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  1. Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML
  2. Sootopolis - City of Love (AAML)
  3. ~ Yet so Close, Yet So Far away! ~ An AAMayL novel
  4. Misty's Miracle - (AAMRN) - (PG-13)
  5. Love Is Confusing!(aaml)
  6. The Power of the Orbs (AAMayL)
  7. Second Best; Second Chance ~One Shot~ (Egoshipping)
  8. Reaturn to Pettleburg (AAMayL)
  9. Awakening of Darkness: an AAMayL fic
  10. Desperate Secrets (An AAMayL Novel)
  11. Reunited For Christmas - AAML one shot
  12. One in a Million (Hoennshipping)
  13. The destiny strikes you (PG and PG-13 on last chaps)
  14. Love at Second Sight (Ash x Whitney)
  15. Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend (Altoshipping, PG13)
  16. Point Me To The League (Hoenn and possibly Advanced shipping)
  17. Contest Tie (Contestshipping)
  18. A Pair of Two Doubles (AAMRN)
  19. Rustboro Academy(Hoenn and Quest shipping)
  20. The Trail of Emeralds
  21. Contest Dreams
  22. Pokemon: <3Shi (3ShiShipping Rated R)
  23. The Contest of the Heart(contest shipping)
  24. The Adventures of the U.S.S. Pokeship (Pokeshippers fic, PG13)
  25. Dewdrops of Love (Altoshipping) Rated PG-13
  26. ~Dream of Glory~(ContestShipping)
  27. My first fic (contestshipping)
  28. Private Emotions (contestshipping)
  29. Fighting For Your Heart To Live (BrawlyxMorty) rated R
  30. Rose Love Bonds (contestshipping) PG-13
  31. "Why hold back?" (Advanceshipping, PG-13)
  32. Xiaolin Showdown: Winds of Change (RAKRN)
  33. The Adventures of Yoshi 2-The Sequel
  34. Your Driving Me Insane! (PG-13)
  35. Against All Odds (AAML One-shot)
  36. If you're not the one (AAML One-Shot)
  37. The Journey Is……. Just Beginning!
  38. Hoennshipping Chaos!
  39. Lovely Day (AAMayL One-Shot)
  40. Project G (PG-13, various)
  41. True Colours (AAMayL One-Shot)
  42. The Three Stalkers, A Pokeshipping/Imagineshipping One-Shot
  43. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (AAML One-Shot)
  44. Hiddenlove rated pg 16 (AAML)
  45. Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings (pokeshipping PG-13)
  46. Sonic Afterlife (PG)
  47. Big, Big World (AAML One-Shot)
  48. Chu For a Day (advanceshipping, May/Pikachu, PG13)
  49. The Three Stalkers 2~Revenge of The Matchmakers (Pokéshipping)
  50. My Best Friend - Pokeshipping/Advanceshipping.
  51. Difficulty:100 (PG-13)
  52. I’ll Stand By You (AAMayL One-Shot)
  53. Treehouse Saga (Contestshipping)
  54. Treehouse Saga (Contestshipping)
  55. When You Say Nothing At All (AAMayL One-Shot)
  56. A Hoennshipping Fic (Rated G)
  57. I'm There For You (Hoennshipping Rated PG-13 just in case)
  58. "Two of a kind" (AdvanceShipping, PG-13)
