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  1. Pokemon TCG Trades (Haves)
  2. Pokemon TCG Trades (Wants)
  3. The "Official" and ONLY TCG show-off/first/favorites thread. (read 1st post)
  4. Apprentice Downloading instructions
  5. Pokémon TCG Help Thread [Gameplay questions]
  6. Pokémon TCG Questions Thread [general questions]
  7. charzard
  8. Help needed to build beginner decks
  9. wich deck do you use for unlimited play
  10. Organising a local Tournament. Need opinions on rules.
  11. Unseen Forces Octillary
  12. One of a kind or heavily used?
  13. What deck are you going to use at city championships?
  14. A personal trade request to the TCG players.
  15. Delta Dragonite
  16. Delta Theory
  17. Missing: Lugia and Ho-oh EX
  18. Decks
  19. FR/LG Beedrill
  20. Who is your favourate Pokemon card illustrate, and your least favourate?
  21. Ever Steal Pokemon Cards Before?
  22. Ever Steal Pokemon Cards Before?
  23. Are all of the TCG sets compatable with each other?
  24. A whole load of questions
  25. Question on the Emerald set.
  26. selltradebuy whatever
  27. Who likes the new effect of Delta PKMN?
  28. What's your favorite Delta Species card?
  29. Does this happen to you?
  30. 2005 World Champion Decks
  31. The best set
  32. how much is a set of the bk movie 1 cards #1-20 im perfect condition.
  33. Too much talk...
  34. ex delta species picture?
  35. Are you a professor?
  36. I know the next TCG modified play list!!
  37. New Pack?
  38. Selling first 151 pokemon cards Base Set
  39. EX Legend Maker
  40. close call
  41. lugia EX
  42. Cities/States Question
  43. pokemon 2005 collecters tins!
  44. Rare card talk/deck ratings/pokemon gmaes/ sprite making
  45. Old School Cards, Yo! Base, Jungle, Fossil
  46. Whats in the EX Delta Species Theme Decks?
  47. Which is rarer?
  48. P the fake clefairy
  49. I got a ex delta species pack, a little confused.
  50. Newbie with pokemon cards
  51. What cards are in Ex Battle Stadium
  52. Favorite Legend Maker card discussuion
  53. Banned card?
  54. Dragon Lover's Club
  55. What Cards Do You Use
  56. Rarest card?
  57. 4g pokemon in packs?
  58. Strange Cards
  59. What Unown cards do you have?
  60. what you think of Pokemon tcg Ex Delta Species
  61. Intrested in getting back into POP...
  62. Hork
  63. what's the average price of these cards
  64. FR/LG scyther holo???
  65. what's the best place for trading online?
  66. what's the best place for trading online?
  67. I'll trade a vulpix for.....
  68. what's the best tcg set?
  69. I have a question...
  70. Good starter decks
  71. wizards of the coast
  72. Logos of the pokemon card series
  73. The older cards
  74. Fake or not?
  75. Concerning some special energies...
  76. how much are these worth??
  77. What are you using at the regional champs and where?
  78. POP News! Starting 4/24 all art-backed sleeves banned at premiere events
  79. New set announced in Japan
  80. League Locator
  81. Why'd people stop playing???
  82. play wizards card in tounaments
  83. value
  84. EX: Holon Phantoms
  85. Help against Pidgeot!
  86. FireMist - ANOTHER one...
  87. Looking to buy 8th movie deck
  88. how much is it worth?
  89. There Might Be A Ripper Here
  90. I need help to beat Delta Salamence
  91. Is this card rare?
  92. Good Starter?
  93. Mewtwo star
  94. Reasoning for people to start playing the TCG again
  95. How much are these?
  96. Gyarados*
  97. Release Date for Holon Phantoms in Australia
  98. Pokemon TCG Kill Combos
  99. How much is Deoxys ex
  100. Values
  101. what is a good deck?help me!
  102. is metagross star rare?and..
  103. I might be getting back into this.
  104. Group of Holo's: Looking for Prices
  105. Magcargo help
  106. What series is the best?
  107. Holon phantoms; shiny leaf energy 103/105 how rare?
  108. 3 missing cards?
  109. Certain Card Question
  110. Weird Card Rating
  111. Question
  112. Deck Help?
  113. How much for Scyther,(fossil)
  114. Card Prices
  115. Base Set Clefable
  116. Isn't Rare Candy Obtainable in any of the Master Trainer Decks?
  117. For those of you who can't play in your area
  118. *Vs set artwork
  119. is this card rare?
