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  1. Ash and Greta
  2. GossipShipping (Drew and Saori)
  3. The New Shipping FAQ and Rules - Obey or DIE! update - 6/25/08 (Read the RED INK)
  4. The Magmajewelshipping thread (RubyxCourtney)
  5. Do you support a ship you think no one else supports or heard of?
  6. Ash and who?
  7. How come when it comes to het shippings...
  8. Sai x Sakura (SaiSakushipping): Why not give it a shot?
  9. Who thinks that Coinshipping doesn't have a chance?
  10. What does it mean when you add "ghost" in front of a ship?
  11. Originshipping General Discussion Thread
  12. Fan children/love children
  13. PowerHouseShipping (Bruno x Greta)
  14. Ash and May
  15. FemmeGymShipping Still Around?
  16. Do all shippings have to be...yano, sexual?
  17. Things you draw the line for when it comes to shipping
  18. Les Miserables version....4.0?! Is she for real?!
  19. Palletshippy General Discussion
  20. Poly Ships Claiming Thread
  21. Avatar: The Last Airbender ships
  22. Kawaiishipping
  23. Forbidden shippings?
  24. Naruto/Kabuto any one?
  25. Does any one ship Raimundo and Kimiko together from Xiaolin Showdown?
  26. Kissshipping Official Discussion(All-new)
  27. Tails/Tikal... seriously, am I like the only supporter?
  28. Tensionshipping!
  29. Pearlshipping General Discussion
  30. A stupid question: What is a shipping?
  31. Harvest Moon Shippings General Discussion
  32. whats shipping?
  33. Hoennchampionshipping General Thread
  34. Negima Shipping! (Setsuna/Konoka)
  35. The Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty) vs. Advanceshipping (Ash/May) Debate Thread.
  36. Spasticshipping General Discussion
  37. Pirates of the Carribbean shippings, lmao
  38. discussion-what if may was a ....
  39. Card Captor Sakura/Cardcaptors Ships General Discussion
  40. LadiesManShipping
  41. How 'bout RevelationShipping
  42. Discriminated Shipping
  43. Mommy shipping discussion (all supporters welcome ^_^)
  44. Pokeshipping question discussion
  45. Guide to Naming Your New 'Ship (an essay)
  46. Noobish question
  47. Jimshipping: the other Brocket half
  48. Digimon shippings, anyone?
  49. Digimonshipping
  50. Sacredshipping
  51. Susushipping! :D
  52. Alchemistshipping Topic... (For the Pokémon ship.)
  53. Handymanshipping!
  54. Moonshipping discussion
  55. Darkstone Shipping
  56. Overrated Shippings
  57. Sonic Shippings
  58. Originshipping!
  59. The PokEditorial - Editorial #1: Shippings in the Anime
  60. Seperate Shipping Thread petition, liekwoah.
  61. Petition (What I tell ya?)
  62. Am I the only one....
  63. Sailor Moon shippings
  64. Sailor Moon shippings
  65. SpecialJewelshipping discussion
  66. ~*!New shipping club!*~
  67. Oos has gone to hell. (MLB Shippings!)
  68. Super Smash Bros Shipping Discussion
  69. Pokeshipping - Help .
  70. Cookieshipping General Discussion
  71. Couple Claiming Thread 4.0
  72. Craaaaaaaazy ships
  73. Digimon Shippings
  74. Franticshipping-the revival
  75. Gary/May Ship Discussion
  76. Hand shipping discussion
  77. Most Overrated Ship(s)?
  78. can sum1 think of a good title?
  79. ~[Fortune] Shinou Shiping~
  80. Tringhamcest v. 3.0
  81. Hopeshipping (again ;_;)
  82. Researcher Shipping General Discussion
  83. Fruits Basket shippings, anybody?
  84. SasukexNaruto is LOVE! ?
  85. Most underrated shippings! (give them a place in the sunshine)
  86. Trainingshipping (Neji x Tenten from Naruto, for anyone wondering)
  87. May/Blaziken Shipping
  88. The Creators of Avatar do a presentation on Shipping (yes they use that word!)
  89. Colosseum/XD Shipping Discussion
  90. The Hikari Love Connection
  91. Teh Franticshipping Thread!!!
  92. what would you call a ship?
  93. Avatar ships
  94. wargodshippings
  95. Ash/Misty
  96. Teen Titan shipping thread
  97. How romantic do you think the ending of Pokemon will be?
  98. Tykka {Sokka/Ty-Lee} Discussion Thread!
  99. What ship are you most excited about for the D/P series?
  100. What do you consider to be a crack pairing?
  101. Tokyo Mew Mew shipping discussion
  102. RocketXGalaxy Shipping
  103. Debate: Why doesn't Misty care anymore about new girls traveling with Ash?
  104. At this piont, I don't frikkin care WHO Ash ends up with...
  105. Scooby-Doo Shipping any one?
  106. i found this!!!! what do you guys think?