  59. The Beggining Of The End an AAML fic Rated: PG
  60. After Hoenn: The Journey of Faith (AdvanceShipping)
  61. The Four Stalkers: Holiday Havoc
  62. Ash!Travel On! (NewRegionShipping PG-13)
  63. Pokemon World: The Appearance of Mew (Orangeshippy, smartkidshippy, etc)
  64. Do You Remember? (Hoennshipping PG)
  65. When Manga mets Anime: Ash and Red to the Rescue.
  66. Naked-Advanceshipping One-Shot, Rated PG
  67. Rainbow Island Saga(Advanceshipping and Questshipping, PG)
  68. The Lillycove Chronicles By Chaka27 (advanceshipping & gymshipping)
  69. Lady In Red (AAMayL One-Shot Christmas Special)
  70. All I Want For Christmas Is You (AAML Christmas One-Shot Special)
  71. Learn To Fly - A Rocketshippy SongFic
  72. Beautiful Thieves ( PG-13 )
  73. Heart Break
  74. Saving Cerulean
  75. The Wynaut Ep Rewrite - One Shot (Contestshipping)
  76. Heart of a pokemon (Requests are welcome. see inside for full details)
  77. Juliet Five Niner
  78. Firelight (PG, May/Drew)
  79. Firelight (PG, May/Drew)
  80. Four Stalkers: Christmas Chaos
  81. Anything You Want (PG-13, tensionshipping)
  82. Harmony - For All You Fabulous Rocketshippers =D
  83. A Pokemon Christmas Story!
  84. Mare Tempestatum (AaML; PG-13)
  85. An Ashy Christmas (Advship, PG)
  86. Under the Mistletoe (Songfic/AAML/One-shot)
  87. Three Pokeshipping Poems
  88. Beyond the Desert Sands! Contestshipping!
  89. Four Weddings, A Funeral, and A Baby (PG-13)
  90. Unintended (PG-13, egoshipping)
  91. The Best Part of Fighting (PG-13, devotion/insomniashipping)
  92. Snow White and the Seven Coordinators (PG-13, various het/yaoi/yuri)
  93. The Blue-Blooded Battle-my own Contest episode. (Contestshipping) Rated-G
  94. Confessions at Midnight (one-shot)
  95. Secret Ingrediant (Sonic-Blaze; Rated PG-13)
  96. A Series of Strange Events (PG-13)
  97. Timeless Revenge, Timeless Love! (Advanceshippiing and Hedgehogshipping)
  98. Abandoned (Pokemonshipping-Absol/Ninetales)
  99. Beyond The Horizon- AAMayL (PG-13)
  100. Crazy Contests, Crazy Times, Crazy Rush! (Contestshipping and ShadowBlazeshipping)
  101. Wedding Crasher (AAML)
  102. May it be- a try at Minamoshipping!
  103. May/Ash or May/Drew??? You decide!!!
  104. Carnations (PG-13, contestshipping and tensionshipping)
  105. The place were at (Pokeshipping)
  106. Sweet Kiss (Advanceshipping) Rated: PG
  107. ~♥Love Concierge♥~ (Contestshipping, Oldrivalshipping, etc...)
  108. Dueling Cupids (Reg/OC fic) PG
  109. Events of Drew?
  110. Mysterious Girl (Brockshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  111. Only One Road (Colosseumshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  112. Something Stupid (Contestshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  113. Wonderful Tonight (AAMayL One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  114. Your Song (AAML One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special)
  115. Valentine Kiss (Contestshipping, One-shot)
  116. Hurricanes PG-13 (Brawly x Morty)
  117. Valentines Day (AAML One-Shot Repost)
  118. A Contest-shipping Fic
  119. School Days (Contestshipping, slight Pokeshipping, K+)
  120. My Lovely Ego [PG-13 Franticshipping]
  121. More than just friends......[Contest Shipping]
  122. To Define Fate's Neglected Victims (Br/Mi; PG)
  123. Xiaolin Showdown: Winds of Change (RAKRN) (Repost)
  124. All Hail the Heartbreaker ((Contestshipping; Rated G))
  125. Because Of You (Contestshipping Songfic - G)
  126. Ao Kinomi (Contestshipping, PG-13)
  127. Love Dance : Music and Passion collide (Contestshipping) PG-13
  128. A Midsummer Night's Dream (Pokemon Version)
  129. Silent Kiss ((Nightlightshipping, Rated G))
  130. I Love You More Each and Everyday (contestshipping one-shot)
  131. Not Every Rose....[PG-13/Contestshipping]
  132. Don't Forget About Us (Pokeshipping one-shot)
  133. Pikachu's decision (Rated R)
  134. Knowing The Truth [Rate//PG][AshMay]
  135. Butterfly Lovers (Contestshipping)
  136. Painted White
  137. ~Learning to Smile [Advanceshipping, PG-13]
  138. ~ Mocha Cappuccino ~ Rated PG [Pokeshipping]
