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  1. Advice for Aspiring Authors
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! C (Rated PG)
  3. Silver Haired Girl(Warning GirlxGirl fic with Nudity, sexual themes and violence)
  4. Digimon: Digital Defenders
  5. Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule (Please use new topic)
  6. The Night Serebii Went Insane (NC-17)
  7. The Darth Vader on a Sugar High Chronicles (PG)
  8. Christmas Wishes (A Neopets One-Shot; Rated G)
  9. Waters Deep
  10. Sunrise, Sunset
  11. The Shadow Puff Girls (A Powerpuff Girls fic) Rated PG.
  12. Fullmetal Alchemist: Other Worlds [PG-14 for Language and Violence]
  13. Revenge Is Glorious (PG-13)
  14. The Legend of Zelda: The Shattered Sword
  15. A Forgotten Legend: The Tears of Salvation
  16. The Ring of SPPF
  17. A New Life, New Friends, & A Wacky Adventure (Animal Crossing PG-13)
  18. ~*Chosen*~ (Rated PG) (an original story idea)
  19. (NaNoWriMo)The Stylish Adventures of the Ruggedly Good-Looking Andrew(PG-13)
  20. Friends in Arms
  21. ~*Black Waters*~
  22. Oriji [MA-18]
  23. (NaNoWriMo) Untitled - Pg-13 for violence
  24. The Story Of The Fire Demon
  25. My F-Zero Story
  26. Short Story - Illusion
  27. The Prophesy (rated pg)
  28. Forgotten Heroes: Legend Of Dragodell
  29. Entangled Chaos
  30. KTCArk (PG) over-rating to include suquelaic properties
  31. KTCArkive
  32. KTCArk2: Forgiving of Souls (PG)
  33. Another Song
  34. Poems inspired by music
  35. A Family Hero (One Shot)
  36. I am (poem)
  37. Kon Kasana
  38. Return of Nightmare!!Orochimaru Returns!!!
  39. Element X
  40. Me and the Moon: ToS One-Shot (PG 13- Violence) Contains Major ToS Spoilers
  41. Dreams By Attractions
  42. A love that can never be (poem)
  43. Love over Suicide (poem)
  44. Dragonskull's advetures episode 1 + preview
  45. My poems
  46. Torn Between Dark and Light (A Harry Potter Fic)
  47. Into The Wild : Kittypet
  48. earth, flame and water.
  49. I love you (poem)
  50. Water
  51. Caitlin's Aventure at Hogwarts (PG-13) for Scary Moments and mild language.
  52. Put your Neopet Referals
  53. Fleur's Love with Padfoot (a Romance Story)
  54. Untitled Monster Rancher Fic
  55. One O' Clock Fox (Poem)
  56. Help me with a title for my story!! (Pg-13)
  57. Reign Of Shadows(E 10+)
  58. Chronicles of Black Hayate (Rated PG)
  59. Fear seeping away (poem/song)
  60. KTCArk3: Betrayal (PG-12)
  61. The Realms of the Elements (A Fire Emblem Fan Fic)
  62. Flavour Enhancers
  63. Despero. WW1 Poem.
  64. +Evening Shadows+
  65. ~*MistyMix89's Poems/Songs*~
  66. Sonic Adventure Reborn: Dark Chaos
  67. My Poems
  68. My Poetry
  69. Fleur and Sirius at Hogwarts
  70. Cerinia: Scavengers of the empire
  71. Sealed in Ice (FF6, One-Shot)
  72. Hades (Digimon Tamers, One-Shot)
  73. Ship Wreck (One shot)
  74. Where are you? (poem)
  75. Animal Crossing: A day in the life of...
  76. There is No Requiem for the Wicked
  77. Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero - Rukario!
