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  1. Funny Chat Quotes Thread
  2. Servers list.
  3. Chat Server Has Moved!
  4. Wtf
  5. SPPScript V. 4.4 Released
  6. Java's Not Working
  7. Can't get into chat? Read here.
  8. Connection Help
  9. Chatroom question
  10. Er... chat?
  11. X-Chat Help
  12. How DO
  13. Phoenix is down... again T_T
  14. Temp. New Chat Home Established
  15. Dejatoons Ban [Warning to all!]
  16. Egg
  17. Artists Caf'e PLZ!!! We want one!! XP
  18. No more chatroom server for now?
  19. Terrible mistake
  20. Relicanth
  21. X-Chat Help
  22. Just wanted to alert y'all.
  23. I'm Having Some Problems
  24. Something odd.
  25. Chats
  26. Random Stuff You Just Have To Say
  27. pokemon diamond release date/graphics
  28. Access List
  29. what is chat?
  30. horny girls
  31. Happy Birthday Serebii!
  32. The kick scripts have gone too far :/
  33. One Off The Worst Serebii Users Ever!
  34. Gosh this is annoying
  35. i was injustly banned from chat
  36. Banned?
  37. How do you change that thing that has prof. Oak & kanto starters for begining trainer
  38. How Do You Make That Custimazed Trainer Card????????????????????????????
  39. Why?
  40. I can't access chat:
  41. Will someone help me register? I'm having trouble understanding it...
  42. In Spanish, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. In Spanish, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. I was banned. :(
  45. The chat won't let me on
  46. is there someone who speaks hollands
  47. Help i cant use my nickname
  48. What the...
  49. The Chat Is Down Thread!
  50. Unfair
  51. banned?!
  52. /whois
  53. Logging out
  54. My signature
  55. serebii.net chat
  56. >.> Whos Greg?
  57. How do I get IRC?
  58. Chat Names
  59. #SPP Access List
  60. What the...?
  61. "#Spp cannot join channel
  62. Banned?!
  63. Script Breakdown?
  64. What The Hell?
  65. Where do I find pokemon sprites?
  66. Chat Question
  67. Question...
  68. Unable to Connect?
  69. Why was I banned from the chatroom?
  70. new games, which starter
  71. new games, which starter
  72. I Fought The Lol And The Lol Won
  73. A hacker on #SPP?
  74. where is chat
  75. Help Please
  76. For those of you who can't connect to #SPP at the moment...
  77. ~Who Thinks Ra Looks Like A Parrot~
  78. Getting banned for nothing by Captain_Chris
  79. Problems with the chat
  80. I know this is odd, but who do we tell if people are breaking rules on the chat?
  81. Chatroom Discussion Updates - April 7, 2007
  82. About mIRC
  83. Ok wth is up you a*s
  84. Problems With Chatroom
  85. Banned..
  86. Leona banning
  87. Define Repeating
  88. Getting banned on chat?
  89. Cursors are to mouses as cursing is to Captain_Chris
  90. Cannot join
  91. #SPP-WiFi
  92. The wifi IRC mute
  93. I'm not trying to be rude or anything...
  94. #SPP-WiFi Notice
  95. Banned. Just need to clear sumthing up.
  96. Need Help
  97. Saying Darkrai, Shaymin, or Arceus in SPP-WiFi gets you banned.
  98. The WiFi chatroom...help?
  99. Shaymin Arceus, Darkrai
  100. wtf i was kicked off chat room for nothing!!!!
  101. Racist people in your chat
  102. Look Here If You Got Scammed!
  103. How do you become an operator in the Chat Rooms?
  104. Could not join channel???
  105. Need more scripts.
  106. Im Cheezed at a chatroom MOD/ADMIN.
  107. uhh yea gg @ Chris
  108. k fine..... uh gg
  109. Is Serebii's site and Forums considered Advertising now?
  110. Chatroom Glossary (& FAQ) =O
  111. Huh?
  112. Are the chats down?
  113. Why am i getting banned?
  114. banned and not happy!
  115. How to use the IRC channel on your favorite IRC app?
  116. Getting banned for trying to help
  117. Aipom and Leona are RETARDED
  118. ooo-kay
  119. I need help!
  120. Having problems with an op who should be banned
  121. somethin i am really confused on doing
  122. I need help logging on to SPP chat again
  123. How often does the Ban List get full and emptied
  124. Permanent Bans Lasts For How Long
  125. Unfairly banned
  126. My Succesfull PM
  127. #SPP-WiFi Chat Rules
  128. You snooze, you lose?
  129. A virus on the chat! What the heck?!
  130. A Suggestion
  131. Kinda ghetto
  132. Kinda ghetto
  133. Unfairly treated in SPP Chat all Admins and Mods Read
  134. ...
