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  1. RPG Forum Rules and Regulations **MAY UPDATE - NEW RULE No. 8**
  2. One line Posts *All read!*
  3. Pokemon:Battle Frontier*PG13 - R Rated/LSUs allowed*
  4. Mewtwo's Last Stand II: The Quest for Rukario
  5. The Beginnings of Master Trainers
  6. elemental war: war of the nations
  7. Digimon: The Foreboding Nightmare finally begins
  8. Pokemon & Shadow Pokemon War 3: The Final Resistance
  9. Protection at any Price (Team Aero Beginning, Legendarians Thread, LSUs Accepted)
  10. Zatch Bell: Fight for Earth!
  11. Rise of Team Dark begins
  12. Pokemon: Shadow Reign
  13. Blood Red RP
  14. Rivalry of Blood
  15. Digi-Morph Activate!
  16. Zelda: Rising Darkness (LSU's Accepted)
  17. SeeDs
  18. Overlord of Johto
  19. Metamorphic Battles-The Beginning of The End
  20. Private RPG
  21. Pokemon: The 5th Generation
  22. Pokemon: The 5th Generation
  23. Sonic Adventure 3 End of Humanity
  24. FMA: Rebellion
  25. Super Smash Battle Starts!
  26. Tower of 100 challenges!
  27. The Land Time Forgot; Begins now
  28. Chosen Young (Naruto RPG)
  29. Sonic Adventure Reborn: Dark Chaos(LSU accepted)
  30. Labyrinth: Win or Die (Rated R)
  31. Harry Potter and the School of Fear
  32. Digimon: Chronicles of Light and Shadow begins
  33. Legendery Island
  34. P-O-K-E-M-O-N <legends
  35. Pokemon:Suikuika Saga
  36. Dragon's Bonding
  37. The Army of Death *Starts*
  38. Poke-Island
  39. The Story begins... Hybrid's Tale!
  40. The Legends
  41. PIKMIN: a rising war!
  42. Pokemon, land of the odd
  43. The Quest
  44. Opening Night! (Curtain up; LSU's welcomed until the third rehearsal)
  45. Brad's Jorney. Prolauge
  46. !
  47. The Packs of Old Kanto *LSUs accepted*
  48. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland 2 (LSUs accepted)
  49. World of Water 2.0
  50. -PokeWars-
  51. A Brand New Adventure
  52. Essence of the Elementals
  53. pokemon EX journey V.2.7 sign up
  54. Metal Sonic's Revenge...starts...
  55. Pokemon Hoenn
  56. The PHT Virus Outbreak: City of the Damned
  57. The RPG Pokemon League [Begins!]
  58. Post your Pokemon adventure storys here! Please have a look and post your Ideas!
  59. NeoQuest III (LSU are accepted!)
  60. Seeds of the Future - Starts Now!
  61. Stand and Fight RPG thread
  62. The Vulpix's Steam RPG
  63. Guardian conflict
  64. Rejected: Ashes of a Dying Evil (Late sign-ups accepted)
  65. Chimera: Bid for Freedom .:. Begins Now .:.
  66. Paper Mario CARA!*Rated E-10*
  67. ›¤˜ Guardians ˜¤‹ .:It begins:.
