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  1. Location location....
  2. Eons
  3. Metamorphosis (Preview)
  4. Point of View Dilemma
  5. Preview: Re- (WORKING TITLE)
  6. Pokemon/Human Morphs (Question)
  7. Original trainer stories and badge order
  8. First Person, or third person???
  9. An original Naruto fic? Yay or Nay?
  10. Something I was looking for...
  11. Fanfiction Help
  12. My Orre fic
  13. Fullmetal Alchemist fic
  14. Writing a Chaptered Trainer Fanfiction
  15. Very First Fic
  16. On the Hunt (Preview)
  17. Cliché
  18. Should I continue my fan-fic?
  19. Your Soundtrack for Your Fanfics
  20. I've hit a wall
  21. Title for fic
  22. In Need of a Title
  23. Power Rangers: Crystal Saviors
  24. War and Pokemon
  25. Power Rangers: The Path We Chose
  26. Quick question...
  27. ...or it's just us (a comedy by teh quack) Preview!
  28. What to do in this situation?
  29. Oneshot vs Chapters
  30. Like there aren't enough Journey fics...
  31. The Trojan "something".
  32. Kitsune Capers (Preview)
  33. Prologue: Procession to Infinity
  34. Patience gone, our noble hero looks for a title...
  35. Concerning originality...and title
  36. About Pokemon Language
  37. Writer's Block
  38. Fic Revisited
  39. Gary Stus and Mary Sues
  40. Kanto, the Untold Legends (PREVEIW!)
  41. What Can I Do If People Seem to Be Ignoring My Story?
  42. What's your GWAM, lol?
  43. A New Home
  44. Guest stars wanted!
  45. OC Thread
  46. Gag show ideas!
  47. Character Personalities...
  48. Sexual Dimorphism?
  49. Anyone going to do a Sly Cooper fic here?
  50. Journey Fic Ahoy!
  51. Where can I get a banner for my fic?
  52. Legendaries in fics?
  53. AGGAHDOO! New Subject I just thought of. ^^
  54. Define OT for me...
  55. Mature thematics.
  56. Pokemon: Generation of the Clones (Sneak Peek)
  57. Non-Canon Pokémon Characteristics
  58. Recommendations for Drama/Adventure/Dialogue
  59. Your Opinion on "Pokémon School" Fics.
  60. 'The' Pikachu or just Pikachu?
  61. Preview: New fic from Alexi author. I need advice!
  62. Story Help...
  63. Question!
  64. Hmm... How do I go about doing this.
  65. Plot Devices
  66. Needing Help...
  67. Religion in Fan Fictions
  68. Pokemon Speech
  69. Authors' Cafe Rules & Regulations (Updates - Please Read)
  70. Announcements and Recommendations
  71. Official Title Help Thread
  72. Arrow: The Scyther of Doom
  73. How Pikachu Came to Have Red Cheeks
  74. first chapter of a fic i made
  75. Alpha Omega Ep1
  76. -+The Serebeth Noob Trials+- [Preview]
  77. Ties Bound By Battle: Preview
  78. Voices from a Locked Room -preview-
  79. human endurance vs. pokemon power
  80. The 'I Suck' Syndrome.
  81. The Magikarp Girl (Preview)
  82. Aeon | Epoch
  83. Co-writing a Fic
  84. Advice is welcomed
  85. So...
  86. I finally wrote something!!!
  87. Preview for Pokémon XD^2
  88. How disencouraged do YOU feel when you get too little reviews?
  89. Discription in terms of emotions
  90. unoriginal idea
  91. Preview - Fragmented Reflection
  92. I'm quitting. (Details inside.)
  93. Lost in translation
  94. ~Rinlado~
  95. Journey Fic help
  96. Sample paragrath of my first fic
  97. what happen to the adentures of chase and larvitar fic?
  98. Author's Trivia! (version Advance)
  99. The First Sighting
  100. Fic question
  101. my new story in the works
  102. Views or Suggestions For My New Fic
  103. Long or Short Prolouge
  104. Could I have some suggestions for my fic?
  105. A little help
  106. Preview of Assassins
  107. ~Preview: Rinlado~
  108. Preview: Believe *one shot*
  109. To Revise or Not to Revise
  110. A dilemma in entertaining myself :\
  111. Your Voice Cast for Your Fan Fics
  112. Cool, but not common
  113. Taboo Issues in Fics
  114. how many is too many?
  115. Use of Images in fics?
  116. kingdom hearts fic
  117. "Human Gets Sucked into Pokemon World."
  118. A new pokemon fic
  119. Laughingstock-A Comedy One Shot Contest!
  120. Journey Fics, The Good or The Bad?
  121. Pokemon: The Search For The Right Color
  122. AAACK! Writer's Block! NOO!
  123. Preview: Fire, Rain and Leaf
  124. Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua- oh my, which villains to use?
