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  1. Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread
  2. What's your favorite emoticon?
  3. What...*bum bum bum* is your favorite colour?
  4. You Prefer Your Music...
  5. Game Organization
  6. Can you roll your tongue?
  7. Do You Wear Contacts/Glasses?
  8. Do you collect anything?
  9. The best state?
  10. tighty whities
  11. have you ever had your legs bitten by a dog?
  12. Tighty Whities Part Two:The Sequel
  13. The 00's decade.
  14. do your farts stink?
  15. Whats your favorite flavored jollyrancher?
  16. Zombie plans!
  17. Your political party?
  18. Noobs: For real-reals or doing it for the lulz?
  19. Favorite actors / movies
  20. Favorite Type of music?
  21. Cheesy Products
  22. Dream Job
  23. What's your job?
  24. Great Money Making Schemes
  25. What do you do to help the environment?
  26. Favorite Mythology?
  27. What Do You Listen to Music With?
  28. If you oulds have any fictional weapon, what would it be?
  29. If you could go back in time...would you?
  30. Favorite Sandwich?
  31. What pet would you really love to own, ordinary or extrodinary?
  32. Your pets and their names
  33. Carpet or Hardwood?
  34. The piercing and tattoo topic v2
  35. What are/were you eating/drinking recently?
  36. Songs stuck in ur head
  37. What's your height and weight?
  38. What color is you Hair? --its simple enough XD
  39. What colour are your eyes?
  40. Legos!
  41. Your goals in life
  42. What do you fall asleep to?
  43. favorite pizza place
  44. Favorite Fast Food
  45. Are you gay or straight?
  46. Have you ever had to call 911?
  47. Are you tired of these Kidz Bop comercials?
  48. Favorite Punk band?
  49. Do you play an instrument?
  50. Perseids Meteor Shower
  51. Should I get my hair cut?
  52. Power Ranger poll
  53. Motocrosserz!!!!
  54. what religion are you Thread
  55. mario sonic tails or yoshie zelda here too
  56. What's the Origin of your Username?
  57. From where does your family originally came from?
  58. Phobias
  59. What Are Your Hobby's/After School Activities
  60. Do you prefer British or American spelling?
  61. Poll - Favorite Powerpuff Girl
  62. Favorite John Hughes Movie
  63. favorite charly in the chocalate factory movie?
  64. Most beautiful songs you've heard.
  65. favorite ice cream
  66. Best Birthday Gifts - not profescos birthday anymore- gifts still welcome
  67. Who is your favourite comedian??
  68. Poll - Chicken, Eggplant, or Veal Parmigiana?
  69. The new Post You're Desktop Thread
  70. What goes best with chocalate?
  71. Things you've done that you regret and/or make you feel guilty
  72. Guitarists: What type of music do you play?
  73. Vi sitter hr i venten och spelar lite DotA
  74. Where would you rather live?
  75. Misc. OSX
  76. Do you feel more comfortable with random people on the internet or your friends?
  77. The word soccer and football.
  78. Ever read the ADs?
  79. What's your favorite birthstone?
  80. I seek writing advice...
  81. Your weird tastes in food
  82. Favorite Internet Memes
  83. Which Serebii.net Forums section do you like the most?
  84. Referral System
  85. whats the best prank you ever did?
  86. Avril or Britney?
  87. Who is your favourite mod and least favourite mod on serebii?
  88. What do you do that offends people?
  89. If you could have any pet you wanted
  90. Rock Or Rap? (or stuff thats similar to the both music genres)
  91. I Am In Love
  92. Alright give this a try!
  93. Londoners
  94. Tattoo / Body Art Thread
  95. The Art of Deception
  96. Dj Vu - And?
  97. your daily consumed snacks.
  98. What would you do?
  99. How was your summer?
  100. what country would you like to visit
  101. Shudders Down Your Spine?
  102. things your brother or sister or parents do to anoy you
  103. Is anyone else like this?
  104. Papa Johns or Pizza Hut?
  105. GCSEs and A-levels
  106. ~Interesting facts you know!~
  107. Favorite Pizza topping
  108. Should I get a PS3 or 360?
  109. Theme Park Ideas
  110. What movie(s) are you looking forward to?
  111. your time which you need to fall in sleep - fill in the poll plz.
  112. Can you Cook?
  113. Favorite AC/DC Frontman
  114. Your theme song?
  115. I tried to make a better title and couldn't, this is why we need Josh.
  116. What is your favorite rollercoaster?
  117. School Sports?
  118. Your personality
  119. good news for wow players
  120. What's the most 'EVIL' thing you have ever done?
  121. Your Three
  122. awesome sig :D
  123. And now for a lighter debate.
  124. Any Linux users on here?
  125. favorite dessert?