  78. Changed For Good
  79. My poems
  80. Midgetman The Chaos Factor(short story)
  81. The Boy who Saved Groundhog Day *one shot*
  82. The nude island rated R for intense nudity
  83. The Magic of Seven
  84. Gundam Seed: A New War, New Enemies(Crossover, PG-13)
  85. Fallen Angel
  86. A dream- VS. "The King of Games" (Rated PG)
  87. What Happened Next...A Poem for the Continuation of Eldest
  88. Make Me King ( Confessions of an Eleven Year-Old Trying to Rule the World)
  89. A pilot's memorys
  90. Of sharingans and Paradise (Transfered One-Shot. Not mine! Rated R?)
  91. After a Dream (song)
  92. Envision
  93. My within-self
  94. Yu-gi-oh: A Duel with Destiny~
  95. Bye-Q For Good!
  96. Yu-Gi-Oh Poems
  97. YuGiOh:Destiny Awaits
  98. The "Third Face- Off" Episode Remake!!! (Hikago)
  99. XS Future Trouble's
  100. Yuletide Yu- Gi- Oh!
  101. The gecko
  102. My Story(A poem)
  103. A sad tale
  104. {Ever Watching}
  105. dragon ball x (new):the trinity saga pg-13 (if your age is 10 or up is o.k)
  106. On the Road (Angel-Charmed-Buffy one shot)
  107. Touched M+15
  108. Star Wars - Vengeance
  109. Cold Fury (a poem)
  110. FullMetal Alchemist: Dante and The Sins [PG 13]
  111. Yami-tsubasa: The Legendary Demon Is Reborn! (rated Pg-13 For Language And Violence)
  112. Chaotix: Vanilla's rescue
  113. The Man Who Cried "Cracker" (rated CS for Comedy and Stupid stuff)
  114. + [ Shadows of Pain -- ONE-SHOT ] +
  115. The Banshee
  116. The tales of Scavanger.Rated T for teen.
  117. Grudgey's Revenge
  118. Everywhere Everything
  119. Hold
  120. Claxia~ Reality's twist
  121. The Legend of Zelda: Team Link (rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and older or PG)
  122. The Saga of Heroes, Chapter 1: The Saga Begins.
  123. Two For One
  124. I have only loved an Angel (15 rating)
  125. Tariza: Land of Forgotten Dreams (PG-13)
  126. Prima
  127. Adventures of the Seagull (Animal Crossing; PG)
  128. Legend of Zelda- Secrets (PG-13)
  129. The warrior & the princess.
  130. Starcraft Brood War (Ages 16+)
  131. Starcraft: The story of Khaeleas (Ages 13+)
  132. A Light in the Ice (poetry)
  133. Life as a dog
  134. The Hanyou -- Yu Yu Hakusho x Inuyasha fic --
  135. FullMetal Alchemist: Dante and The Sins [PG 13]
  136. The death of an elf (PG-13)
  137. The Endless Circle (Riddle/Poem)
  138. The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Light
  139. That Night Three Years Before (A Golden Sun Fanfiction)
  140. Cairn and the Water Dragon (A Oneshot Radiata Stories fic)
  141. The Ghost of Jubberville (short story, PG)
  142. Click (Digimon Tamers, Yamaki-centric)
  143. Zara:The Life Of A Cheetah
  144. The Ganatsue Chronicles
  145. DBGT the rewrite
  147. Slayers Age (Rated T for Teens)
  148. By Saturday Morning-Poem, Song, Love.
  149. Resident Evil: The New Beginning
  150. The Legend of Zelda: The Ultimate Battle
  151. A final battle
  152. A Song I wrote
  153. Be a Hero (songfic)
  154. Clockworkz' Poetry Collection
  155. When Long Is Life?(poem)
  156. lee jordan and the monkey talisman
  157. My Version Of Scream (R)
  158. Bayacrux (name subject to change)
  159. Peanut Butter Kills
  160. Poke (Digimon Frontier, G, post-series)
  161. ....Roygbiv....