  125. movie script
  126. Prologue of my latest project
  127. Preview: Non-Pokemon Fic. No Title of Yet
  128. Title Suggestion.
  129. Preview, maaaan. Gotta LOVE it.
  130. You know what? I'm sick of fics featuring kids and teens.
  131. Fic In The works. Plz read.
  132. Ok, I had no coice.
  133. Noobs and charizard... the relationship revealed
  134. I see a lot of...
  135. Working on adapting AG Op. 1 into Eng.
  136. crap I haven't been here for a while
  137. *breaks out of chains* ReSTRiCTioNS?
  138. Preview for 'System'. What do you think?
  139. "Gregory:Pokemon Patrolman" Preview
  140. Bewildered Reviewer?
  141. Preview: War of the Serebiis
  142. Name Ideas Help
  143. Tainted Perfection - Stepping out of the comfort zone
  144. A prologue
  145. My first fic gets a facelift!
  146. Preview: Times in the Region of Bunure
  147. D a Y S P a S T [X-Men]
  148. Experimental Rhythm
  149. Story plot help
  150. Need help with a fic Idea
  151. Death In Fics
  152. Fanfic Review Guidelines?
  153. Ideas for a fanfic I want to write
  154. Composer/assistant needed
  155. chronicle?
  156. All new fresh start
  157. best way to describe burnt clothes?
  158. Preview:Reidar's Quest
  159. Brainstorming on a bit of plot
  160. How many chapters is too many?
  161. How do you feel about the dreaded 'R'?
  162. Pokémon: Deoxys' Shadow Preview: Milieu
  163. On Giovanni.
  164. Companions?
  165. help!!!!
  166. Regarding Love and Loyalty - Hiatus
  167. Of Sharks and Electrics...
  168. Season 4 ideas
  169. Whats the border line for violence?
  170. Evolution in Character Development
  171. Pokemon Capture Progress
  172. Side by Side (A Preview of My First Fic)
  173. Writing Fanfics
  174. Legendaries in Fics
  175. Wedding and Romance in Fics.
  176. Transistion from Rivalry to Friendship
  177. Co-author request. Will be paid in cookies.
  178. Preview: To Win The Princess's Heart!
  179. Short little preview for something new...
  180. How to describe...
  181. POKEMON: The Z Chronicles PREVIEW (PG)
  182. I've got this cool idea but I don't know.....
  183. When describing a..
  184. I just got My Fan-Fic closed
  185. How do you describe a tree... ON FIRE! =O
  186. my KH/pokemon/YGO/VG crossover: Kingdom hearts: Birth Of Unity
  187. OT Fanfictions ; Your Opinions
  188. Fic with chapter issues
  189. Out of Order Prologue?
  190. Descrition: How much is too much, and how little is too little?
  191. Author's Trivia Edition Micro!
  192. names of characters
  193. Regarding Chapters...
  194. Codex Anathema (Preview)
  195. help needed
  196. Help with describing Deoxys
  197. ¤LOST in JOHTO¤ (preview/prologue)
  198. A really...Original idea, just...well...
  199. Midian: City Of The Dammed
  200. fic idea for someone.
  201. Need Help with Names
  202. History In The Making
  203. Trouble Describing Pokemon
  204. More Name Help
  205. Twins / Boyfriends?
  206. First Preview of "Project: Genetic Manipulation"
  207. Thoughts of characters
  208. hmmm a new writer is here....but is unsure wear to begin...
  209. Writers Can't Stand Character Limit
  210. Reworking the Pokemon League
  211. New Writer, Any Tips?
  212. Okay, you morons (rant)
  213. What's your portrayal of Pokeballs in your fanfic?
  214. The Official "Project: Genetic Manipulation" Thread
  215. Hmm... Should I?
  216. How have you described Assist?
  217. Writer's Block... >.>
  218. Gyms in OT fic?
  219. @_@ *writewritewrite*
  220. Altering Pokemon
  221. Need A Beta-reader
  222. Which is your favorite?
  223. An Idea...But I need help
  224. Real-Life Application
  225. Can someone reccommend me.....
  226. Quick Question?
  227. Made up regions.
  228. Okay....(bit of a rant about comedy one-shot writers)
  229. Nine Battles in a Row?
  230. I'm just plain stuck.
  231. How do you think Curse works?
  232. amazon forest?
  233. What to name the element
  234. The Official "How would you describe this attack?" Thread
  235. OK, I'm not nut's my little bro said to do this for him...
  236. Memories
  237. Preview: Runecraft
  238. Are you new?
  239. Idea Development
  240. A E Ř N: Coming September
  241. Preview: D'anartae (PG14 for moderate violence)
  242. Magical Doremi fans, I need your help!
  243. Pokemon Fanfiction Glossary
  244. A Preview for my Fiction
  245. Project: Etherverse
  246. Should I make this?
  247. Need Advice
  248. Tainted Perfection: New World *Preview/need feedback*
  249. I have a question...
  250. Lily and Iris