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  1. Battles & Description - Opinions
  2. Preview-Rise of the Eggman empire (Sonic the Hedgehog fic)
  3. Deny and Decieve- Preview
  4. Should I make this Fan-Fiction?
  5. OT Fiction… Where do I begin?
  6. Encyclopaedic Pokemon!
  7. Official Pokemon Rules-- Help?
  8. Preview: "Pokémon Parallels"
  9. How Short Should Drabbles Be?
  10. ummmm...i have a question to ask
  11. 9 (Preview, PG, Horror)
  12. Chaptered Fics- What's the draw?
  13. Preview of "Nothing, Everything"
  14. Midian: City. Řf. The. Dammed [Preview]
  15. How to describe the Mirage Kingdom...
  16. Taraki: The Elemental World {Preview}
  17. Star Trek: Pokemon Fleet LOOKING FOR WRITERS
  18. Complete re-write of Pokemon: Generation of the Clones
  19. Kingdom Hearts Fanfic ideas
  20. I was thinking of doing this
  21. -Looking for FanFics to post on a website-
  22. To The Sky: Preview
  23. 24 or Battlefield
  24. Saturday Night Live with Naruto Uzumaki - Coming Soon
  25. OT/Journeyfic without battles?
  26. Paranoia
  27. "Battle Boosting" Attacks
  28. "Dodge!"
  29. When a character is in someone else
  30. Revised Character
  31. Roses and Chocolates: A Romance One-Shot Contest!
  32. rate my story Chapter 1
  33. It Took So Long - Preview
  34. Need some opinions on an RPGy fic thing
  35. An Avatar Fanfic-The Lost People
  36. Waving a FanFiction idea (details inside)
  37. Questioning a rule in this section. Agree disagree?(not sure where this goes)
  38. Pokemon XD Ash's struggle
  39. Something that'll Help When Making Pokemon
  40. Pokemon Academy (New Fic)
  41. My fan fic characters.
  42. My Fan fic information ?
  43. Champion (First Look Preview)
  44. Poke'Tales! Pokemon Fairy Tales for long!
  45. Suicune Description
  46. Pet Peeves of Communication
  47. Question for mods on Shipping Fics
  48. Okay....(title too long, please see inside)
  49. 8-Bit Theatre, Pokemon style?
  50. Pokemon Trainer Fic
  51. Difficult Spots
  52. What motivates the villain in your story?
  53. Midian: City. Řf. The. Dammed [Coming 13 . 10 . 06]
  54. can someone help me on something?
  55. Pokemon Voices
  56. can somebody help me please?
  57. The Stone Keys
  58. Defender's Echo- Original Fiction!
  59. i need help with my story
  60. I want to prove myself good for something. And I need your help
  61. Misleading Thread Ratings... :(
  62. Preview: Currently Unnamed Journey Fic
  63. Why...Punctuation; is!!! Important?
  64. Need some help.
  65. Funny accents
  66. An idea for a revamped MD story
  67. Help with Character's Final Team
  68. +Similar Opposites+ [Coming 23 . 05 . 07]
  69. Stat Formulas Please!
  70. What if someone wrote a story about...
  71. Pikachu, You're Fired! (rated G)
  72. Need Your Opinions...^^; (Clones and whatnot)
  73. Help me Decide which story to work on(Non-Pokemon)
  74. I'm thinking about writing a Fan-Fic...
  75. Camp Hope (Pokemon Camp fic preview)
  76. Invader Zim idea
  77. Encylopedia Pokemonia Website
  78. Preview of Pokemon teams for "Pokemon: The New Generation"
  79. Need Advice
  80. A possible complicated question
  81. How will Diamond and Pearl affect your fanfic?
  82. Better Left Unsaid?
  83. Hmm before i start
  84. Transformers: Darkscream
  85. Tactian Circuit
  86. Pokemon Revolution Magazine (PRM)
  87. Engaran Wars Trilogy Changes
  88. The Adventures of Zeku
  89. Do you review every fic you read?
  90. What Do you think and reccomend???
  91. A Shout-Out to the Quality Police
  92. NaNoWriMo
  93. Legacies
  94. Myths and Legends: The One shot contest! - CLOSED
  95. Should I close and repost edited fic?
  96. Help Me!!!
  97. Preview- Pokemon: USA Style
  98. Super Smash Bros: Grande Duel
  99. Flamebait
  100. Conspiracy
  101. Real life and ficton character look alikes
  102. Aruseus Fic Help
  103. It all starts here
  104. preview: pokemon team: Hanako's Hoenn adventures
  105. Pokemon Eternal Preview
  106. Fanfiction Reviewer Thread V.2
  107. How did I do describing a Nidorino?
  108. A rant of the lack of creativity
  109. Point of View?
  110. Saddened Hearts [Pokemon Story]
  111. ...I'm in a bit of a pickle. >.<
  112. pokemon bros delivery service
  113. Does the first chapter make or break a story?
  114. Need Advice
  115. Trainer Mehmet`s Heonn File (Pokemon Emerald)
  116. Surviving Pokemon School
  117. Help with character names!!
  118. How to make a good action scene
  119. Pokemon Destiny: The journey's of Gray
  120. Evos and Pre-evos!
  121. Proving One's Self, and my First Impressions.
  122. Pokemon heights
  123. Naming Pokemon
  124. Technological and Genetic Advancement – Tech in the Pokemon Realm
  125. What makes a good starter?
  126. A tribute to an actress fanfic- What you guys think?
  127. A Question On What Kind Of Story To Write.
  128. Swearing in Fics
  129. If humans were Pokémon...
  130. Common Errors in English (with off-site link)
  131. .Sayonara. - .A Preview.