  68. Dark Chronicles: The Death of Life ~Commence~
  69. Velkyn Valley *LSU accepted*
  70. Rise of Atlantis: The Island Nation
  71. Spyro: The Wrath of Skull *starts*
  72. Grand festival RPG
  73. Metamorphic Battles, Rebirth Of The Abomination
  74. Yugioh: Rise of the Kettou Seven Star Assassins *Begins* (LSU's accepted)
  75. Pokemon can talk?! Theres got to be a catch......
  76. Return of Team Rocket Starts!
  77. The New threat: A Star Fox RPG (LSU's Accepted!)
  78. which pokemon is ya favourite u gotta b able to say why though
  79. Final Fantasy: A Changed World (Begins...)
  80. Generation Omega
  81. WebRPG
  82. Pokemon DX:Darkness Exodus
  83. The Grand Festival RPG
  84. The Ritual of Power
  85. Pokemon: Virtual Reality
  86. Outbreak: A Nintendo/ Reality RPG
  87. The Hoenn Adventures RPG
  88. Meeting Of Abyss: Last Chance (LSU Accepted)
  89. Drizzle and Drought Destruction (LSUs accepted!)
  90. Kingdom Hearts: Heartless Siege *starts*
  91. The RPG Forum Rules
  92. + Zodiac: The Race For Time: It Begins... +
  93. Super Smash Bros. RPG! *craziness starts here*
  94. adventure here i come
  95. FFVII: Rebirth Of Armageddon (starts)
  96. Tales of Memoria
  97. hoenn league rpg
  98. The pokemon journey, _Ice_or_Peace_
  99. The Pokemon Trivia Challenge! (let the game begin!)
  100. Pokemon: Double battle-league (actual RP)
  101. X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity RPG
  102. Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos *Begins! LSU's accepted*
  103. the adventures of the new reigieon hoetto
  104. Digimon: The Foreboding Nightmare begins again
  105. Packs of Old Kanto ~Let the ultimate hunt begin~
  106. Golden Sun: The Rising Star
  107. Pokemon Double Battle League
  108. The Castle in the Sky (The Pokemon Journeys in the Tillaro Region)
  109. Pokemon Crater
  110. The pokemon stones
  111. the pokemon stones
  112. Your Guardian Shadow
  113. ~Wind of Change~ *starts; LSUs still accepted*
  114. Kage Island: Survival
  115. The Twos <LSU accepted!>
  116. Legend of Zelda : The Swarm
  117. SeeDs
  118. ~Hidding the Legendaries~ ~starts: LSU's still accepted~
  119. Digimon Adventure: Generation
  120. PokéLove!
  121. Chronicles of the Shadow Pokemon Calamity
  122. Digimon: X-Warrior Revelation
  123. Ultimate Destruction
  124. Pokemon: The Elite Team of Hero's~LSU always actepted~
  125. Chosen
  126. Digimon: Viral assault of the Mirror Crests *Begins*
  127. Pokemon: Trios of destruction (LSU's accepted)
  128. Packs of hoenn adventure!~let the story begin!~
  129. The Four Emblems *Begins*
  130. NeoQuest III (LSU are accepted)
  131. Clones: Unlimited ~*Awaken*~
  132. Heart of Chaos (actually begins)
  133. Platinum RPG
  134. Platinum RPG
  135. The Form We Take ~The tale of those who seek to be free~
  136. Island of Lost Souls *Begins*
  137. pokemon-battle of ages
  138. Code Lyoko: New generation begins
  139. Living Dreams: (Begins)
  140. The Legend of the Isles of Doom: Stranded *Begins*
  141. Pokemon Wind Riders
  142. Attack of the Legends~Begins LSU accepted~
  143. The Pride of Old *Private rpg*
  144. ~KH: The New Generation: Let the Keyhole sealing begin!~
  145. Pokemon: The Magical Guardians (The adventure begins; LSUs accepted)
  146. Team Rocket Covert Ops.-LSUs Accepted
  147. Sins of our Fathers
  148. Frontier brains *
  149. Pokemon Ultimate Destiny (Rated Pg13)
  150. ~The Hybrid/Scientist War~ let the battle of trust begin!
  151. Pokemon:Rise of Shadows
  152. Garden of Eden .:It begins:.
  153. Furaba: The New Generation *starts*
  154. Yugioh-Shadow Returns
  155. Pokemon: Saffron City
  156. The Assassination (We start)
  157. ~Hiding the Legendaries~ Let the ultimate Hide and seek start!
  158. Pokemon Ultimate Destiny (Rated Pg13)
  159. The Battle Rages On
  160. ~*Kingdom Hearts: A Heart in Darkness*~ The Quest to Save the Worlds Begins!