  107. altoshiping
  108. Do You Think Shipping Should Happen In the Series?
  109. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shippings
  110. Do you think May had the most romantic storyline in Pokemon?
  111. Ikarishipping General Discussion
  112. official Sexyshipping thread
  113. Elf Shipping Discussion (Ash X Jynx)
  114. Ouran High School Host Club Shipping General Discussion
  115. rodentshipping
  116. Spasticshipping 2.0
  117. FemmeGymShipper, etc
  118. Hikari x Shinji Lovers
  119. What Misty ship do you think is currently canon?
  120. Pikashipping (Ash x Pikachu) General Discussion
  121. DarkStreakshipping (Shinji X Shigeru)
  122. How enthusiastic about shipping are you for the D/P saga?
  123. YU Gi Oh Gx ship thread
  124. Appealshipping General Discussion
  125. Medshipping v1.0
  126. Shinji x Redhead (Hikari's new rival)
  127. Shinji x Redhead (Hikari's rival)
  128. Favorite Gym Leader Shipping
  129. What ships were you obsessed with about this time last year?
  130. Preciousmetalshipping General Discussion.
  131. Bouldershipping Discussion
  132. Ruby or Drew???
  133. Cuteshipping
  134. The new moonshipping thread
  135. How Oos puts an end to her mental ship-war (FxJxC)
  136. Shinji/Ash Discussion
  137. How much does shipping keep you in the Pokemon fandom?
  138. No Boundaries: Pokemon x Pokemon Shippings
  139. ~Pokeshipping Love Songs~
  140. your characterX a real pokemon character
  141. You know what? I never really got why people like shippings.
  142. Fullmetal Alchemist Shipping Discussion
  143. OriginShipping
  144. LateFateShipping - Living is Easy with Eyes Closed
  145. zatch bell! shippings
  146. what the?
  147. Zim x Dib shipping, Red x Purple, and Dib x Dwicky(from Invader Zim)
  148. SpikeyShipping!
  149. Brockisluckyshipping discussion.
  150. Coastershipping, Mintshipping or Shrimpshipping? (YGO)
  151. Flybyshipping
  152. Poly Shippings. Spread the love dammit.
  153. Could Shinji be following Ash around for some thing more than just battling him?
  154. The CCS Corner: S+S Together Forever
  155. Who is Misty leading towards.
  156. Who is Misty leading towards.
  157. Brockshipping Songs
  158. Pokemonship: pikachu X Mimiroru
  159. RockerHalfashipping (Danny Phantom ship)
  160. Quick Question...
  161. Kingdom Hearts Shipping General Discussion
  162. Skirtshipping...
  163. Electrograss Shipping?
  164. Les Miserables, v....I can't remember ; ; Let's say 5.0.
  165. What does Shipping mean?
  166. Any one support any ship from Recess?
  167. Kim Possible Ships
  168. Digimon Shipping General Discussion
  169. Titan Shipping
  170. PikachuxMiromucchi shipping discussion.
  171. Danny Phantom Shippings Discussion Thread
  172. Too Many Ships?
  173. NeoRocketshipping Discussion
  174. "What's This 'Ship Called?" v. III
  175. Rodentshipping! (Mimimoru+Pikachu)
  176. ship killers
  177. Shipping name game!
  178. DDR Shippings? Anyone?
  179. Cameos
  180. Who do you think..
  181. your cutest couples
  182. your cutest couples
  183. Preciousmetalshipping General Discussion
  184. Harry/Hermione- Harmony Discussion Thread
  185. Charlie Brown Shipping Discussion Thread!
  186. NoShipping
  187. Err... PoketchShipping?
  188. Colosseumshipping(Wes and Rui)
  189. Ash/Nozomi Shippers thread!
  190. Honorshipping, hoyah~
  191. TMNT 2003-Fast Forward shippings
  192. Fave Forgotten Ships
  193. Munchmax Shipping General Discussion
  194. Will Brock ever find a girl?
  195. Palletshipping General Discussion
  196. Bringing Uncommon 'Ships Into The Light!!!
  197. Ryou x Hyouta...? :D
  198. Oak & Deliah shipping
  199. Collosseum/XD Shippings Discussion {The New topic}
  200. How to take over the world with Music
  201. 49erShipping
  202. Anyone for specialshipping?
  203. Orangeshipping General Discussion
  204. Forturne Shipping(DiamondxBerlitz)
  205. Energyshipping Discussion Thread
  206. Shipping Songs
  207. Hottieshipping, Susushipping or Sacredshipping?
  208. Legend of Zelda Shipping General Discussion
  209. Egoshipping General Discussion
  210. Ben 10 Shipping Discussion Thread
  211. What ship(s) are you following/hoping for in the D/P series?
  212. OTHER Rocket Ships
  213. The offical Narusaku thread
  214. Originshipping
  215. Does your favorite shipping apply to your favorite characters?
  216. pikachuXketchup shipping
  217. Which out of four do u support?
  218. The "I don't believe ANY main character ship in Pokemon is canon" thread
  219. Neoshipping (Butch&Cassidy)
  220. 3Pshipping General Discussion (Ash x May x Misty)
  221. Who should May go with?
  222. The new moonshipping thread
  223. What Member reminds you of what ship?
  224. Futabashipping Discussion
  225. You're Too Obsessed with Shippings When...
  226. Pikachu x Pachirisu x Mimimoru
  227. SapphirePearlshipping Discussion Thread
  228. Why do the smart people dislike shipping?
  229. Cookieshipping General Discussion (HarleyxMay)
  230. Published Fics
  231. Negima Couples General Discussion
  232. My Favorite Ships, What are they called?
  233. Are you satisfied with the screentime your in-show ships got in the anime?
  234. Official Pearlshipping Thread/Discussion 2.0
  235. Poketchshipping revived?
  236. Naruto shippings!
  237. Spasticshipping Love Songs
  238. The WaterFlowershipping (Drew/Misty) Corner
  239. all pokemon shipings thread (mangas and anime)
  240. Final Fantasy shippings!
  241. House M.D. ships
  242. The Originshipping Discussion Thread
  243. Contestshippers, do you like both characters in your ship?
  244. Sceptile x Bayleef?
  245. Member Shippings, Version 2.0
  246. The Ash/Jessie Shipping Thread!
  247. Ash x Anabel = Good Ship?
  248. Shipping Idea...
  249. Rangershipping aka SolanaXLunick
  250. James JrShipping