  120. Info on jumbo cards? PLEASE!
  121. Is the Masterball rare?
  122. Bootleg/Knockoff/Fake Pokemon Cards? Do you have any?
  123. Is my Ninetales Card Rare?
  124. Good Starter Deck
  125. Edition "d" Butterfree
  126. Charizard
  127. Typical Decks
  128. Favourite Ex Delta Species card?
  129. Should there be a Price Drop on Poke'mon TCG Booster Packs?
  130. Does any one know who has the powerpower Crush Draw
  131. how much is...
  132. Here comes team rocket?
  133. Dark and Metal energy. Too rare?
  134. How rare are these Pokemon cards and how much are they worth?
  135. What Cards are in the POP Series 4 set?
  136. Unlimited x. Modified
  137. New Modified Format ANNOUNCED!
  138. Which cards in your oppinion need reprinting/rereleasing as promos or in future sets?
  139. Just wondering
  140. Ex Holon Phantoms.
  141. If You Are The Proud Owner Of A Mew EX
  142. Coro Coro Shining Mew Discussion
  143. Rare??
  144. Are any of you guys going to the EX Crystal Guardians Prerelease
  145. wich is more rare?
  146. how much are the big cards?
  147. Is This Hooh Is Rare ?
  148. Rocket's Mewtwo ex and Lugia ex?
  149. Is this Lugia rare?
  150. which phantom deck is better?
  151. How much are these worth?
  152. are these misprints?
  153. Which format do you prefer to play?
  154. Offical Misprint Thread
  155. How to battle against EX Pokemon
  156. I'm new to the TCG.
  157. is flying pikachu promo rare?
  158. Shining Raquaza
  159. How Rare??
  160. Box Toppers
  161. Shining Cards From Neo Destiny
  162. Pokémon EX. Too good?
  163. Typhlosion and ex Dark Houndoom?
  164. Furthest Ends makes TCG History
  165. Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread
  166. Which Base/Base 2 Theme Deck is the best?
  167. Single Card
  168. ex crystal gaurdians
  169. Rocket Mewtwo ex?
  170. Good places to buy online?
  171. AIM Pokemon Card Battle
  172. Uh.. help?
  173. A "Starting Again" Thread
  174. Start Playing Again?
  175. Firemist EX Holon Phantom Theme Deck
  176. question about Latios Holon Phantoms
  177. Anybody with OCTGN up for a match?
  178. Ice
  179. Selling my brothers cards
  180. is their any way to play this game online
  181. NEO!?! - collection!
  182. im sellin my cards
  183. Bad trade?
  184. sellin some EXs and holos
  185. Do any of you own a Feraligatr ex?
  186. The TCG is Geting REALLY WEIRD
  187. question
  188. Errata: Blastoise ex, Articuno ex
  189. n00b
  190. Starting Again
  191. collecting
  192. Omg!!!
  193. how many cards do you have?
  194. shadow pokemon expansion
  195. Would it even be worth it?
  196. Some Ex [Set] questions
  197. Diamond and Pearl TCG set
  198. Infinite Quests
  199. Is this a bad trade?
  200. ''What if...'' Thread
  201. Where to buy?
  202. The TFG is here!
  203. Anyone want to battle?
  204. question
  205. 3 Shining Cards
  206. The rarest PKMN cards of all?
  207. 4th generation cards.
  208. Is there anyone.....
  209. Ash's Pikachu?
  210. Is this Fake?
  211. pokemon card shop
  212. What comes next?
  213. Will someone do me a favor?
  214. world championship anyone?
  215. New 4th TGC Cards!
  216. Blaine's Charizard's Roaring Flames Attack
  217. Isn't Celebi* from Ex Crystal Guardians good at all for a deck?
  218. Looking for a Specific Card Scan
  219. wierd winner mewtwo
  220. wierd winner mewtwo
  221. wierd winner mewtwo
  222. How do i build a deck
  223. What is the next Poke'mon TCG set after Ex Crystal Guardians?
  224. Pokemon Day
  225. Pokemon Day
  226. Pokémon Releases
  227. Forgive me if this sounds stupid....
  228. WOTC Cards for sale!
  229. JP Deck questions?
  230. Weird Japanese Rules?
  231. Furthest Ends Official Name
  232. What's Your Rarest Card(s)?
  233. what the heel?
  234. anny 1 got good dark cards i can buy?
  235. Question about japanese base charizard
  236. A Question About A Card
  237. im trading
  238. im trading
  239. a 3rd cyrstal gurdian deck?
  240. ???
  241. I just bought thread
  242. New pictures of Ex Dragon Frontiers
  243. Stormsludge or Earthshower?
  244. Mono or Multi.
  245. Crystal Guardians O.o wth?
  246. lil logo?
  247. look!
  248. What happened?
  249. I'm selling my collection!!
  250. Have your cards ever been confiscated by your teacher?