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  1. preview-Children of light
  2. Pokémon Archetypes
  3. The Flexibility of Pokemon Fanfiction
  4. yugioh fan fic
  5. Writing styles
  6. Hoenn the World Do I Get Home?
  7. FanFic Q&A Thread
  8. Mochi's Poetry Anthology
  9. Miscellaneous Fic Discussion!!
  10. Naming a New Region
  11. Renegade Rangger Preview
  12. Japanese Names
  13. Twin Queens
  14. Favorite Fics to read
  15. advert: the god of all pokemon...
  16. Should I bring my work here?
  17. In need of fanfic advertising advice
  18. Help for a Pokemon crossover story
  19. help with comic
  20. I'm trying to bring my Fic here... Should I?
  21. 500 pages! How much have you done?
  22. 'The Authors' Cafe?
  23. Generally Accepted Fanon for Authors
  24. What Are Your Characters Based On?
  25. What is your opinion on this idea for a fic?
  26. Revamping old fics?
  27. Where lies your greatest point of interest?
  28. Transitioning
  29. Professional writers?
  30. Banners: The Fics That Are Best Advertised Without Words of Self-Advertisement
  31. Crossovers?
  32. Anyone here doing NaNoWriMo?
  33. banners...
  34. AFTERSHOCK: Preview
  35. Pokemon Revelation: Omnipotence (Preview)
  36. Who writes in the anime verse?
  37. How Do You Prefer to End a Story?
  38. Annoying ringtone ideas
  39. The CursedPg-Pg13(Warning, will get more grusome)
  40. Paranoia Wars Community
  41. Eh, a month almost?
  42. Awkward...
  43. What Makes a Story Truly Great.
  44. ~*~Advice for Aspiring Authors REVAMP!~*~
  45. Writing "classic" science fiction
  46. Can some one rate my story?
  47. my first fanfic...
  48. How did you get into you fic?
  49. Pokefic suggestions
  50. Fic Reviewers 3
  51. Dealing with a Crazed fanfic fan
  52. Non-Pokemon Stories
  53. Grave of the Unknown Soldier
  54. Was 'Skies of Sin' ever published here?
  55. Watchers of Raikou 2 (Preview)
  56. help
  57. Return From Exile (preview+info)
  58. Help On My Pending Fanfic
  59. If you had to pick, what song would represent your fic the most?
  60. Been thinking lately
  61. The opinion of a fanfic, through the gym leaders' eyes...
  62. About songfics and/or chapters with songs added.
  63. What is an acceptable size for a chapter?
  64. Another "Authors' Café" Mistake?
  65. Crossing over
  66. The Beta House: Redux
  67. Same Event, Multiple Views?
  68. A possible resurrection of Nature's Children
  69. Ballad of the Dragon [Coming in December]
  70. Nocturnus: Belle of the Altan Winter
  71. The Review
  72. Pokemon Profs are NOT Scientists
  73. Mixing the Generations
  74. Sayonara. A preview of sorts.
  75. Pokemon Rescue Team FanFic is looking for ideas.
  76. can anyone give me tips
  77. Rose Quartz and Onyx Discussion Thread
  78. The Two Leagues of Hoenn Comes back
  79. Incomplete Works - Wasted Products of the Writer's Mind
  80. Preview: Leviathan IV: The Abdomination of Soddom: A Soldier's Conrete Sunrise
  81. Just a suggestion but...
  82. Books of Inspiration and Recommendation II
  83. Pokemon and the adventures of Callum
  84. Just a quick question, please.
  85. so ive gotten this new idea for a non-pokemon fic...