  161. The Chronicles of Hell: Crystal COnundrums
  162. FFVII: Rebirth Of Armageddon (starts, again. LSUs accepted)
  163. Harry Potter RPG--Voldemort's Earliest Schemes [PG]
  164. Spooky Island: A Pokemon RPG
  165. Yu-gi-oh: Dawn of the seven revivals begins
  166. Return of Abyssion ~start~
  167. Xiaolin Showdown/Batman RPG: Three-way War *begins! LSU's accepted!*
  168. Pokemon Platinum
  169. Pokemon:The end of the line.
  170. Apocolypse: Four forgotten Evils finally begins
  171. Pokemon: The Sevii Islands
  172. Pokémon Superheroes! - The RPG
  173. pokemon ultimate
  174. Pokemon: The belrie tornament starts!!
  175. Hi
  176. The guilds of choiceRPG-non-pokemon
  177. X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity. It Begins...
  178. Kingdom Nicktoons
  179. Game of the Gods
  180. Down with the Dynasty
  181. NecroKnights (M-15)
  182. Tears of Jewels
  183. The land of Phobena.
  184. Pokémon 3000
  185. Revenge of the Wolves~LSUs accepted
  186. Kanto Adventures .:It Begins:.
  187. Pokemon: World Circuit
  188. Phomen
  189. Pokemon Universe RPG! (1 LSU accepted now!!)
  190. Digimon: X-Warrior Revolution (LSUs accepted)
  191. Team Aero The Quest Begins
  192. Zatch Bell: Take over a Millenium! (LSUs accepted :3)
  193. Pokemon:Breeders Veiw Rpg
  194. Pokemon: A Meet with the Digital World
  195. Black Feather Spell
  196. Pokemon: The land of Phobena (remake)
  197. The First People - Pokemon Warriors~The Beginning
  198. Kanto, new heroes awake. (PG-13)
  199. Naruto: The next generation!!!
  200. Murder Mystery #1: Rated PG-13
  201. Nautomaton's Reign: a Xiaolin Showdown/Sonic RP (begins! LSU's accepted!)
  202. Pokemon: Mirage Pokemon (7 LSU's accepted!)
  203. Teen Titans NHC---RPG!
  204. Silent tears: Red sky in Johto [Pg-13] (OMFG! THE ACTUAL RPG!)
  205. Spirits of Titan (Starts!)
  206. Feral Forest: Celebi's Wrath
  207. Hoenn's cry. w00t the rpg is finally here!(2 LSUs acepted)
  208. Digimon: The Disturbed Balance *LSU's Acepted*
  209. Its My New Pkmn Rpg Game Site
  210. Glden Sun: Tainted War
  211. Petshop of Horrors: Perfect Pet (R)
  212. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ~Begins~ [PG-13]
  213. The Grand Festival: The Seasons of Pokemon and the Reformation of Hoenn. It begins...
  214. Heonn's cry. No LSUs.
  215. Sky High.....we start now!
  216. Star Wars:Pokemon Adventures~Begins!
  217. Line Age 2
  218. Serebii Pokemon Contest Hall - Welcome All Coordinators!
  219. The real challenge
  220. Let's Make an RPG
  221. Runaway~It starts~
  222. the league of a champion.
  223. Digimon: Elemental Crisis *Starts*
  224. Pokemon Hearts
  225. Xaiolin Showdown: Next Generation Dragons
  226. Fight for life.
  227. Naruto-A New Generation
  228. The Curse of the Guardians-Begins
  229. Line age 2
  230. Pokémon Origins: The Great War (IT BEGINS) (No LSUs)
  231. War: The Attack of the Demons [PG-13] {No LSUs}
  232. Essence of the Elementals [.finally.begins.]
  233. Naruto RPG: Time to Start Over (Begins! No LSU's)
  234. pokemon RPG thingy
  235. pokemon RPG thingy
  236. Final Fantasy: A New Beginning starts now!!!
  237. Final Fantasy X: Return of Sin (starts today)
  238. Assassins :: Begins
  239. Naruto: A New Generation v2.0
  240. The Virus (Begins-LSUs accepted)
  241. Return of Abyssion V.2 ~start~
  242. Surviving High School (PG-13 rated), LSU's still accepted
  243. Deepening Darkness
  244. CAVD: School of Magic
  245. Xiaolin Showdown RP: A Time of Dragons
  246. help with rpg.
  247. ~Kingdom Hearts: A Heart in Darkness~ It All Begins...
  248. The Experiment (Rated PG-13/R)
  249. Severamp Roleplay
  250. Digimon, Rise of the Digidestined!