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  1. Fate and Destiny of Friends - AAML
  2. ~ Yet so Close, Yet So Far away! ~ An AAMayL novel
  3. The Power of the Orbs (AAMayL)
  4. Reaturn to Pettleburg (AAMayL)
  5. Awakening of Darkness: an AAMayL fic
  6. Desperate Secrets (An AAMayL Novel)
  7. One in a Million (Hoennshipping)
  8. The destiny strikes you (PG and PG-13 on last chaps)
  9. Pokemon Heroes: Another Legend (Altoshipping, PG13)
  10. Point Me To The League (Hoenn and possibly Advanced shipping)
  11. Contest Tie (Contestshipping)
  12. Rustboro Academy(Hoenn and Quest shipping)
  13. The Trail of Emeralds
  14. Contest Dreams
  15. Pokemon: <3Shi (3ShiShipping Rated R)
  16. The Contest of the Heart(contest shipping)
  17. The Adventures of the U.S.S. Pokeship (Pokeshippers fic, PG13)
  18. Dewdrops of Love (Altoshipping) Rated PG-13
  19. ~Dream of Glory~(ContestShipping)
  20. My first fic (contestshipping)
  21. Private Emotions (contestshipping)
  22. Fighting For Your Heart To Live (BrawlyxMorty) rated R
  23. Rose Love Bonds (contestshipping) PG-13
  24. "Why hold back?" (Advanceshipping, PG-13)
  25. Xiaolin Showdown: Winds of Change (RAKRN)
  26. The Adventures of Yoshi 2-The Sequel
  27. Your Driving Me Insane! (PG-13)
  28. The Journey Is……. Just Beginning!
  29. Hoennshipping Chaos!
  30. Project G (PG-13, various)
  31. Hiddenlove rated pg 16 (AAML)
  32. Friendship, Love, Rivalry and Misunderstandings (pokeshipping PG-13)
  33. Sonic Afterlife (PG)
  34. My Best Friend - Pokeshipping/Advanceshipping.
  35. Difficulty:100 (PG-13)
  36. Treehouse Saga (Contestshipping)
  37. A Hoennshipping Fic (Rated G)
  38. I'm There For You (Hoennshipping Rated PG-13 just in case)
  39. The Beggining Of The End an AAML fic Rated: PG
  40. The Four Stalkers: Holiday Havoc
  41. Ash!Travel On! (NewRegionShipping PG-13)
  42. Pokemon World: The Appearance of Mew (Orangeshippy, smartkidshippy, etc)
  43. Do You Remember? (Hoennshipping PG)
  44. When Manga mets Anime: Ash and Red to the Rescue.
  45. Naked-Advanceshipping One-Shot, Rated PG
  46. Rainbow Island Saga(Advanceshipping and Questshipping, PG)
  47. The Lillycove Chronicles By Chaka27 (advanceshipping & gymshipping)
  48. Learn To Fly - A Rocketshippy SongFic
  49. Beautiful Thieves ( PG-13 )
  50. Heart Break
  51. Saving Cerulean
  52. Heart of a pokemon (Requests are welcome. see inside for full details)
  53. Juliet Five Niner
  54. Firelight (PG, May/Drew)
  55. Four Stalkers: Christmas Chaos
  56. Anything You Want (PG-13, tensionshipping)
  57. Harmony - For All You Fabulous Rocketshippers =D
  58. A Pokemon Christmas Story!
  59. Mare Tempestatum (AaML; PG-13)
  60. An Ashy Christmas (Advship, PG)
  61. Under the Mistletoe (Songfic/AAML/One-shot)
  62. Three Pokeshipping Poems
  63. Beyond the Desert Sands! Contestshipping!
  64. Four Weddings, A Funeral, and A Baby (PG-13)
  65. Unintended (PG-13, egoshipping)
  66. The Best Part of Fighting (PG-13, devotion/insomniashipping)
  67. Snow White and the Seven Coordinators (PG-13, various het/yaoi/yuri)
  68. The Blue-Blooded Battle-my own Contest episode. (Contestshipping) Rated-G
  69. Confessions at Midnight (one-shot)
  70. Secret Ingrediant (Sonic-Blaze; Rated PG-13)
  71. A Series of Strange Events (PG-13)
  72. Timeless Revenge, Timeless Love! (Advanceshippiing and Hedgehogshipping)
  73. Abandoned (Pokemonshipping-Absol/Ninetales)
  74. Beyond The Horizon- AAMayL (PG-13)
  75. Crazy Contests, Crazy Times, Crazy Rush! (Contestshipping and ShadowBlazeshipping)
  76. Wedding Crasher (AAML)
  77. May it be- a try at Minamoshipping!
  78. May/Ash or May/Drew??? You decide!!!
  79. Carnations (PG-13, contestshipping and tensionshipping)
  80. The place were at (Pokeshipping)
  81. Sweet Kiss (Advanceshipping) Rated: PG
  82. ~♥Love Concierge♥~ (Contestshipping, Oldrivalshipping, etc...)