  126. What kind of cellphone do you have?
  127. What Upcoming Videogame Are You Most Stoked For?
  128. Laws you want to be changed.
  129. Do you stay or do you go?
  130. who will win the barclays prem
  131. Are the teen years the best?
  132. If you could claim a member....
  133. Sppf Poll
  134. What would you do for a Klondike bar? ...wtf?
  135. Emo?
  136. Your Dream Job?
  137. Favorites Thread
  138. The first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
  139. Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance!
  140. Odd Food Combinations
  141. Subtitles: On or Off?
  142. Left handed or right??
  143. Earphones/Earbuds how picky are you?
  144. How will google look in the dark?
  145. What did you learn today?
  146. PC vs. Mac
  147. Personality Tests
  148. Are you in the military?
  149. Favorite Homestar Runner toon and why
  150. Favorite Coca-Cola Flavor
  151. Retainers
  152. DSi color
  153. How often do you brush your teeth?
  154. Favourite Deoderent!
  155. An Ironic question that I feel like asking.
  156. What is your favorite horror movie?
  157. favorite cheese
  158. Photobucket or Flickr?
  159. WoW raid bosses
  160. Current mood (again)
  161. What Are Your Talents?
  162. Mum or Mom?
  163. Do You Know Pokemazter3001?
  164. Favorite Colors
  165. A fossil legendary
  166. Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse
  167. Serebii Background Style
  168. Current Obsessions
  169. Computer Programming
  170. Languages? Lingvoj?
  171. Put your first impressions of countries and their people here
  172. What is your Zodiac Sign?
  173. Let's Talk About Names - Don't name your kid Becky
  174. what is your theme song
  175. A Pool Or The Beach?
  176. Sickness
  177. When you're sick do you want to...
  178. Fast Food
  179. Trick or Treat
  180. Do you like your nipples?
  181. Gender Differences Q&A
  182. Fav. Memes?
  183. Mac v.s PC
  184. What do you like to lick and suck?
  185. Google Dark
  186. Song of the Decade
  187. Internet Privacy
  188. Obese,Overweight,underweight or normal?
  189. Friday the 13th - Are you superstitious?
  190. Favorite Fictional and/or Non-fictional Weapons/Vehicles
  191. Online Lingo
  192. Prearranged signals
  193. Which Browser do you use?
  194. A theory about noobs.
  195. Favorite Kind of Nuts
  196. Hinting to your friends that it's time to flirt?
  197. How do you sleep?
  198. Laws?
  199. Tattoo' and Piercings?
  200. Do You Think Caster Semenya is a Man or Woman?
  201. Coffee or Tea?
  202. pepsi or coke
  203. Hunting
  204. Happy Thing Of The Day.
  205. Origin Of Your User Name.
  206. Ludacris/Jay z/Eminem
  207. Favourite subject at school?
  208. The Thread for Irritable People
  209. Your favorite and least favorite internet emoticons.
  210. The 2009 Holiday Wish List
  211. School Bands
  212. Which shampoo and conditioner do you use?
  213. Tradition, or Something New?
  214. What would your custom avatar be?
  215. Imaginary Weapons for upcomming Halo 4(alt)
  216. Favourite music genre....yup one of these again...
  217. Does anyone else hate when people deicide to be late that the time they said.
  218. your opinion: good & bad music
  219. Dogs!
  220. your favorite book or series ??
  221. Whatever Happened to [x] Member?
  222. What's the most serious looking letter?
  223. Christmas Wish
  224. things that arent edible but you would find tasty/would want to eat
  225. Fail Threads/Quotes
  226. What household appliance are you most like?
  227. Age limit?
  228. Your Favorite FF Main Series Game.
  229. What's the Best Guitar Solo Ever?
  230. Awesome Quotes.... lets try this again.
  231. How do you like eating lollipops?
  232. SPPF Merchandise (in time for the holidays!)
  233. The "How to get rich quick" scam thread
  234. what's the largest thing you ever had inside you?
  235. Shower or bath?
  236. Which 60's band Do You Like Best?
  237. 2009; Naughty or Nice?...
  238. Using the hand
  239. Do you ever pay attention to cracks, color separations, etc on the floor?
  240. 9 most famous person in Anime Spoilers.
  241. Your heaven
  242. Any skateboarders around here?
  243. Describe your personality in 3 adjectives!
  244. Worst Food You Ever Ate
  245. Songs Stuck In Your Head
  246. The Strangest things that happened to you?
  247. How Did You React When....
  248. your childhood dreams, what i wanted to be wen i grew up.
  249. Last thing you ate/drank?
  250. I wish I wish upon a star