  135. The chat RAWKS.
  136. May I offer a suggestion?
  137. Ban List Gets Emptied
  138. Kicked
  139. Me Seriously Mistaken in my Last few Posts
  140. Ban List and the Server
  141. Something NEEDS to be done about Erik_Destler
  142. Something NEEDS to be done about Erik_Destler
  143. A note on "Scams"
  144. Help regarding mIRC
  145. Avatar Problem.
  146. Look here is my pkmn party!
  147. Wait a minute...
  148. Requesting ban to be lifted.
  149. A brief announcement
  150. Banned
  151. got banned for a whole day ?!?!?!?!
  152. My Apologies
  153. Banned yet cordially invited back?
  154. Thank you for being such nice people.
  155. I got banned for warning people not to trade with someone
  156. You guys need to lighten up!
  157. Banned from #SPP or #SPP-Wifi unfairly? Post here!
  158. Banned And Never Been On..?
  159. Regarding My Dear Friend Leona
  160. Ewww...
  161. How come we have no filter
  162. What are some cool scripts you have in your mIRC?
  163. Kicked
  164. Can't Use Wifi Chat on Windows Vista
  165. how come i cant post?
  166. hi
  167. How?
  168. helo every 1
  169. help with chat
  170. new lists of stats
  171. anyway to get my pass back
  172. Who is Erik Drextler?
  173. Kicked?
  174. yep Me again ^_^
  175. Unfiar kick by Erik Destler
  176. Had my Pokemon stolen.
  177. Unfair banning from chat
  178. Script to auto-control the volume of your computer.
  179. Ban timeouts.
  180. Any way to access the chat from a phone?
  181. Unfair Kick from MisterCow
  182. Kicked unfairly by Josh...On video too
  183. Leona (A thread for those who have been kicked unfairly)
  184. Attention Erik_Destler
  185. How to register nicknames - make it more clear.
  186. I was unfairly banned
  187. Script to ban a user for pming you in an empty channel.
  188. Favrioute Wi-Fi Mod?
  189. Problem in the Chat
  190. There should be a thread for...
  191. All Caps...
  192. Attention Erik_Destler (Explantion for repost inside)
  193. What on Earth happened?
  194. Blacklist
  195. I cant join serebii chatroom.
  196. Attn Blooregard
  197. U kicked me unfairly Erik Destler! Read this!
  198. you people will probably delete this out of spite
  199. call the wambulance?
  200. Words That Will Automatically Get You Kicked
  201. Stop saying that Serebii OP's are cocky!
  202. But they were very sexy words!
  203. forums and chats
  204. I Speak For Most When I Say This
  205. my chat wont work ><
  206. Houndor, Tediursa
  207. Z:Lined?
  208. Nintendo Event ?
  209. Spectrobes
  210. I miss my days of Chatroom
  211. Quick Question
  212. NickServ problems
  213. OK, now That WAS a mistake.
  214. Filter
  215. "#SPP Cannot join channel (+b)" ...!
  216. is wifi chat working
  217. My criticism to Serebii and forums/chat.
  218. Can someone explain...
  219. Guide to running a channel with rational standards.
  220. Lecture on idiots - findind out who the *REAL* idiots are.
  221. Access Cleanout
  222. Out of hand?
  223. #SPP-WiFi giving me the creeps.
  224. i cant get in to the wifi chat
  225. Server Move
  226. Max still hasn't hacked the SPP forums yet - how much longer shall we wait?
  227. The Chat mods.
  228. Correction on how to find manifie
  229. pokemon websites
  230. SPPScript V. 6.66 (BETA) Release!
  231. Ridiculous And Unecessary!
  232. I can't get into the chat AT ALL.
  233. Scripts
  234. Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!
  235. Chatroom Idea
  236. want to battle me shiny magmortar if you win
  237. #spp-wifi issues
  238. Open Proxy Connection Problems
  239. Serebii chat connection problem
  240. Question for the older gamer?
  241. signature problems
  242. Time for a new Op?
  243. Crappy ops
  244. Wifi Chat
  245. Not AGAIN, thats it!
  246. WTF Why am I banned?
  247. i want milotic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Pokemon rumour event and frontier
  249. How do I report?
  250. Im here to report Aphrodite