  83. Dueling Cupids (Reg/OC fic) PG
  84. Events of Drew?
  85. Valentine Kiss (Contestshipping, One-shot)
  86. Hurricanes PG-13 (Brawly x Morty)
  87. Valentines Day (AAML One-Shot Repost)
  88. A Contest-shipping Fic
  89. School Days (Contestshipping, slight Pokeshipping, K+)
  90. My Lovely Ego [PG-13 Franticshipping]
  91. More than just friends......[Contest Shipping]
  92. To Define Fate's Neglected Victims (Br/Mi; PG)
  93. Xiaolin Showdown: Winds of Change (RAKRN) (Repost)
  94. All Hail the Heartbreaker ((Contestshipping; Rated G))
  95. Because Of You (Contestshipping Songfic - G)
  96. Ao Kinomi (Contestshipping, PG-13)
  97. Love Dance : Music and Passion collide (Contestshipping) PG-13
  98. A Midsummer Night's Dream (Pokemon Version)
  99. Silent Kiss ((Nightlightshipping, Rated G))
  100. I Love You More Each and Everyday (contestshipping one-shot)
  101. Not Every Rose....[PG-13/Contestshipping]
  102. Don't Forget About Us (Pokeshipping one-shot)
  103. Pikachu's decision (Rated R)
  104. Knowing The Truth [Rate//PG][AshMay]
  105. Butterfly Lovers (Contestshipping)
  106. Painted White
  107. ~Learning to Smile [Advanceshipping, PG-13]
  108. ~ Mocha Cappuccino ~ Rated PG [Pokeshipping]
  109. Extraordinary Girl (Hoennshipping, PG)
  110. Zuki Region (Contestshipping)
  111. Forget me not~♥ (A Contestshipping fic) P.G. 13
  112. Love Is a Many Blundered Thing (May/Drew)
  113. The Hoenn Adventures: The Black Evil (PROPER VERSION)
  114. Waiting For Tomorrow [PG-13/Contest-shipping]
  115. Carriscore [Questshipping] PG-13
  116. To Be With You (OldRivalshipping) Pg13
  117. Love from afar
  118. Contest Island (Contestshipping, PG-13)
  119. Sunny
  120. Could He Really... (a contestshippy!!!)
  121. "I'll beat you someday!" - Contestshipping
  122. Cyber Love
  123. The Birthday Present (One-Shot Contestshippy)
  124. ash's confusing adventure (PG-13)
  125. poetry! Advanceshipping
  126. It Takes Two[Advanceshipping]
  127. Kisses (tomatoshipping, PG-13)
  128. A Love Poem (One-shot, rated G)
  129. Why a Lemon? (Mewshipping - Mew x Mewtwo)
  130. Endevour Island (AAMRN - PG)
  131. Crazy For This Girl (a one-shot Contestshippy)
  132. Promise (Abilityshipping, One-shot)
  133. Stick Together, (Rocketshipping)
  134. Golden Light, Voltaic Strike (AdvanceShipping)
  135. My Lady Venus (PG - PG-13) Ciphershipping one-shot (Ein fan girls WILL be jealous XP)
  136. Breeze of Prelude
  137. Journey (One-Shot Contestshipping Fic)
  138. Erika x the guy in the Hoenn preliminaries with the weird lip who had Hitmonlee
  139. "Why" (One-shot Contestshippy)