  132. Should I close the old thread and re-write fic completely?
  133. My first fic
  134. The Rating System -- Sensible or not?
  135. I have a fic but....
  136. Transitions
  137. Coh Cov
  138. Should i?
  139. Legendaries in Fanfic?
  140. Jirachi & Generally Legendaries
  141. Alright, what am I missing?
  142. Clash of Legends
  143. Underused pokemon in fanfic
  144. Human (and pokémon) Origins
  145. Attack encyclopedia
  146. Attack encyclopedia
  147. Halloween costume ideas
  148. Dreading the inevitable "that's a Sue" comments...
  149. Do you think my 'comedy' fic has any potential?
  150. Vs Plusle or Prelude To The storm.
  151. Legends of Fanfiction
  152. Help with an intro...
  153. Untitled Preview...should I continue?
  154. What is a 'Mary Sue'??
  155. Writing a choose your own adventure story.
  156. Ideas Dilemma (Regarding Future Stories)
  157. Preview for "The Chronicles of Forbidden Lugia"
  158. Preview of a humour fic, need some help
  159. Preview for my Romance Fic
  160. · C H A M P I O N · {First Look Preview}
  161. Okay WHAT the hell happened to fanfiction.net?
  162. Is it ok to post a pornographic story here?
  163. Time Of Rising (PG-13) PREVIEW
  164. Should I start my fanfic? (Quick reply please)
  165. Should I write it? Or not...
  166. Cap'n Drake's Remarkable Adventures On The High Seas
  167. Help me please :(
  168. Question
  169. How long should the chapters be?
  170. Do you illustrate your fics?
  171. Shinou Team
  172. I need help!!
  173. Portraying the Legendary birds as humans?
  174. Papillion's trust (Review)
  175. Possesed Pokemon Advice
  176. Need help on the Team Rocket Motto
  177. Bitter hope (Preview)
  178. Preview of "Water, Grass and Fire"
  179. The D/P Attacks & Pokemon - Opinions
  180. Pokemon capture as a job?
  181. Pokemon Battles
  182. Awright guyz - non-pokemon fic preview :x
  183. Outlawed (preview)
  184. Re-doing "Pokemon: Generation of the Clones" as a OT ficcie based on FR/LG.
  185. need idea for a starter
  186. Loss and learning (preview)
  187. Pokemorphs?
  188. What's something in a story that strikes fear into your heart?
  189. Lurking in the shadows, dancing in the dusk - a preview of
  190. Very minor characters
  191. Ok, so, yeah.
  192. \\FĆBLE - Preview//
  193. First attempt
  194. The Uprising
  195. Melting Steel Preview
  196. End of world: Enter Medaria (Preview)
  197. Titles, and the use of the 'Ř' letter
  198. Using Unown in FF
  199. -Preview- x/ The Champion \x
  200. D/P pokemon
  201. Is this good?/Preview of "Shadow Kanto"
  202. Description of the Cities
  203. So... Mystery Dungeon fics...
  204. Four-Move Limitation in Pokefics
  205. Enviroments and your fic
  206. The Haunted House
  207. Heroes and Villains
  208. Heroes and Villains
  209. Untapped Potential of Comicdom
  210. Character Relationship Question
  211. Can you write good fics without word?
  212. Idea to Help Fledgeling Ficcers?
  213. Pokemon MD Fictions. Original or Unoriginal?
  214. I want to build detail/C+C appreciated
  215. Preview: If It Sings Empty
  216. Writers Frustration
  217. Writer cramp
  218. Plagiarism: Your experiences with it?
  219. Refrences to other media
  220. To write? Or not to write...
  221. a little help?
  222. My Story!
  223. a question about my story
  224. Creating the Tempest Gang
  225. Name Help?
  226. what the minimum number of chapters u need to start a fic?
  227. Eskondondriel- Story bit looking for critique.
  228. The story of Ash's death.
  229. Humour & Satire: Post A Humourous Moment That Made You Laugh!
  230. Overused in Fics
  231. I Don't Need A Man
  232. Awards?
  233. Description.
  234. Please read "League"
  235. "Dystopia" fics
  236. Themes and Messages
  237. Lm 3
  238. Scorched Plains
  239. Perhaps a revival... ???
  240. What boredness leads to...
  241. Books of Inspiration and Recommendation
  242. I'm going to write a fic...
  243. The new books
  244. story based on manga charecters
  245. The Beta House- Mentoring for New Writers
  246. Cross-overs--drawing the line.
  247. Romantic Fic Rating?
  248. Preview-A Matter of Trust (working title, Pokemon)
  249. Was just wondering...
  250. Making a Title for your Thoroughly Serious and Deep Work of Fan Fiction: A Primer