  86. Help Pokemon live action movie fic
  87. Help starting up
  88. Requiem: A Tragedy One-Shot Contest!
  89. 15 Minutes, none stop writing
  90. A quick question involving writing and art.
  91. Pet Peeves in Fanfiction
  92. Love Thy Enemy preview
  93. Ten years from now...
  94. The Disease Description Thread
  95. Preview! Newmoon(Formerly Know as Moonlight)
  96. How long have you been writing Fan fics?
  97. Why do you write/want to write?
  98. Onomatopoeia
  99. Book of Clichés
  100. Pokemon: Schwarzwind Preview
  101. Where else do you read or write Fanfiction?
  102. Need an appropriate age
  103. Not Another Anime Parody
  104. Poet's cafe.
  105. My Story Idea
  106. A challenge; describe to the best of your ability in 150 words...
  107. Society's Reaction To Pokemorphs/Hybrids
  108. A fan fic idea
  109. My fic idea
  110. Digimon, Naruto and any other non-Pokemon Anime: THE WORKS
  111. Your Portrayal of Pokémon
  112. Any Tips for a new writer?
  113. A Brand Spanking New "Mystery Dungeon"-inspired Idea!
  114. Preview DX: DENPA no Gorudo & Shiruba
  115. Just an idea for a fanfiction...
  116. Fan Fiction Idea for Naruto Fans
  117. FanFic Q&A Thread 2.0
  118. Story Idea- I want your help
  119. How long is too long?
  120. Your Portrayal of Attacks
  121. The Description Thread
  122. What do you enjoy including in your fics?
  123. Thinking outside the box and going where no man dares to go
  124. Blazing Dreams: The Eternal Night (Preview)
  125. Preview: Nights, Story of the Search for the Comet of Creation-Preview
  126. I need some pointers
  127. Help
  128. Need some help
  129. Here's my fan fic idea
  130. +Discussion+ Destiny Journeys: Healing of Hearts
  131. Need MAJOR Help!! PLEASE CLICK!!
  132. What do you listen to while you're writing?
  133. Preview: Three Pieces of Debris
  134. The Legacy of an Actress- Should I start it up again?
  135. And now for something completely different
  136. New Fic
  137. Need Help With New Fic Idea...
  138. Why do you quit your fics?
  139. Chapter Release Thread
  140. A Preview of Wrath of Arceus
  141. Concerning Journey Fics
  142. Preview: Championship of schools
  143. Preview: Championship of schools
  144. On Canon Characters and AUs
  145. Main character age
  146. really stuck
  147. Johto: Hanging in the Balance Prologue
  148. Pokemon Currency
  149. Dialogue, "marked verbs" and other ways we describe speech in literature.
  150. Death... no, I'm not emo
  151. Androgynous characterization?
  152. How far do you stray from the canon?
  153. A poem about Chess
  154. Writing Pokémon Intelligence, Culture and Society (NOT A DEBATE!)
  155. Pokemon attacks in reality
  156. Writers' Block
  157. Murder Mysteries
  158. A preview of my new fanfic
  159. Antagonism
  160. The perfect place to start?
  161. Destiny's Tricks [Preview of a Parody]
  162. Issues with fanfiction
  163. Handling Canon Characters
  164. Fanfiction Idea: Mewtwo Becomes a Human
  165. What is your achievement in writing?
  166. Original Fiction: Would you ever post/publish that kinda stuff?
  167. When's the right time to share your fiction?
  168. Great OT fics
  169. Journey Fiction Discussion
  170. My Fan Fictions
  171. How much do you reveal with your sig?
  172. Is this worth pursuing?
  173. Starting a new topic for a story? (aka reposting for its own sake)
  174. Could It Be Successful?
  175. amount of characters
  176. Woran needs help! (My fic needs help)
  177. Plot. Yes, just plot in general.
  178. Changing prospective
  179. Pokemon: The Land of Nice People.
  180. Fanfic idea - "Inheritors"
  181. Pokemon as Weapons of War/Mass Battles
  182. Fanfic Fusions--how to pull them off?
  183. Ratings
  184. "The Rate and Review mine, I rate and Review yours" thread
  185. Making animals/Pokemon
  186. Variety... The spice of life!
  188. Forum Parody Fics
  189. Quoting and Parodying
  190. Review on a new chapter for my fic
  191. Age of main Mystery Dungeon characters?
  192. Possible Fic Idea In Poem Form
  193. Your Taboo Topics
  194. The ten-year-old trainer: Truly Overdone?
  195. Jatsin Journeys
  196. Worship 2
  197. Posting fanfics in other forums
  198. Do you ever post chapters before they are betaed?
  199. Brand Names in Fics?
  200. How many pages long are your chapters normally?
  201. Fanfiction Commericals Thread 2
  202. What Next?
  203. Shooting .rtf blanks, finicky word programs and all the good stuff
  204. Reviewers: Do You Always Agree With Them?
  205. A Collaboration?
  206. Pokemon Moves
  207. Contest Quest: A New Idea
  208. I, Legendary Pokemon.
  209. Pairings in Fanfiction
  210. Your Thoughts on Timeskips
  211. Dealing with Constructive Criticism...
  212. Bit of advice needed please
  213. If You Were To Re-write The Animé...
  214. An Odd Request.
  215. Description For Character
  216. Pokemon: Book 1 The New Beginning
  217. Rip the wings from a Butterfly
  218. The Good Ol' Days of your first fic....
  219. Pokemon - Final Gear of Time and Space
  220. Would anyone like to be the writer of a hand drawn comic?
  221. .Never.Go.Home. (preview)
  222. Any other program
  223. Ponderings on the Humble Pokeball
  224. Putting the team together: Deciding your cast
  225. Epics?
  226. My new fic: I have a problem
  227. Rating help
  228. Ah, writing.
  229. Advice would be nice
  230. My Fanfiction
  231. Tarnished Scars [PREVIEW]
  232. another one of those my f-f thread. region naming...
  233. Looking for an old fan fic...
  234. Mystica (Upcoming Story)
  235. The New Trainer's Story
  236. New Trainer Cliches
  237. Operation: sinoh storm
  238. Pokemon Planet
  239. Need some help on this fiction(Anabel birthday party,AbilityShipping)
  240. Need some help on this fiction(Anabel birthday party,AbilityShipping)
  241. Anti Heroes and the plain, bat-shi...
  242. Fiction Critiquing 101: A Shortened Guide
  243. idea of mine
  244. The Lucario Project(Preview)
  245. Maggots of Society [Journey fic - Preview]
  246. Coz everyone wuvs romance
  247. Rifts of Seasons [Action-OT Preview]
  248. Story Team
  249. Soundtracks, Part Deux.
  250. Releasing Chapters: When is the Right Time?