
  129. The Maoli Chronicles
  130. The Adventures of Team SilverSky (PG)
  131. Mentor (PG-14)
  132. the unexpected encounter (pokemon/sonic crossover; one-shot)
  133. Kene's Pokemon Quest
  134. Bravery and Intelligence (PG-14)
  135. How to Save a Life
  136. Shadows of Elements
  137. The Speech of Team Plasma
  138. Sanctuary - Darkness Revolution
  139. The hero within
  140. The Life of A Champion At War.
  141. The Kingdom (PG-13)
  142. Pokemon invade Popstar Rated PG
  143. (PG-13) The Torce Travels
  144. Dark Pulse (PG-13; A semi-sequel to Laughter)
  145. Little Wing (PG-13; mention of sex and cosmic horror)
  146. Justified (T; Many, many implied deaths)
  147. Pokemon Black and White adventures
  148. Crossing the Line
  149. Pokemon: Destiny Ties PG - 14
  150. A New Arising
  151. This World We Live In [PG15]
  152. Lost Friends, New Friends. (A World Turns [One-Shot])
  153. A Girl and Her Candy (Oneshot)
  154. Pokémon Police (PG-13)
  155. Operation GEAR: The Victory Star of Fate (PG-13, NaNoWriMo 2011)
  156. Searching for Solrock
  157. The parrallel pokemon universe
  158. Legacys (Collaboration; PG-15) *Based on my RPG*
  159. pokemon the parralell universe
  160. Pokemon- Adventures of Komaig
  161. Mysterious Legends- A Pokemon Story
  162. November Echo Midnight (PG-13)
  163. Wishes
  164. Fight For What You Believe
  165. The Cool Kids
  166. ~Luke's Poems~
  167. Magdalene (R)
  168. The Forgotten Path: Redemption
  169. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: An Adventure of Legends (PG-13)
  170. Pokemon Translate Device (PG 15)
  171. The Legend of Johto!
  172. Drowning [PG-13]
  173. The Doom Device
  174. Paper Plates
  175. Serebii"s best fan fiction! Please read!
  176. The Eevee Elite- the Fourth War
  177. The Light in the Darkness
  178. The Fire
  179. Pokemon Fanfic! Please Read and Rate!
  180. The Human Pokemon
  181. A silver lineing to a dark cloud
  182. Pokemon: Advanced Revolution
  183. Pokemon: Finale Ultimo (PG-15)
  184. Perspective of The World. (PG(-13 to R)
  185. Survival (oneshot, Big Bang 2011 story)
  186. How to Save A Life
  187. Pilgrim to the Sea (Journey)
  188. Neutrality: The Art of War
  189. PKMN Mystery Dungeon 3 : Explorers of Sinnoh
  190. Assault
  191. The Forbidden: Oneshot for Everyone
  192. >>Game Over<< [One-shot]
  193. The Orusa Adventures (PG-13)
  194. A Belt That Fits [PG-13]
  195. Chronicles of Legend: The Eon Bond
  196. Pokémon: An Unlikely Origin (Pokémon/Supernatural one-shot crossover) (PG-13)
  197. Pokémon Aqua Sapphire and Magma Ruby Version! Rated PG
  198. Vision (PG-13)
  199. Poké Effect: The Beginning
  200. Micah's Journey PG
  201. Pokémon: The Elemental Trinity! Rated PG
  202. Following in His Footsteps
  203. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Origin of Life
  204. Pokemon Black and White: Trio of Legends
  205. The most precious thing
  206. Something's Got To Give
  207. Pocket Monsters: The Battle Quest
  208. Attempt at a Diploma (PG-13)
  209. Best Seller
  210. The Hidden Truth
  211. A Very Misheard Christmas
  212. The Beastman
  213. Development [PG-13]
  214. Meridian
  215. [PG-14]A Non-Addict's Guide To Pokemon: A Humor Story
  216. A Chimchar's Tale.
  217. The Graduate's Path (May contain violence and language)
  218. Robin Goodfellow's Christmas Carol [15]
  219. pokemon fic: Xd gale of ?
  220. A Journeymen Solstice Carol
  221. All I want for Christmas...
  222. The Ocean of Slumber (PG One-Shot)
  223. Mewtwo's Christmas Carol
  224. Fallout: Hoenn
  225. Deadliest FanFic Warrior! (Rated PG-for fictional violence)
  226. PNN - Pokémon News Network [PG-13 WITH BLEEPS]
  227. Sweet Dreams [PG-13 One-Shot]
  228. Mary Sue Must Die! (PG-13)
  229. Pokémon Destiny: The Tides of Time and the Waves of Space (High K+/Low PG13)
  230. Taruni. PG-17
  231. D advantur ub NUBNES!!11 Bet fafic EBUR. (G, Humor, Oneshot)
  232. Story for a sister (G,oneshot)
  233. Unwanted Dream
  234. PMD: Night of the Red Moon PG-13 *rewritten*
  235. The Chaos Trilogy: Book 1- Curiosity
  236. Three Heads Are Better Than One [Perspective Contest]
  237. Tail of Ice, Soul of Purity- pg13
  238. 2011 Fanfiction Awards: Nominations
  239. Hope in a Lion (PG-13)
  240. The Veil Of Darkness I
  241. The City and The Ghost/ PG-15
  242. Following in His Footsteps (PG-13)
  243. The Hunt for the Sky Prism PG-15
  244. Two Worlds Collide
  245. The Tale of a Wanderer (PG-15)
  246. Colony 9.0 [One-shot][PG]
  247. The Legend's End
  248. Snow
  249. MissingNo: The ruler of pokemon
  250. The Leafblade Chronicles