  139. Extraordinary Girl (Hoennshipping, PG)
  140. Extraordinary Girl (Hoennshipping, PG)
  141. Zuki Region (Contestshipping)
  142. Forget me not~♥ (A Contestshipping fic) P.G. 13
  143. Love Is a Many Blundered Thing (May/Drew)
  144. The Hoenn Adventures: The Black Evil (PROPER VERSION)
  145. Coincidence or Destiny? (Hoennshipping, Newrivalshipping, PG)
  146. When I'm Gone (AAMAYL)
  147. Waiting For Tomorrow [PG-13/Contest-shipping]
  148. Carriscore [Questshipping] PG-13
  149. To Be With You (OldRivalshipping) Pg13
  150. Love from afar
  151. You’re Beautiful (Brockshipping One-Shot)
  152. Contest Island (Contestshipping, PG-13)
  153. Sunny
  154. Could He Really... (a contestshippy!!!)
  155. "I'll beat you someday!" - Contestshipping
  156. Cyber Love
  157. The Birthday Present (One-Shot Contestshippy)
  158. ash's confusing adventure (PG-13)
  159. poetry! Advanceshipping
  160. Super Trouper---An Abilityshipping Songfic One-Shot
  161. It Takes Two[Advanceshipping]
  162. Kisses (tomatoshipping, PG-13)
  163. A Love Poem (One-shot, rated G)
  164. Why a Lemon? (Mewshipping - Mew x Mewtwo)
  165. Endevour Island (AAMRN - PG)
  166. Crazy For This Girl (a one-shot Contestshippy)
  167. Promise (Abilityshipping, One-shot)
  168. Stick Together, (Rocketshipping)
  169. Golden Light, Voltaic Strike (AdvanceShipping)
  170. My Lady Venus (PG - PG-13) Ciphershipping one-shot (Ein fan girls WILL be jealous XP)
  171. Breeze of Prelude
  172. Journey (One-Shot Contestshipping Fic)
  173. Erika x the guy in the Hoenn preliminaries with the weird lip who had Hitmonlee
  174. "Why" (One-shot Contestshippy)
  175. Last Chance (Rocketshippy)
  176. Fallin' (advance/song fic)
  177. So Sweet (tomatoshipping PG-13)
  178. Breeze of Prelude (GracefulShipping)
  179. New Love (Brock x May)
  180. To Care for Him (pg13, anime, deliaships)
  181. Strange, strange love (Hoennshipping rated pg13)
  182. Elemental Island (contestshiping)
  183. A Rival, Then A...(DrewxMay, a little AshxMisty)
  184. Sunrise to sunset(Contestshipping/Advanceshipping rated G)
  185. I can't help but wonder...(MayxDrew One-Shot)
  186. Fields of Gold (Les Miserables) PG-13, shounen-ai, Feuilly x Joly
  187. Together At Last (AshxMisty One-Shot)
  188. Love Comes Naturally (Poke/Contestshipping One-shot)
  189. Masked Emotions (Contestshipping, Rated PG-13)
  190. Forced Paradise (PG-13, Lord of the Flies)
  191. Forced Paradise (PG-13)
  192. The Madness of Dr. Yung (MastermindShipping, PG-13)
  193. Spectrum (spectrumshipping PG-13)
  194. Abandoned (One-shot, DexterxDextette, PG)
  195. I'm sorry...(AshxMisty One-shot Rated PG)
  196. Self deception (¦Ű´Ű´Ű¤H)
  197. Confusion and Jealousy?
  198. An Affair Not To Remember
  199. Elemental Island 2 (contestshipping)
  200. What it could lead to...(MayxDrew One-shot Rated G)
  201. The Letter (oneshot, quick ContestShipping fic)
  202. Cut me open (KetchupShipping letter)
  203. Getting Sick Can Lead To Another Thing...(MayxDrew One-shot Rated G)
  204. Please Understand...(AshxMisty One-Shot Rated G)
  205. Shipping Oscars 2006
  206. Dialect (Feuilly x Joly, PG-13)
  207. Promises (Feuilly x Joly, PG-13, spoilers from Les Mis)
  208. How Distance Makes Us Wiser (Bossuet x Marius, PG-13, all-around awwwness)
  209. Just Your Typical Boredom (Tensionshipping and Luckyshipping, PG-13)
  210. Kokoro No Dorobou (AaML; PG; Edited)
  211. Snowballing (Feuilly x Joly, G)
  212. One Step Away (Final Fantasy VII, VincentxCait, PG-13)
  213. Xiaolin Showdown: Winds of Change (RAKRN; PG)
  214. Taking Chances
  215. Camera
  216. The Honeymoon's Over
  217. Passionate Lake PG-13 (One-Shot)
  218. Keep Your Promise....
  219. Yu-Gi-Oh! Parody of the First Few Episodes!
  220. One Last Dance...
  221. Follow your heart
  222. The world to me (Rocketshipping)
  223. Everytime We Touch (Contestshippy one-shot)
  224. Dreamer (Too many to count.)
  225. Littleroot High (Franticshipping - hoennshipping)
  226. Can't Stop the rain - Cascada
  227. With Arms Wide Open (Contestshippy one-shot)
  228. There She Goes (Song-Fic) [Contest/OldRival]
  229. The Will Of The Moon Stone [+14] [Will x Steven] [-PkmSpecial]
  230. Over ( One-Shot SongFic )
  231. From This Moment On ( Sequel Of Over ) ( One-Shot SongFic )
  232. The Flower of Love (PinkFlowerShipping)(One-Shot)
  233. You Say You Want What? (Advanceshipping, TV 14 for language)
  234. Family Times
  235. Mini-Vaction. Pokeshipping , rated R
  236. Pathetic Fallacy (Specialshipping-oneshot)
  237. The Perfect Weekend (Contestshipping one-shot PG i reccon)
  238. To Love or Not to Love: That is the AdvanceShipping Question![PG-13]
  239. The surprise Package. Tracy & Diasy shipping
  240. She's The One For Me (Cookieshipping/HarleyxMay One-Shot)
  241. Salamence’s Dream's, Advanceshippy rated R
  242. A day with May, ASCCshippy Rated R
  243. Cross the Line (Xiaolin Showdown, Chack, PG-13)
  244. Letting go. Contestshippy. Rated R
  245. When Harley Met Tucker (Femmeshipping, One-Shot)
  246. Watch What You Wish [PG-13]
  247. Run for it (Rocketshipping)
  248. Invisible (Combeferre x Joly onesided) PG-13
  249. There's Something About Marrying (PG-13)
  250. Battle (Aoshi x Kenshin, Oneshot)