  162. A Funny Happy Tree Friend song/poem
  163. Fullmetal Alchemist: Chronicles of the Thunder Alchemist
  164. Angels in the Orchard (Poem)
  165. Train Ride
  166. LoaFUA- rated R for language
  167. Metroid Prime Hunters
  168. Maricle (Naruto Fanfic PG-13)
  169. Zelda: Nightmares of a fallen hero (PG for horror)
  170. Digimon Adventure (When they were babies...)
  171. Digimon Warriors
  172. Apotheosis
  173. Turning Point: The Last Thoughts of the Last of the Dragons. (Short Story)
  174. Personnel Changes (A Short Story)
  175. Where they are Hidden
  176. A Rose's Thorns (rated PG to PG-13 for language.)
  177. Pop Goes the Weasel
  178. Digimon: Distorted Souls
  179. Sonic Fic (R)
  180. Hero Sagas: Rise of the Dragonocs.
  181. MPH (Metroid Prime Hunters) the virus planet.
  182. A House Full Of Wax
  183. Dragon Scales (Poem)
  184. The Shadow Show [Season 1]
  185. A tugs story
  186. Her Reality: One-shot Revision Version
  187. The Lion King...WWE/TNA Style!
  188. Winter's Day in Heaven (Poem)
  189. Happy birthday (robotboy fic rated G)
  190. Marvel vs Capcom 2. The Mishaps you DIDN'T see
  191. Acid Tears (Poem)
  192. One Piece, Gold Roger: The Story Behind The Pirate
  193. Digimon: New Beginning, New Tamers
  194. To Die Tonight... (Naruto fic, PG-13/T)
  195. Phoenix Fires (Sailor Moon fic, T for teens)
  196. Across the Barrier
  197. The Lord Of The Rings
  198. FullMetal Alchemist: -Sinning-
  199. An Angel's Wish
  200. Dragon Worrior (An origonal story)
  201. Rollercoaster (poetry)
  202. Legend of Zelda: Through the Doors
  203. A couple of Seraphi-chan's Poems
  204. Gitaroo Man story
  205. A little story I'm writing, don't have a name for it yet though. Rated T
  206. Her Embrace (FMA)
  207. Kitsune Capers: The Twin Fortresses Saga (Original Story)
  208. The Misfotune of Fortune (Sonic Fic, rated PG)
  209. Tromp le Monde (FMA, Envy centric)
  210. Digimon Quest
  211. Fullmetal Alchemist: Chain of Broken Memories(PG for language)
  212. my Dragon story
  213. A Proposal
  214. Demon's Heart
  215. Steel Soul
  216. Mage World
  217. In the Rough (Rated PG- PG 13)
  218. The Adventures of Tah (PG-14) D&D
  219. The sacred band of Hyrule.
  220. Poke'mon: the First Movie (Sonic style!)
  221. The Homunculi's Vacation- A pg-13 FMA fic
  222. Thomas and friends
  223. Tekken: Mysterious Pasts
  224. The Strongest Hedgehog... (Sonic Poem)
  225. The Will Gem
  226. w00t haiku
  227. Digimon: A Memoire
  228. Our Sunshine (poem)
  229. Sword chase rated pd mild language
  230. Story time!
  231. Phoenix Feathers
  232. Fragile Morticia (Poem)
  233. + Cease + --- One-shot, drabble [PG]
  234. Wipeout pure destonation (The all ship and series pack)
  235. Infant Desire (horror one-shot)
  236. Tales of the Phoenix Boy (G)
  237. Facing a Broken Illusion
  238. Naruto the legend of the mountain village PG-13 MILD Language intense violence
  239. Lovely Homicide (Poem)
  240. Fallen into the Pits of Hades (ShadAmy, R Rated)
  241. Final Fantasy Myth, pg for some young adult themes
  242. The Fallen (Poem)
  243. Metroid Hunters: Deadly Invasion
  244. Kurobu of the Mangekyou Sharingan
  245. Demon's Blood
  246. Anime Vignettes I (Humor)
  247. EPOCS-Dawn of Sorrow
  248. Deceptively Tranquil
  249. Extermination(PG-12)
  250. -+ A L I C E +- (Rated Я for Яeally Wicked - Reposted/Revised)