  140. Last Chance (Rocketshippy)
  141. Fallin' (advance/song fic)
  142. So Sweet (tomatoshipping PG-13)
  143. Breeze of Prelude (GracefulShipping)
  144. New Love (Brock x May)
  145. To Care for Him (pg13, anime, deliaships)
  146. Strange, strange love (Hoennshipping rated pg13)
  147. Elemental Island (contestshiping)
  148. A Rival, Then A...(DrewxMay, a little AshxMisty)
  149. Sunrise to sunset(Contestshipping/Advanceshipping rated G)
  150. I can't help but wonder...(MayxDrew One-Shot)
  151. Fields of Gold (Les Miserables) PG-13, shounen-ai, Feuilly x Joly
  152. Together At Last (AshxMisty One-Shot)
  153. Love Comes Naturally (Poke/Contestshipping One-shot)
  154. Masked Emotions (Contestshipping, Rated PG-13)
  155. Forced Paradise (PG-13)
  156. Spectrum (spectrumshipping PG-13)
  157. Abandoned (One-shot, DexterxDextette, PG)
  158. I'm sorry...(AshxMisty One-shot Rated PG)
  159. Self deception (¦Ű´Ű´Ű¤H)
  160. Confusion and Jealousy?
  161. An Affair Not To Remember
  162. Elemental Island 2 (contestshipping)
  163. What it could lead to...(MayxDrew One-shot Rated G)
  164. The Letter (oneshot, quick ContestShipping fic)
  165. Cut me open (KetchupShipping letter)
  166. Getting Sick Can Lead To Another Thing...(MayxDrew One-shot Rated G)
  167. Please Understand...(AshxMisty One-Shot Rated G)
  168. Shipping Oscars 2006
  169. Dialect (Feuilly x Joly, PG-13)
  170. Promises (Feuilly x Joly, PG-13, spoilers from Les Mis)
  171. How Distance Makes Us Wiser (Bossuet x Marius, PG-13, all-around awwwness)
  172. Just Your Typical Boredom (Tensionshipping and Luckyshipping, PG-13)
  173. Kokoro No Dorobou (AaML; PG; Edited)
  174. Snowballing (Feuilly x Joly, G)
  175. One Step Away (Final Fantasy VII, VincentxCait, PG-13)
  176. Xiaolin Showdown: Winds of Change (RAKRN; PG)
  177. Taking Chances
  178. Camera
  179. The Honeymoon's Over
  180. Passionate Lake PG-13 (One-Shot)
  181. Keep Your Promise....
  182. Yu-Gi-Oh! Parody of the First Few Episodes!
  183. One Last Dance...
  184. Follow your heart
  185. The world to me (Rocketshipping)
  186. Everytime We Touch (Contestshippy one-shot)
  187. Dreamer (Too many to count.)
  188. Littleroot High (Franticshipping - hoennshipping)
  189. Can't Stop the rain - Cascada
  190. With Arms Wide Open (Contestshippy one-shot)
  191. There She Goes (Song-Fic) [Contest/OldRival]
  192. The Will Of The Moon Stone [+14] [Will x Steven] [-PkmSpecial]
  193. Over ( One-Shot SongFic )
  194. From This Moment On ( Sequel Of Over ) ( One-Shot SongFic )
  195. The Flower of Love (PinkFlowerShipping)(One-Shot)
  196. You Say You Want What? (Advanceshipping, TV 14 for language)
  197. Family Times
  198. Mini-Vaction. Pokeshipping , rated R
  199. Pathetic Fallacy (Specialshipping-oneshot)
  200. The Perfect Weekend (Contestshipping one-shot PG i reccon)
  201. To Love or Not to Love: That is the AdvanceShipping Question![PG-13]
  202. The surprise Package. Tracy & Diasy shipping
  203. She's The One For Me (Cookieshipping/HarleyxMay One-Shot)
  204. Salamence’s Dream's, Advanceshippy rated R
  205. A day with May, ASCCshippy Rated R
  206. Cross the Line (Xiaolin Showdown, Chack, PG-13)
  207. Letting go. Contestshippy. Rated R
  208. When Harley Met Tucker (Femmeshipping, One-Shot)
  209. Watch What You Wish [PG-13]
  210. Run for it (Rocketshipping)
  211. Invisible (Combeferre x Joly onesided) PG-13
  212. There's Something About Marrying (PG-13)
  213. Battle (Aoshi x Kenshin, Oneshot)
  214. The date with May. ACshippy Rated R
  215. Progeny of Light & Dark (Contestshipping. Rated PG for violence, abuse, and cruelty.
  216. Demons of Metropolis
  217. Lost In the Chamber Of Love (Contestshipping, with a little Advanceshipping) RatedR
  218. You what? (Contestshipping)
  219. True Love or Perfection
  220. Blossoming... (Orangeshipping rated G)
  221. Hot Chocolate Part 1
  222. The Prince and May.Pg-13, Contestshippy
  223. 'Til Death do We Part (Contestshippy)
  224. Misappropiation (Steelshippy, PG-13)
  225. Give a Name, Walk Away - PG (PokeShippy/ContestShippy)
  226. Spaghetti Nightmare. Advanceshipping Rated R
  227. Claire On Her Own
  228. My Heart Will Mend (Contestshipping One-shot)
  229. To May from Drew
  230. Love doesn't come in threes (Advanceshipping, Contestshipping AND Pokeshipping!)
  231. While you sleep. Advanceshipping, Pg-13
  232. Beyond the Desert Sands (Contestshipping)
  233. Events of the Heart (Harvest Moon: MFoMT, WonxRick, PG-13)
  234. The Biggest Gymshipping Fic There Ever Was (PG-13; also Rocketshipping,Mommyshipping)
  235. Unforgotten Rose (Contestshipping, One-Shot)
  236. Dying inside (Contestship ff) (Rated PG-13)
  237. The Race Minamoshipping Rated R
  238. Off The Wall SugerDaddyShipping Rated R
  239. It could be you - hoennshipping PG-13
  240. ~ The Mysterious Dragon ~
  241. Thorns (contestshipping one-shot, PG)
  242. (Contestshpping, R) The Trial
  243. Rose Love Bonds (contestshipping) PG-13
  244. Forget Me Not~♥ (A Contestshipping fanfic, re-started by Vy Low) PG 13
  245. No Coincidence (Pokeshipping/Slight Contestshipping) (PG)
  246. The Begining of a new Relationship {AshXHikari}
  247. Volcanic Ash(Advanceshipping, PG-13 overall)
  248. Dark Storm
  249. Endless Love / ForeverShipping <Samy X Dennis>
  250. My Friend of the Past! {HikariXAsh}